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  1. Arctiku

    Improving The Hideout Flow

    The hideout is our place of refuge. We are the people Of Tarkov, the strained, strained people of Tarkov. We rummage across the great open lands, gathering loot and dogtags. Only to return to our grimly lit, deteriorating copper pipe smelling, one small ass tv having, hole in the ground. Being forced to survive underground, only to venturing out to gather resources and blood. One of little possession, as such as I, tends to spend a large sum of time in this dwelling. Scrounging together everything I have, think of how to best utilize all that's been obtained. I sometimes get lucky and discover ways I can assemble different resources to create something new, something useful. When I scheme up something new, I write it down, keeping the instructions were they will be most useful in the future. I have a book of instructions on weaponry and munitions at my workbench, a medical journal, I found, at my improvised medical station, I even have a list of poo to make in the toilet. Even though I have all of this knowledge on have to make things, it doesn't mean I have the resources to craft these said schemes. So of course I make way for the flea market, the place where everything can be had, for a price of course. All was peaceful, crafting to my hearts content, forging munitions, making raw materials for barter, until one day when something threw out the balance in my tiny subterranean abode. After discovering new recipes at my workbench, I decided I would gather the necessary materials to create a few rounds of M61. Realizing I didn't have the required amount of Hawk gunpowder, I depart to the flea market, making sure to leave the recipe book open on forging instructions for M61, being that I was quite excited to make and possess such a powerful round upon my impending return. I soon arrive back at rat bunker, having gathered all the necessary materials. I return to my bench, ready to assemble the required odds and ends, and yet, I look down to see that I am not ready. I was never ready. My pages had been turned. "Hmmm," I think, "maybe the underground bunker wind turned the page." But no, I soon realized, this was not the case. The same thing happened when I was working on some meds. I had left to get some things for making morphine, and returned to my journal having a bent corner on the page for making AI-2 medkits, I never craft cheese. It even happened in the porta potty! had a great idea but couldn't write it down, and you know why!? Because my list had somehow end up in my ass! I can't ignore it any longer. Someone or something is trying to hinder the speed at which I create. It's gotten worse ever since I've realized its presence. Every time I turn my back, another recipe, gone! Even when it's just for a second, taking a peak at what I've got in my stash, turn back around and boom, my workbench book is back on the first page! I can't take it anymore. I've abandoned crafting, I've abandoned my will to live. I have been reduced to raiding and staring only at my stash. No longer do I yearn to craft useful items or improve my quality of life. No, I have been reduced to a lowly rat. A peasant rat. Not even using what I collect. Just hoarding it, stacking it, and staring at it. That's all I am now. The hideout is no longer my sanctuary, it is my hell. End Transmission:
  2. DerZzz

    New crafting update

    Requiring items in general to craft and multiple items for multiple crafts is fine, but can we get a lock item position option or lock the item (grey it out when in use) kind of deal, having to drag the item back into my scav box it to keep my stash cleaner is a minor irritation but one none the less
  3. ChaosAU

    Pinned crafts for hideout

    I would like for bsg to add a function in the crafting menu of your hideout to be able to pin certains crafts kinda like how the flea market does it with favorite items, so when you come out of raid you can quickly start a new craft and get into your next raid and save yourself time from scroling up and down trying to find the craft you want, you could also add a search bar to find your crafts easier. The pinned section could work two ways, either you can have all pinned crafts just sit up the top of the crafting menu above all others or you can have a seperate tab for your pinned crafts. In my opinion this is just a Quality of life update that speeds up how fast you can find your crafts and get them started.
  4. Savage-1

    Grizzly to Syringe craft

    I see a lot of barters with the same few items involved and the same for crafting where the supply can only be found in raid and are scarse at that, despite not being a high end item. HDDs and syringes comes to mind. I'd like to see a system in place where there is always some route to take to obtain an mundane item however costly, via barter or crafting, not easy mode mind you just very costly for the ones willing to go that route. How about if you could get 3 Syringes out of a Grizzly, or at least 2 to not make it too good a craft?
  5. ANCsemi

    3D Printer in Hideout

    I believe the addition of a 3D Printer as an upgrade in the PMC hideout would be a cool, modern, and very fun / useful idea to the game. The printer would ideally be a high-tier / end-game upgrade that allows players to produce synthetic pieces of equipment by consuming spools of printer filament. The spools would obviously be an additional loot item that players could find in-raid, and could come in different colors or materials to affect the resulting print quality. Printed items could include pistol grips, fore-grips, handguards, and even some weapon receivers or stocks. The print files may be located in-raid as well, or "consuming" a secure flash drive may yield a new blueprint. In order for the printer to function, the hideout generator would need to be running, and the prints would take a Semi-realistic amount of time to complete. A vertical foregrip, for example, may take one real-life hour to produce, and consume 10/100 of a filament spool depending on type. The synthetic items that players produce would be inhibited however by lower durability in the case of receivers, or generally lower ergonomics or recoil buffs than typical, in the case of grips, stocks, etc.
  6. WarLee

    Crafting overlay clarity

    Hi devs! Nikita. Thanks for your awesome job around Tarkov. I'd like to make an suggestion about crafting menu. Could you please make it more organized? Current state isn't really user friendly. Always, when you wanna craft something and you lack materials, you need to click to Flea, buy it, then back to crafting menu, roll all the way down, find the craft and start it (also it may change it's order, so you are searching longer). It would be nice to have it for example as a template of outcomes what you can craft and after clicking on them overlay would show what you need to buy. Alsod it could even somehow cooperate with Flea so you don't need to click back and forth all the time. I know it's really minor detail and you got probably much more important things to do. But I believe that comunity would appreciate this small improvement. Thanks for reading this. Have an awesome end of the year! Best regards, Mark
  7. Hello, Crafting tables often mix up craft recipes in different order, see green hawk powder in attached pictures. It's quite annoying when you have to go through the whole table each time because the recipe is not in the spot it was before. I was sent here from technical issues where they told me it's not a bug but a feature and I should contact you here. Thanks!
  8. Haezz

    Hideout Queueing

    Hey, first time poster here. Just had a thought of a small quality of life thing that I thought might be nice to have in the hideout. Basically if you are already mid craft on an item in the hideout but you have the mats for another item that you'd like to craft you could simply right click and queue for the next craft. Obviously to not make it too AFK it would probably have to just be allowed 1 item queued per station, but this would be nice for if you are mid raid and you finish a craft you aren't wasting fuel in your generator while you finish it. I'd imagine the mats wouldn't be consumed until the craft actually begins and if you were to sell or somehow delete/lose the item it would just cancel the queue. Thought this would be a small way to preserve fuel and add a quality of life bonus to the hideout without making it too AFK-able.
  9. TornadoOffice

    ADAR to M4A1 With crafting bench

    I think it would be cool to be able convert an ADAR lower to an M4A1 with weapon parts in your hideout. It would be fairly easy in real life, and since there is something similar with the AKs already, it isn't that much of a stretch. Plus it would help cut down on the average cost of the M4s, considering their popularity leads to price gouging pretty often, but it wouldn't make it too easy because of the necessary materials needed still.
  10. Vershet

    Hideout crafting sorting

    I had a suggestion for the developers. It has frustrated me many times that the items craftable in the hideout is sorted in what seems like a random order. Even when its an item just finished crafting, let alone the sluggishness of looking through the available options. I came up with (What seems to me) an easy solution: - Put the item that is crafting/finished crafting on top of the list. (FIFO queue) - Put the items that you have the required materials for as a 2nd priority, and keep the rest in a logical order. So for example if AP 6.3 bullets are put on the bottom of the list (Starts with an A but just as an example) every time I need to check the materials I need for it I know I just have to scroll all the way down. I hope this will be looked at and taken into consideration :). Cheers
  11. Hi all, So, I've been waiting for 50 hours for my Graphics Card to get crafted and I was almost literally waiting above the intelligence center the last 15 minutes of the craft to get the item. I noticed that when the craft finished there was no notification sound so I went to check if the item was ready and it was. I clicked on Get Items and boom, Error moving items appeared and got me back to starting screen. I enter hideout again and what I see is my Graphics Card still being crafted and still having 10 hours to be done. Is this a joke? I was literally waiting for 50 hours and a "bug" just appears out of nowhere adding 10 more hours to it??? Is there an explanation for this? Thanks,
  12. I think it would by cool that if you want to craft something, you can just simply buy items by one button next to „Craft“, the button could by named „Buy all/Buy items“ and it would buy everything you need for that one craft, then you will just click „Craft“ and it would start crafting so you will not must go for every single item to the Flea.
  13. I recently crafted a Magbox and purchased two further Magboxs (Rubles left account) to craft a Scav Box. I went straight to crafting from purchasing and although the purchased Magbox’s show up I was unable to select ANY item (Bolts & Kex included!) when I went to my player inventory, there is a purchased Magbox missing?? Is this a known glitch? What do I do? Any help gladly accepted PS. Sorry for the crappy res it was a screenshot grabbed from phone. But you can clearly see the 6 boxes there!?!?
  14. krisveum

    Some Interesting ideas

    Hey, Here are my suggestions: ofc the materials can change but this is my percived grind/difficulty level of obtaining. Hideout; Shooting range level 2 : 1 millitary battery, 6 circuit boards, 2 relays, 4 M. Cable, 4500 Euros, Mechanic level 3. (Consumable: Paper, 50 uses per paper) Function: Movable Targets, with paper on them instead of metal. Can reset the bullet holes by using one paper. Paper now has 50 uses. Can insert different materials infront of dummys, like wood and concrete to test penetration of diffent materials. Shooting range level 3 : 40 bolts, 40 nuts, 20 packs of screws, 1 wrench, 1 elite pliers, 1 Long flat screwdriver, 7 Millitary circuit boards, 5 Military cable, 1 Military COFDM wireless Signal Transmitter, 1 Wooden clock. 500 000 roubles, workbench level 3, mechanic level 4 Function: Abillity to place armor over testing dummies to check penetration, aswell as a hit registration to test how many bullets hit the test dummy, aswell as where they hit. New room with a "shooting course" implemented, like a "practice house" with tarket plates boucing up that you have to shoot. Run is timed by the clock. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THIS CHANGE IS CONTROVERCIAL AND MOST WILL NOT LIKE IT: Ammo: Make high penetration power bullets, m995 etc do less damage to flesh, to make flesh bullets more useful. Right now, if the opponent has 1-6 level armor, use 995 because its one shot one kill pretty much anyway, or the weapon that shoots them shoots so fast and so accurate that it should take atleast 2 more bullets when shooting the chest to kill the target. Thoughtprocess: Level 1 bullet kills level 1 armor, level 2 bullet kills level 2 armor, level 3 bullet kills level 3 armor, level 4 bullet kills level 4 armor, level 5 kills level 5 armor, level 6 bullets kill level 6 armor Level 6 pen bullets sucks vs level 1 armor/no armor, because it deals so little damage to the target, level 5 pen bullet etc. make it so that if both have level 3 armor, but one have medium pen bullets and one have high pen bullet, that the one with medium pen will win that engagement..
  15. In order to encourage people to utilize their hideout more, and also to give more actual usefulness to the hideout itself, items crafted there should be able to be sold on the market place.
  16. Assassin7266

    Magazine Case, Bug?

    I'm confused what I'm missing here do these items need to be found in raid? I've tried with power on and off in the hideout, and i get the same outcome and also have tried restarting the game and my computer.
  17. xiaulin

    Crafting Ammo (SP-6

    Hello guys, is it right that you need so many xeno and eagle powder to craft SP-6 Ammo? i think its not intended to be that much to craft 200 bullets. thanks alot best regards Alexander
  18. StarLightNova


    For crafting, what if the player could "brake down" items for raw materials. And then use said materials to craft :selected: items. So for an example of this idea: a player finds a item made of plastic, he extracts with it and brakes it down to make x amount of raw material (based off the size and what the item is) that the item was made of ("basic plastic" for the example) and then uses that material to then make something made of or combined with other raw materials to craft something of use to the player. This can be expanded by lvl of crafting skill and lvl of work bench (higher crafting skill means more raw material collected from "scraping" or "braking down" an item. and lvl of work bench would limit what the player could brake down and build. ((or something to that nature to give the player intensive to lvl))) Image being able to repair you're own armor based on crafting skill and the materials the armor is made of in you're own hideout. And being able to take all that scav ammo that would never get used and brake it down for the powder and lead to then reuse it craft a ammo the player would then use. This idea would give a much needed value to all the in game items for there raw materials at least and would brake up the money runs for materiel runs and the like. Raw material could be limited by size of item, craft skill when "scraping" item, and amount of items needed to scrap. (x20 of 8.7mm buckshot > scrape > x1 lead x1 blue gun powder) Consequently this idea has a lot going for it and there are ways of limiting the ease of use or abusing it. Like making skill requirements and work bench lvl requirements and the like. And limiting over all what can and cant be built. (I don't expect to be able to build LCD screens but i should be able to scrap them for caps and a printed circuit bored or a CPU.) I would love thoughts and input on this idea.
  19. Hello, can't help notice all the items from the toolkit can be found seperatly. Could they be assembled into toolkits as in the only way to be usuable as fully functional quest objects (such as repairing the routers in Factory mechanic quest Farming part 1)? This would add difficulty and trading to the game. Sorry if this has been posted before or is already known as future content. Otherwise tell me what yall think and if you see similar ideas?
  20. I think we should implement a crafting system in the game, only for a limited amount of items though, so gun accessories(Sights,Grips,ETC, and very basic armor) a example of basic armor would be like a heater plate armor(western showdown in back to the future), you would need 2 heater plates any kind of rope but different kinds of rope influence weight by a small margin. or a sight would be a small pipe, metal scrap,a screw, and wire. I will have some concept art below of both the armor and sight after i restart my computer cause my tablet drive isn't responding. also all these self-made items have a way higher weight than the military grade items, especially the armor, since you have two large hunks of metal on your body.
  21. LeonardoDabVinc

    Crafting MP5 trouble

    So i bought all the pieces to craft the HK MP5 i followed the pieces on the prebuilt one from peace keeper and every item is identical except the stock. however none of the items will attach themselves!! please help if you guys have any suggestions, Thank you
  22. BaD_KaRMa_701

    Implement basic crafting

    Implementing crafting for basic items combining certain basic items to make better items organizing items in inventory break down items I feel it would add another layer to the game play if you could find a box of bullets and save spent casing's and kill someone and hes got say shotgun shells you break down the shell into, pellets or slug,the shell, gunpowder, now you have a box of 9mm bullets and spent cases for your pistol you combine the gun powder bullets and cases and have x amount of rounds. another example is making Molotov cocktails Vodka bottles, kerosene can w fuel, rags or you can take bandages and combine them to make medkits basic items that can be combined or formed into more useful items or broken down for materials that can be re-purposed.
  23. LordNyves


    Just wondering to get better payout from traders, maybe if you are in your stash, you could craft items out of basic useless items like bolts, screws, nuts, duct tape to make items, that once you craft, you can sell to the trader for a higher value. This, in my opinion, would give a better reason to have these essentially value-less items so that you can make better use of them. One example I had in mind was computer componenets. Power Supply, CPU, Video Card, etc, can be made into a desktop or even a laptop. You could then sell this to the traders for a higher value than the sum of all the components. Your guys' thoughts?
  24. K1zlyar

    Movement Dynamics + Crafting

    Hey guys, So, I absolutely love your work. I've just got a couple of ideas. I was playing Survarium and I really like how they have done different features for different factions/character profiles. I like how, as a generalization, 2 factions in Survarium are typified by having a lower weight limit, less access to heavy armor, but having greater stamina, being faster and quieter on their feet and more proficient with long range weapons (perhaps they could also be better at assassination/melee). Whilst the other 2 can carry heavy weights, have higher grade armor, but are slower, louder and focus on short-mid range weaponry with higher damage outputs. I guess this is also a fairly realistic concept. Wearing a NIJ class IV Molle vest with front and rear plates will weigh in around 15 kg plus all your ammo bags and pouches. If you were to sprint 200m and then try to shoulder it, it wouldn't be easy, you may catch you're rifle or sling on a pouch etc. None the less you could take hits from an AK without break through. And reload would be faster due to ergonomic pouches. On the flipside, if you had a NIJ class IIIA covert vest weighing in at 6 kg with a comfortable jacket over the top, your ability to move is enhanced, your aiming speed faster and your fatigue levels lower. But if you get hit by an AK... ouch. And reloading from a pocket or satchel bag would be slower. Another thought... I was thinking about if I were in a survival situation in a hostile city. What would I be doing? ... probably scavenging for whatever I could find. I think it would also be really cool and realistic for crafting and customization to play a large role, especially early on in the game when finances may be tight. For instance, say you find a knife, but it has no sheath... You're then clearing and scavenging your way through a building and you come across a leather or canvas sofa, or even a seatbelt out of a car... You can scavenge it, along with nylon cord from venetian blinds or curtains, and craft it into a basic sheath, thus improving your melee skill and speed. Here are a few other ideas of scavengable materials and their possible uses: Seat belt - Rifle sling/sheath Wire - Lock picks Radio parts/electronics - Basic jammers/transmission boosters Chemicals - Explosives/diversions Pipe/plumbing fittings - Suppressors/flash hiders/muzzle brakes Scrap metal/springs/blades - Traps/snares/alarms Motors/alternators - Generators As for weapons, I'd love to see suppressed firearms such as the AAC Honeybadger, AS VAL, VSS Vintorez as well as detachables, because... common sense says when you're alone in a hostile city, best try not to be seen (ghillie suits could be cool too) or heard. These are just ideas, I may be suggesting what others before me already have. And I realize that you Devs have more than enough on your plate! But you're legends IMO. Cheers
  25. ninjamas


    I've been watching pre-alpha gameplay, and I was wondering if there would be crafting. Now what I mean by crafting is building items, not necessarily modding weapons. Think building shelters, walls, etc. I think this would significantly add to the immersion and realism. I apologize if this question has already been answered, but I have looked over the FAQ and didn't see an answer to this question. Thank you for your time!
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