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Found 40 results

  1. Hey guys, So i recently updated to a SSD. All of a sudden my keyboard input in game does not work. I went to search for an item in the flea market and could not type the item's name. next i went into an offline raid and tried to move with wasd and could not. The funny bit is outside of the game (email, internet, general day to day computer stuff) works just fine. I have the most recent keyboard driver. Anybody got any ideas? Thanks
  2. xweaponx

    Flea Market App

    How about you guys make a real mobile app for the Flea market, it would really be useful for the players to trade without starting their PC, it would surely blast in the tarkov's community.
  3. ssNightShadow

    Developers Needed

    Hello, Is there a way I can speak with the developers? I have some important information I would like to discuss with someone from Battle State Games! (Not a bot or troll) kind regards, Bryan (ssNightShadow)
  4. Ashtrakovian

    developers pleasee take you time

    i just want you to guys to take your time and take each new idea step by step know the pros and cons if your gonna add one and i just really want this game to be a success because like the features are beautiful and concept and the plot for me its wow its simple but its more i cant find a word just wow hahaha the inventory and the UI in one of your latest videos was just beautiful and the gun customization was god its a gun porn dream i can build my dream AK47 in this game hahaha i hope you add alot of guns but not like the guns that will feel out of place and attachments too especially and add some unique russian attachments too becuase u know its a russian based game which is also a reason why i want this to be a success becuase its a russian based game i been waiting for a russian based game which runs on new gen graphics lets talk about the gunplay the gunplay in ur videos was so freaking good first i thought u guys dont have the peek system where u can peek around the corners with "q" or "e" then i saw it and i was like yay and i hope that it remains the only thing that i dont want in the game to happened is u guys add third person perspective because for me it kills the suspense of the concept and the plot that u are alone and if u heard a noise u have to be more careful its like that i want this game to use its surrounding to get the advantage in a fire fight rather than using third person and wait for someone then peek and shoot at that person i was us the players to be scared of every sound we hear in that game where leting your guard down like you thought its just a sound but then u dont know that its a distraction and the enemies is already surrounded you thats why i want you to take out the idea of third person becuase yah it puts you into an advantage it kills the essences of the game it will also affects the gunplay becuase it will be repetative and for me its best to avoid that but thats just me u know i dont even know if u guys take time on reading the forums i hope u guys do and just take your time if u guys need to extend it then extend it i just want you just to really make this a successful game dont rush things and if u guys have some time plsss leave a reply bad, good i dont care hahaha thank you for you time thou
  5. TheKewk

    Lost money(Rubles)

    Lost Money (Rubles) Hello every1! I want to start of buy saying that i love this game (true adict), and think that the Dev-team have done great whit this Idé of gameplay, I support you all the way! otherwise i would not have purchased ''Edge of Darkness'' And i know that you guys have a lot to do right now.. but just take a breake, and lissen fore 1,5 - 2 min ❤️ (Sorry that my english is not that great) In the past hour i have lost about 450 000 - 600 000 Rubles, I know some of you have had the same issue, First, i lost about 250-300 000 I thaught to myself.. nananaaa, this poo will not break me! So i kept raiding and selling poo and stuff to get my money count up a bitt.. Then, Tarkov starts to act wierd 4 the 10000 time this weak, (since all the new players have started playing) and i sat here like a dumb fool, thinking, naah naah, it will be over soon, (15 min later) you guys can guess what happend next, I lost more money (Rubles).... 💔 😢 I have, like always, pressd the ''Report bug'' and sent in the files and all that, with a cute message. so know.. to my Question: What is there to expect from now on??!!! When im done with a raid, and have all that awesome stuff that i have picked up along the way and the my money(Rubels) i get from selling that poo, I want that stuff safe man, not taken away, like im the fkn santa on christmas.. guys.. comone now.
  6. dkeys97

    Bought EOD and nothing happened

    So i bought the EOD this morning and my game edition says i have the EOD edtion. I did not receive any of the money, items or most importanly the gamma container. I bought it this morning at 7am Eastern time.
  7. Its pretty simple, these scavs are so annoying. I've died more times to a scav then any player. please I beg, fix the scav aim so they atleast don't instantly headshot you. -much love Bighoss1 Пожалуйста, русские разработчики исправят эти скавы, спасибо. Please, Russian developers fix these scavs, thanks.
  8. TheVonCleaver

    Ping Abusers

    What is the development teams plan to prevent people from editing the game files just so they can play outside the intended 150 ping limit? I feel like people who have feel cheated against in this game more times than not is probably just do to latency in that there are players playing out of their region.
  9. Python_SYR

    Co-op vs. SCAVS for Training

    Hello folks, Firstly, I would like to thank you all for your amazing work and to let you know that I am supporting you all the way with this beautiful project. Would you be able to create a mod where you let us invite our friends and host a PVE match against SCAVS in which we don't gain loot or lose loot? Such game mode would be great for training purposes with friends (to train on the call outs and tactics during fights). Thank you and have a nice day. Best Regards, Python
  10. Don't get me wrong I love the game but I hate micro organizing my space when am waisting time wheb I can spend time on a scav run or a raid so I had a idea a companion app to sort your items on your phone on the go it would be really handy if your at work on break have nothing else to etc.
  11. bbcokeley

    Grim Internals

    Good Morning, Ive recently started playing Grim Dawn and its fantastic. Now there's a modding tool available called "Grim Internals" used for quality of life modding in the game. Will this tool (if installed on my machine) affect the "Anti Cheat" detection of Tarkov, as i'm not quite sure how it interacts/binds to the game. Anyone know or use this tool has any feedback or can confirm if its "detected" or banable, i don't want to have to install it and uninstall it every time i jump into Tarkov. Can a Dev confirm please? Thanks.
  12. Escapers! Der Grund warum Escape From Tarkov so beliebt ist und sich ständig erweitert seid Ihr, die Community. BSG setzt sehr viel Wert auf die Zusammenarbeit mit der Community und benötigt euer Feedback und sogar Ideen. Diesmal stark verzögert aus bestimmten Gründen. Der Thread wird bis zum 08.03. offen bleiben Wie wird das ablaufen? Zum Ende eines jeden Monats wird solch ein Thread erstellt und steht euch zur Verfügung. Dieser Schließt dann immer am 01. jedes Monats um 0 Uhr. Ich werde NICHT das Forum durchsuchen, wenn hier nichts gepostet wird, wird auch nichts reported Was können unsere Posts enthalten? Nun, sowohl Feedback (positiv & negativ) als auch Ideen zu Waffen, Waffenteilen, Anpassungen an Karten, Gear, Bewegungen usw. (keine Grenzen) Wie muss das aussehen? Feedback klar sachlich und konstruktiv (kein Hate) Es kann hier auch Feedback zu 0.10.x gegeben werden Ideen einfach beschreiben Denk bitte daran keine großen Romane zu schreiben und sachlich zu bleiben. Wir müssen eure posts dann nämlich aufbereiten und auch noch übersetzen Wenn es schon jemand gepostet hat, dann macht eine Spoiler Nachricht und schreibt +1 darunter. Auch bereits gepostete Ideen aus einem älteren Monat sollen nicht im nächsten Monat nochmals gepostet werden. Danke und Gruß Hummz PS.: Bitte keine Diskussionen starten hier, es geht hier "nur" um Feedback zum Spiel und Ideen für das Spiel. Haut in die Tasten
  13. Lui_Fyre

    The Hatchling Epidemic

    No Offense to any of the devs because I respect you, but how are you gonna make a game about Gun play that can all be out played by a guy that can run toward you and take enough bullets for him to get close enough to make your gun go up , to then one tap you with a hatchet? The Hatchling problem wasn't a big deal a few patches ago but every raid on every map ,( dont get me started about Factory), has at least half of the players running around with hatchets. My proposal is not to remove hatchets but to nerf them to a point where it takes 4 hits to the head to kill a player and 8 to the body (no armor) or add armor to a level 1 merchant. This would of been one of the first things i would've done if i developed this game. There is no way ,this should be a thing . There's a lot of bugs in the game and this doesn't help the situation at all.
  14. I basicly just want to know when Wipes will occour and will there be Frequent Wipes after the full release? For me i dont want to keep grinding for stuff when i know in 2 Months it will all be gone. For me it defeats the purpouse. Im not a try harder or play the game for 5 Hours a Day so getting the good stuff is taking me some time. Im in no means a horder of Items but i dont want to waste Hours and Hours trying to grind for a Goshan key when its all for nothing. I know Wipes are important in the current Development Stage but having a rought time estimate would be nice. Also of course the Question is will we still experience Wipes once the Game is in a full Release? Id hope not...
  15. Hey! So I am finding this one little detail quite annoying. Whenever i enter the game with more than one laser/flashlight on my weapon(directly on AR or on sprut shotgun) they often are on different settings (very often using X400 flashlight because its cheap and works well). So the problem is whenever they are at a different setting, and pressing CTRL-T cycles the mode, but it cycles the mode for all the current tactical equipment. Currently the way to work around this is to detach all but 1 laser, put it in the preferred mode, take it off and attach another one and so on. this is very time consuming and should very easily be fixed. Its obviously coded into the game what mode each tactical laser/flashlight is in, because it stays in the same mode when entering another raid. My suggestion is to add a right click menu "mode" with the option to select each mode individually for each laser/flashlight. this way one should also be able to select the preferred mode in the stash, before even entering the raid to avvoid unnecessary time and noise at spawn. It should easily be implemented in the right click menu of each laser i know its a little issue, but it should be an equally easy fix
  16. Just a suggestion, but I feel as though more people would keep coming back if you only wiped our inventory and maybe the skill set. People like to have a constant sense of progression, myself included. Wiping levels takes away from that. As a workaround for unlocking traders, simply add another leveling system aside from the main leveling system, maybe one specifically for traders or just make it harder to get more good standing points. I know a bunch of longtime players, particularly in the clan I roll with, who won't be playing if their levels get wiped. Sometimes feels as though it's all for nothing. Thanks for reading
  17. Hummz21

    Idea for Splints

    Hi, at the moment Splints are useless becaus a fracture will not happend when you get hit. Your limb will be black out in a few seconds. For this case i have a idea for the Splints: Splints are able zu bring back black out arms and legs up to 10HP once. When you leg gets black out you can use a splint bring it back with maximum 10Hp. So you can run 10 steps without taking damage or usings Painkiller all the time, but when you get hit again on this limb, it will be black out for ever for this raid and you will get dmg after every sprint step and you need Morphine to walk normal. This will be make Splints are more usefull because it will helps PMCs a lot . BSG must find a way, that splinted limbs are not able to heal complete after the splint is used on it. Please tell if this idea good or not, and when not...why? regards Hummz
  18. Bratteb

    crazy weather and rain in general

    So... devs, Im asking you. whats up with the crazy monsoon season rain? its been slightly better lately, but a week ago there was constant freakin' tropical thunderstorm rain going on every single time i played for well over a week. now firstly, its extremely loud and damned annoying. some rain is nice and all, but you have seriously topped it off here both in intensity and duration. even when playing with friends the rain is so loud we can barely commuinicate with eachother on Discord. which i admidt is not totally unrealistic, but come on... Secondly, not that i have a monster computer, but I am noticing FPS drops by almost half when it rains (not even extensively, and this was today), and we've seen the videos explaining how important FPS "really" is in this game. Now ofcourse, this would then apply to everyone on the map, but wouldnt this also be an argument to tone down the rain some? Also, as its not a totally unimportant argument. I do believe that people in general (including EfT playerbase) prefer to play more than 30% of their ingame raids in, lets say... not crappy weather conditions. even 60-70% of sunny sunny raids wouldnt be bad, and also encourages people to go for longer range and use marksman rifles. in advance, thank you for your responce and adjustment on this matter
  19. Serandis

    Gate 0 + Cellars unacceptable

    Greetings, Gate 0 + Cellars.. about the 5th time now. Unacceptable if u ask me. Got a lot of friends with the same issue. Du you experience the same? If yes, please share your opinion so the devs maybe do something usefull one day. Cause this bug makes the game litterally unplayable. Cause your only choice is to die.
  20. Retweiser

    Cheater on customs

    me and a buddy of mine played today (3/11/2018 at 1-4am) and have run into the same dude cheating on customs 3 times and his in game tag as of now is and is teleporting, aim botting, maybe even a skybox hack, etc. All i would like is for the devs to look into this dude and please put a god damn anti cheat into the game. Please anyone that runs into hackers make a thread about them because they are ruining the game
  21. Hi Folks, here my idea for refilling the magazines in Combat and how much it will take Filling a magazine of 30 or 60 shots under martial conditions under a minute ... that's just impossible 30 rounds at 1min (from 0 to 30) 60 rounds at 2min (from 0 to 60) For this one would have to factor in certain factors: Standig arts: - Standing = normal time * factor 0.15; - Knied = normal time * factor 0; - Lying = normal time * factor 0.25 With injuries - arms injured = standing art * factor 0.25; - Broken = standing art * Factor 0,5; - Destroyed = standing art * Factor 1 In the following scenario would look like this PMC kneels and is not injured: 30 shots from 0 to 30 in 1min PMC kneels and hurts his arms: 30 shots from 0 to 30 in 1,25min PMC is lying and one arm black: 30 shots from 0 to 30 in 2,5min Hope this idea finds enough attention
  22. tyce95


    PROOF you can watch the video of us spawning and hes already spraying the hill before we come over it. no noise. murked a 5 man squad i was split from my squad and am so far away he comes over the hill spraying again. if need of more proof can provide more clips. USER:
  23. toptrot

    report system

    there needs to be some kind of report system set in place... when a person is flying around shooting me where can i easily go to let the devs know, when i play as a scav and my instance is shut down repeatedly and even just dropped to where its counted as me running it even tho i never entered the map or even when the whole group of scavs guarding the extraction zone is fly/skipping and i cant even defend,... im just left there thinking "well.... duck me". this is a beta, so i get it there are bugs, but how do we relate these bugs other than forums that may or may not be read by people that matter
  24. Colby_young

    Game said contact forum

    I went on a scav run and escaped through the "road to customs" exit. I escaped but when it normally shows the loot it said contact the forum. My ingame name is Colby. I would really appreciate if i could get refunded for the items i didnt recieve. As it was around 200k in gear and i had found key 226 for the east hall i was looking for. thanks Colby
  25. Paxie

    Skier issue?

    I have 1.3 mil and .76 rep with skier, im lvl 20 and he isnt going to level 3. anyone else? I searched the forums and couldnt see anything on it
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