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Found 7 results

  1. Almost every time I load into a pmc or scav run, I'll get stuck on Awaiting Session Start or Waiting for players for like 5 minutes and then I'll just get the error message "Server Connection Lost." I have to reconnect about 3+ times in order to get into raid. I know its not my computer or internet connection because I've checked everything and its all fine. A LOT of other people are having this issue too and its making the game nearly unplayable because we spawn in 10+ minutes late to the raid. I've tried everything from changing my DNS server to re-installing my game and nothing has worked.
  2. So i've had this game for 3 months now and it seems like this problem is not going away any time soon. Every time i load in to a raid, whether its a pmc or scav, i first load the map. Fine . I then proceed to find a lobby and 'loading loot' appears. Fine. It is when all the loading for the raid is complete that a 'server connection lost' black screen appears and i am unable to join the raid. Rejoining does not seem to work and relaunching the game does not either. I have tried opening ports, allowing eft past the firewall, using ipv4 instead of ipv6 and a whole host of different
  3. Tokisaki_Kurumi

    Cheater or bug dc abuse ???

    Was scaving around heard massive fight found two corpses . One looted guy with mp7 only. One stacked guy with helmet guns etc. Problem is guy unlooted is literaly impossible too loot when i dragged it come back to his inventory everytime so i recorded it to ask if its bug or some kind of cheat or DC abuse. Video also includes me looting bag and nade few seconds later to prove servers are working etc. Player name : Redis_ka I heard something about alt+f4 when u about to die before to save your gear on insurance i did not believe it but this is very fishy. https://imgur
  4. Please allow some type of grace period before kicking due to a ping spike. Freeze my character in place for 10 seconds if you need to. I have bad internet, and I only have 3-4 servers selected, and 90% of the time my internet operates below the ping kick threshold. However, it will spike up for seconds and I get kicked and spend 1-2 minutes reconnecting. Of all my PMC deaths this wipe, I have only been connected for 2 of them. Please, try to implement something like CSGO has, where it will freeze you and all inputs for x amount of time, and kick you if it doesn't return to normal by
  5. FinnaBustaCap

    Cannot join a raid.

    Once I've found a game (i can no longer cancel matchmaking) the game kicks me out of the raid every time. I can do offline raid. Also, I've had this before and had to resort to reinstalling. Please let me know if there is a fix. Many thanks,
  6. So I was playing Customs Duo with a bud, We fight 4 other players i survive with 3 blackend limbs. I hide our stuff and start to make the trip to extract. I have a Fast, Fort damaged and looted from players, RSASS + M4 in my gun slots, 3 trizips from the dead players a Vepr and AKN in the back pack. I run to bridge cross the street and run to the walls by appartments. While running my screen fades to black and I get the "Server Disconnected" message It kicks be back to the main menu. Close my game, reload from launcher rejoin game. The Video shows what happens next. I come back to find the
  7. No puedo jugar en los servidores de sao paulo. Lo que realmente me afecta, ya que juego desde argentina. Tengo conexión por 3 minutos y se pierde. Ya me pasó multiples veces en la última semana, perdí un monton de roubles a causa de estas desconnexiones. ___________________________ I can't play on sao paulo servers. Which kind of afflicts me, since I play on Argentina. I have connection for 3 minutes and then it disconnects. Happened multiple times in the last week, lost a lot of roubles due to this.
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