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Found 38 results

  1. Just a random question but I haven't found any answers as of yet some of you may know. Whenever I'm playing customs at some point in the game no matter where I am on the map I hear an almighty boom of what I can only describe as thunder or an explosion it seems too loud to be a gun or grenades so just wondering what it was? or if anyone else is hearing it? Sometimes I hear it more than once... my only thought was it was people being banned struck with the ban hammer LOL? Any help on this would be appreciated. Cheers
  2. Sniper scavs

    ive been trying this pocket watch mission for the longest time, and just now i spawned in during dead night and immediately got lit up by a sniper scav. i understand the one at construction but anywhere else is stupid, not to mention they shouldnt be able to do much in the middle of the night unless getting shot at bottomline sniper scaves are fuckin stupid smh
  3. The Essence of Tarkov

    We present to you, "The Essence of Tarkov". This piece of cinematic art was made by Josh Buendia and some of his mates. Sometimes, you just have to stop and admire the beauty in Tarkov. GJ Josh!
  4. i read this in another threat and it will work.when you stand on exit point with scav and nothing happens open your inventory and drop (discard) an item out of your inventory. I did this while standing on exit point (infront of a red gate) and as soon as i dropped the item the screen faded out and i exited the lvl.The item was lost but hey, who cares about cigs.
  5. Problemi mai avuti in Customs

    Ciao ragazzi, risulta anche a voi dare problemi la mappa Customs ultimamente? A me non ne ha mai dati ma ultimamente ho solo 30/40 FPS con drop fino a 20... Solo settimana scorsa ne avevo 60 fissi!
  6. Had an interesting match today, Playing as BEAR entered "customs" with a pistol, east spawn, still looking for factory key. Shot but not killed a shotgun player near the bridge next to the bus yard, he run to the woods towards the lodging buildings. Followed him and we exchanged a few shots from afar, got my torso injured a bit. And I lost him in the brush, didnt want to follow so I went around to the bus yard. To my shock I spoted 3 fully equipped USECs coming east below and around the small bridge. I hid Behind the small shack in the bus yard hoping they will pass.... they didn't. I was prepared to die, no chance I can do anything to them with my makarov, So the makarov went into gamma container and I was getting ready to enter the main screen. Instead I start hearing commands from one of the USEC squad to come out, I replied that im injured, and he threw a medkit on the ground for me and invited me to follow them. What followed was one of the most enjoyable matches I had so far in my short Tarkov experience. I took back the makarov in hand, patched my torso to full health and followed the USEC squad to the gas station where they made short work of 4-5 scavs, I would like to think I helped with my little makarov, but really I didnt. They offered me a share of the scav loot, which was not bad at all, and I continued to follow them. The journey ended for them at the underground extract on the east part of map and I was sad to see them go, but so happy for the fun experience. They all disappeared in the dark and I was left alone and a little bit worried, My extract was on the other side of the map. So a long hike and a few scavs (which came down nicely with my new firepower) along the way, I reached the western extract safe and smiling. Its very easy to kill an unknown player in tarkov: maybe for the loot, maybe for the exp or just to remove the chance of him shooting you in the back later. But Its very hard not to, to take the risk, to take the road less traveled. Its interesting to think how would people behave in real life in those kind of situations, Id like to think we would stick together and save the bullets for the scavs. To that USEC squad, wherever and whoever you are, I salute 07, I enjoyed that match, God speed and good luck.
  7. Customs - Dorms V-Ex exit

    Hello, on the map Customs there is one "sort-of" hidden exit called Dorms V-Ex (middle top of the image), I have been looking in a lot of videos and using google, but I was not able to find more details or any player leaving through that exit. My questions are pretty straight-forward: Where is the exit (video/image would be useful for reference) and how can it be used? Are there any limitations? Is it based on spawn or do You need some rubbles to use it/kill some scavs? (img taken from: ) Thanks, TM

    Low fps on customs around 42 fps with high preset any one experiencing the same thing? The rig im using Gigabyte G1 GTX 1080 Corsair 16gb (2x8gb) DDR4 2400MHz I7-7700k 4.2Ghz MSI Z270-SLI EVGA Super Nova Gold 750 H80i V2 Water Cooler PNY CS1311 2.5" 120GB SATA III TLC Internal Solid State Drive Seagate 1tb HDD
  9. Friendly Bear Hatchling Thanks!!!

    Thank you friendly Bear Hatchling for your assistance in customs with my friends (2 bears) and me (usec), we came out with alot of good loot because of your guidance (bitcoins, euro's, pumpy's, 74u, toz, goldchains, ak's). You opened up all of dorms & gas station for us, you got out with a val, trizip and kolpak at the middle extract at boilers. If you see this message my friends and I would like to add you for future games. Yours truly AdmiralSpock.
  10. we encountered hackers in customs flying allover the map and we died not taking shots or anyting
  11. Hey guys, this is kind of my first post in this forum so please forgive if I'm making any mistakes. First of all, I'd like to say that i really like EFT. Nonetheless, there are problems occuring lately that are (in my opinion) severely related to the 2 maps Woods and Customs. Many people complained about the new spawn system, which of course is only being tested at the moment and therefore open to change, but I personally think the problems people are refering to have their origin in the state of the two maps. For example, I didn't see anybody complain about Shoreline and Factory even with the new spawn system (the spawns on Factory are still as they were and Shoreline has something that Woods and Customs do not have). The reason why the new spawn system correlates with those 2 maps is that both maps force every player to cross at least one spot where it's easy for other players to punish or to take advantage from. In woods you have to get past the lumberjack camp or cross a road with absolutely 0 cover. Of course this part of the map is quite wide, still it is kind of a coinflip if someone or even a group of players that have good gear are waiting at a certain spot in that area to take advantage of your need to cross there or not. Same with Customs. Everybody has to get past the Bus station and if you don't have a factory key also past the gas station, no matter in which direction you are headed. There are basically no alternatives for you. That's in my opinion the major problem. Shoreline for example does not suffer from that. On Shoreline there are enough places with decent to high loot (fisherman island, Villa, Bus station, weather station, Health resort with several wings just to call a few) and on Shoreline there are enough Opportunities to get to the other half of the map (Gas Station, Pumping Station, Bunker, Health Resort and 2 other possibilities). Making Woods and Customs bigger (just enough to have several possibilites to cross the map and spread out the Spawns a bit) would solve this problem. Camping certain spots wouldn't be as easy anymore because everybody has the choice of taking another path instead. That's how i see this. I for my part would not like the spawn system as it now is to vanish. Other suggestions and/or feedback to my suggestion is appreciated. WIsh you all a wonderful day. Cheers
  12. Scav extraction issues in customs

    A scav run, my exfil was at crossroads or old gas station (both did not have question marks). I loot some pmcs and reach old gas station and cant extract. Is there something I don't understand? why would I not be able to extract since the extract, in this case, was not conditional? Can someone please explain. This is frustrating.
  13. Hello everyone, just two quick drafts of the exit locations for both PMC spawns and the SCAV exits, combined several screenshots to make a better printable version. PMC Spawns and exits: Questions to the community: where is the smuggler boat and how do you exit Dorms V-Ex? Fullscreen link (1080p): SCAV Spawns and exits: Fullscreen link (1080p): @moderators: please move to the best location, thanks :).
  14. Hi Community, vorweg ich finde dieses Spiel herausragend und ich habe irre Spaß an diesem Gesamtpaket und der Idee dieses Spiels. Fixt mich mehr an als Dayz seiner Zeits. ALLERDINGS uss ich jetzt einmal etwas los werden. Das Game ist auf einer SSD installiert, WIN10, es liegen 16GB DDR3 Ram bereit ich abe eine nagel neue 1060 6GB verbaut und einen AMD 8320 mit 8x 3,8ghz. Mir war es unmöglich customs und shoreline zu spielen da ich dort nur MAX 30 FPS hatte. Heute kam der Patch, ich gehe also direkt mal auf Customs und konnte meinen Augen nicht trauen. In bestimmten Berreichen wie diesem roten Lagerhaus hatte ich Lachhafte 8 FPS im offline Modus. Ich meine mal im Ernst jetzt, was bringen mir irgendwelche Waffen und Zeugs wenn die Performance so verkackt ist? Gehe ich auf Woods oder auf Factory, existiert das Problem nicht. Dort habe ich >60 FPS Konstant, selbst online. Alle aktuellen Spiele laufen bei mir Butterweich, nur EFT nervt grade richtig. Bin echt angepisst und weiß nicht was ich noch machen soll außer das Spiel zu deinstallieren. Loot ist ja absolute verschwändung, geschweige denn das Leveln der Trader ohne die besagten Maps nicht möglich...
  15. How I want "Customs" changed

    Here is a map I made with some changes that i think would really benefit the map Legend: Light Red : Out Of Bounds Solid Red : Wall Solid Green : New Wall Pink : Player Spawn Blue : Escape Point Light Grey : Enterable Building Dark Grey: Non-Enterable Building Other changes Bigger starting area with 1 more path across the river Bigger mid section Added a pathway right next to the middle escape, on the train tracks This would remove alot of the frustration this map has... like Spawn killing a minute after spawn due to tight spawn zone Spawn killing on the river paths Lessen the over powered construction sight sniping nest Please tell me your thoughts!
  16. get stuck on locationin customs

    once you fall in there is no getting out and we have to just dissconnect losing all gear that isnt insured
  17. Place to get stuck (customs)

    Just noticed a place that you can get stuck at on customs, it's the south-west corner of the wall at the red building between two containers. Sorry for the bad quality of the GIF i should have used some kind of recordning software.
  18. Mappe in alta risoluzione

    Salve a tutti, ho acquistato da poco questo magnifico gioco, purtroppo come saprete per chi come me è agli inizi è molto difficile tenere a mente le varie aree del gioco, per questo ho deciso di realizzare un piccolo sito che ospita tutte le mappe (interattive) in alta risoluzione che di tanto in tanto andrò ad aggiornare con i relativi punti di spawn, zone di fuga, oggetti e tanto altro. Potete esplorare le mappe qui se volete contribuire inserendo i vari oggetti o tutto quello che reputate utile in mappa contattatemi e vi fornirò le autorizzazione per poter accedere. Spero di aver fatto cosa gradita per la community di EFT. Ciaoo
  19. Me and my squad wiped everything on customs , other players , scavs ,scav players pretty much everything moving , and still had a lot of trouble with the server , going to extraction and waiting for minutes till extract pops up , at first we taught this might be because there is a other player /scav player connected with bad internet or what not , but it was not the case since we counted the total 8 players , and killed pretty much everything moving everywhere on the map . Not even alt+f4 and reconnecting didn't always work , i think this might be the most serious issue with the game at the moment since if any scav is alive you can die and not even know it ,and really hoping it gets fixed fast All the best , keep it frosty !
  20. Customs loot map

    Hey Escapers, just wanna share a new loot map for Customs. Its still in progress. If you have any suggestions or changes due to updates etc feel free to comment Good luck
  21. This bug may already be well-known, but in case it isn't, I'm spreading the word, both to help out fellow players for the short term, and make sure the devs are alert to it in the long term. You don't need the Cabinet Key (short name "Key", has a black head) to open the locked door in the gas station in Customs. You can breach it by opening the door across the hall from it so that the open door is between you and the locked office. If done correctly, your character will fail to square himself in front of the locked door properly, turn to his right, and kick the wall by all appearances. The door will behave as if you have kicked it from the opposite side, and open out into the hallway. I discovered this quite by accident. For me, it works every single time. I stop by there in plenty of my custom raids, and typically no one bothers with it because of its dangerous location. So, late in the raid, it's a quick-and-easy loot grab, and i don't even need to spend one of my four valuable alpha container spots on a key.
  22. Hello! When my friend and I play tarkov together we are limited to Woods and Factory. Shoreline, Customs are way to laggy for him. He freezes and just cant get more than like 2fps. He used to be able to run every map flawlessly. He has a very good computer too. Do you have any idea what is causing this???
  23. Teleport Bug/Hacker?

    Hey Guys, So me and 2 premades where just trying to escape quickly customs coz I was shot in the stomach. When we hit the train bridge right in front of the gas station I got teleported to the other side of fence. I wonder if this was a known bug or maybe a hacker in our lobby? The deathscreen told me that my mate killed me, but he never shot me... VIDEO[without the sound coz we were screaming and flaming in german] Sincerely Headiii
  24. Like the title says i cannot load customs (also shoreline[havent checked in a while]). so im stuck playing only woods and factory. both run very smooth as i have a pretty good build (pc). when i attempt to start a raid for customs it gets to 100% and freezes (clock stops, everything); and im forced to ctrl+alt+delete and then i get a crash report. sucks because i cant complete my first task with prador(w.e his name is...). i have submitted requests to support but no answer for going on 3 days . crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  25. Hello everyone! I was wondering if some of y'all are having this problem on customs. The game upload spikes to the 14-15 range and makes customs unbearable to play! It will lag,stutter, de-sync, and even freeze sometimes. I know it can't be my PC because I have 16Gb. I will post my specs below if that will help! cpu: i7-7820x gpu: Msi gtx 1080ti ram: 16GB