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Found 5 results

  1. tenureddrock

    Mystery Boxes/Crates/Cases

    I had this idea where Tarkov could have mystery boxes/crates/cases that spawn in the world like regular items. Although they cannot be open until you get out of the raid and that you aren't able to put them in your gamma or other pouched cases. I was thinking, that the "boxes" could have different sizes and of course the larger they are the potential of more stuff you could get. They could range in size from 1x2, 1x3, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, etc. But just because the larger the case is, does not mean you would get more items. I was thinking it could work like the scav case does in the hideout where you could get 1-7 items depending on the size of the "box". So, say you find and retrieve a 3x3 case well then it could range from 1-9 items depending on the random amount of items you'd get and then their different sizes. So instead of getting a bunch of 1x1 slot items, you could get a one 3x3 item, but not saying this is a choice the user would have, the "case" would be randomly generated. I was also thinking that the "box" when you open it, it would open like any other case in the game or item that can hold items, but all the items in it even if you have identified it before they would all appear to be unsearched, so it would be like a mystery in a mystery. After you have done searching the items in the "box" and taking them out, the "box" would disappear. If you left one item or multiple in the "box" then it would be left in your storage, and you could go back to it whenever you'd like, although you would not be able to put anything in it, so the user could not be able to use it as their own storage container. The user should also be able to sell the "box" if it has not been yet searched/opened. If the "box" has been searched or opened then it would not be marketable and the traders would not accept it. This is just an idea, and my idea came from other games as lots of other games have it in them for example; Terraria, Minecraft(modded), etc. and I just love the idea of it bringing them to Tarkov. So, I hope you guys would take this in suggestion and possibly consider it in the up coming updates in the game. Thanks for reading my post!! - Tenured
  2. i just found out about the giveaways from holoween or newyears or w.e i didnt play back then but i had it perchased so i used the Additional ingame equipment and got my ingame equipment But after putting all my mids and money into the two boxes i then exited out and played 1 game as a scav and when i made it to extract, i went to put all my stuff in my invantory and my boxes were gone and my loot that i put in it were back in the original spots they were before like it rolled back or something. and now when i goto claim it again it says its already been usd.... any help here from a dev please? *Was New Years Gift
  3. Gatman55

    Stripped down gun parts

    It would be nice to see weapon crates spawn stripped guns rather than full guns and ammo. I know you can find upper receivers etc. But it would also be nice to find the lower receiver in crates rather than having to buy/trade for a generic m4 off the trader to modify it. When I first found the LVOA upper receiver I was looking forward to build from scratch, but after seeing that I couldn't buy the stripped down lower.", it was a bit of a bummer. Is this something that may eventually happen?
  4. Yargar

    Weapon wardrobe :D

    This wardrobe should be in each stuff
  5. Nickinator

    Bug inspecting crate

    In an offline PVE Customs run. Carrying a AKS 74U I bought from the Trader. Looting the crate at the rear of the warehouse close to the spawn point. There was a grip in the crate which I accidentally clicked install instead of examine. The grip in the crate stayed but I was unable to interact with it anymore. I closed the crate and reopened. The grip was gone but then so was the grip that was installed on the AKS. I now had no grip and the gun was highlighted red. I looked around the floor to see if they had dropped but they were not there and did not get moved to my inventory, they had just vanished. I was not able to install any other accessories I found after that point to the weapon.
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