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Found 16 results

  1. After around 30 seconds of the game running, the game freezes and then crashes to the desktop. I get no error code, I've tried reinstalling the game, clean installing new drivers, and increasing the size of my paging file to 16Gb; nothing seems to work. Please help.
  2. PC Specs GPU RTX 3060ti FE CPU Ryzen 7 3700x 32gb DDR4 RAM MSI gaming x570 edge wi-fi and I have Kraken Cooler for my CPU all temps are fine its not temperature. Here's what happens I'll load in to a raid and ill be fine for about 5 to 6 minutes and all the sudden boom game freezes can still hear sound but it's frozen, another thing if I press CTRL + Enter It makes it windowed mode but the frame is windows 8 and not 10 weird stuff, I have to open up Task Manager and end task load back in it happens all the time on Interchange and Factory so I know its not graphics setting because factory is literally the smallest map. Just last night I crashed 5 times in a Factory raid and my buddy was watching me all the whole times so I didn't die. I'm honestly about to just stop playing the game. PLEASE HELP?!
  3. Hello everyone, I've been really excited for this wipe and just downloaded Tarkov again. Loading into my first scav run I was met with a crash right after awaiting start. Sometimes it will even crash my display drivers, it happens over and over again no matter if I play PMC, Scav, OFFLINE etc. I5-10600k - 16gb ram - RTX 3070 So far I have reinstalled the game 5 times, in different locations as well. I've tried increasing my pagefile to 10gb-32gb I've checked the game files every time I install I've tried borderless/fullscreen options Tried single player and scav and PMC runs, always the same issue Bios Update Display Drivers Reinstalled XMP on No overclocking on my PC I'd love any help as I really just wanna play Tarkov with my friends!
  4. Okay I just did a ****ton of trouble shooting to fix the whole screen flickering/ blinking lights then crash problem. If you want the quick and dirty: Mainly for crashing ----> If you play Tarkov with "vsync" on in the game to "uncap" your fps and recude input lag, limit your FPS in Nvidia control panel starting at 110, then slowly raising it 5 FPS a game until you start crashing, then back it down 5. Set this limit for Tarkov specifically using the "Program settings" tab, not the global settings tab. Unity has drastic spikes in GPU usage above 120FPS, especially when rendering foliage textures at close range. If you are still crashing just uncheck "vsync" in Tarkov settings, this reduces GPU usage a good chunk. If that doesn't work or you don't play with "vsync" on, Adjust your resolution down a little to take a load off your GPU, especially if you have an older GPU (pascal and prior). Run an offline raid with scav spawns on high on a couple maps and play around with your resolution and other settings to try to keep your GPU under 60C if possible. Playing with your fan curve on GPU controlling software can help ALOT with temperature. Mainly for the blinking lights issue ---> Re-install windows. I found out that opting in for "optional" security updates or windows updates and installing them as soon as they are available can mess with you C++ and visual studio packages and make Tarkov freak out. I reinstalled windows and this issue never happened again. This happened near instantly to me after installing an optional update after having 5+ months of no Tarkov issues whatsoever. If you have a slow internet connection or don't want to reset your computer, I would suggest downloading the C++ Packages mentioned in the second thread listed above and see if that works first. This is annoying and harder to pinpoint but for future reference don't install any optional updates, and dont pre-install any upcoming windows updates. For a more in depth explanation: Unity has this weird way of rendering bush and foliage textures in different levels, most games have some kind of iteration of this. For example if you look at a bush super far away in Tarkov it straight up wont render or it will look like a blob, and as you get slightly closer it renders in a slightly better looking somewhat like a bush. Now when you are 50 meters or closer you get full foliage effect around the bush and it looks like a real game not a claymation. However as you get right next to it you can now see the individual structures of the bush or foliage. At this stage of rendering, when you are past 120 FPS the GPU hit is 15-30% higher than if you are refreshing at 120 or lower. This causes a pretty good spike in GPU usage, and before your fan curve can catch up your gpu started pulling power of clock speeds to combat the temperature spike and boom tarkov stuttered or crashed. I don't know why this is, but its real trust me. If you are having these crashes and they happen when you are walking straight into a bush this is why. Maybe that's why they have the in game limit of 120 FPS, keep in mind unity was designed originally for BROWSER games. Buildings and other things in tarkov only have 2 different rendering/texture states, thats probably why Factory and Labs play the best for most people. I can understand why because bushes/foliage you can shoot through, buildings or other structures you cant so it would be unfair not to render these things at long distances and have you wasting ammo. Unity does not like it when a GPU begins backing down boost clock speeds as temperature rises. I'm not talking about thermal throttling at 75+ C, I'm talking about when you hit 60 C or even 55 C and your gpu starts to pull 10 or so MHz off your clock speeds to combat the rising temperature, this is GPU boost 3.0 at work. All GPU's do it at different temperatures, and it will happen faster and more drastically if you have an overclocked GPU. When your playing Tarkov and you have that split second stutter, this is when your GPU just downclocked or pulled power. I don't know why unity dislikes it so much compared to other games. The more taxed your GPU is the longer and greater this stutter will be, sometimes causing Tarkov to straight up crash sometimes. Hence why the older your GPU, the cooler you will need to keep it. If you have a 2080ti or better/newer you wont have this issue as much because 1. Its not being taxed as much, 2. GPU boost on the 2000 series and newer doesn't kick in until 65-ish C. On 1000 series and 900 series cards you card will begin to pull power and clocks as low as 55C. You cant test when this happens on your card using the Furmark stress test. Hope this helps you guys have a better Tarkov experience. As a good baseline I would watch Veritas's settings video, as well as Vox_E's to help you fine tune your settings and get as high FPS and stability as possible. Those two videos helped me ALOT in fine tuning Tarkov. Play around with the "luma sharpen" and "adaptive sharpen" in your "postfx" settings, these two can effect you FPS a decent chunk as well as they function a bit like antialiasing. Happy raiding fellas.
  5. Shankster49

    Game Crashing

    So this is my 2nd post about this. I crash anytime i try to load into any map but factory, i tried every fix you could find on the internet. i moved tarkov to my SSD which let me get on factory. i just want to get in contact with someone that knows how to fix my problem. i did send for support but i dont know how fast they would get back to me besides the bot answering ( yes i tried everything the bot told me).
  6. Shankster49

    Game Crashing

    I load up tarkov as normal get into the main screen then go at a scav or pmc into any map load complete then crash on the count down of me droping in the map or crashing when i can seen my surrounding. Been trying to fix this problem for 4 hours still cant my pc is able to run this game
  7. So I have gone to play the new tarkov patch. I went to load up the game and bam computer literally turns off. No message no error message, no error sound of any kind and no blue screen. I was able to load it up no problem last patch. Has anyone had the same or anything similar with this new patch.
  8. escapefromtarkov - unity 2018.4.28f1_9270cea7d51e my first go around i couldnt even get tarkov to start, so i followed this guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GDLiV8c0nA it helped me START tarkov, but now i get the error mentioned above and the game crashes, tells me to send an error report, and sends me back to the launcher. any ideas what to do? i just purchased the game (right before it went on sale, lucky me) and i havent been able to play it yet. any and all help is welcome to add a little bit of context, i have an rtx 3090 so i cant roll back drivers, already tried that fix
  9. So I have been playing Tarkov for about two months now and recently in the last week my game has been crashing my pc completely. Sometimes i can have a 30 minute raid with no problem, other times it only takes a few minutes. I will try to reconnect and again sometimes I will be fine and other times I will crash again immediately. I have tried updating drivers, reinstalling the game, i checked temps and they seem normal, i deleted temp files, i tried auto ram cleaning, and i tried downloading c++ none of these have helped me and I'm about to loose it. please if you can help please help.
  10. The game was fine last night, but when I tried to play today it keeps freezing and crashing when I attempt to load a raid (scav or PMC) on any map. I can hear the game sound and can tell when its loading loot or when I have loaded into a game however the game stays frozen and I cant do anything. Eventually it crashes altogether and asks me to send the error report thing (reached the limit now). I un/reinstalled, verified integrity, opened as administrator, restarted my PC (multiple times) and have also rest it an earlier date to no avail. System contains: i7-6700 GTX 1070 8GB 32GB DDR4 2400Mhz Win 10 - 64 bit Drivers up to date, no recent system changes and NO VPN.
  11. highspeedfps

    Tarkov and AMD Gfx

    Fellow EFT players / devs, I have just updated the Radeon Software for my amd gfx card. I believe it is conflicting with the game some way and curious if anyone else is having this issue. I will get into a raid and within 20-30 seconds the game crashes ... it happens every time. Please give me your experience with this and how to correct it. Thanks, Josh p.s. I want to stay current with updates so I don't believe reverting to an older driver / software is the fix.
  12. hello im finding a recurring issue. after doing a good raid and getting out will all the loot i can carry the menu screen that should be giving me exp and loot will just load and load with a crash forcing me to end the game. when i come back into game i don't get my scav or pmc exp screen effectively losing everything i had successfully left raid with and no gain in exp despite already winning and spending the time in playing. i feel that other ppl would also be getting this issue from time to time like myself. can we have like a branching menu where i can come to after loging back to the exp screen to get my stuff instead of it just being gone and a waste of time and resources
  13. lordswift

    Game Crashed Bug

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue and could help me. If not i will log a support ticket because i am at my wits end. I have ran repeated Integrity Checks, Cleared the Cache, Reinstalled the game client twice. Removed every single trace of the game and manually deleted anything left from my HDD and reinstalled fresh. Still getting this exact error upon hitting Play. Thanks
  14. GGilly

    Freezing Issues

    So I bought the game last night and I played a few games of it and it was running completely fine. The next day I attempt to play it and it freezes at the screen that asks if I want to play as a Scav or PMC. The game freezes but the audio continues but I cannot see a change to the screen. Sometimes the game doesn't freeze at this screen but when I attempt to load into a map it crashes. Has anyone got any fixes? I've tried restarting my PC but it didn't work and I've not really got any other ideas for potential solutions. Thanks.
  15. The game was running fine yesterday but now after the technical patch my game crashes everytime I get to loading loot, then it crashes and locks up my PC. Wtf is this about. crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt error.log output_log.txt crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  16. Ghosts2045

    Game crashing/freezing

    My game will freeze and crash to desktop, mainly only happens when waiting in lobby for 1-2minutes waiting for a friend to invite me or freeze loading into a raid and I have to force quit. This is the error log I end up getting attached below. Things I've tried: Raised priority to above normal, set page file accordingly to my 16gb of ram, ran without MSI afterburner. Settings in game- High preset. Pc Specs: Cpu- i5-8600k @ 4.8ghz Ram: Corsair vengeance 16gb Motherboard: Gigabyte z370 gaming 7 GPU: MSI 1070 gaming x crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
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