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Found 58 results

  1. Tatranskymedved

    Customs - Dorms V-Ex exit

    Hello, on the map Customs there is one "sort-of" hidden exit called Dorms V-Ex (middle top of the image), I have been looking in a lot of videos and using google, but I was not able to find more details or any player leaving through that exit. My questions are pretty straight-forward: Where is the exit (video/image would be useful for reference) and how can it be used? Are there any limitations? Is it based on spawn or do You need some rubbles to use it/kill some scavs? (img taken from: http://n0life.com/guide/7175/escape-from-tarkov-customs-map-exit-points-keys-and-loot ) Thanks, TM
  2. Hey guys, made this video to help out those unfamiliar with the general Customs loot path. Lemme know if this helps!
  3. IaVocaddict

    Customs camping

    Hello, I'm a pretty new player to this game but i feel like the "Bottleneck" in the customs map located at the Overpass near the new gas station is a problem. In the games i've had so far there's been a guy camping on or near that bridge every other time. If there are somehow no players there, you are then bombarded with long ranged sniping from Scav Bosses from the gas station, without any real way to get around it. Since there are little to no other ways around that place i feel an optional route through the industrial district would be much better for the map, decreasing the amount of people just sitting around waiting for some quick kills on a heavily trafficked road. It might not be as big of a problem as i make it out to be, but in the games i've had with my friend, it just doesn't feel right to be forced into a small area to get to the extraction, resulting in us dying without much other choice. Sincerely IaVocaddict
  4. Hallo! Vor dem Hintergrund, dass die Scavs kaum Schaden anrichten und einem nichts anhaben können. Ich habe aktuell vor den Scavs mehr Angst, als vor Spielern, weil ich bei einer Spielerbegegnung entweder sofort tot bin aber noch nie so zerflückt wurde wie bei den Scavs. Ich habe jetzt 31 Scavs getötet und dafür gingen 6 Salevas, also 2400 HP drauf, hauptsächlich waren Beine und Arme direkt fast schwarz und gebrochen. Es gingen ca, 3 rote Splinte drauf. Vor allem durch die Schrotflinten---> Meine Beine waren hinter diesen fetten würfelförmigen Sandsäcken-----> trotzdem beide Beine zerstört und der Scav hat 1 MAL mit der Flinte aus so 60 m geschossen. Realismus sieht anders aus. Einzig die Begegnungen mit Spieler Scavs waren realistisch, deren angerichteter Schaden, war schon wie ein Streicheln. Trailerpark, die große Halle: Da ich um die Tödlichkeit der Scavs weiß, habe ich das Gebiet um die Halle aufgeklärt. Dann ein Scav vor mir. Ich werfe mich hin und schieße. Hinter mir die Halle und genau dort entstanden wie von Geisterhand 2 Scavs. Ich konnte die zum Glück noch töten. Und nein, es waren nicht die Scavs von den Garagen, außer sie kamen von den Toten zurück. Mit anderen Worten strategisches Vorgehen für den A.... Wenn man mit den Scavs auf solche Entfernungen wie auf Customs zu tun hat, dann zielen und treffen die fast so wie die Raider im Lab. Ich kann das nachvollziehen, wenn die mit der Mosin oder diese neue Hunter Waffe ausgerüstet sind. Wenn mich dann aber eine TOZ mit einem Schuss zerfetzt, von den anderen Flinten ganz zu schweigen, den Sinn dahinter habe ich noch nicht finden können. Bin ich jetzt der Einzige, der bei dieser Mission so zerflückt wurde durch Scavs?
  5. Hey there! Most of the maps for customs out there are, in my opinion, not that useful, beautiful or lacking some information so I did one on my own. Right now only for customs but maybe the others will follow. It's not 100% completed yet because I'm sure I've missed some spots. If you recognise anything missing or wrong information, just give me a shoutout and I'll change it. Also I'm working on callouts but they only exist in german right now. I'll keep you updated if I finish the english version with my map. What the map has to offer: Layout for all open buildings. Some are not that accurate with their layout because they should only give a quick overview and lootable places Layout of both 2 story and 3 story dormitories with every roomnumber, closed rooms and rooms that can be opened with a key Every outside location you need a key for Lootmap for buildings and outskirts. Includes: Weapons (weaponcrates, loose weapons and parts, weaponracks), crates and boxes (ammunition and weaponparts), grenadesboxes, safes, loose money and cash registers, jackets, bags and toolboxes, random loose loot, computers, file cabinets, dead bodys, loose medicine and medical bags Spawnpoints and exits for PMC's Exits for SCAV's (Callouts - working on it right now) Für die deutschsprachigen unter euch, hier findet ihr das ganze auf deutsch. (For a german translation, follow this link to the german post) Also a huge shoutout to maksen for his awesome 3D background. Have a nice one Lorathor
  6. LordDefiance

    Scav extraction issues in customs

    A scav run, my exfil was at crossroads or old gas station (both did not have question marks). I loot some pmcs and reach old gas station and cant extract. Is there something I don't understand? why would I not be able to extract since the extract, in this case, was not conditional? Can someone please explain. This is frustrating.
  7. Moin zusammen! Da die meisten Maps die im Netz zu finden sind meiner Meinung nach nicht zu gebrauchen sind und man ständig mehrere Maps aufhaben muss, habe ich mir mal die Zeit genommen und eine anständige Map auf die Beine gestellt. Momentan nur für Customs aber vielleicht werden noch welche für die anderen Maps folgen. Das ganze ist nocht nicht zu 100% komplett und mit Sicherheit habe ich einige Stellen, Loots oder Schlüssel übersehen. Wenn ihr was entdeckt, wäre es erste Sahne wenn ihr mir dazu kurz die fehlenden Infos zuschießt, dann kann ich diese einbauen. Aktuell arbeite ich an den Callouts und da ein bischen Übersicht in die Sache zu bringen, auch hier sind Vorschläge gern gesehen! Was die Karte momentan bietet: Grundriss für fast alle offene Gebäude. Einige sind nicht auf den Meter genau sondern sollen nur zur schnellen Orientierung und auffinden von Loot sein Grundriss der 2-er und 3-er Dorms mit Zimmernummern inklusive betretbare und abgeschlossene Räume Übersicht aller Schlüssel die für Customs genutzt werden sowie der jeweilige Ort an dem dieser nötig ist Lootmap für Gebäude und Außengebiete. Umfasst: Waffen (Waffenkisten, lose Waffen, Teile und Waffenständer), Kisten (Munition und Waffenteile), Granatenkisten, Safes, Loses Geld und Kassen, Jacken, Taschen und Toolboxen, verschiedenes looses Loot, Computer, Schränke, Leichen sowie lose Medizin und Medizinkoffer Spawngebiete und Ausgänge für PMC's Ausgänge für SCAV's (Callouts) Im Anhang Customs Ohne Callout und Customs mit Callouts. Diese findet ihr auch hier (ohne Callouts) und hier (mit Callouts). Grüße und euch erfolgreiche runs Mit bestem Dank an Maksen für den 3D Hintergrund. Erstes Update Dank eurer Hilfe aus dem Forum und Reddit habe ich einige Lootspots geändert und hinzugefügt. In der nächsten Version werden noch die auffindbaren Schlüssel eingefügt.
  8. So on this Customs Night Run, me/Paul/Mark/Murray ended up exchanging fire with the Scav boss and a few random players! At the end there ids a little extra clip Remember to Like/Dislike and subscribe! https://youtu.be/vp1Y64jGJB0
  9. Aussieeeee

    Addition To Customs Map!

    So the Idea I am suggesting is to Create a bottle neck shortcut between the corner of skeleton,The blue container near new construction and the train at Old gas. Why: - The Checkpoint woods, Shipping yard and Shortcut are all very easily secured when camped. I do this, I love it but it does make customs easy. - The map is extremely Linear, which forces PVP action unnaturally. - It creates a security risk for all spawn points. - Make the bottle neck shortcut tight and an easy killbox. So its risky to go through, but an option to the other areas. Give it a key, or make it extremely noisy to cross. Anyway, just a starting Idea but maybe it would be a great addition to the Map and give it a rework.
  10. Alexispeil

    FanArt Customs OutSide Dorms

    Newbie in game , i'm started to play 3 weeks ago and i love it... This Is my FanArt About customs maps... Tag in game: iXeL My DeviantArt : https://www.deviantart.com/alexispeil
  11. Staale

    Can anyone explain this?

    Here i am in dorms and suddenly the third story door on the right side by marked room suddenly opens. In the video you can hear the sound of the door opening and i thought it was beneath me. I have never seen anything like this in the game, have they added some sort of new key or is this a glitch? Here's a screenshot of his name, as you can see he is only level 14. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/488015328035602445/501500739433267211/unknown.png
  12. Just encountered this guy on a late night Customs raid. He had nothing but an Attack-2 backpack and his trusty hatchet in hand, did not take a single point of damage from any source. Just ran around and looted any and all PMCs we killed and stored the loot inside his backpack. Was wondering if this is some new invincibility glitch on Customs or if he was just a plain old douchy hacker. LINK: (We are getting pissed in swedish in the video, so be aware)
  13. HeartBender

    falling through the map on customs

    No, I am not here to flame, or accuse. I simply want to provide screenshots and ask a question. Lil Backstory because I'm still a bit salty, me and my buddy don't get to play often (we work a lot) and we killed a super geared guy. Fort, FastMT, AS VAL + TacTec (as seen in screenshots) The Literal next raid I wanted to try out the gear, only to spawn in glitching through and back up to the map, I tried moving only to not be able to, bouncing up and down, finally falling through the map endlessly. I highly doubt it, because I had to leave, but I threw the gear off in hops it will return via insurance. (again i doubt it.) will this be fixed? because honestly?.. That was really upsetting and it felt so poo to finally be doing good, only to.. not get rewarded. (Btw just realized I didn't bring the Val with me because I cannot purchase ammo, so I decided to hold onto it, thinking of selling it.) I also swapped out the Tactec for a commando. (Point still in hand I lost good gear, and not even to a player.) Sorry for the wall of text, trying to provide help and assistance to the devs to fix the problem! I am willing to give helpful information if asked.

    Place to get stuck (customs)

    Just noticed a place that you can get stuck at on customs, it's the south-west corner of the wall at the red building between two containers. Sorry for the bad quality of the GIF i should have used some kind of recordning software.
  15. Una guía de los puntos de extracción de PMC en Customs, espero que le sea de utilidad a los que se van comenzando a jugar.
  16. Hello everyone, just two quick drafts of the exit locations for both PMC spawns and the SCAV exits, combined several screenshots to make a better printable version. PMC Spawns and exits: Questions to the community: where is the smuggler boat and how do you exit Dorms V-Ex? Fullscreen link (1080p): http://www.bombrats.com/top-50-pro-tipps-fuer-escape-from-tarkov-eft/eft-map-customs-pmc-by-bombrats-01-total/ SCAV Spawns and exits: Fullscreen link (1080p): http://www.bombrats.com/top-50-pro-tipps-fuer-escape-from-tarkov-eft/eft-map-customs-scav-by-bombrats-total-01/ @moderators: please move to the best location, thanks :).
  17. ctgs113

    Zużycie RAM po patchu 9.0

    Czy tylko ja po patchu 9.0 odczuwam problemy ze zużyciem RAM m.in. na: Customs? wcześniej było na poziomie 70/80% (60fps na low) a teraz po chwili jest 100% i gra zdycha (dosłownie). Jakieś pomysły? cpu: ryzen 1600x gpu: RX460 (tak wiem do wymiany) ram: 8gb 2400mHz
  18. Badidea74

    Customs - breaking immersion.

    There are many things that break the immersion. One of the worst are invisible walls, especially in a game like EFT. Perhaps it's worth replacing the river on the Customs map with the swamp similar to that on the Shoreline map. The river, after recent changes on the map, has already been changed into several separate water reservoirs. An invisible wall that prevents passage through these shallow and small water bodies is absurd. Let the players cross the river / swamp anywhere. Let's use the game mechanic present on Shoreline, where the swamp slows down the player. Such a crossing is very risky, perhaps even somewhat impossible but it will avoid having to deal with these nasty invisible wall.
  19. El compañero minhaven desde reddit nos crea un video sobre como evitar quedarnos atrapados en los contenedores de customs. Aqui os lo dejo https://streamable.com/akr8u
  20. Best way to find that key? Been doing multiple raids on customs, without ever finding it. Anyone where it has the highest chance of dropping?
  21. So on customs, there is a Glitch spot where you can get stuck and you "can't get out". I managed to find a way out, the like below is footage and me talking you through getting out! <3 Youtube Video
  22. Bonjour les amis, Aujourdhui je vous propose un travail réalisé par @Papidelamontagn Il s' agit d un tuto pour les débutants sous forme de découverte des trajets et points importants sur la map Customs. Bon visionnage et bravo a lui pour le travail effecté. @Papidelamontagn vous invite également à visiter sa chaine twitch, dédiée aux débutants : https://www.twitch.tv/spg_superpapi Merci pour vos lui et pour vos retours, il s'agit d'une première vidéo.
  23. Leferrret

    customs crashes my pc.

    basically was able to play customs for awhile. im running a intel 15660k cpu gtx 1060 6gb 8 gb ram, never have issue with temps, dont really know what the problem is.... i seem to have issues right after 10 mins, it starts to drop fps and then it stays at 1, completely freezes and freezes my computer from shutting the program down from task manager, basically un-useable. i re-installed the game. now it crashed my computer right at load, this is the ONLY GAME that give me this issue, i run rainbow six siege and rust and many others just fine. i have a memory cleaner program in the background to clear memory at full loads, but it only works for maybe a hour or so and then i start to crash.... what can i do?
  24. Just a random question but I haven't found any answers as of yet some of you may know. Whenever I'm playing customs at some point in the game no matter where I am on the map I hear an almighty boom of what I can only describe as thunder or an explosion it seems too loud to be a gun or grenades so just wondering what it was? or if anyone else is hearing it? Sometimes I hear it more than once... my only thought was it was people being banned struck with the ban hammer LOL? Any help on this would be appreciated. Cheers
  25. Lilkyle1

    Customs train on bridge

    Hi all, just wanted to do my part and, let people know that if crawl under the train on the bridge you will get stuck. This happened to me on my last run and it was very annoying. I hope this post helps anyone by letting them no that if you do this you will not be able to get out.
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