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Found 23 results

  1. Greetings, Gate 0 + Cellars.. about the 5th time now. Unacceptable if u ask me. Got a lot of friends with the same issue. Du you experience the same? If yes, please share your opinion so the devs maybe do something usefull one day. Cause this bug makes the game litterally unplayable. Cause your only choice is to die.
  2. Cheater on customs

    me and a buddy of mine played today (3/11/2018 at 1-4am) and have run into the same dude cheating on customs 3 times and his in game tag as of now is and is teleporting, aim botting, maybe even a skybox hack, etc. All i would like is for the devs to look into this dude and please put a god damn anti cheat into the game. Please anyone that runs into hackers make a thread about them because they are ruining the game
  3. Hi Folks, here my idea for refilling the magazines in Combat and how much it will take Filling a magazine of 30 or 60 shots under martial conditions under a minute ... that's just impossible 30 rounds at 1min (from 0 to 30) 60 rounds at 2min (from 0 to 60) For this one would have to factor in certain factors: Standig arts: - Standing = normal time * factor 0.15; - Knied = normal time * factor 0; - Lying = normal time * factor 0.25 With injuries - arms injured = standing art * factor 0.25; - Broken = standing art * Factor 0,5; - Destroyed = standing art * Factor 1 In the following scenario would look like this PMC kneels and is not injured: 30 shots from 0 to 30 in 1min PMC kneels and hurts his arms: 30 shots from 0 to 30 in 1,25min PMC is lying and one arm black: 30 shots from 0 to 30 in 2,5min Hope this idea finds enough attention
  4. HACKER.

    PROOF you can watch the video of us spawning and hes already spraying the hill before we come over it. no noise. murked a 5 man squad i was split from my squad and am so far away he comes over the hill spraying again. if need of more proof can provide more clips. USER:
  5. report system

    there needs to be some kind of report system set in place... when a person is flying around shooting me where can i easily go to let the devs know, when i play as a scav and my instance is shut down repeatedly and even just dropped to where its counted as me running it even tho i never entered the map or even when the whole group of scavs guarding the extraction zone is fly/skipping and i cant even defend,... im just left there thinking "well.... duck me". this is a beta, so i get it there are bugs, but how do we relate these bugs other than forums that may or may not be read by people that matter
  6. Game said contact forum

    I went on a scav run and escaped through the "road to customs" exit. I escaped but when it normally shows the loot it said contact the forum. My ingame name is Colby. I would really appreciate if i could get refunded for the items i didnt recieve. As it was around 200k in gear and i had found key 226 for the east hall i was looking for. thanks Colby
  7. Skier issue?

    I have 1.3 mil and .76 rep with skier, im lvl 20 and he isnt going to level 3. anyone else? I searched the forums and couldnt see anything on it
  8. "immersion"

    i just wish you give me my money back! plz fix this
  9. When is next wipe

    do any1 know when next wipe is? I heard a youtuber said it would be at the end of this month
  10. Hello, I've been playing Tarkov for quite some time now and there is some suggestions I have and concerns I would like to address aswell. Suggestions: 1. This is already been addressed, but it has been bugging me. Stashes should be able to be upgraded by this point either by quests or in game currency. The Pre-Order bonuses should be the same, but players should NOT be, forgive me, penalized for buy a cheaper version. The more expensive versions should just be a "Boost" of sorts. 2. I like the idea of having a certain time to extract, but I feel there should be a way to extend it. I.E. you will start getting radiation if the time runs out, but if you have a gas mask or anti-rad pills then you can extend your time. 3. A.I. are a bit buggy, but much better than most games I play. A.I. should not be able to see perfectly in the dark, nor should they be able to see through objects. I feel this needed to be in here but I'm sure the developers are aware of this and will fix it before the game is released. 4. Some quests are bugged, I.E. Prapor's bronze watch quest won't always spawn in, and if it does it won't let you loot it occasionally. 5. Desyncing items. Items that remain blinking. Maybe get better (or more) servers? 6. I understand the map is a work in progress, but there is some clipping spots where you can get out of the map accidentally or on purpose (I will record/screenshot the areas and attach them to this post later on. 7. Combat all in all in pretty damn good, but there is some moments where you will hit someone and it will not register, or become and invalid shot. I feel this ties in with the servers and would be an easy fix. 8. Custom games would be amazing with a non-savable character in which players can make their own gamemode. This should be added in lastly almost when game is out, because this is not a mandatory fix but would just be another fun thing to do. Concerns: 1. I understand the game is meant to be "hardcore" but I feel there should be more medical ways to treat wounds such as a tremor and such that act as a permanent fix rather than a temporary fix. I feel the medical system should be more in-depth with packing and elastic bandages, along with morphine, epinephrine, and full-scale medkits which would heal certain types of wounds immediately. 2. A major concern of mine is the armor. Some armor allows players to take multiple bullets to the head, which ruins the gameplay occasionally. I feel the right click with an axe should knock a player's helmet off, I feel helmets should get broken after few bullets (depending on caliber) and that there is weakpoints on all armor. I.E. a helmet is weak or useless at covering the face without a visor, and a visor helmet doesn't cover the back of the head or the neck. I feel if someone's arm is broken or lost entirely, they should not be able to fire a 2 handed gun, but rather only be able to shoot a pistol inaccurately with 1 hand. 3. The servers are very, very laggy occasionally with players teleporting around becoming almost impossible to hit. 4. The "Ghost Player" glitch happened to a friend of mine recently which is gamebreaking. It happens when you are looting and your game stutters or one of the items in your inventory start blinking or desyncing. Then, your player will be standing still but you will be able to move around (only on client side) as someone who is invisible to other players. This "Ghost" is unable to return to the host, extract, or kill players. Conclusion: I understand this is a beta game, but this is my feedback. If I missed something or something here is misinformation please let me know by responding to this or messaging me personally. Sincerely,
  11. Message to the Devs

    I stopped playing in around September because it was so stale and I almost lost hope for the game. I come back to all this new content and its just such a nice fresh feel. Really guys you're doing great I have high hopes for this game now. absolutely good sh*t youre doing here. Love the AKM its an amazing gun! The VPO-209 is just a damn Bad ass sounding gun. really good work guys im impressed. good sh*t
  12. Small chance to down npc's

    It's probably been suggested but i was thinking with this new hunting mechanic (which is fabulously whooping my ass as of late, ps :thank you devs (o: ) I was hoping maybe we could also see more in depth scav to scav interactions like having a small chance to down a scav , and he's just sitting holding the most wounded part of his body making those injured noises ( as one would in real life) . Of course this would have some drawbacks like giving your position away i suppose but the fact that they always die no matter what is kind of lame, although i love the ragdoll animations. Also when an npc is downed he could be used as bait, lets say you happen to down an npc and alert scavs to your position. you realize hes downed so you can use it to your advantage, you hide and scavs show up to their downed teammate hearing his crys for help , one scav from the bunch of scav goes over to help the downed scav. it would be interesting to be able to see this play put from a distance as well i think . but idk , its just my opinion. What do you guys think?
  13. Spawn Campers

    you want ppl to buy your game????? Get rid of the Spawn camping assholes, didnt even get out of loading screen and 3 seconds later some dickhead kills me in spawn area...gonna not recommend this game till that changes...give everyone a fair shot. Maybe have a separate spawn area that they cannot kill you in till your in the factory. Such bullshit to die seconds after you spawn in for some asshead is waiting for you or anyone.
  14. Suggestions #2

    1. New guns: FN F2000, G36C etc. 2 different LMGs. 2 different burst fire pistols. Etc. 2. Higher player cap, say around 25 for the larger maps.. heard the city map is going to be huge 3. Fix unable to go into bunkers off the ledge/edge, must use stairs 4. Prone on grenades to protect teams. Any closely thrown grenades can be laid down on and reduce the explosion. Sounds dumb but might be useful at times. 5. Ingame multiplayer lobby/chat. See full list of players. Be able to talk to them publicly. For instance asking players if they want to fight in the arena, etc
  15. Work on fixing the desync

    OK, this is my first post on the forums but the desync in this game (especially in the Customs map) is terrible. Devs, please, stop whatever you're working on and fix this issue. Your game is unplayable at this moment and it ruins the experience. You're going to kill your playerbase unless this issue is fixed.
  16. having really bad fps problems on shoreline i go from 60 to 40 to 30 lag spikes everywere on the map i have a fx 8350 4.3ghz gtx 960 4 gb strix edition oc 16gb dddr3 ram windows 10 i also noticed a crash while trying to tweak settings and i had to close
  17. More updates from Devs

    I would see more monthly update from devs about the Project, is nice to be part of this project, but as a baker i would love to see Devs putting more effort to updating us with some monthly videos as Star Citizen do or llike what Warhorse Studio is doing with Kingdom Com Deliverance. The updates that we are getting are just some post here on the forum and fewer videos describing how far they are with EFT. The lacks of communication from devs is make me a bit sad, this project is alive thank's to the community so i think that a monthly state of the game would be nice to see from you guys. Love this game, has lot of potential so keep us well updated. thx for your understanding. and guys i know that they are a small team, but is no excuse for me.
  18. Hello DEVs and players alike, Not to disclose anything to contrary. so I will keep this simple. I wonder if the idea of a blip system above heads of friends you are playing with In a group would sit well, however I know this may be frowned upon within the community, and some would say it takes away from the 'realism' and dynamics of EFT. but at the same time if not taking away any of the realism is your chosen path, then could we at least have the possibility of spawning a group of players in a party in the same area so as to make recognizing them from the start a bit more simple? Or failing that Can we Have Arm bands with different colors / designs for each group?
  19. I saw from alpha stream that the damage that I've expect will be much more realistic, but it is not quite the same. I don't even want to show where it was, I guess you all should know about that. I came with question: Nothing will change in that matter?
  20. What PC's do the devs have?

    Hey folks, Pre note: I did see the 'approximate' specifications topic, however here I wish to see their setup because they have some pretty impressive FPS while recording! I've seen some pretty impressive things from the test videos that the dev dairies have shown. Though I'm left wondering, just what kind of (beastly) pc do they have to be able to run the game with such high quality and what is the general FPS while play-I mean, testing/showcasing ? This is just to get a general idea about what components they have to be able to run the game as magically as they do. Thanks in advance!
  21. What I like about Eve-online

    As i have stated on this forum a bunch of times i come from Eve online, which is a great game, and in my opinion the best MMORPG also the most harsh and ruthless game i ever played. I stopped playing Eve because i just couldn't manage to find time it requires to play it and enjoy it, but the reason why Eve spoiled other MMO's for me was the community, and it's interaction with the game developers CCP. you may be wondering why am i bringing this up on a forum for a shooter game that has nothing to do with space ships , i am doing it because i want you to see that it can be done, devs can trust their playerbase to understand what's happening and gain their support , also for players to be more understanding of the devs, and support them. This is just an example of transparency on how the dev team explains to the player base what has happened to their game. And i hope to see these levels of transparency and communication in the EFT community after it launches. Until then ride the hype train fellow escape's !
  22. developers pleasee take you time

    i just want you to guys to take your time and take each new idea step by step know the pros and cons if your gonna add one and i just really want this game to be a success because like the features are beautiful and concept and the plot for me its wow its simple but its more i cant find a word just wow hahaha the inventory and the UI in one of your latest videos was just beautiful and the gun customization was god its a gun porn dream i can build my dream AK47 in this game hahaha i hope you add alot of guns but not like the guns that will feel out of place and attachments too especially and add some unique russian attachments too becuase u know its a russian based game which is also a reason why i want this to be a success becuase its a russian based game i been waiting for a russian based game which runs on new gen graphics lets talk about the gunplay the gunplay in ur videos was so freaking good first i thought u guys dont have the peek system where u can peek around the corners with "q" or "e" then i saw it and i was like yay and i hope that it remains the only thing that i dont want in the game to happened is u guys add third person perspective because for me it kills the suspense of the concept and the plot that u are alone and if u heard a noise u have to be more careful its like that i want this game to use its surrounding to get the advantage in a fire fight rather than using third person and wait for someone then peek and shoot at that person i was us the players to be scared of every sound we hear in that game where leting your guard down like you thought its just a sound but then u dont know that its a distraction and the enemies is already surrounded you thats why i want you to take out the idea of third person becuase yah it puts you into an advantage it kills the essences of the game it will also affects the gunplay becuase it will be repetative and for me its best to avoid that but thats just me u know i dont even know if u guys take time on reading the forums i hope u guys do and just take your time if u guys need to extend it then extend it i just want you just to really make this a successful game dont rush things and if u guys have some time plsss leave a reply bad, good i dont care hahaha thank you for you time thou