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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, last night I destroyed my ammocrate ( ~ 300K - 500K ) by accident. I left my desk for a baverage, then stroke the delete and enter keys of the numpad while sitting down again. I consider this unlucky, but want to suggest a different destroy item dialog, as the current is a little to dangerous, especially with the keyboard shortcuts enabled. The Dialog should: make an approximation for the value of an item first if the value of the item is above a certain threshold ( 10 K for instance ) force the user to enter the calculated value or force the user to enter someting unlikely An similar implementation ist the "sell vehicle dialog" from Workd of Tanks
  2. Darkslyde11_TV

    Can't discard weapons

    I tried to move my pistol into my backpack slot out of my side arm slot while in Customs. After doing so the weapon stayed in my sidearm slot but also appeared in my backpack. I could not drop it out of my backpack. I picked up a shotgun off the ground and killed a few player characters. I tried to drop the shotgun off my back slot so i could pick up the players silenced ak but i could not discard the shotgun or my primary gun. I also noticed I could not refill mags inside my inventory. I tried to Alt + F4 out of the game and reconnect but it was still bugged. So I ended up just beating feet to the exit. Not sure if you guys have had this reported but I didnt find it in the forum search.
  3. I know there is a hotkey for discarding items, in raids it works great but in stash management some items aren't worth the effort of sifting through at the trader's window to sell so being able to discard them in the stash without a prompt to confirm would be handy. Or at least have the prompt come up once but give us the ability to never warn me again sort of thing.
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