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Found 5 results

  1. I consistently have load times over five minutes and sometimes up to twelve or thirteen minutes. I’ve been trying to get into this game, but just can’t because I spend more time on average loading the game than I do actually playing it.
  2. Вот решил попробовать поделать концепт приложения игры Escape from Tarkov 1-ый скрин запуск приложения с меняющимися страничками в данный момент предлагающий варианты изданий 2-ой скрин авторизация в систему... после нажатия на кнопку ВХОД на первой странице. Пока так, если интересно могу продолжить.... Может и разрабам будет интересно P.S Если темой ошибся, извините не нашел подходящей.
  3. Ishtaunt

    map designs

    I'm curious about how the maps were created. I am a drafting student and blueprints are my thing, so I showed my teacher and she was curious if it was copied from a source. I'm curious as well so i would like an answer at some point.
  4. tawkinhedz

    Move Insurance Page

    Please move Offline mode page to immediately after Excape from tarkov selection, insurance to immediately after PMC selection, and map to right before lobby. If I pick the wrong time cycle to play with a friend i have to backspace through insurance and beta offline page to change. This would help time to get into game when changing time cycles. It makes logical sense to go from Beta Offline --> Scav or PMC --> Insurance --> Map and time Cycle --> Lobby Thank you!
  5. Klaus_Quarter

    Fidelity discount on specific items

    I come with a idea about how works your relationship with traders. I have seen many hours of live stream latly and I see that many players actually do hatchling runs, not because they run out of money nor guns or gears but only because they are frustrated to loose their finest gears. Psychologically they said in their minds "forget it, why do I go in raid with expensive or rare gear just to loose everything in a instant". So even if they have tons of Aks or M4 they leave them in their stashes because they do not want to loose them. So they buy a TT or do hatchling runs. What I proposing is basically a features that introduce a fidelity discount on one and only one weapon. This favorite weapon can be a modded weapon, all accessories will be take in account in the discount. More you loose this weapon and buy it again from traders (multiple traders because of the accessories) more it will become cheaper. Of course until a certain extend, let's say maybe -50% or 75% maximum or whatever. With this system, many player will constantly using their favorite fully decked weapon so that fight this syndrome of the hatchling run because they are mad about losing their beloved gun. I think it come nicely with the fact that is only affect weapons they can buy regarding their level of affinity with the traders, so newbies will not have acces to discounted full customized M4 or AKs. That way it is well integrated with the already existing progression system. I think it's something that already came in the minds of the BSG Devs because in the traders tab there is a heart tab but I don't know what it is exactly, so maybe it's something already planned.
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