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Found 90 results

  1. CLAN - Inner Madness (US/AUS)

    Inner Madness is looking for new players. We have a growing community based in the USA and Australia. If you wanna group up to do some raids come join our discord channel
  2. 40+ Community Discord Server

    I am the owner of an unofficial discord server. I'm looking for active players that are also mature. The discord is regulated by admins as well as me, as I am active quite frequently. My purpose into creating this discord is so everyone can come together as one instead of playing solo. I am wanting the discord to have an active player base with a variety of people and not just the same five to ten people. The discord is growing larger with new people everyday. As long as you can speak English and are 15 years old or older then welcome to the discord.
  3. BG-server for EFT
  4. Looking for a group?

    Hello, if you are looking for a group look no further we accept all people into our group all we prefer you to be at least 18 but we have a few members who are just a few years off which in some cases is except-able to us. We try our best to make everyone enjoy the community and so far its doing good. It might even do better if we had someone in the community like you. Consider joining us now.
  5. Приветствую Тарковчане! Приглашаю на сервер discord по игре Escape from Tarkov. Здесь можно поиграть в группе таких же единомышленников как и Вы. Правила: Относиться с уважением ко всем участникам сервера Относиться с пониманием, если Ваш возраст не подходит другим игрокам Вам никто и ничего не должен из внутриигрового контента Все отношения выясняются только в личке СЕРВЕР НОВЫЙ. В общих интересах будет создать комфортный костяк для игры. Помогайте новичкам, возможно он станет Вашим лучшим напарником. Не пренебрегайте такими функциями как активация микрофона по кнопке или голосу (есть люди которым не приятно слушать Вашу клавиатуру либо иной посторонний звук). Стреляйте метко, лутайте быстро и прикрывайте своих! Переходя по ссылке ниже вы соглашаетесь со всем перечисленным выше.
  6. The Asylum [community discord]

    Our community is looking for members to fill the gaps of the games we support. atm the only person who plays EFT out of about 200 members is myself. I have not played much of the game but i have a general understanding of it and would like to form a decent team of 18yrs+ players. if you are interested or you play other games like pubg, overwatch etc.. we support those as well. come say hello! The Asylum -

    Hello Everyone ! I have made a TARKOV WARRIORS group, if you decide to join you can play with others and start a group ! LET ME KNOW DISCORD -
  8. Hey everyone I've recently been playing on a few discords for tarkov and haven't had a very good experience in terms of player behaviour and moderation to the point where I was killed by a team mate for my Fast MT, Fort and M4 (not going to name and shame as it's just not my thing but I have decided to lead by example) I've created an EFT discord that will be well moderator and is already very well setup, if you're interested in become a staff member please message Razor. If you're interested in using the discord the link is ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This is a permanent link if you want to share it Anyway, Read welcome to get roles to access the voip and text channel, hope to see you guys soon
  9. Hello! The United Gaming Center are searching for players of all skill levels and nationalities to join us in PUBG. We are now 700+ players from all over the world, so you won't have any problems finding a group of great lads to squad up with. We have been playing a multitude of survival and battle royale games, but it doesn't matter if you have never played a battle royale game before as we are willing to teach new players. We have a few set prerequisition requirements to join to ensure a mature and enjoyable environment: *Age: We like our individuals to be 18+. However we allow you to join to prove yourself if you are younger, if you can behave or not. *Have a microphone and Discord, to allow effective comms between members in the group. *Maturity *Understanding of the General rules. (Found in our welcome info) *Most of all, have fun! *Discord link: On the chance that anybody has any questions don't hesitate to ask here or any admin/moderator on the discord.
  10. Escape From Tarkov Community

    Hello, if you are looking for a group look no further we accept all people into our group all we prefer you to be at least 18 but we have a few members who are just a few years off which in some cases is except-able to us. We try our best to make everyone enjoy the community and so far its doing good. It might even do better if we had someone in the community like you. Consider joining us now. Discord Escape From Reality.
  11. БГ Дискорд

    Дискорда на Българското EFT общество. Заповядайте!
  12. Discord groep

    Hallo, Ik zou graag met een paar mensen tarkov willen spelen, alleen is het nogal lastig en wordt ik vaak gekillt door teams. Daarom heb ik een discordgroep gemaakt. De discord is is voor alle spelers die Tarkov willen spelen met anderen.
  13. if anyone wants to group up send me a pm or join this discord active players in here hope to see you all soon
  14. whats up all if anyone is down to group and squad up let me kno send me a pm this is a link to discord group chat for active players please join hope to see you all soon
  15. The Tarkov Hub

    The Tarkov Hub is a chill discord where you can play with competent, or incompetent human beings. This discord is pretty lenient so you will probably find both. In short if you want to have fun or have a serious raid you have come to the right place. discord server:
  16. Devils Recon søger danskere :)

    Hejsa, Vi er 3 gamle røvhuller som forsøger at starte et dansk squad, vi er mellem 40 og 50 af alder men hvis man ellers kan opføre sig ordentligt er alder ikke noget stort problem vi har en discord kanal så hvis i bare finder mig Tengeldg, Booh eller Danez-plys (danez et gammel cs 1.6 clan tag ) på discord så kan vi finde ud af det der fra Vores Squad hedder Devils Recon forkortet DR (ikke at forveksle med et større dansk publikservice kanal ) Man kan også skrive i denne tråd så finder vi ud af at finde hinanden på andre måder

    Hey guys! Starting a fun new discord - EFT Gambling - This discord is a Currency/item staking discord usuing a dice rolling bot to determine the winner of the stake! NO REAL LIFE CURRENCY OR ITEMS ARE PROHIBITED ALL MUST BE IN GAME CURRENCY OR ITEMS HIGHEST number wins, come place some stakes, win big or lose it all. Very new server (made today 27/1) but please all are welcome! ALL FOR FUN, IF YOU DONT WANT TO LOOSE ITEMS THEN PLEASE DONT COME
  18. TarCorp EU Casual Group

    REQUIREMENTS to join is simple, first of all have BASIC TARKOV KNOWLEDGE. We don't feel like completly explaining and teatching the game to someone. Learn the basics of the game yourself though reasearch, videos and playing solo. OLDER THEN 18. Last requirement is DISCORD. Link to discord click here. Ask for tarkov role in discord #tarkov

    Hello there! Lotus Entity is recruiting, we are a new multi gaming discord server focused on communication and sense of a real community. Our main goal is to allow people a place to find people to chat and play games with, our staff has plenty of experience both in running creating and moderating discord servers and communities. We are looking to run an event every week or every two weeks, to spice things up and bring people together. We encourage people to join us and give us suggestions, we will be running weekly community talks to hear everyone’s concerns and suggestions. We will also be running weekly staff meetings to make sure each member of the staff is performing up to standard and to discustion the suggestion made by the community. We have strict rules to ensure the enjoyment of our dedicated members, and we require all members to act in a mature and respectful manner so we can assure others will act the same towards you. Looking forward to seeing you in the server, and on the various fields of combat!
  20. The Usual Suspects RECRUITING

    What's going on guys. We're a new clan and new to EFT, but plenty of experience in other FPS's. Our current members are all active or former military. We encourage active and former military (English Speaking) to join up and kick some ass, although it is not a requirement. Requirements: Be mature, serious when in game, and respect other members. Microphone and able to communicate in English. We currently use Discord. Be active, help other members, have fun Anyone interested in joining please leave a comment with your experience in EFT and other FPS's, as well as your discord name and tag.
  21. A chill Escape from Tarkov discord/ clan

    This is an Escape from Tarkov discord that is pretty chill, but also serious. This discord is mostly a democracy, so id there are any piece of poo admins they will be kicked if majority rules. There are no real requirements to be in this discord other than not being an poo. My goal for this discord is to be a chill place with no abusive admins, and a chill community. discord link: Don't be an poo, make sure to read rules.
  22. Здравствуй, Выживший! Я хочу представить тебе свой клан - ♕Kings of the Streets♕ [KiST]. В данном клане присутствует система рангом от Чайника до Короля, а чтобы продвигаться по этой линейке нужно добиться доверия и проявить себя в рейдах. Этот клан не имеет военную тематику, именно здесь вы сможете почувствовать себя самим собой! Хочешь собрать свою банду и доминировать в Таркове?! Хочешь поговорить на разные темы?! Тогда тебе в нашу ♕Беседку Клана♕! Клан ещё молод, но именно с твоей помощью мы будем известным кланом ещё до релиза! Удачи в Рейдах, Боец! Заинтересован?! Заходи в наш Discord! В наш в клан поступить легко, когда зайдёте во вкладку "rules" в Discord прошу указать то, что указанно в сообщении этого раздела, т.е:
  23. Danger Dolphins

    Hello, I am Selsun of the Danger Dolphins. I run and am the main founder for our clan. We usually only deal with age 15+. We are extremely picky on recruitment but feel free to give me a application here. For applicants please include a screenshot of your best run and favorite load out (we do not expect you to bring your favorite load outs and we are severely against teamkilling. This is for observations purposes only.) This does not mean you are subject to just bringing a handgun every time either however, or other zero value load outs. and please answer these questions in your applications: Microphone: if you do not have one we will not play Tarkov with you as communication is key. PC rating: Bad, decent, good, great, PC master race running a super computer. Country: The majority of us reside in the United States. We do accept out of US applicants, but be aware we do not know how overseas connection works or is in EFT. How often do you play on your PC? How often do you usually play EFT? In the Danger Dolphin community we use a ranked system inside of the discord: Invited guests: players not invited by a Senior+. Dolphin: A member with limited access and no control. Senior Dolphin: Usually only become seniors after several months of being active and must interact with certain others to pass into Senior Dolphin. These are MY people and I know them all very well, if they say something I believe them 100% of the time, five of them are my five best friends and one of them is a good friend to me that is mature and I trust, even as an applicant disrupting my other operations occurring in the discord is a NON-APPEAL-ABLE BAN. All members are aware of this. We are very competitive, so please don't mess with our hobby and entertainment. Manager: There is only 1, Sunny is my secondary manager and runs the Discord when I am away. He also has access to my twitch and control over the Discord bot. He is also my public assistant, he will be helping access the applications here. Selsun: That's me, the original founder, the main manager and the guy who deals with the public when Sunny is not. We are against cheating and do not accept or endorse it in any way. If you are a cheater and are incapable of good sportsmanship you are not welcome here. Please understand we are looking for mature players who game as a hobby, if you are in it for fun we may accept and play with you however, our preferences are set to players who play often, inactive "invited guests" are only kicked after 6 months of zero posting, zero joining, and zero interaction, so we truly do not mind if you can not play 24/7 but we are looking for more serious players. Thanks and good luck! ===================================================================================================================================================== After you are accepted I will give you our Discord invite.
  24. Discord Community New

    USEC Discord New Team up! #2018NoUSECsDie Its our job to be a non toxic community
  25. Trading Discord Server

    This discord is not affiliated with Battle State Games in any way. This is a standalone Discord server made by one of the community members The Discord is made for people who are interested in trading with trusted and well-respected traders. Also, this discord was made for people who need partners/groups to play with If you are interested in joining the Discord server go here: If you want to find out more about Battle State Games/EFT go here: