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Found 2 results

  1. Ok... So... I am new here, but not new to FPS. Boomer CS:Source Gun Game plebeian btw smile So... There are some hackers in tarkov. and even entertaining the thought that I am just that incredibly bad... there are some extremely toxic tactics that this game in its current iteration promote and encourage. lets get the hacker poop out of the way. for obvious reasons hackers completely eliminate the potential for fun. fun keeps booties in seats, booties in seats is dough-bucks for BSG. In a game like EFT where the, "High Risk High Reward" based economy literally controls the entire pace of the game for every single player, the negative feelings associated with a seemingly unfair loss are magnified... for some... greatly. Getting outplayed by a player with exceptional map knowledge, game sense, and gun skill... at least for me... never really feels that bad. an example : >>> I spawn into customs in the old gas station as a scav... make my way west and sneak into the warehouse with the factory key exit where Reshala sometimes spawns... its unlooted and i hear shots to my west indicating that for the most part i can loot up a bit quietly. i do so and go upstairs peek out to the west, see the kid killing a scav player near RUAF Roadblock and think ok... I can dip to the northish and push to smugglers boat probably. go downstairs... homie spots me... i panic... run northish anyway through a narrow passage between the two buildings to the north... only to find, he is partied up. his buddy has a 20 gauge shotty ADS's and ready to tear my head off, and he does. bags full of something like 350k rubles... gone. but i wasn't upset. i got outplayed easily and after the sting of loss went away i realized that i could have fallen back to OGS and proceeded north from there and likely would have been safer until i got near dorms. it was a learning experience and frankly ill become a better player because of that raid (maybe). several hours later though... I either got hacked or spawn camped... doesn't even matter which at this point because it made me log off and go somewhere else. I saw that my next scav run was going to be a 4x scope, silenced mosin by WITH L2 armor... SICK! I wanted to night raid woods, pray for no NVG players, and simply book to my extract no funny stuff. >>> Deploying, 3, 2, 1, Dead... Head Eyes before the scav even opens his eyes... all I hear is a heck of a lot of really big full auto spamming everywhere and in that moment I simply decided... I'm done now. Sure... maybe that wasn't a hack. Perhaps he was an NVG player in a group that was spawn camping scavs... but why? for the 100-200 xp for the kill? certainly not for the loot when you presumably are already in like 2-3 Bitcoin worth of gear. the point I want to make is that its a pretty toxic play regardless of the circumstance. cheat or no cheat its unfair and there is no counter play to it. *MY POINT* As Gamers today, we exist in an RMT culture based gaming experience. its ugly, I personally hate it, but it exists and as long as there is an avenue to make real world monetary gains from playing in a video game, players WILL do whatever they can to give themselves not just the advantage, but the greatest possible net profit per hour. Yep... I said it. The obvious implication is that the games economy fundamentally encourages RMT on a structural level, and you can even see it in the prices on the flea market (well you can... im only level 8 because I'm a loud BT magnet). how much is a T H I C C Case? like what? 14mill? IDK hypothetical... and whats 14mill cost? 50$ IRL maybe... and T H I C C Cases are unspeakably rare, profoundly impactful for QOL, and essentially unattainable for players who don't THOOM all day? I have seen this Economy structure in far too many games in the past few years and It really takes away from my ability to enjoy the game authentically. its even lead to me recently quitting Path of Exile in spite of the reality that i actually was one of the top 1% of players in terms of skill, knowledge, and personal economy because that kind of culture FORCES you down a path that may not be the way you actually want to enjoy the game. I am AWFUL at Tarkov... but I for the most part have been having a great time. Its been more than a decade since a game has given me a genuine jump scare to the point of hugely elevated heart rate, endorphin levels, Ive had to walk away from the PC several times (looting Shturman cabin coat and getting sniped from the rock to the north with zero audio clues for over 90 seconds prior). even though I get completely owned sometimes, the moments of getting genuinely outplayed and out classed, are kinda compelling... "Hey... Maybe I should try clapping some cheeks from that rock too tomorrow". But seeing players in game full sprinting through Interchange with a juiced out M4 one dinking everything without ADS'ing ever, or getting run up on from like 3KM away while I'm just camping a dark corner waiting for the clock to hit 5 minuets so i can sprint my cowardly little ass to the exfil with the lowest probability of interference knowing only 2 pixels of my body are showing and having not made a single sound for 15 minuets really takes the wind out of my sails knowing that a small percentage of the player base literally has a real world financial incentive to wall hack, aimbot, spawn camp, and generally resort to ugly and toxic means of stacking up them rubles so that they can pay their cell phone bills with T H I C C Cases and Bitcoin. In all fairness I do understand the argument in favor of RMT for folks who love to game but don't have the time to grind up the currency needed to get their T6 armor and Killa Helm and their decked out M4 ethically, but those players also kinda suck and I would wager that plenty of us could kill them and usurp their ill-gotten gains with relative ease more often than not. RMT isnt going away... and it DOES ruin games. The only solution I see to the issue is to have very strict and effective Anti-Cheat Software in Game, this will if nothing else serve to improve player experience on my level somewhat... which will help player retention... which will result directly in growing the economy at the top end (more players... more muns). Not only that, but it mostly eliminates the ability for hackers to take control of the flea market economy... which in turn means that only the very best players will have that ability to price fix (or even sell their gains for real world money which in a sense actually seems pretty fair imo... i also think the majority of players with that level of skill wouldnt even waste their time on something like that). Player Experience can be further improved by changing the way player spawn locations are generated. With fixed spawn locations, a subset of players WILL resort to camping spawns, slaying players with virtually zero resistance, and tanking player experience, which is obviously bad for the game. if players arent having fun... they arent going to play. I dont know literally anything about programming, but there must be a means of implementing an algorithmic spawn generation with some simple rules (no two players spawn within 0.4KM of one another nor can they spawn any closer that 0.4km from a scav boss and there should be some exclusion zones where no one can spawn). changing player spawn point in this way will still promote the cultivation of map knowledge and reward it... potentially even more greatly that it currently does, while also making it nearly impossible to spawn camp, which in all honesty is just scummy and awful (at least extract camp and take the risk of reaching your camp spot, I am actually not even opposed to this tactic, its plausible that it would work IRL too so, fair game IMO) Here is a likely controversial suggestion. if we assume that RMT will never go away... we have two options. Embrace it and find a way for game devs to legally sell in game currency like Blizzard does with wow... just straight up gold for dollary-doos... or, shift the RMT meta to Bitcoin farming while also reducing the potential for bitcoins per-day from the hideout as well as eliminate the potential of finding physical bitcoin in raid (which sucks for those of use who basically only get to scav). yes it will cause the value of the bitcoin to skyrocket, but that can be countered by tailoring the barter economy in such a way that the rats and the hatch lings can still scav up fun guns for Offline raids. then inject more quests for a wider variety of cases... they wont have a found in raid status if they come from tasks... but this will further shift the RMT economy towards a bitcoin gold standard while simultaneously encourage even the RMT players to still engage with the game in a more authentic way. let them buy all the currency they want, but force them to earn the cool stash and hideout stuff. Please don't ban me for this, I'm not encouraging RMT in anyway, I'm simply speaking to the reality of being a low tier gamer in 2020 while attempting to provide solutions to a problem that actually does exist and can be fixed. I genuinely believe that this game can and will be a roaring success if the player experience can be improved only very slightly... and i did so without even mentioning SBMM (because SBMM also ruins games). TLDR: If you cant beat em... usurp the entire market and tailor it in such a way that it simultaneously embraces the casual player base but doesn't undermine the true hardcore player base
  2. ataros

    Local Tarkov culture

    If you are interested in local music you can watch some Leningrad band videos on youtube. They depict mostly local SCAV and some Bear life before 2015. The name of the band is the name of St. Petersburg city under soviet regime. E.g. a typical love story (almost 40 000 000 views till now btw) Download video Download video You can always google lyrics with English translation for their other songs. They are usually not bad. Lyrics for this one: https://lyricstranslate.com/en/voyage-вояж-voyage.html
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