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  1. That's just a shame there is like half a second of desync between my actions and the server. Thats. A. Shame.
  2. Zauda545CZLP


    Hey lads and dear Nikita, I am experiencing a lot of desync which complicates me tasks and gameplay. (From Yesterday 7.6.2020 to today 8.6.2020) I started quest for Therapist Sanitary Standards - Part 2 which wants me to Find in raid 2 gas analyzers and Hand them over to Therapist so i decided to play Interchange and thats when the problems begin... First raid is always without problem and fast loaded. From the second raid it all went to sh*ts i am getting Desynced. Even if reconnect i am still desynced The worst part of it all is i must find in RAID that means i have to surviv


    Dear developers. I know you are a small company but there is a big problem with this game right now. Lags and desync are so popular here that it already became meme and you know guys that memes are pretty popular in these times so please guys try to fix servers not temporary by adding a few more as a last time, because it doesn´t even had a impact on game (at least I did not noticed it at all) but fix it permanently which would result in 80 % (maybe even more) of bugs would disappeared, scavs would be much more normal and also people would not lost their poo if they were playing a game (like r
  4. Not gonna lie im kinda sick of it, don't get me wrong i had my fair share of running arround sprinting at people killing in my time but when do you guys finally address / fix the desync and the peekers advantage in your game? Noone should care about you adding new stuff to the game if the core of the game doesn't work properly. Big Streamers / Names in EFT have spoken up about this recently ( Summit / Klean / Landmark / Willerz / Markstrom ) Most of the time people thing they've been killed by a cheater its just the massive desync in the game. People believe Audio isn't working howe
  5. This game has some the worse desync i have ever had to deal with and at some points during the day the game almost becomes unplayable. Peeking just to be killed after your in cover and only hearing the shots after dying is so frustrating. Releasing any further map updates before fixing this long term issue is like putting glitter on a turd.
  6. This game is unplayable. If its not the High Packet Loss drop out every 2 mins its the desync. Do i really have to play on 100+ ping Singapore servers just to get a game in? We NEED another server. Please help us AUS/NZ players that want to enjoy this amazing game
  7. Vershet

    Ping issues

    Dear tarkov devs, Escape from tarkov seems to be the only game at the moment that I'm experiencing very unstable ping on. I've put the server selection on automatic. My ping will jump from 30 to 300 and back to 30 back to 300 etc. I'm pretty new to the game, but also desync seems to be a big issue, I don't know how many times now that I've been shot while standing behind a wall. Its very unpleasant, and its ruining my experience in this game, whilst I really like the general feel of the game. I know its not an easy fix, but I'm hearing from more and more people that they have alot of issues
  8. It´s happened to me several times that I hear a shot after my character already took damage and moaned. I want to know if this is normal for the game taking into account the bullet speed being faster than sound or if I may be having desync, packet loss or something wrong with my internet.
  9. azullaris

    Ping Lock Redesign

    So i have a suggestion for the Ping Lock system. Im not a big fan of the system myself, but if you wish to continue using this system consider this proposal. Raise the ping limit to 200. 150-180 is too low, and this rate doesnt affect in nothing the gameplay for no one, you wont see teleporting players, nor lag abusers, only regular people that you dont even know that has 150 ping on their backs. The way it is implemented right now creates a huge problem of deviding same continent players, that in some places has 150 ping while others has 70-120, also turning the game unplayable in som
  10. Desync is amazing. Now I don't know if I am running around and everyone can seem me, but I will just loot anways. Sometimes I die from a random scav that I never see, but usually when this happens I never think about taking screenshots, but this time I did. Welcome to Tarkov the desync loot run. I found a SCAV and PMC that I shot in the face. I never got the kills. I assume it was ghost. I should have taken the final screen shot of my loot. It was all trash, but got out with a few guns to sell. Funny thing is when I was leaving, I started to hear the scavs start walking around agai
  11. -Tkullberg-

    Desync or high ping?

    Hello, been playing this for acouple years now. After the wipe i been seen alot of desync or highping? Dunno which but when I peak i got insta killed but after i unpeaked.. anyone more that have this issue? its like there are some rubberbanding like it was in bf4. I have great internet. Thanks in advance.
  12. BR_OK

    Major Desync

    At the start of some raids when im playing with my friend, i will lag super hard, and then its like im a ghost for the rest of the match. I cannot see other people, only where they originally were when the desync first happened. I can still be killed when im in this state, but i cannot see other people, or hear gunshots.
  13. juggernaut115

    Frequent Dsync

    I’ve been playing Tarkov just over a month now and am extremely enjoying it, a lot more than any FPS I’ve previously played, but a major issue I’ve been encountering with drastically extreme frequency is desync as I enter a raid. It happens both as a PMC and as a scav. I’d load into the raid and hear a few shots, then silence, I’d walk around and loot and whatever but either I’ll see PMCs or Scavs walking in place or I’d just die from an invisible enemy. I know these are big signs of desync but sometimes this would happen multiple times in a row and most recently my first raid in after the upd
  14. For the last 5 or more raids, I've seen scavs that look like they're lagging. It's like I'm getting desync. Basically it's like when I see AI scavs walking in a straight line, they would freeze in place (their legs would still be moving but they're stuck in the same place), then teleport a few steps in front of them, then keep walking, then repeat. It's like they're lagging, even if they're just AI. I'm pretty sure what I'm seeing is actually not what's really happening - the scavs really are just walking smoothly in a straight line without freezing. ** I'm sure this is desync BUT fo
  15. Hallo liebe Community, In meiner letzten Tarkov Runde musste ich eine schmerzliche Erfahrung machen. Ich habe in der roten Halle auf dem Zollgelände einem Gegner aufgelauert, welcher das Büro gelootet hat. Als er die Treppe runterkam habe ich ihm zwei Schrotflinten Magazine rein gedrückt. Er rennt weg, dreht sich um und killt mich. Im Endscreen stand er hätte ≈380 Körperschaden und ≈800 Rüstungsschaden erlitten. Daher meine oben genannte Frage: "Wie viel Schaden kann man Theoretisch erleiden ohne zu Sterben?" Mit vielen Grüßen Schwimmnudel
  16. bl4cksh33p

    Chinese Player +300Ping

    Got destroyed by an Chinese Player - first I thought he was hacking but then I watched his stream and he is playing with +300ping on EU Server. Tarkov may has the biggest desync from any game I know. Would be nice if you could do some Ping Lock so that players actually play where they are living. Maybe he is hacking too I am not sure consider the fact that you can add an RADAR Hack as seen by some Streamers on Reddit.
  17. On every map I play except factory, I get complete desync. That's what I imagine it is. I seem to be frozen in time as all the other players and scavs run in one place, don't react to me shooting them, or allow me to take their gear if they're already dead. If I don't immediately head to an extract, I end up dying all of sudden eventually, since players who are ACTUALLY in sync can easily shoot me dead. This problem has only recently begun and the game is unplayable, help me please. It's not fair that I have to pay 70$+ for a game that doesn't work. I know its still in beta or whatever but I'v
  18. Nabend zusammen, hab seit dem letzten Update das Problem das ich jede Runde wo ich starte einen Desync bekomme. Nicht so wie früher immer mal wieder vereinzelt, was ja noch okay wäre. Jede! Runde früher oder später, ich geh zb auf Factory und habe direkt einen Desync (Spiele eigefrohren und nichts geht mehr) In ner anderen Runde passiert dies erst nach geringer Zeit.. kann nur in einzelfällen mal wirklich einen Raid spielen PC: AMD RYZEN 7 1700 - MSI 1080 - 200mbit -Spiel ist auf meiner SSD -schon komplett neu installiert -Server Pingtest dgft - immer de
  19. Lutschpuppe

    Server Problem

    Hi, Ich habe folgendes Problem: Fast jedesmal wenn das Spiel geladen ist bemerke ich, dass ich nicht Schiessen, looten oder die Map gar verlassen kann alles steht... Alt F4 Relogg bringt nicht. von 10 Spielen konnte ich 2 Spielen Das Spiel ansich läuft gut, liegt an den Servern. Antiviren ausgestellt, ausnahmen hinzugefügt usw.... liegt es am IP4 DS Lite Tunnel ? würde mich 5 Euro im Monat kosten das umzustellen... Schon 42 Euro fürs Spiel was nicht geht ausgegeben. liegt ja nicht an mir das die eine Veraltete Technik mieten.
  20. Graaicko

    AI/Scav's OP again.

    So I'm sort of not sure about this patch. Was wondering if they did any graphical upgrades because I am now getting fps drops, even while playing on low settings. There is ALOT of lag and desync. I found that scavs desync then one tap people. Dont know what they did but the game is not running smoothly perhaps its just that the servers are constantly overloaded, but the dev's should expect alot of incoming playings and adapt to this. It's very stange every player/ai I confront desyncs for that half a second and completely screws up my concentration. then the ai/player suddenly onetaps me... I
  21. Mensch BSG.... Nichts gegen euch aber bekommt BITTE das mit dem Netcode hin. Ich schieße ein GANZES Magazin auf EINEN player und was passiert: Gestorben Ammo Used: 30 HitCount 3 (War auf Factory Brückeneingang beim Treppenhaus wo der Snackautomat steht und von da aus hab ich die treppe runter geschossen PS: KEINE 5 METER) Habe by the way einen Altyn angehabt und werde durch den mit ner M4 Geonehittet! Klar man kann durch jeden Helm onehitten. Das ist mir bewusst, aber mal ehrlich Desync und die Armorbugs verursachen, dass die Schüsse auf den Helm z.B. ne gehen sondern direkt
  22. Hi! I've not played since October last year and I won't be able to check out the new patch today due to work. Can someone please give me a no bullsh*t assessment of the lag and desync currently in game? The last time I played me and a friend were in the same wooden shack in the same instance on Shoreline and only one of us could see the other. Frequently you just dropped dead when everything seemed quiet, and items wouldn't move in our inventories. When these issues occurred TeamSpeak would lag out and Internet browsers would grind to a halt. 6 months on are these issues still presen
  23. simo1208

    Urge to cry

    The Desync is killing me........makes it kinda....hard? if not impossible to test when it feels like you're getting killed by a hacker everytime you meet an actual player.... maybe im just crying about it.. but i just can't seem to figure how i can "test" any actual combat, don't think i have yet been able to get a player kill, even tho i clearly had the upperhand a few times by now atleast, if not more.... but 10 ak rounds in a dude that had no "speciel" gear as far as i could see... just standing there looking dumb at me... afterwards killing me by what felt like one shot....
  24. I love the stealth approach on this game, but a number of things have started to frustrate me... Mainly the desync/lag/ being shot round corners before the person has actually appeared.... or even just hitting the bots, at close range, with a shotgun, while their looking the other way, three times, watching the blood, hearing them groan but not die...then they 360 HS me?!?!?! i just don't see a point to playing this game at the moment?! you spawn in, run about a bit, find nails and cigs and nothing else of ANY use...then a bot from the other side of the map either k
  25. Lorddandef

    Gamebreaking desync issue [EU]

    I am located in the Netherlands, and I use automatic server selection, and it automatically therefore picks the EUR servers. I recently played several games on the different maps, but decided after my last run that I’m not going to play anymore till the following problem is fixed. I think I’m having massive desync issues, deducted from the following symptoms: Shots are not hitting while I was clearly hitting the shots when ADSsing. Scavs and players that peek me often fire and hit me right as they become visible or even when they haven’t peeked on my screen yet. These symptoms
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