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  1. feltar986


    So a few days ago I decided to boot up Tarkov again and play since its been a while since I last played. And low and behold I open the launcher and update it, clicked launch I see the first loading screen for about a solid second and then my whole screen goes black, pc "shuts off" im not sure even what state it is in when it happens. Like all of the rgb lights on my motherboard shut off, my fans arent spinning and it sounds like its off but the power button still is lit. So far only way Im able to fix it is to hard reset my pc by unplugging the cable and plugging it back in, pushing the power/reset buttons dont do anything in that state. Now, here is some of the things ive tried to do to fix it so I can play tarkov..... maybe. -Updated everything.....Windows,GPU/Nvidia,Bios, and Used SnailDriver for small things that needed it like Audio drivers and whatnot - Simply Reinstalling the game both onto the same and different drives -Messing with OC settings within the bios tried setting everything to its "optimized" defaults, and OCed settings - Monitored my temps when attempting to boot and nothing even remotely reached their under load temp - Tried checking the integrity of the game files in the launcher -Deleting temporary files before lauching -Ive tried closing unnecessary programs that could possibly interfere with tarkov launching, only thing that was running or in the system tray that wasnt tarkov was Windows Sounds, Nvidia Settings, and Windows Defender - Also tried disabling windows defender which also didnt do anything The past few days ive been doing some research to see if anyone else is having this problem, there are some people that have a system that is just really cutting the wire close specs wise which isnt the case for me, also not having enough RAM which is the same story, some of them lauching the tarkov.exe with fullscreen optimizations and running as admin enabled. Both enabled and disabled didnt do anything. Im not sure what else to do, my ram I have wont OC to its respective kit (3200) ive tried ducking with the timings manually and using the corresponding profile both dont work and it seems to be kinda stuck at 2066mhz. As far as info I can give you in not sure what "logs" to even look for I got a snip of the tarkov one that probably doesnt help at all, but if you could explain to me what you need and how to get it im all ears. as for my specs... AMD Ryzen 7 1800x @3.6ghz Corsair H100iV2/ Pump @ 1800rpm Gigabyte Gtx 1080ti @ 1500mhz ish with a custom fan curve 32GB G.Skill F4-3200C16-16GVR @ 2066mhz Gigabyte x370 Gaming K7 Motherboard EVGA Supernova 80+ Bronze 750W PSU 1TB 7200rpm HDD 250GB SDD Windows 10 Home Version 1809 Build 17763.678 Now this problem only happens when I launch tarkov, every other game ive played is fine like R6, CSGO, Overwatch, PUBG, Dying Light, LoL I even used a benchmark to see if maybe my system was just not stable and it ran fine.
  2. mh003

    Screen Freeze in Hideout

    Hello there! Recently today only I cannot go to my hideout because my screen freezes/game crash. I restarted my PC and verified the files to make sure its not broken. Whenever I go to my hideout my screen freezes and I cannot do anything. It does not even say my game crashed just cannot press anything and its stuck, so i have to close the game with task manager. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I tried enabling option to use "only real cores" but it did not help either. Thanks for any help
  3. I'm very sorry for the following wall of text but this is literally THE most frustrating issue I've ever experienced with a video game (I've been a PC gamer since 1999....): Are any of you experiencing intermittent crashes (or sometimes full system locks) while using vendors or in the menus, sometimes in-game but not nearly as often as in the menus/vendor screens? For the last 5 or 6 weeks EFT has been crashing my Radeon software, then I have to end task the game (if it didn't freeze my system entirely) and restart my system. I was running this game on the exact same system with 2 monitors at two different frequencies and it worked fine for over 2 months then one day the crashes just started happening and never stopped. It is inconsistent as well, sometimes I can make it 4-5 hours with no crashes, other days I rarely get to close Tarkov the normal way. System: ASUS Z-390P, i9-9900K (normal clock), 16GB RAM @ 3000MHz, RX 5700 XT putting out 1080p @ 48-120Hz (Freesync), 500GB Samsung NVME M.2 SSD, PSU is 1000W Gold-rated (I monitor the clocks/frequencies of all these things each time I play, when I crash there are no thermals that are high and no clocks too low/high) When it comes to game settings I keep everything low except textures (medium) and I have TAA turned on, all of the high-impact Gameplay/video settings I have turned off. Those are my normal settings, I've tried at least 50 different combinations since this problem started. I've tried about a dozen different AMD drivers released over the last year, all of them crash the same, sometimes I get a few hours of gaming but they inevitably crash. The reason I'm here is because I reinstalled Windows 2 days ago, updated BIOS on my mobo (which were already pretty recent), updated chipset drivers, trimmed by audio drivers down to one, took my GPU apart to check for damage and to reapply thermal paste. I ran RAM diagnostics and stress tested my card for hours on end. ALL of it was for nothing, hours and hours and hours, just a huge waste of my goddamn time. *Other games do not cause this to happen*, the only time it happens in other games/programs is when I forget to restart my computer after walking away because EFT crashed again. I'm at the point where I'm reading solutions threads across the internet and forgetting that I already read them until I get annoyingly far into the discussions because looking for "EFT +AMD +crash" on Google is like trying to search for your favorite porn star by searching "pretty lady doing naughty things"..."AMD" is practically synonymous with "crash".
  4. Sup Lads, since a few Days now I regularly get the BSOD while Playing Tarkov. (and only with Tarkov) Mostly on Reserve and Inter. Usually it happens in Firefights, but it seems that it's triggered by Keyboard and mouse presses instead of graphic issues. Everything was ok with the patch before yesterday. But the patch before that one was problematic as well.. Drivers are up 2 date, but it happened with older ones as well. Of course I reported that issue but I thought maybe you guys have an Idea how to solve it. System: W10, NVME SSD WD Black, 48 GB RAM DDR4, Radeon 460 8gb, Ryzen 5 3600. Have a great Weekend, Cheers.
  5. the game has basically been miserable to play this wipe for me, i have a rtx 2080ti and people have told me its the new version of unity not working well with my card.. if any one else is having these issues please let me know i would love for a fix soon ive tried updating all drivers, i even switched to a new ssd, i reinstalled windows lol trust me ive tried just about everything myself and my tech guys i use could think of, the only thing that has worked is using a different graphics card... i tried using same graphics card on a different computer and yes crashes... but using a different card on either pc no crashes... any ways seem people posting about similar issue so i figured id put this here so people know what ive tried and kinda narrowed it down to.. the picture below show the crash, but when it crashes i always get the unity symbol popping up with a progress bar, never took a screen shot of it tho
  6. Hello, people from Tarkov! This is not a regular "I have this problem and dont know why"-thread, more like a documentary about a problem i had (spoiler: its in the title) and how i fixed it. This may or may not be an obvious thing, but it took me several days until i finally pinpointed the problem and a few hours to fix it, so maybe it is useful to someone else. Warning: It may be a bit technical. THE PROBLEM I HAD (AND WHAT I COULD HELP YOU WITH) Iam playing this game for several years, since the beginnings of the alpha. Made it through many of technical errors and problems Tarkov had and most of the time, everything worked. A few weeks ago noticed a problem i never had before: Tarkov crashed consistently while loading the "reserve" map and in a rather strange way. My monitors gone black for a few seconds, sometimes even stayed so but my pc kept working (could tell so, because i was in teamspeak with some people and could still talk with them). Sometimes it just crashed with the ominous tarkov crash reporter telling me to send the logs to the devs (which i did multiple times). I first ignored the problem as i rarely playing reserve. A few days ago, it started on shoreline. And after that on every single map. I could always reconnect to my games and it worked most of the time, but was never able to directly start the raid due to the crash. SPECS 16GB of DDR5 RAM GeForce GTX 1080 One SSD exclusively for Windows One SSD exclusively for Tarkov/Games 3.4 Ghz i5 quad core SOLVING THE PROBLEM After i took a look in the logs, Tarkov said it crashed because of an out-of-memory issue. Strange, as i have plenty of RAM and not even 60% of it was ever used by Tarkov, as my task manager told me. Searching for a solution, i came across a thing called "pagefile" and how to check if its correctly configured. Suggestion is to let the system manage it and thats what it was on my system so i kept it this way. Short and simple: The pagefile is an RAM extension managed by Windows in the form of a file kept in C:\. So i took a look on drive C and i was plenty of space left on my SSD for Windows, so this shouldnt be a problem. I also found a way to check if theres enough "virtual memory" (as its called) left for Windows and other programs to operate. You can see it in the "resource monitor". Heres how to open it (on Windows 10, should be mostly the same for other windows versions, otherwise google it): Open Task Manager (either by STRG+ALT+DEL or by right-clicking the task bar) Switch to the tab "Performance" Click on the Link in the bottom of the window that says "Open Resource Monitor" This monitor is very useful, as it shows what your system is doing right now and what is using what in case of RAM, CPU etc. I took a closer look on the "Memory" tab and the 3 graphs on the right. First on shows the amount of used physical RAM, the second one the amount of used virtual RAM and the third one shows the amount of errors per second. The second one showed me my problem. As i putted the graphs on my second monitor and ran Tarkov, the virtual ram usage spiked while loading a map. At the moment it reached 100%, Tarkov creashed. But how can that be? My Windows-SSD had about 10 Gigabyte space left (it is 100 GB in total) and as i wrote earlier, Tarkov only used about 50-60% of my physical memory. Soooooo.... SOLUTION TL;DR; I made more space on my Windows SSD. Simple as that. Either delete files yourself or let "Windows Disk Cleanup" do it. In my case, there were many old *.dmp and temporary files that used much space on my drive. Reason behind this is, if you let Windows manage the pagefile it will always keep some space "reserved" for Windows to work. As it seems this is 10% of the drive. And if you do the math, thats exactly what happend: 10 GB left on my SSD which is about 100 GB big and therefore Windows refuses to make the pagefile/my virtual RAM bigger for Tarkov to operate. Tarkov crashed on reserve first, as it is the biggest map to load and after a while, something used more space on my Windows drive and all the other maps crashed, too. Also, there is one other TEMPORARY solution which I DONT RECOMMEND but that could help to check if this is your problem in the first place: Manage the pagefile yourself. Because if you give it a custom size Windows wont reserve his 10% of the drive, which CAN CAUSE BIGGER PROBLEMS IN THE LONG RUN. So be careful! Just google "how to manage the pagefile manually" if you want to try that. Thats what worked for me and i hope i this works for someone else who has this problem. P.S.: As you might guessed, english isnt my first language, so iam sorry for any spelling mistakes...
  7. Hi So when try geting in to a raid and out of it thers a problem with my whole pc just frezzing and going black and after a while it gose back to normal and giving me that the game has crashed. My pc build is quite good ryzen 9 3900x 16gb of ram at 3200mhz Games on a m.2 ssd 970 (the only new part is a 3060ti that i just installed) So tarkov is only the game that the whole pc frezzes on i have tried to reinstall the drivers/ and game same problem. I have tired other games that are Heavy on the GPUs monterhunter world ex. and also stress testet the gpu on furmark in case its it failing. But got no errors sorry for the bad gramar english isnt my native language Any ideas anyone?
  8. A couple of months after installing the game, I started experiencing some pretty major crashes. While in raid (and only in raid) the screen will freeze completely and I'll be presented with a weird technicolor screen as shown in the Gfycat link below. After this, my computer forces a restart. This seems to occur at random, where some days the crash won't occur at all, and other days it will crash every raid. I don't believe this is linked to the CPU/GPU temps, as the the problem will happen both after turning my computer on for the first time in the morning, or after a long day of use. I have Googled the issue to my wits end, and it doesn't seem like anything has worked yet. If you have any recommendations for pursuing a solution, I would be overjoyed. I really love this game, but when a quarter of my raids end to technical problems, its hard to see me continuing to play. Below is my hardware, and other attempted solutions. I'm not even sure how to go about diagnosing the problem. Genuine warning for those who have epilepsy, the GIF has rapidly flashing multicolor lights: https://gfycat.com/compassionatemisguidedcutworm CPU: Intel(R) Core(™) I7-6700HQ CPU 2.60GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 RAM: 16GB Attempted Solutions: -Updated all drivers -Installed C++ Updates -Ensured ram cleaner was on in-game -Force quit Killer Network Services -Ran game at verifiably low temps -Ran game as administrator -Ran game with no other applications open -Ensured there was 100GB of space on both my SSD and HDD Again, if anyone is able to help me with this, I would be EXTRAORDINARILY grateful.
  9. whenever i get into a game it crashes to desktop and i get no error code and when i checked logs it says backend error operation waiting anyone know a solution have tried reinstalling completely wiping cache and updates and tried restarting pc pretty much everything
  10. Moggen

    random disconnects

    so lately i started getting disconnected from raids at random. often happens multiple times a raid, no error message, just "disconnected from server". it is getting somewhat anoying, loosing a lot of gear trough this. tryed switching to a different antivirus, killing all possible background tasks, nothing seems to help. running on low settings, RAM cleaner option ON, using only physical cores, dont have a VPN. this was not a thing a month ago, now it makes my game pretty much unplayeble. i noticed some other people having same issues. is there a known fix? do we know a cause? thx in advance, praying to nikita to come and save us all
  11. Hey! I have had problems with my game for 2-3 days. If I go into a raid and the status is "Loading loot", my game crashes. That doesn't always happen, mostly in the second or third round. When the game crashes, programs like Discord and Google Chrome are frozen. I have to restart the programs over and over again. The last time I went into a raid, my game didn't crash, but discord and chrome were still frozen. In addition, I couldn't see anything ingame, I could run, shoot, open the inventory and move items, but the weapon was not displayed and everything was black. i went in a day raid. screenshot off what i was seeing is in the attatchment. I hope someone can help me, thanks in advance!
  12. I get these GPU driver crashes whenever I'm in these menus, I don't know what is going on but I thought it might be important to let the devs know something is wrong. Specs: 5900x with the latest AMD bios firmware RTX 3080 driver ver 466.27 32GB 3266MHz RAM 2TB NVME storage event viewer error: Reliability monitor: This is the time in-between the errors. Both of them occured whenever I was in the menus. For some reason, the latest error did not mark EscapeFromTarkov.exe after the hardware error occurred. Why do I think this error is not related to a faulty GPU? I can run FurMark for 4 hours without issue I can run an entire game of CS:GO without any crashes I can play hours of Star Citizen on ultra 1440p without issues What am I doing whenever the driver crash occurs? Simply being in the menus with all the items eg character menu, trader menus I like to reiterate the fact that this does not occur once I'm in game as a scav or pmc. Again, it only happens in the menus! The logs have been added but I doubt there is useful information in there, I personally think that this has somehow to do with unity but what do I know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Cheers! Ps. I haven't found a fix for this 2021.05.07_13-03-32_0. errors.log 2021.05.07_13-03-32_0. notifications.log 2021.05.07_13-03-32_0. nvidia.log 2021.05.07_13-03-32_0. pools.log 2021.05.07_13-03-32_0. traces.log 2021.05.07_13-03-32_0. application.log 2021.05.07_13-03-32_0. backend_queue.log
  13. I downloaded Tarkov onto my solid state. Played a couple rounds with my buddies and then started getting issues. Sometimes it starts loading into a match and then I just get a black screen. I cant tab out, I cant alt+f4, I cant ctrl+alt+delete. I have to restart my computer. Then I get a "failed to connect to server" error a few times when I click "play game" from bsg launcher. So I wait a bit and relaunch the game. I get in and start loading a match only to get the black screen of death once again. I shut my computer down and go to bed. The next day I try to launch bsg launcher on my desktop and it says "could not load file or assembly...blah..blah". I go into the bsglauncher file on my solid state and it seems like most of the files are there, except there's no bsglauncher application anymore. I dont know what to do. I literally cant even launch the game anymore. Oh, and I have uninstalled and reinstalled three times now...Help.....me..
  14. So everytime I launch into the game my computer will go to a blue screen of death and restart itself. I have a high end desktop so components arn't a probelm. I've also already updated everything on my pc from windows to the game, still no luck, any ideas?
  15. matteversman

    VRAM surchargée - Radeon RX 6700 XT

    Bonjour à tous, J'ai récemment acheté un nouveau pc avec une Radeon RX 6700 XT, 12 Go de VRAM, mais j'ai depuis quelques plantage du jeux dû à une VRAM surchargée. Par exemple, au lancement d'une partie sur Custom, je démarre avec déjà 10Go de VRAM utilisés, puis en cours de raid, les 12Go sont atteints et là c'est le drame, plantage du jeu et de tout ce qui s'en suit. J'ai mis tout mes pilotes à jours, vérifié les fichiers du jeu, j'ai fait tout ce qui était en mon pouvoir pour résoudre le problème mais rien n'y fait. Le problème ne vient pas de la CG, j'ai testé sur d'autres jeux beaucoup plus gourmands, la VRAM se vide correctement, aucun soucis de ce côté là. Avez-vous une idée de comment résoudre le problème? Si vous avez le même problème, n'hésitez pas à le faire savoir sous ce poste, à plusieurs nous trouverons peut être une solution temporaire.
  16. quadrifoglio

    Pc crashing

    Hello, I got this game 1 week ago on the first day it ran fine... but now when i play the game it sometimes shuts down my pc completely and my pc turns on again ( this has no patern or something its completely random and it is really annoying). Today i cant play the game the game keeps shutting down my pc. while yesterday i could play the game without any problems. Does any1 have a sollution for this. Note: i have tested both my CPU and GPU at 100% both alone and together and everything was fine, temp etc was fine too.
  17. Rumpldiebumpl

    Game breakdown

    Mornin´ fellow escapists, the old problem, Tarkov refuses to work properly on my Computer. To anticipate that, my speccs: Prozessor AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor 4.10 GHz GraphicCard NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti RAM 8GB Windows 10 64bit If tried quite some stuff. Now when I go play on Factory, everything is just fine. But when I try to enter just any other map, the game loads map, loot, etc. and then decides to just go like, "duck off mate, I´m gonna break down right ducking now!" Every time! Even if i run as Admin. Even in the lowest graphic set. Just all the time. Before I hab Windows 7 on my PC, there at least I could enter the map and move around ... with lags, over lags, over lags, over... Now it wont even let me in. Graphics are set by Geforce Experience and like I said, never made any difference if high or low. I have my Servers manually picked. I run as Admin. My PC should just do fine with the game. I dont know... Any Ideas? Rumpldiebumpl
  18. As the title says tarkov is crashing every time i try joining a raid. It has been a smooth experience for the last 5 months or so. No crashing, lag, bugs or anything. Then at the start of this week it has been borderline killing my pc every time i reach the loading loot screen...and i mean HARD crashing (killing chrome, discord, wallpaper engine...basicly everything. Even bluescreened my pc 2 times). Does anyone have any idea how to fix this. I updated all my drivers(after it started crashing in the hopes that it would help), checked for viruses and nothing. Its getting realy frustrating at this point cuz i didn't mess eith anything that could of caused this to happen and as stated before it was running perfectly for the last 5 months or so and my pc is running smoothly with no temperature spikes or ram usage spikes. So far I have tried every single solution to fix this and nothing has helped. I realy hope anyone has some advice cuz this bug literaly came out of nowhere and is completly ruining the game for me because so far I've lost around 3 mil to this bug. Thanks for the help in advance.
  19. Hola buenas Quiero informar que yo soy nuevo en el juego y que el dia 30 de julio puede jugar 2-3 partidas como mucho y todo bien despues me desperte y actualice el juego el dia 31 y despues de eso el tiempo para cargar una raid online pasan de 5 a 7 min y despues de todo eso el juego crashea e intento reconectar pero pasa lo mismo, destacar que siempre pasa con el personaje principal con los scav igual pasa mucho pero como 1 de 5 me deja entrar sin problemas de verdad tenia muchas ganas de darle a este juego pero ya ni puedo y me esta desmotivando jugar porfavor ayuda
  20. Good day, I've been having this issue for a while now, every time I try to load into a different map it freezes 30 seconds after loading in. My specs: Intel i5-9400F 16 GB ram GTX 1060 The game holds fine with perfect fps on factory, but just seizes when it loads other maps. Here is an error log right after trying to get into shoreline: 2020-10-03 09:54:50.182 -04:00||Error|Default|<b>Locale</b>. Trying to add duplicate: You have already bought the maximum amount of this item in the current restock| 2020-10-03 09:56:52.202 -04:00||Error|Default|Static loot Lootable_00385 not found in json. (shoreline_DesignStuff/Lootable_objects/cashbox (1)/cap) Destroying the loot component... The first one seems to loop every time I launch the game. Any help is appreciated.
  21. Brand new computer with i7 10th gen, NVIDIA 2070 with current drivers, 8GB ram, and graphics settings set to the lowest. Yet the game will still crash at random points loading any other map besides factory. Anybody have any ideas on how to fix this?
  22. derekschafer8

    Computer Crashes on Launch

    I'm wondering if anyone else is having the same issues as me. When I launch Tarkov, my game loads up as normal, but when I get to the "Profile Data Loading" screen my computer screens go black, and then the computer restarts. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Thanks in advance..
  23. DarkMageMimz

    Crash on Extract/Death

    Anyone else getting this bug? I'm getting a straight crash to desktop. No error. game just closes outright on death or if I extract. is this a known bug? I didn't see any top posts regarding it. Note - This only just started to happen after todays patch.
  24. Like the title says i only can play Factorys because my game keeps crashing if you can help please reply
  25. Nilique

    unityplayer.dll crash

    Hello, since i reinstalled my windows with new SSD, i get this crash issue with tarkov. It happens moreless every 3rd games launched but its random. In same time, it makes buged "discord" which is running, and also mi firefox on twitch (crashed) rtx 2080 super 16go RAM intel i7 8700k 3.70ghz msi z370 a pro ERROR on windows issue EscapeFromTarkov.exe 5fa91549 UnityPlayer.dll 2018.4.28.28878 5fa9161b 80000003 0000000000bf3af6 3908 01d6dc7ffa18d064 D:\Tarkov\EscapeFromTarkov.exe D:\Tarkov\UnityPlayer.dll d31a8836-61c0-49b7-8cfb-4d0d394be7af
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