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Found 4 results

  1. Hey, Long time Tarkov gamer here. My two best friends have been playing Tarkov Since you had Beta, and had to a sign a NDA about streaming it. They got me into the game, and we have played every wipe/reset it is our favorite game to play together. Recently One of them Passed away. He was 30 years old, died suddenly of a blood clot to the heart. I Have his DogTags in game in my inventory in game "Clopswolfbane" is his gamer tag. Mine is "Saintanger26" I was wondering if it was at anyway at all possible for me to keep one of his dog tags each wipe in my inventory. Losing that reminder of my Tarkov Battle-Buddy when my account gets wiped and reset would sadden me greatly. I don't know if its even possible, but if it is it would mean the whole world to me. I just want to hold onto a reminder of my friend. Respectfully, Saintanger26
  2. I am unsure what happened. My guess is that the server lagged out and i died from a scav where my original lag out point was I was just standing still or something? For deaths like this one (or cheater deaths) you should return items... Shroud talked about this with Nikita before... and he did say that it would be possible and that it is a good idea. I just don't know why hasn't this been implemented yet. As long as there is proof of such event I think there should be some sort of a item refund system. And i'm not saying straight away but as insurance. I can upload the entire run if need be i still have it all recorded. there as one scav that lagged out and he was impossible to kill. but just walked away and killed some other savs that were moving and dying normally. So I'm confused what the hell is going on...
  3. Is there a possibility dragging dead bodies be offered in future updates?
  4. ClipMe

    Game ID Help

    Bought EFT about 2 hours ago said it needed a "Game ID" my mate told me to go in the forums and ask a dev for a game Id so if theres any dev reading this please send me a game id as its not come through email thanks. Matt
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