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  1. thomasotje10

    knife not working?

    I knifed a bot about 8 times and he didnt die. I was rotating around him knifing him while he was comfortably reloading his rifle. Explain? I thought it may just be the armor but to survive it 8 times seems ridiculous.
  2. Omgsasquatch

    Damage icons

    I can't find anything on what the icons, on the damage interface, mean. I bandage, splint, medkit, vas, everything. Nothing seems to work. Is it possible to restore yourself back to battle ready or just enough to slug along to the exit?
  3. Kinda started this question in another thread but I think it would be worth its own. What I mean by the title is, that items should not just manifest them self when looking inside an item-container of any kind (backpack, vest, etc. ...), but be "rendered" at all times inside the said containers. Best example I can give would be how DayZ did it (if I remember correctly that is). If someone had a full bag of items and you shot the said person, while hitting the bag, you would destroy/damage some if not all items inside the bag. But let me expand it. We already have a simple system like this in the game. It only applies to armor and helmets, though. Why not expand it to: Weapons which we carry Mags/nades/meds/etc. in our vests and pockets (as written above) items inside our backpacks What would it bring to the game? make the gameplay a bit slower I suppose people would think twice before making a pincushion out of someone, be it through grenade spam or full auto a 60 mag (yey to the solution to the full auto meta ) another layer of protection hit items could damp or even prevent a hit on the person I suppose it gives items more value But I guess it wont be that easy and will bring it's own problems: extra calculation steps in the hit and damage calculation more stress on the netcode/servers? people will not like it 😜 abuse in form of a new meta carrying as much as possible (which already happens, but would protect the carrier - fix to the stamina/carrying system needed) defeats the purpose of my "preaching" of people irl not going for the head would make people go even more for the head, to not damage the goods (or maybe legs - we love legs, right?) Yeah, so that's basically it. As many people want more and more realism, I wondered that no one brought it up until now. Maybe someone did, but my search through the forum didn't bear much success. What do you think? Is it something that Tarkov could need or at least would make sense? Is it maybe to "hardcore"? Let me know! Cheers!
  4. CZelednikov

    Pistol caliber damage

    I have really hard time understanding how damage in this game works. I've just managed to kill one scav with Makarov by 8 shots. All to the stomach, all confirmed hits and he had no armour at all. I have really hard time believing that this is realistic damage. Yes, I know I am supposed to aim for the head. But a pistol that would require entire magazine and hit with every single bullet would never be possibly accepted into service. I know that ammo makes great difference but from realistic point of view it seems ridiculous. PPSh on single shots is completely useless and TT-33 is not even worth mentioning since one magazine is not enough unless you hit the head.
  5. TinyHappy

    Max HP reduced after damage

    I had an idea ( Sorry if this has already been posted or thought of ) of a system that lowers the max amount of limb health after getting damaged Example: I have 60/60 Health in my Left Arm then get shot I now have 30/60 Because of the damage. But with this system it would be 30/54 as the max limb health has been reduced as well. If i heal that limb i will get to 54/54 limb health in my left arm.
  6. For this game to actually be playable scavs need a rework. They headsnap me when facing the complete opposite way and haven't spotted me yet. In what world does a scav living in squalor have the ability to 180 hipfire headshot someone. And to make it even better you can headshot them while they are wearing no helmet with the best ammo in the game and they will just flick take it like a champ. There is no point building a 400k + rig when some cheeky little homeless boy is gonna go "I'll take that" and pull off the shot of the century.
  7. Yes, I get it gets more realistic and so, but don`t you think that not having your health back after you die or get hurt in a raid can and will make a lot of people stop playing the game or just refrain from buying it. Something else is probably the thirst, hunger and radiation, I think all of those should go back to normal after you die or leave a raid. Any thoughts on these issues?
  8. Harrybelly

    SV-98 damage

    First allow me to thank our Russian brothers and sisters for creating, what I think has the potential to be one of the greatest successes in gaming history. I would say its a much better version of COD adding an RPG like gaming experience. A true diamond in the rough! Its nice to know that even though we are separated by an ocean, divided by politics and classified by cultural differences we are all still "Brothers of the Same Mind". Gamers to the core! To the point, yesterday I shot another player at very close range in the chest with the SV-98. Both of us had no armor on and were at full health. In the time it took me to fire and pull the bolt for next shot, he was able to knife me twice. Doesn't seem like a chest shot from 6 feet had a realistic effect on him. I believe it should have at least impaired his movement so as to extend the length of the fight. Thanks for listening and keep up the good work!
  9. Lord-Tryhard

    Damage and armour

    I've sinked a few hundred hours in the game so for and i noticed that the damage can be very inconsistent. On multiple occasions, i've shot people in an "unarmoured" head and they survived it. A few times, they took multiple shots to the head. Sometimes, the walls get painted in red and the bastard just hops away like nothing happened. Other times a single 9mm bullet does the trick. I've also had situations, where i've shot people from the side, but the arm absorbed all the damage, since bullets cant penetrate limbs(not sure why). Seems like an easy fix, but what do i know. Another problem i see, is armour effectiveness. It makes no sense, that while the bullet penetrates the armour (depending on armour), it sometimes does little to no damage. The bullet should still pretty much kill you if it penetrates the armour. Suggestion: Make more wound/impact types. For instance, when the bullet does not penetrate armour, make it brake a bone, or apply some sort of effect that does not necessarily hurt you, but gives you an effect similair to tremor. A buckshot wouldn't penetrate a good armour, but it would knock the wind out of you, reducing your max stamina, or possibly even break your rib cage. If the bullet penetrates; i agree, the speed of the bullet is reduced, so it technically does less damage; it should perhaps break into shrapnel. And while it would do reduced damage, it would inflict bleeds. Also, i still think emptying a mag into someone without killing him should never happen, but it happens alot. In the picture is my last encounter with a raider called Shakal. Bastard tanked 20 of 855 shots from an Adar, shot me with a buckshot from around 20m (almost killed me) while getting shot, then just sprinted up to me when i moved to cover and killed me with a second buckshot. I had a fort armour and a helmet. Raiders seem inhuman sometimes and i suggest they're renamed to gods.
  10. Not sure if everyone is getting this, but we are taking damage from a player with absolutely not shot heard, from our entire squad. As in our squad will not hear shots at all but people die and a player has killed us. usually multiple damage times then death. Utter quiet while it happens. Anyone else get this?
  11. It´s happened to me several times that I hear a shot after my character already took damage and moaned. I want to know if this is normal for the game taking into account the bullet speed being faster than sound or if I may be having desync, packet loss or something wrong with my internet.
  12. PayYourTick

    Inconsistent Damage

    Hi all, wanted to get your opinion on some stuff. So I've clocked about 300 hours on Tarkov and I do love the game. One thing that I simply cannot get over is how insanely inconsistent and seeimingly random bullet damage is. I don't have any problems killing AI Scavs of course as you always go for the head but players are a different story. Currently I have about a 49% survival rate and roughly a 4-5 KD as I play quite aggressively. Recently I have found that the damage in the game has been insanely inconsistent. Today I had class 6 armour head to toe and got 3 shot to the thorax by a .366 Vepr AK after myself having shot him upwards of 10 times with an MP7 with a mix of AP and FMJ rounds. Given the fact he has no armour I find this is pretty ridiculous for a game that attempts hyper-realism. Another example was me sneaking up on a PMC, hitting him 13 times with m995 in the back from a jailbreak m4 only for him to turn around and kill me in 4 shots through class 5 armour with an MP9 from atleast 20 metres away. It feels to me like this never used to be an issue when the game initially released. Nowadays I'm finding myself spending hundreds of thousands on late game weapons and ammo to have to shoot scavs 8+ times in panicked sprays to drop them which couldn't be further from realistic. It's getting to the point that it's driving me away from the game I have considered to be my favourite for so long. Personally I think if prices are to be so high for these weapons and decent ammo that it should actually make a difference instead of seemingly being worse than some banged up scavs, dust-coverless AK. I'd just like to hear everyone elses experiences or maybe it's just me having a whinge but this issue is slowly but surely ruining this game for me, cheers.
  13. VerdorrenWolf

    Damage ratio after armor penetration

    So I have examined the EFT wiki extensively and gone through the ballistics and armor information and charts, but one thing I was unclear on was that if a round manages to penetrate armor, is the overall damage of that round reduced based off of armor rating, durability, material type and ammunition penetration chance or does the round do full damage based off the wiki statistics without damage reduction at all?
  14. Pripyat_Strelok

    Priorities Scheduling and Core Mechanics

    Hello. I've been playing EFT for almost a year now and I think I can make some considerations about 2 of the most important mechanics in the game. Now, please consider this as my Point Of View, not some criticism nor a rant, because your project has a LOT of potential and I'm just giving my advice so you can make use of it in the best way. -The first thing I would like to talk about is the Movements Speed. This mechanic is a very important one in my opinion, so it should be treated carefully. Now, I was searching this kind of topic on the Internet for some time, then I came across this post: https://amp.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/bx6tdx/eft_movement_rates/ After reading the whole discussion, i couldn't disagree: movements are indeed too fast (both walking and running speed) and I tought this was a good point actually. Because, you see, coming from titles like Squad, Project Reality: BF2 and Arma, I think movements speed could be slowed down a little more than a bit...I would like to make you notice the speed of the movements of the people in the RAID shorts, in the patch trailers, where you move way slowly than the actual gameplay, or just take some reference from the link above. If movements were that slow, this game would become far more realistic than what it's now, and surely a goddamn piece of art. -The second main mechanic i would like to discuss is the damage; in my opinion, the HP system is old and quite inadequate, I'll explain why: In MilSim titles, the characters' bodies (or limbs in Tarkov case), don't have a number of HP, and neither they do in real life. Actually it's quite simple: you get shot, you are incapacitated of shooting back to begin with (because a lot of time people just absorb the shot like it was made of paper -in case of an arm or stomach hit- without an immediate negative effect and are usually able to shoot back AND kill without much problems). Now I know it's not so easy to decide to solve the issue and it takes a LOT of time, but this is a core mechanic and it is a main issue in my opinion which needs to be fixed ASAP instead of adding new content to the game (I have nothing against new content) but, as the title suggest, it would be very healthy for the game if you consider rescheduling your priorities and address them to fix these vital mechanics. Once again, this is just my POV, not a criticism nor a rant, i just think that making these changes to the core mechanics will turn the game into something really, REALLY outstanding, since (I'll never stop saying this) it has A LOT of potential. Thanks for your time.
  15. DJudic

    Ninja SCAVs and ghost damage?

    I have this for a second time now, but can definitely say the symptoms. I tried googling it, but can't find anything. Only similar example is of some German video. I have this happen to me twice now for the past week. The first was when running to the Tunnels exit from Shoreline, I was going by the cars, but then all of a sudden I took two quick hits *from something*, no gun shots, no bullet hits around me due to inaccurate fire. Just two quick taps and I died. I got my full gear back in the next days and it was a decent one, so I doubt a player wouldn't take ANYTHING. The "summary" window was saying one of the Russian Scav names dropped me from the chest. The second was just now on Interchange, I was looting one dead Scav and heard my guy grunt in pain. For a second I thought that if it was a player, I would be either dead or I would hear at least some missed shots land near me. Just stayed down to listen for Anything, but no. I thought it was just again random audio bugs. But then after a couple of seconds saw my chest area blimp in red and I was wondering if I didn't lie on something :? So I healed up, thought it is some bug. Grabbed quickly a few more things and while running away I just got hit again and dropped dead. The "summary" window showed again a Scav name with death from chest. Anyone else getting these random deaths? No sound, no bullets cracking/popping/whizzing, nothing, just damage instances and dropping down dead. Or is this some new cheat?
  16. Damage, Lethal Hitboxes and Healing. I personally feel like the game needs extra instant kill hitboxes such as the spine and the heart like in the Rising Storm games. Because I still have raids when this happens. 🤔🤔🤔🤔 In a past Talking Tarkov podcast Klean said that he wanted this as well but Nikita said it would be difficult but I think its necessary especially for smaller caliber guns to be viable. But getting one tapped by a Makarov in the spine every time would be annoying as well. So I thought because of ribs and bones and everything else in the body that the bullet has to go through that each bullet would have a certain percentage of a chance for a instant kill when hitting the heart or vital area. That percentage would also drop if it penetrated body armor. Just as an example 9x18 would have a 30% chance and 9x19 would have 35% chance or something like that. I also personally feel that you shouldn't be able to heal a limb 100%, if it goes below 40% of its health. Because, its not satisfying when I unload half a mag from my pistol, and the guy runs away and heals back to full health; It just doesn't feel like I am doing damage to them. I want the knowledge that even if I hit a guy a couple of times with my pistol that he is messed up. Because even in patch 11.7 being shot seems trivial as long as you don't actually die. Side Note: I don't t know if this already in game but if you get shot while running you should lose some stamina 👍🏼 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Movement And Stance Animations In EFT the leaning and crouching system is very in depth I wish other games used something like it. But just the regular Q and E lean is difficult to use in EFT because you don't lean very far. Generally leaning overly exposes your body or gives you insufficient vision leaving you still looking at the wall. Instead of leaning I see most people just strafe back and forth in doorways. I think that you need to lean out just a bit further then you currently do in the game. A game that does a basic Q and E lean very well is Insurgency Sandstorm. https://streamable.com/eu4on ^Leaning Comparison Above^ Also when you lean you chicken wing hard. Its a recipe for a broken arm. 🔽You should tuck in your arm for less exposure #tacticool🔽 ______________________________________________________________________________ Crouch Running I know Nikita said that he did not like the animations and he wanted to redo them. Whenever that happens I think a crouch run like in Rising Storm and Squad would be a nice addition to the game. https://streamable.com/6on5l ^ Example Above ^ ______________________________________________________________________________ Falling And Being Staggered Animation Along with new animations there needs to be a animation that staggers you when you fall from a high place. I can't tell you how many times someone has popped pain killers and YEETED (jumped) off the rafters or a building and landed sprinting after me. https://streamable.com/lanhy ^ Example of jumping on painkillers ^ https://streamable.com/u1rvj ^ Example of a staggered animation ^ _______________________________________________________________________________ Running To Prone Animation I think that the running to prone animation is a little derpy and a bit fast. The drop shot meta is becoming to real . The game Squad has very good 3rd person animations and I think EFT would benefit greatly if they mimicked some of the player movement. https://streamable.com/6czc4 ^ Example of Prone From EFT and Squad ^ _______________________________________________________________________________________ Limping animations/Running One of the few things DayZ has done that's good is a limping animation, one for walking and one for sprinting. https://streamable.com/g8goe ^ Example of DayZ Limping ^ I think this is a definite must in Tarkov, being able to see the damage the other player has received is important, but, it also adds to the immersion of the game. Plus, having a limping/sprint animation would be a good addition, as opposed to just popping painkillers and sprinting away. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Low Ready Gun Position In Tarkov, having your gun raised at the ready all the time look silly, especially with longer guns like the Mosin and SVD. There should be a control that lowers your gun in a low ready stance, and when you left click it brings it back up to ready and click again to shoot. If you have your gun raised, your stamina should slowly decrease as well. This situation would mimic real life, as no one just holds their rifle in front of them for hours on end. This would also help scav on scav violence because as of right now everyone is just aiming at each other so you don't know if they are going to shoot you or not. But if there was a low ready stance you could see that they are not aiming at you. It would also help you see if you have large optics that take up a big part of your screen. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reloading Needs To Take Longer The regular reload takes around 3.03 seconds to take a mag out of the gun and it put in the vest and take a new magazine and load it in the gun. The speed reload takes around 2.29 seconds. The difference is only about half a second so there is no need to speed reload if the regular reload is so fast. That's why I think the regular reload should take at least a second longer. https://streamable.com/ukoww ^ Reload Times Example ^ Side note: Maybe different rigs have faster reload speeds? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Player Controller and Running Reload. In Tarkov you can sprint full speed arms waving back and forth up in the air as you reload your gun, it looks a bit ridiculous. When you sprint you should have to stop anything you are doing then reload or heal after you are done sprinting. Insurgency Sandstorm dose exactly what I am talking about and its executed perfectly. https://streamable.com/ixhwa ^ Example Above ^ This would also bring more utility to pistols because instead for sprinting away and reloading they would pull out their pistol or just run. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Visual Hit Recognition/Blood In Tarkov a lot of the time you can't tell if your bullets are hitting other players especially at range. There needs to be some dust or more blood. https://streamable.com/t6czb ^ Example ^ Also in Insurgency Sandstorm they have a feature where the bullet would bleeds into the clothes and it a really cool effect. Especially if you get riddled with bullets and survive your clothes look like you have been through a war zone and you can see if someone is wounded and has been through the grinder. https://streamable.com/xezkb ^ Bleeding Bullet Sponge Example ^ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Physics And Ragdolls I know the new Unity engine is coming and they will have improved physics with it. The rag dolls in Tarkov have gotten MUCH BETTER so good on that job devs. But I would still like them to be improve because compared to other games they are still a bit basic and not very satisfying in my option. In Rising Storm, Red Orchestra and Insurgency Sandstorm when you shoot an enemy they convulse on the ground or grab the place you shot them. It adds a lot to the immersion of the game I think Tarkov's game play would benefit greatly from something like this. https://streamable.com/q3l92 ^ Physics EFT vs INS ^ https://streamable.com/rnao3 ^ Physics INS Sniping ^ https://streamable.com/vlgyx ^ Physics Tarkov Sniping ^ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Throwing Grenades around Corners And Injury Noises Just like how you can blind fire your gun you should be able to throw grenades around corners without exposing yourself. https://streamable.com/viuka https://streamable.com/2ding https://streamable.com/7x648 Also in the animations linked above when the terrorists get shot they give out a loud yell and gasp for air. I would like a loud yell of pain or something similar to whats in the clips if you deal enough damage to a player. I think it would give it just that extra bit of immersion as compared to the little grunt that you hear sometimes. Side Note: The guy that did those animations made a really good EFT animation the voice acting is meh though. I'll link his youtube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM6YqV3fMAvewEykZnEYJjA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Atmosphere The atmosphere of the game is really important and the 1st map in my option that did a really good job on the atmosphere is Labs. The direction I would like to see Tarkov go or at least partially is in a Chernobyl / S.T.A.L.K.E.R / Metro type of vibe. https://streamable.com/57jcb https://streamable.com/tdrws https://streamable.com/6nc9r I also saw some concept art that was made by you guys and it encapsulates that feeling i'm talking about. Along with the atmosphere I would like to see more clothes like these Anyway keep up the good work boys CHEEKI BREEKI
  17. I would like to see the position (e.g. head, chest) and damage dealt of my last shot hitting an enemy be shown in after raid stats. The idea behind this is to see if I hit the enemy after I died. Maybe you can also add the raid time of this last shot.
  18. rangerCommand


    As everyone knows or atleast should know by now, painkillers do exactly what their name entails; kills pain. But something that I'm trying to understand is whether or not popping one before a battle is just as effective as popping one after. Yes, I know I should just go ahead and take one before I jump a couple stories and break my legs... But as far as taking one before getting shot compared to taking one after, will it help ensure I have an edge over my opponent with a slightly increased ability to push through the hard shock of hot lead entering my PMC's body? Just a curious thought.
  19. Player514

    Post dealth damage report

    It would be great if you added how the ammo of how you died and/or how much damage was done to limbs. This could be a bit difficult since you it should only be the last burst that pops up but one solution is that every time you heal, you clear the stack/priority queue containing the previous damage received and put a single item that says "previous damage received" or something and contains all previous damage. example: previous damage received: 61,(left arm, right arm,chest) 7.62 bp: 51(left arm) 7.62 bp: 51(right arm) 7.62 bp: 110(left arm black) 7.62 hp: 250(left arm black) This would make deaths way less frustrating since you will know if your armor worked or not. (Another improvement is to see how much the damage the armor prevent, but that can be a future update). It would also let you get a better idea of what type of ammo to use and insight on why you died.
  20. TheColdVein

    Armor & Blunt Damage

    Dear Escapers, We would like to take this time to clear up the current question of armor parameters. Right now, blunt damage is in, but it is significantly lowered. We are balancing and testing slowly as we are adding new armor as well. We apologize for any frustration, and we appreciate your support!
  21. I have been a long time supporter and player of Tarkov. And as each day goes by and each patch released, im getting more frustrated. WTF is going on?? why cant i kill anyone but die from one shot every time? Regardless of ammo type or armor worn and range firing from, im always the loser. Sure, you can say im just bad. But I know Its not me. I have many clips of the very clear unfairness i am suffering. WHY??? Why can others tank 21+ hits from any weapon i have and i die from one shot? Doesnt matter where or what ammo. I get one tapped in the chest through fort all the time. But NO ONE else does?? Please BSG, Explain this to me. Cuz at this point i want my $150 back cuz i feel ive been ripped off. I have quietly suffered for a long time and im at my patience end. I see NO ONE else with these kinds of issues. And its not my PC or connection. I wish i could post video here. To show exactly what i mean. I can shoot someone I have been following in the back 8 times just to be killed in one hit as they spin around......I am really about over it at this point....Someone tell me im not the only one with this BS happening.....PLEASE!!! I loved this game and i just want to love it again.....But the fact that it seems to only be problems i get. None of my friends say its this bad....Almost like my account itself is nerfed. WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  22. Ok, I'm going to try to keep this short (didn't seem to happen, oh well). This post is coming mainly from the rage of the previous raid I was in, so let me explain what happened. I join a raid on interchange bringing with me a Paca, WTrig, Mbss and an AKS-74N and about 120-180 rounds of ammo (5.45x39 Tracer or PRS I can't remember) plus some assorted meds. I spawn outside "IDEA" and run inside and up the escalator. I hear footsteps and can't quite make out where they are coming from so I move towards some cover to the left of the escalator. I see two hatchlings sprint up the stairs and head right, shooting one in the back twice and missing a few shots as they run between cover. Both end up fleeing into the office area to the right of the escalator where the double bathrooms are. I see one immediately poking his head from behind the double doors with the circular windows and shoot him in the head and move into the dead end room he was in which is a stairwell that is blocked off. Take his tags, and hear the other guy run out from the bathroom and towards the exit, and he is lit up by two players who are now waiting outside. They now move into the office/hall area and do not see me watching them from the window I killed the first guy in. I shoot one of them once and he desyncs across the room behind some boxes. They now know where I am so I fall back to the staircase which is full of garbage bags and other trash and take up a position covering the only entrance. They start to move in on me. Now at this point I have fired around 5-10 rounds (and know that exactly 4 shots have counted as hits. This is important.) and make the choice not to reload as to not give away my position in the room as they do not know I am on the stairs yet. They open both doors, and the left door acts as cover for them. One walks straight into the room too far to my left and the staircase obscures him and he cannot see me yet. Now, my gun is on full auto so i have to make my remaining ~20 shots count as there are two of them. So at this moment I have my irons on his center mass and I open fire straight at him... and keep firing... and keep firing... and run dry. halfway through my mag he returns fire and his me about 2-3 times I would guess. I try to fall back into the corner to get some cover to attempt to reload and he just walks up the stairs firing non stop until I am dead. Before I died however, i was able to see what he had for gear which was a PACA, Blackrock, the new camo covered helmet (cant remember the name) and an ak of some kind, most likely 5.45x39 as it was full auto and most people I have encountered at this stage of the new update have not had a single AKM, oh and the fact that I ate about 5 shots before dying. Now that I am dead I check my hit count because was utterly stunned I didn't kill him and see ((((12)))) hits... 4 of which were prior to my death, leaving 8 hit that were on him(or 9 if he had been the same guy I had shot before rushing me). How on earth is this reasonable? 8 shots from a full length assault rifle firing 5.45 and he doesn't go down? I've played EFT quite a lot and this isn't the first time this kind of crap has happened. Maybe I'm just unlucky since the game seems to revolve around damage RNG with occasional instant death from loss of limb or body part (which I don't agree with at all, I've died plenty of times instantly from being shot in the leg or arm once or twice.. makes no sense at ALL) But the point im trying to make is that while 7.62 to the chest will 1-3 shot almost everyone, and 5.56 usually killing in 1-4 to the chest, 5.45 seems to be around 3-6..7..8..9+? and as far as I know... 5.45 goes straight through Pacas no questions asked. Oh and as an added bonus to this on factory the other day I brought an AKS-74U and a paca and was up near the office rooms on the 3rd floor and shot a scav a handful of times, didn't die and 1 shot me with a grach or p226. Where did the shot land you might ask? Probably the head with the way the scavs are now but ohhhh nooo... Chest. While wearing a Paca. So 5.45 has the stopping power of a .22 apparently and standard scav 9mm is armor piercing .500 magnum or something Personally I think a lot of this comes down to fundamental flaws with the health system that just don't translate to "realism" in the sense of actually being realistic. Its a kind of pseudo realism that sounds good on paper and can work sometimes, but not all the time. I just don't know anymore. Well if you read this far what do you think? is 8+ shots to the torso/ possibly arms without healing all in about 2 seconds reasonable? Because I don't.
  23. Exxoduss

    Kicking and pushing

    I dream of being able to kick someone off of a building roof top or shoving them down a flight of stairs.
  24. l0lwurst

    Damage Calculation

    Hello everyone, I just want to ask something about the damage calculation based on the distance and type / ammunation of a gun. Today I was playing and saw an enemy approx. 30-40m away from me, standing still. ONE shot with the 9x18 mm PM SP7 out of the PM 9x18PM pistol right to the head, did not kill that particular player. After a second shot was fired to the chest, the player died (He had no helmet on). Looking at the specs of the ammunation I used, it shows, that it should've made 60 Damage, which should result in a oneshot kill, right? Do headshots in general result in a oneshot kill, regardless of the weapon/ammo ? Later that game, I needed 4 shots in the chest for a player to die with the same specs as above (he had no chest armour). That doesnt seem right to me, if SP7 does 60 damage... Is the damage of that bullet reduced after that distance explained in my first paragraph OR is the damage calculation broken Thanks in advance.
  25. Habe seit einige Tagen Probleme, dass Abschüsse nicht zählen (ja gibt es schon was zu, hab ich auch gelesen) UND dass meine Bullets bzw mein Schaden nicht registriert wird. Hatte mehrere Runden, wo ich z.b. : close range Spieler campt zwischen Steinen und bewegt sich nicht. Ich mit SKS, HP, silenced, PSO scope drauf neben ihm, gehe ins Visier, halte die Luft an, schieße 2x in seinen Kopf (100%ige headshots und nicht die Schulter z.b.), bis er mich überhaupt bemerkt, er rennt weg, ich gebe ihm noch 4-5 body hits (hab den "aua" sound bei jedem hit von ihm gehört), er versteckt sich wieder, ich sehe ihn, er bewegt sich nicht, wieder in den zoom, Luft angehalten noch ein headshot und er stirbt nicht. Er hatte nen Kiver und ne PACA an und ich verstehe nicht wie dieser Spieler noch leben kann. Hab auch schon mit AKN nen Camper outmoved und ca 35-40 von 60 Schuss close range gehittett und er war nicht tot (Kiver, PACA). Ist erst seit ein paar Tagen so und echt extrem. Hatte das ganze jetzt schon 4-5x und kann nicht verstehen, was da los ist... und ja ich bin mir sicher, dass es Spieler waren und ich getroffen habe Hat jemand ähnlich Erfahrungen oder ne Idee, was da los sein könnte? Achso und ich habe seit dem Update extreme fps drops/allgemein schlechte performance auf allen maps. Die Tarkov experience hat sich, für mich, in letzter Zeit stark verschlechtert...
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