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  1. Hello there. I follow Epic Games and its Game and Engine Development since the Early Unreal Days in the 90's. The Unreal Engine has won several Prices as best Game Engine of the World that can be used free for development until the project hits the marked for sale. With its new Unreal Engine V and ability, to use as many triangles and details as u like without hitting Framerate as we know from other Engines, I want to suggest to BSG to consider working with Unreal Engine instead of Unity. Switching from Unity to Unreal should be easier, than the other way around. The SDK brings tools and
  2. djrapp3

    Programming Questions

    Hi, I am a Unity developer and have worked on several complicated projects and have some questions about your game. I was wondering the approach you have taken to your game for optimization standpoint. Have you taken an Object Orientated approach or a Component Based structure similar to Entitas? I was also wondering about your networking standard. It seems like the interpolation between characters is sometimes off and I was wondering if you were utilizing an approach similar to the unity given examples of networking structure except possible creating a network identity component of yo
  3. howiejc

    FOV system fix in future?

    Hipfire FOV should be independent of ADS, sight/scope FOVs. This is a standard design methodology and most AAA games also offer per-scope sensitivity customization for obvious reasons. Pretty sure 100% of the player base would appreciate this being updated/fixed. Thanks!
  4. You could possibly introduce some sort of med case/bag that is able to be put in the secure container, that could fit a variety of medical equipment like Salewas, iFAKs, splints and survival-12/cms kits. This would especially be beneficial to players with lower editions of the game with smaller containers, and would also allow more room in the secure container, for the suitable price of this suggested bag.
  5. IAmTevis

    how can i move eft to an ssd

    i tried moving it to an ssd and somehow deleted everything else on my ssd, im trying to move the game over but im new to pc and have no idea what to do
  6. Any plans converting to Vulkan API? I know Tarkov is going now to Unity 2019 which is a big thing but I have not heard about Vulkan API or if it's in the plans. Also just in general an update on core tech plans would be much appreciated but we don't need any release dates. (for example plans or thoughts on Unity DOTS, Vulkan, dx12, Netcode, Raytracing, Unity HDRP, Cloud computing, 3D audio, Physics, Jobs Systems and Multithreading)
  7. RyanKingsman


    Hello I am from Australia were the Internet infrastructure is among the shittest in the world. I tried playing with my American friends on the Seattle server but I got 155 ping and immediately was kicked. So close only 5 ping from being able to play with my friends. I haven't been able to play with my friends since. I would recommend the devs to at least change the ping limit to 200-225. Please this is unfair.
  8. When the Raiders and Bosses/Bodyguards can shoot you perfectly between your helmet and body armor with one shot and take you out, I would expect to be able to do the same to them. Here's a short video for you: To summarize, I see a raider who is not aggressive to me (rare enough as that is) and decide that I could use his AK and gear either for money or personal usage. I was given a cruddy KEDR with lousy bullets. And to stem the arguments, yes I'm aware of armor penetration, cheap ammo vs good ammo, and the fact that raiders and bosses have higher than normal
  9. I was having an okay money run on Reserve and while I was still sorting my bag I hear the 1-minute call from the train. I don't have a red rebel yet, so I bolted. The thing is, I got on the train, was shown the extraction prompt which counted down to 0, and then the train exited all the way. I knew something was off by then, but was kind of locked in the train and too afraid to alt + F4 and risk losing the extraction just in case. Instead I got dropped off into the field and killed instantly as seen in the video. I mean I'm extremely annoyed that all that cash, that was much needed, is lo
  10. Anathema19DR4

    Server connection lost

    I’m getting repeater “server connection lost” errors that kick me out of the game. It’s happened with my ping around 50-60. It happens more during scab runs, but I’ve lost a lot of stuff getting disconnected as PMC. It’s making the game nearly unplayable, and this is the only game I have this problem with. I’m playing on the NA servers that all show long as 60 and below for me. Any advice?
  11. Clearbeardwiz

    cheaters or hackers or Devs

    I'm having difficulties connecting in to each game. When connecting into each game, I am timed out and then brought back in only to be killed by some player who is waiting for me. The player usually knows my exact location or where I am going and when I reconnect in I either get killed by the cheater instantly or the player disconnects a exit point and waits at the other. this has happened before and i had stopped playing this beta in the last few months hoping the player would just go away there was then an update and my character was rest again. I'm assuming its either a Dev or a computer co
  12. Hello, I experience a unity error crash inside the mall on interchange and on the lowest level of labs. This just started occurring after the new patch and is game breaking from me. Once I hit a spot I crash at, I rejoin raid and crash instantly over and over. My screen freezes but i can still hear the menus, walking, etc. I have made sure all my drivers are updated, reinstalled tarkov, defaulted my nvidia settings, reinstalled my graphics drivers, disabled v-sync, tested borderless vs fullscreen. I'm at a loss. Anyone else experiencing this issue? Any solutions? Processor:
  13. Havegunwillfail

    Crazy suggestion for BSG

    BSG your game was already highly addictive and enjoyable pre latest update, personally I can't comment on current state since servers was down for me last night but based on the absolute sh#tstorm of negativity on reddit it seems worse now, which leads me to this.. I think it would be better if you just leave all the existing gameplay as is right now and focus all your company's limited resources and manpower working on implementing all the as of yet planned future features, maps, mechanics, skills, servers, items, etc until that is all finished. Instead of having your resources bogged do
  14. So every time ive tried to play today ive had issues. First i could not load into Reserve as a pmc or a scav, the game got to 70% loading loot and crashed. I managed to get two runs in as a scav on interchange, then i tried using my PMC on interchange with my friend, i used around 1mill worth of gear loaded into the game as soon as the game started i got kicked with server error, lost all my gear didnt even get to start. This game has had serious server issues in Australia the last few weeks i love the game but when you lose half your stash in a raid without even loading in kinda sucks. A
  15. Hey guys, I went ahead and made a quick summary going over all the information dumped on us in the latest DevBlog livestream. If ya got any questions/suggestions lemme know! If you'd like to watch the whole stream for yourself you can do so here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/380099507##
  16. Well as the title: Can you still become an Emissary for EFT?? or the application already closed??
  17. Pillow4K

    FPS Bug unexplained

    I want to bring this to the attention of the Dev Team of Escape from Tarkov. While playing I encountered a Drastic unexpected frame rate drop from 70 and 60ish fps to 30/20/11/9fps. Not sure what happened with the Game and i understand its still in Beta thats why I want to address this concern. What Happened? While at Shoreline more specifically Power Station. I was looting inside main floor and I heard Gun shots to my south. Once that happened Frame rate dropped unexpectedly. I will attach my footage. I dont get the bug in Offline mode and i also get about 20 to 40 more FPS while i
  18. Questiion 1A) How serious is Beta? I would like to submit reports but eh. 1B) If not serious, disregard question 2 Question 2 A) Sorry if I'm just being dense. I would like to find where I submit and review bug reports so I don't report something already being worked on. Jumping/sliding physics problem for example is already known. It happens sometimes in ArmA. B) What game engine is this on? C) What language do yall write in? D) Is there a way to, console cheat in offline mode or something so I can test mechanics harder? E) Is there a console monitor that prints ga
  19. My English broken, but try anyway ceap reading ;), im doing this for my self, cous i see huge potentional in this game, but it can slip away how many games do at this time... So i playing this game since alfa, didint play alot at alfa becouse i was alone and game looks super difficul (plus i have wooden pc) ,but when my friends took me and teach all basics in this game - im in love And i believe i play as much as biggest streamer in this game, cous when i stop play couple months ago, my lvl still higher (couple wipes was like that) ,so i have deep view since begining. That was about me,
  20. Queridos supervivientes Estamos orgullosos de presentaros un diario de desarrollo nuevo! En este caso os mostraremos como nuestro equipo trabaja respecto al sonido. ¡¡¡En éste video aprenderéis exactamente como los sonidos de disparo son grabados, podreís oír y ver como trabajan los ingenieros de sonido y mucho más!!!
  21. twisted89

    Upgrade to Unity 2018

    So the new upcoming Unity version 2018 has a long awaited upgrade to the C# job system (https://www.reddit.com/r/Unity3D/comments/7lhmcq/unitys_new_multithreaded_ecs_system_coming_2018/) which should greatly improve multithread performance. It's no secret that this game has some serious CPU performance issues, I'm just curious what the devs plans are for upgrading to this new Unity release and for taking advantage of better access to CPU's with multiple cores?
  22. Gorkka


    So Can We get an update to when Wipe is
  23. Beez-

    Tarkov Development Ideas

    Just a bunch of ideas that are on my mind which could be implemented to create a (I think) greater Tarkov Experience. Random S***: Magazine stickers/tape for Identifying mag types. Add Mag grips, with or without functionality. Para Flares for Night time Raids and to kill Night Vision. 2 Slot item fires into the sky and illuminates 500-1000m^2 for 45s-1min. Not too Expensive. Character: Hiring cost implemented for each PMC you use, RNG character based on ~3 tiers of Operatives with differing costs. Set number of PMC's allowed at once based on Account type: Upgrading
  24. BelliniVirgil

    Schituri din Escape from Tarkov

    Dragi Escaper! Suntem mandri sa va prezentam diverse screenshoturi din partea dezvoltatorilor!
  25. TheColdVein

    **Dev Q & A 1/10**

    Great news, Escapers! There have been lots of questions that we have heard from you, and some that we have asked of ourselves. We know that you have been wondering about the progress we are making and maybe have some concerns about issues in the game... Here are some answers: Q) Will the quests that are in the game now stay the same in the release version or we can expect more interesting, nonlinear and detailed quests? A) There will be way more quests, and their quality is getting improved every day. Later we’ll also introduce the so called personal quests, more importa
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