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Found 9 results

  1. I have a few dealers who are level 1 and have met all requirements for level 2. The requirements show in blue and are clearly above what is required. When I make a purchase it will temporarily increase them to level 2 but I cannot buy any level 2 items and when I leave the menu they revert back to level 1. Is there something I am missing here or could this be an actual issue?
  2. Buenas! Me gustaría compartir lo que me esta pasando desde la actualización del patch 12.7. Me ocurre mucho que al finalizar una partida, ya sea de SCAV o PMC luego de mostrar las estadísticas de combate cargar la experiencia adquirida y demás, a la hora de volver al MENÚ principal del juego el mismo queda sin posibilidad de presionar ninguna opción, ya sea las de "personaje", "market" como la de "salir" o bien las opciones de la parte inferior para ver los mensajes, configuración, etc. Lo único que puedo proceder a hacer es forzar el cierre del juego desde mi administrador de tareas.

    Mobile App

    What about a mobile app which allows you to carry out activities in the hideout, trade with dealers and the fleamarket, check tasks and interact with your player and stash? I think it would be great as it would allow you to quickly carry out some minor tasks without having to log into the game on your computer.
  4. Today I'd like to present an issue I have with the way the trading works. As far as being able to do trades, its fine. However, you don't get to decide which items get traded. For example, the dealer, Mechanic, will trade 4 x Gunpowder "Kite" and 1 x Gunpowder "Eagle", but if I have multiple of those items the dealer will take the found in raid ones first, and leave the ones that I bought from the market in my inventory. This is extremely frustrating, as I just traded all 4 of the Gunpowder "Kite"'s that I was saving for the quest from Rag Man. Here's a screenshot to show you. There's the
  5. Being able to simply drag items from containers to dealers to sell them or at least see the price you'd get for them instead of having to drag it out. It would be useful for sorting things of value in containers, since right now you have to drag everything out, wait for the dealer to gather their 7 brain cells, and then you can interact with them. Example attached
  6. Absurd3R

    The Market 0.13

    Dear Tarkov's Team: In first place, congrats for your great work! Ok... With v0.12 and the hideout open, I'd like to say that it will be great that we could to buy in a live market place! A tipical russian market with our great dealers. Maybe with scavs buying around the place and talking or playing cards game. You know... I think that the envoirment of Tarkov it could be better and we'd take a more immersive experience.. Simply, something like the hideout but with a market place instead. Thanks and best regards for you guys! Mohamed Al-Lal Melilla, Spain. PD: t
  7. PackMangler

    Commodities Market

    This market would only consist of Commodities defined as only pristine single items (100% durability) absent of nested item. (no loaded mags, no functioning guns since many parts are required, no bundles) Trade on the commodities market would be only in Roubles (for simplicity) the other currencies being commodities themselves. This market could be implemented over the current flea market. (with a filter show only Commodities) The features would be: Offers to sell a quantity of a commodity for a set price. 1 up to all the of the same item in the player in inventory
  8. https://goo.gl/photos/WBt9eVsDqUP2Dw5F7
  9. SadistCasper651

    Traders Wont Level! HELP!!

    So tonight I finally hit the level requirement for prapor and peacekeeper, to level them to level four. Yes, I do have the needed loyalty with Prapor to level him and Yes I do have the needed amount of money used to level him. Same with peacekeeper. However they wont level up. I tried waiting, restarting the game and things like playing a few matches to see if something like that maybe would help but nothing will get them to level. Is anyone else having this issue or know how to fix it. All requirements have been met, they just wont level. The first is for prapor and the second is for peaceke
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