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Found 13 results

  1. heitflow


    Voltei a jogar o tarkov tem alguns dias depois de uns 3 meses. Quando abri pra jogar em customs, o mapa tá travando demais e não era assim no ultimo wipe. Primeiro que o loading demora em torno de 10 minutos, independente se for PMC ou SCAV. Segundo que o fps ta rodando em 10, praticamente. Em alguns casos, ele dropa pra 1. E, no meio disso, o jogo simplesmente crasha e diz que deu erro no anticheat. Eu não sei mais o que fazer. Tentei todo tipo de optimização. Uso o optimizador da Razer pra manter a RAM tranquila. Testei o mapa da woods e interchange e lá tem um pouco de drop, mas não deixa injogavel. Até reinstalei o game pra ver se não resolvia Se alguem souber alguma forma de resolver isso, por favor, me avisa. Config do meu pc: I5 7 geração Placa de video: NVIDIA 1050 ti 16 de memoria RAM
  2. sansa413

    Custom Map Loading Problem

    It's been a few days since I bought the game and I started playing it directly. My first problem with the game was that the game files were not verified after downloading the client and therefore I manually changed the location of the game files. After solving this problem, I started playing directly. I started playing the Factory map and everything was going well, the game was loading in a not very long time (about 2-3 minutes). However, when I entered the Custom map as PMC for the mission, the game started to freeze on the loading screen and then to overload when loaded. Then I was kicked out of the game and got "Server Conection Error". When I entered offline, the Custom map was loaded. Likewise, when I entered as SCAV, it loaded, opened, and after a little freezing, it recovered and became playable. I am having this problem in the Customs map and I have seen RAM related solutions on the internet. I have 8GB RAM and I have a GTX 1050 on my graphics card. How can I solve it if the problem is caused by RAM.
  3. RavenSpecV

    In game gloves

    Is this confirmation that you have a partnership with Mechanix for this game? That would be pretty awesome.
  4. ChAWPo

    LFG Quest Runs Customs - NA

    Hello! Im looking for some people to help me on a hard stuck quest called golden swag. Im having trouble getting in to dorms and getting out safely with the lighter. Any and all help is much appreciated. Also we can talk on discord
  5. Brink99

    custom time limit

    is it true that the time on custom has been cut down witch 10 min? because i feel like i never have time to do anything and have been shaking with anger over the million of rubels i lost from loot cause of the short time to get out
  6. EFT-GByat

    Exit in Custom not working

    i was doing the skier's second quest but the game decideid I can't exfiltrate, i tried smuggler's boat and RUAF block and nothing crossroad not working, than a scav killed me....any helps??
  7. triko

    How much meters?

    I want to ask to all player what they think about distance between Custom red shed on Custom spawn (left side) and other river side or building under construction! How much it is? 350-400-500 Meters? My mates doesnt shot form there because they think that the weapon was out of range but I think that this shot Is 350 more or less! In this video I was at 1 floor of red shed and I killed the Scav with a straight bullet! I think that
  8. ZuRDoWoLF

    reporting a Bug (glitch)

    This is maybe a know bug. but just yesterday happens to me i dont know. On the custom map the extraction point "Old gas station". There is a white van on the right side of the building. This van is next to one of those gas looking tanks. The bug is when you get to the driver side (america left door) the game allow you to open this door. the problem is that when you do your character make an animation to open the door that put you between the van an the tank. Here you are stuck and the only way out is to go prone and move prone out of there. Dont you ever jump cuz your character start like shaking and from there you cant do nothing else but to alt F4 reconnect and prone your way out. Like i say this is maybe well know but maybe not.
  9. SLY985


    Hay there! I'm pretty confident that Clans or groups will at some point make its way into this game and I had a really interesting idea for this game. With how in-depth this game goes with its realism and options I started thinking why is there no way to distinguish players from each other? Well I started thinking customizing your gear but as a developer myself I started thinking well maybe that wouldn't be as easy to put in as just saying so. So then I thought well if you add clans and allow for the creation of clan colors/emblems why not add clan associated equipment. This would be super interesting and something not seen (at least not to the EXTENT as this game could do it) in most other games. But you could things like arm bands, leg bands, bandanas, caps, hoodies, beanies, legit anything, even a cape or something ridiculous. You could even allow for pins to put on backpacks or other things, even full blow skins for said items. This would allow for some crazy customization and options for the player base and could be expanded on whenever. That, and would allow for some form of group/team indicators without jeopardizing the realism in the game. In real life most people will wear clothes/equipment to distinguish friendlies from anyone else and this would be literal implementation of that into the game. It would be a way for players to be able to tell the different from their friends and enemies without adding something like a HUD element or something that would be seen in a video game (IE: a floating name, glowing person, something not really... realistic.) Either way I thought this would be a super neat idea and would love to see what other people think.
  10. I play customs map 98% of the time and lately, me and my field brothers started to notice that players characters tend to disappear hitbox still work but you don't see him! That happened about 3 times wich we noticed during 10-hour session Has anyone seen this bug? That is on top of dc - lately 6 out of 10 raids + - By the looks, it happens in specific places on the map. can't be 100% shure
  11. wie topic beschrieben tauche ich custom key gegen can of beef stew kleine dosen
  12. Pipboy17

    map is different color

    my outside maps are different color like factory is colorful but woods shoreline and custom have a black and white film no matter the time and every time i play last week they were colorful and looked normal now they are black and white and ive noticed this on a lot of videos too what is the problem?
  13. AlphaWolfofsubs

    Lag in custom during gun fire?

    So when i get into custom it lags alittle which is fine but when someone shoots or i get into a gun fight it freezes. I have a 1070 gpu i7 6700k cpu 16 gigs of ram. I don't think i should be having this problem. is there a fix
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