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Found 11 results

  1. I commented on another thread about the pmc forgetting about the dead bodies from the Therapist's Colleagues quest and needing to restart the task after dying and it got me thinking. I was under the impression that he doesn't die since you run the same pmc over and over, he comes back wounded, and has to be healed. I always thought of it this way. He gets incapacitated, almost dead and unconscious is recovered from the raid after being stripped of his belonging by pmcs and scavs, and gets deposited back at his hideout by a friendly who finds him naked and on the edge of death. The only items left on(in) his body are what he managed to cram in his prison wallet before passing out.....as long as he had paid the insurance up front Prapor sends his guys to rough up the scavs for anything the pmcs didn't take. Another alternative is that your PMC dies, is a clone which is replaced after the raid with a flashed memory by Terragroup Labs similar to what happens to Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie The 6th Day. The damage to the cloned bodies is intentional as to not confuse the clones as the last thing they remember is being shot. My last scenario involves the PMC dying and being brought back to life like Frankensteins Monster by TheRapist as some sort of twisted experiment. In any scenario the body and stowed items are recovered. No one wants to pay full price for an item covered in poo so it looses its premium status and you have to take less money for it at the dealers, that is, if you decide to sell your fathers prized Roler..... I would love to hear your theories!
  2. NikolaiJackov

    Corona Virus... in Tarkov?

    Granted... the majority of the loot was gathered before I recorded the video... but wow, look at all of these dead bodies in the most unusual spot..s...
  3. matovelkystrele

    Matching for 10 min

    Hello, I just tried to play with my friends, I had matching for like 10 minutes and then I saw players in game, walking but not moving and then i died, it happened to me like two or three times (everytime i play with friends). Can you help or do something?
  4. http://plays.tv/video/5ac392155008d6c35e/duck-is-this-lost-all-my-good-poo-one-shot-whilst-had-full-armour-scav-took-about-10-mpx-shots- as you can see i loose all my good stuff to a seemingly invicible scav who i thought had died...
  5. Pretty much, a new thread to see if anyone can stack more bodies than me.
  6. 5 Minutes ago i was on my way back on customs. I kille 3 or 4 PMCs, looted a fully moded ak74n, a M4A1 and a backbag full of stuff. Then i decided to go to the dorms. I went in the 2Story building. I wanted to loot for keys, went to the room with the barbwire in front, was full of health, walked through and died! Im so ducking pissed of! I paid so much for this game and as exchange i lost my stuff.
  7. Frenchpool

    Drag bodies ?

    Hi, I come with the suggestion of dragging the bodies to be able to loot them using at least a little cover instead of standing around in the middle of the street being an easy target for anyone that could possibly spawn near us after we checked the surroundings. Taking into consideration the weight of the dead body and our own regarding what we wear when this can be done. Keep up lads ! you are doing a great job !
  8. zpwarrior

    Hiding dead bodies

    How would everyone feel about a system where you can drag bodies around? It would be kinda nice if you could move the body of the guy you just murdered in the street to a safer location to loot. Was discussing it with my friend last night while playing and we both thought it would be interesting, but definitely not a priority or anything.
  9. sticky_pudding


    Is anyone else having lag issues? It has killed me a number of times now and starting to get very frustrating. The issue has only started the last 2 days and only when I play on customs or woods. Is it a server issue, I'm from the UK.
  10. REEEEnegade

    Where's my alpha/beta/game?

    That's it. Peace.
  11. Hedloc

    dead on the spot?

    so my question is will you die instantly , or do you go in a bleedout session which allows other players to heal you and get you back on your feet?
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