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Found 24 results

  1. WHY would you make a person that is in a group with a friend, who happens to die, not be able to spectate his friend who is still in game, instead of forcing him back to the main menu while your friend may take 15 - 30 more minutes to extract!!?? PLEASE FIX. PLEASE. AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARDWORK THUS FAR. ITS A GREAT GAME!
  2. dionvdvelde

    death to a possible hacker

    greetings, i wasnt sure where to post this so i took the most obvious one to my understanding. ok so i was doing a scav run and started walking and looting, i walked for 50 meters just to die by nothing, at the death menu it said that i had suffered damage to my head and ears by a guy named dale_ any idea how this could have hapened and i would gladly read it ❤️
  3. Player514

    Post dealth damage report

    It would be great if you added how the ammo of how you died and/or how much damage was done to limbs. This could be a bit difficult since you it should only be the last burst that pops up but one solution is that every time you heal, you clear the stack/priority queue containing the previous damage received and put a single item that says "previous damage received" or something and contains all previous damage. example: previous damage received: 61,(left arm, right arm,chest) 7.62 bp: 51(left arm) 7.62 bp: 51(right arm) 7.62 bp: 110(left arm black) 7.62 hp: 250(left arm black) This would make deaths way less frustrating since you will know if your armor worked or not. (Another improvement is to see how much the damage the armor prevent, but that can be a future update). It would also let you get a better idea of what type of ammo to use and insight on why you died.
  4. ke1gen

    Kill Cam (Hear me out)

    Alright hear me out here. There's been quite a few instances where me or one of my friends, if not all of us, suddenly just fall to our deaths. So sound of explosions, shots or anything. Sometimes we aren't even that close to each other. Sometimes it wont say what killed us, simply that we died. Other times there'll be a name attached to our death. I feel like something is afoot here and we suspect hacking. A kill cam would be nice so people can verify what killed them. Could make it delayed by like, a minute, maybe more, or something so groups of players can't abuse it. The game is great, but suddenly dying with no indication of what killed you can be game-closingly infuriating. Thoughts?
  5. natker2002

    Death Notes

    I had a thought today... And it was, Why not add a death note for an enemy player to see when you die? Does not sound too hard to make. So the In-Game name o this item would be called 'NotePad', and in this notepad you can write whatever you please. For example, I just died in Shoreline with full gear and I would write in NotePad before the raid starts and I would write "Congrats on killing me! Please leave armour, I need armour, take the gun and helmet and backpack, but for God's sake leave my damn armour! Thanks, bye bye." It sounded funny to me at first but I mean, I don't decide what would be good for the game, it could also help SCAV players get each others names for discord SCAV have it in their inventory and you can write your name and give it to another SCAV, or even thank them for not killing you on sight. Give me your opinions, cya
  6. Agent_Drakius

    Warning to all players

    Survivors, If you want to keep this title, do not get complacent. If you do not check your corners, and your surroundings I will kill you. I have been stepped on and looked over time and again. If you think you've killed everyone and that you're safe, then I will show you how wrong you are. I will continue to set up my ambushes and punish those that do not move with purpose. This is not call of duty, so do not treat it as so, or you will be next...
  7. RichPiano

    Scavs are too much!

    The last update was fine, the scavs weren't too easy nor too hard, this update however they seem to have increased the AI loads. The scavs are better than some players and even manage to still kill you while running away. Whatever Armour you wear it doesn't really matter cause you just die by getting shot in the legs a few times by the scavs. Like i said this isn't enjoyable and i'm sure i'm not the only person complaining.
  8. EscapeFromBeta

    Death Recap?

    I was mostly wondering if there were any thoughts on a more fleshed out death recap system? I figure knowing what you died to is a bit more satisfying then just ambiguously accepting it. Maybe not necessarily a recording of your moments before death. But more of a Screen along the lines of you see your Killer's Health, Name and Loadout (or just the weapon that killed you). We already have one that shows the name of our killer, but that's not really very much information. Thanks for reading! Hope if nothing else we can talk about this more. I'm interested in where your game is going. And proud to say I've been around since the beginning! Happy raiding!
  9. Tommygun628

    Death Screen Addition

    Hi, as I'm sure you are aware many people die in Tarkov and there is sometimes a question at the screen, how far away was he? My suggestion would be to add something next to the text that shows who killed you, that says from how far away they killed you from. May or may not be writing this out of a rage causing death
  10. Is this what a VSS/AS VAL death is supposed to look like? https://clips.twitch.tv/ThoughtfulBlitheWaspPoooound
  11. _ReQz

    Death due to Bug

    Hi All, Quick query hoping someone can answer, was playing on woods 2 days ago and after getting shot at by a couple guys i retreated behind a rock. unfortunately my character got stuck inside the rock and the players couldn't see me but i also could fire onto them. after trying to escape my rocky prison i could get out even after rejoining the game. Would i get this gear back or is it lost. not too bothered either way. Kind Regards, LDOT
  12. Askania

    Door Desync

    Sooooo can we please get the desync on the doors fixed? Because sometimes there is no desync at all and other times I get killed through a door that someone opened and on my screen it's still closed... o-o Le video evidence
  13. Hey guys, so a couple of basic questions. (At least I think they're basic, also I'm a relatively new player) So first what does it take to kill/die in this game, I've read lot's of things but really trying to dig deep here. From my understanding if you black out head or chest you die/kill (I've also read that you need to hit the blacked out head/chest one more time after it's blacked out in order to actually kill, looking for confirmation on that), if you black out stomach you don't kill but lose all your hydration. Then if you black out any limbs any damage done to those limbs is evenly distributed among all other parts (also apparently does double damage, confirm?). So can you kill via blacking out limbs (for example blacking out 3 limbs instead of head or chest kills)? Or is the only way to black out head or chest? Now how does armour work? I'm mainly concerned with what happens when you hit but don't penetrate, and when you hit but do penetrate. So for example, hit but no penetration = 0 damage, hit but with penetration = X damage reduced by 20% for example (reduction because you're wearing armour)? Final question is regarding helmets and if your face in game is considered to be armoured? Or can I shot someone in the face while they have a helmet and headshot? Also do backpacks/rigs provide any type of protection?
  14. Nat93man1

    Rare spawn death moments

    Hi i know these moments are rare but i had spawned in on woods map in the building right next to the train tracks and as my screen done the transition from black screen to game all i hear is a barrage of bullets and a glimpse of a person in front of me before i hit the floor fully geared. Is this known to the devs or is it by chance i spawned into the game a little ways through and the person just happened to be there?
  15. Look, in real life it can take approximately 3 days to perish of dehydration, factors such as temperature can result in heat stroke, which can certainly exasperate dehydration, but it still does not result in a person suddenly collapsing and dying after a single tremor. So my grief is that, in game, it takes just about 4 (1 hour in real life) hours to become dehydrated if nothing is drank (this may be inaccurate, its just my personal experience), and then moments after dehydration hits, death follows. Could this be changed to be more accurate? I think the effects of dehydration work really well, with the screen blur, body pain, and tremors. These effects make life difficult enough, making combat extremely dangerous. But the sudden death, should be delayed, to more accurately reflect real life.
  16. J-Meeson

    killed self

    So i was on shoreline and killed a scav, took his shotgun, heard another scav walking by, jumped up shot him in the back and he hit the ground... literally a second after this i died no black screen just everything went blurred and hit the floor. It came to the stat screen and apparently I killed myself. i'd been in the raid for 3 minutes so no dehydration or starvation. seriously confused so if anyone has any idea what the problem could be that would be highly appreciated.
  17. TheSimogames

    Spawn fantastici e dove trovarli

    Salve, Premetto che non gioco da molto, ma ho bisogno di condividere questa mia esperienza perché il gioco è piuttosto ingiocabile su woods. Oggi su 5 partite sono morto sempre nell'area di spawn, una volta dissanguato perché un colpo di pistola mi ha aperto in due qualsiasi parte del corpo. Ma la parte più bella è capitata poco fa.. decido di raidare con un fucile invece della solita pistola e BAM il raid dura 2 secondi, perché? Bene, sono entrato in partita con lo spawn all'interno della fabbrica di woods, il gioco non fa nemmeno in tempo a schiarire la schermata di gioco che mi becco due proiettili che mi uccidono istantaneamente senza ancora aver preso il controllo del pg. Il nome del tizio c'è, si può per caso segnalare per spawn killing? Grazie per l'attenzione, vi allego lo screen qui di seguito.
  18. Agent-Deli

    Vaulted fence, and dropped dead.

    Hello everyone, I was doing a run with my duo partner orcslayer61. We were on the Shoreline (~6am/morning server) and we hopped over a fence by the Gas Station. The moment I landed, my stomach was shot while my character didn't react audibly to the damage. I checked my health and saw that my stomach was at 12/60 HP and bleeding. I had asked my friend what happened, and he suddenly dropped dead from the same issue. We didn't hear any gunshots, didn't see anyone and our characters didn't react to the damage. I was wondering if there was any server related issue that didn't show up on our client side or if anyone else ran into the same issue. On our death screens, we were both killed by unknown346. Thanks for anyone who read or replied.
  19. Reaper1243

    Fix the thirst and hunger system

    I normally really wouldn't take the time to moan about things but for 188 dollars(AU)I feel I have to. I just hopped on for the first time after the new update...ran into some combat and got shot once with a shotty...killed the dude and patched myself up only to watch my hunger and thirst sky rocket down to 0 within a matter of 10 seconds. Surely this can't be how its meant to be now? I have been shot so many times and still come out alive before the patch...but now if this is how it is its pretty saddening! So my suggesting is revert any changes made to thirst and hunger back to the previous patch
  20. hazydayz420


    Hi all, Can someone please tell me why players who play as scav's kill other scav's it is starting to piss me off! why is there no karma system in place for the scumbags? i can honestly say im loosing faith in the game due to dickheads!
  21. chiptooth501

    .04 second scav run

    I just spawned with a shotgun pointed in my face. Id say that shouldnt be an issue by now. As difficult as this game is, not having the oppritunity to take one step kinda kills the whole game.
  22. Red tiger

    Remove delay spawns for PMC

    Spawning in a raid 5-20 sec behind, should not be in the game. So many times, you spawn very close to other players (because they rush the spawn, wich you just spawned at), and get killed before you even get to look around (because you delayed spawned). And just to clarify, my game is installed on an SSD, and my loading time is between 30-50 sec. So it's not because my game loads slow.
  23. hey, is anyone else experiencing instant death? i mean walking along (or chilling) and bam.. dead.. no shots fired, no stab, no nothing just dead. It's not exhaustion, or dehydration or any game mechanic i can make sense of. It happens at the start of games, in the middle, and right before i'm about to extract (most annoying), is this someone using a hack? or is it a game breaking bug? i have quit the game several times and not returned until the next day because of this issue. If its hackers, ban them, ban them all please, if its a bug.. please fix it, im growing real tired of this issue that happens once a day minimum (in about a 1-2 hour gaming session)
  24. AC3VENTUR4

    Fastest Death

    Just wanted to share my fastest death so far I was loading into woods as a Scav, when i spawned i was killed instantly. What has been your fastest death so far, just curious?
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