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Found 130 results

  1. Discord никоим образом не имеет формы и не является дочерним элементом Battle State Games. Создан исключительно для совместной и кооперативной игры! Девиз "Присоединяйся и играть с другими!" Основные требования для успешной авторизации Правила сервера! Скриншот сервера Реакции на ваши посты. - Вы успешно прошли проверку, поздравляем! - Что то пошло не так, вы не прошли проверку. С уважением отдел технической поддержке Escape from Tarkov. Наша оф фан группа Escape from Tarkov.
  2. hycron

    Havoc - Discord Community - NA/EU

    Welcome to Havoc, a mature EFT community striving to be the most friendly, toxic-free and knowledgeable people when it comes to EFT. We’re a quickly growing group that already has plenty of experienced and new players, Grouping up on a daily basis throughout our channels, The server aspires to further develop our beginner guide channels, news feeds, latest maps and gear information, so that everything you need is found right there. With a structured administrative staff looking after the community, that is dedicated to keeping the server toxic-free, you can be sure to only be playing with the best people. We have various members taking on specific roles to give back and help build both our own and the overall EFT community. Guides and Helpers, being able to help with both basic and more advanced inquiries. Squad Leaders, those that have proved themselves worthy of leading groups into raids, knowing how to take lead, teach people tactics and provide effective and immediate in-game knowledge. Streamers, a self explanatory role, but we reward those that like to represent our wonderful community, with streaming channels provided for whenever you’re live, as well as going live announcements for the server to know when to tune in. • A mature English speaking community • Both European and North American members • A well structured rule-set and fair admins to keep the place clean. • Achievements to strive for in game that will be recognized by the staff and members in the form of decorative only roles. Follow the link below to join us. Please spend some time reading the rules when you come in. What we expect: • Mature personality. • Fluent English • Adhering to community rules, both discord and in game. https://discord.gg/MjxeTeC
  3. The Largest Gaming Network of United States Military personnel, Prior Service & Veterans wishes to extend invitation to those who gratefully serve, or have served the United States of America. - Military Spouses & Dependents are Welcome! - Gold Star Family Members, we Welcome and Support You! - Police, Firefighters & Medical Personnel are Welcome! - Persons aged 17+ considering Military Service Welcome! We are a proud veteran-operated gaming community without toxic leadership. Military chaplain and veteran peer support services are available. We have the player base to support all mainstream games to include, but not limited to: - Escape from Tarkov - Fallout 76 - Insurgency - Ring of Elysium - PUBG - R6 Siege - Squad/Post Scriptum - SCUM (64 Slot SCUM Server)- A private 64 slot SCUM server with ongoing player-versus-player and faction based warfare is available for use. No other Veteran-Affiliated discord gaming group offers this free benefit to their community! Find us on DISCORD: http://discord.gg/aGywpR3 OR http://www.discord.me/USA Largest Veterans Gaming Group in the Nation 381 Soldiers 198 Marines 99 Sailors 94 Airmen 21 Coast Guard
  4. DO NOT POST FOR VERIFICATION HERE, USE THIS POST (CLICK ME) Howdy Everyone, I'm the owner of the Unofficial EFT Discord community. Although the server is well known to most people around the forums, twitch streams and generally guys who are involved in the game for quite long, I'd like to remind to all newcomers that Discord is basically a place for people who are seeking a place to chat, tips/tricks/tactics, make groups for raids, tech-support on the most common and some more complicated issues/bugs someone will find throughout the Alpha testing and of course having some fun. We recently added a place to post/promote your content (twitch, youtube), so it's a great opportunity to show dat skillz of yours to our community. Server counts close to 4000 members as we speak, so it would be easy to find a group or a partner to play with. We have 20+ voice channels dedicated to parties, and we continuously add more. To join the server you have to click this Invite here and verify your Discord account. TL;DR If you're searching for a place to gather and enjoy this awesome game with others, join the server by clicking the invite above. See you in Tarkov -Frantic
  5. CRAZZY1

    Discord server for Eft.

    Hey this is a discord server for eft and some other games but mostly eft where u can team up with other people and get news early if you want you can check it out. https://discord.gg/U5Q7xY2
  6. Das deutsche Forenteam ist ab sofort auch wieder auf Facebook und Twitter zu finden und aktiv! Damit ihr immer auf dem neusten Stand seid. _______ _______ Dort werdet ihr immer die aktuellsten Neuigkeiten zum Projekt erhalten. Interessante Streams, News aus dem Forum und vielleicht das ein oder andere Gimmik wie Wallpaper, oder ähnliches. Wir würden uns sehr freuen, wenn ihr die Gründung mit einem Like und / oder Follow unterstützen würdet! _______ Seid gespannt und folgt uns! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EscapeFromTarkovDE Twitter: https://twitter.com/eft_de Discord: https://discord.gg/sXfam4X _________
  7. Pilbert

    Discord LFG Server

    https://discord.gg/KKhTCKD Check out my discord server to find people to play with!
  8. La comunity ha sempre ragione, e visto che in molti preferiscono DISCORD nomino il server: [ITA] Escape from Tarkov - https://discord.gg/pT4XkKX VoIP SERVER DELLA COMMUNITY ITALIANA, grazie a chi l'ha creato e fatto crescere fino a renderlo un punto di riferimento per questa comunity. SEGUITE LE REGOLE: Non siamo un clan, ma per mantenere un certo controllo dei contenuti su questo canale bisognerà diventarne membri Per diventarne membro, bisognerà innanzitutto dimostrare di possedere il gioco. ed essere maggiore ai 20 anni d'età. Se possedete i requisiti qui sopra elencati vi basterà inviare un messaggio ad uno degli amministratori (@[ITA]LGGdolly/@Joram_The_Rebel/@[EU/ITA] scodelin) mostrando di essere in possesso di una copia del gioco. :warning: Qui di seguito alcune regole fondamentali del nostro canale, vi preghiamo quindi prima di mandare la richiesta di leggerle attentamente: • Non è consentito disturbare con rumori, eco o lag le conversazioni. • Non disturbare le persone che giocano in altre stanze. • Usate le apposite stanze di discord in modo adeguato. • Rispettate tutti gli utenti presenti nelle room discussioni e nei canali privati, non offendere, non insultare, non assumere un linguaggio scurrile o provocatorio. • Le regole e le disposizioni date da un Admin vanno rispettate e non discusse. • In alcun modo: – non si tollerano comportamenti razzisti. – non si tollerano le discriminazioni sessuali. • Non è consentito assolutamente: – fare pubblicità – spammare Discord è già stato integrato con il website www.escapefromtarkov.it dove è presente un widget che permette di vedere chi è online, il vecchio teamspeak ( praticamente inutilizzato ) verrà disattivato a breve.
  9. Hello dear community, I've been playing the Escape from Tarkov Text RPG since the beginning of their journey at the English side (Game-1). You can find my player there as Jules, part of the United Survivor group. So, you can say I'm a more or less experienced player. Some time ago I came with the idea that the game would need a common spot, along with the game forum activities, where players could find all the information they need (like guides, tutorials, lore) and also make them contact with other players and newcomers in terms of creating a sense of community. A place where anyone interested could chat, question and have fun. Well, I've created the first Unofficial Escape from Tarkov Text RPG Discord community for that same purpose and I will wait there for whom is interested. And of course, don't be afraid to help, you are more than welcomed to do that. A big Tarkov story is waiting for you there in the game. Imbibe yourself in the lore and meet new unknown characters. Try to get out of the city in one pice and fulfil your destiny... https://discord.gg/RfRUGXm
  10. Il seguente topic sarà utilizzato per approvare le richieste dei nuovi membri che vogliono entrare nel Discord ufficiale Italiano di Escape from Tarkov. Per prima cosa è necessario un invito, usando questo link: https://discord.gg/pT4XkKX Trovate anche il forum qui: https://tarkovitalia.forumfree.it/ E mi raccomando leggete bene il regolamento! Scrivete pure qua sotto il vostro nome su Discord (+#numero) e in gioco; lo staff della comunità provvederà a contattarvi, se siete online, e vi darà i permessi necessari per i canali vocali e testuali per poter comunicare con gli altri membri all'interno del Discord. ESEMPIO: Nome Discord: MAS - ʎɐdɹnoʎ#8560 Nome EFT: MAS - yourpay
  11. CRAZZY1

    LFG Discord And News For Tarkov

    Discord Server For people thats looking for group and to get the news early for tarkov https://discord.gg/TaQW2vG
  12. Dimittri

    Discord da Comunidade BR/PT

    Olá operadores! Aproveito este momento para convidar todos falantes de português para que façam parte do Discord da Comunidade. [ATUALIZAÇÃO] Liberação automática de acesso para novos jogadores: Nosso servidor foi criado para a comundiade e mantém suas portas abertas para todos, basta falar português! Contamos com 900+ membros neste momento e sempre existe espaço para mais um! Seja você novato ou experiente, membro de algum clã ou lobo solitário, existe em nosso Discord espaço para ti. Nossas regras são super simples e se baseam no respeito mútuo e educação. Respeite os demais usuários. Educação é básico. Não provoque discussões. Racismo e qualquer tipo de agressão não serão tolerados. Sem SPAM em canais de texto ou voz. Aqui não é espaço para divulgação de material pornográfico/nudez/conteúdo vulgar. Aqui não é espaço para discussão e debate sobre política ou religião. Use o canal apropriado, para texto ou voz. Qualquer conteúdo postado em canal incorreto será deletado automaticamente pelos bots. Não utilize apelidos ou avatares com conteúdo vulgar ou que possa ofender qualquer pessoa, grupo, etc. Todos tem o direito de promover seus vídeos. Usem o canal de texto #youtube-livestreams. Somente Admin, Mod e Colaborador podem usar comandos como "@ everyone " Adendos: Qualquer material que não tenha relação com o jogo, isso inclui links, promoções, vídeos de outros jogos, notícias diversas, devem ser postadas em #off-topic . Venda de contas do jogo são expressamente proibidas aqui na comunidade. O ato de venda fere o TOS do jogo e pode ocasionar punições. TOS -Termos de Serviço: https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/legal/terms_of_service_en.html Apologia e divulgação de hack, exploits e bugs é passível de mute/kick/ban. A violação de algum desses termos acarretará em aviso e em caso de nova ofensa será passível de banimento. Junte-se à comunidade! Acesse nosso Discord usando o link: https://discord.gg/zcNx3wX Nos vemos em Tarkov!
  13. Hey all you Oceanic players! Posting this thread to let you know there is an unofficial oceanic discord with 250+ members and regular pick-up groups forming each and every day. Good place to come and find other Aussies, New Zealanders and Singaporeans to play with. Can find us @ https://discord.gg/EQ4WqWM come and say hi!
  14. LeavingtheWolf

    LFG or a lfg discord of a high player count

    Hello everyone! So I'm looking for some experience every day players, I'm also open to a active LFG discord. I'm pretty active in the game, I'll like to say I'm good but we all have our bad days. I'm right now a lvl 35 but with ripe around the corner that's a what've. How I play I'm a defensive player, I like to put the people I'm fighting out in a bad position. I don't care for gear match one way or the other.
  15. Ranger Station Charlie is recruiting new and experienced players. We are a community of active and involved individuals. While Tarkov is our main focus we do branch out into other games. This is a new community that aims to training new players and getting involved into some high octane action while patrolling the streets of Tarkov. While we are a community of people ranging from the ages of 20-30 we do take in younger players. (squicker friendly). Ranger Station Charlie is composed up of Troopers, Rangers, and Veteran Rangers. Our community is ran by the community. There is no one leader who we follow. Everyone has a say in everything we do. With a positive attitude we lead each other to be successful. If you are interested in joining the Rangers, join our discord Ranger Station Charlie https://discord.gg/eVGTg76
  16. zachmason91

    MurderInc CLAN recruiting

    Have a smaller discord/clann going and trying to expand it to more people, has about 30 players now with allot on all the time. Ranging from different time zones in the us and from lower lvls to higher lvls 50+ with allot of experience and tactics in the game. if your looking for a discord with allot of chill players just trying to have fun and get those kills/rubles go ahead and drop in are discord https://discord.gg/ZdTfZ9u also if you need help in the game always people in the discord that are willing to help out including tasks, general questions on all things in regards to tarkov, map awareness(to get those kills), good ways to farm that work for us(armor, cash, weapons, bitcoin,KIBA, ect.) See you in the discord -MurderInc707 https://discord.gg/ZdTfZ9u
  17. austinnofunny

    Discord Server

    Hey guys I’m sort of new to the game, I have about 40 hours on the game. I really enjoy the game but the only problem is I have nobody to play with. I made a server for the game and I plan on expanding if we get people in the server. Please join if you’re looking for people to play with and you want to play the game more. https://discord.gg/Yh9VuB
  18. Tengeldg

    Devils Recon søger danskere :)

    Hejsa, Vi er 3 gamle røvhuller som forsøger at starte et dansk squad, vi er mellem 40 og 50 af alder men hvis man ellers kan opføre sig ordentligt er alder ikke noget stort problem vi har en discord kanal så hvis i bare finder mig Tengeldg, Booh eller Danez-plys (danez et gammel cs 1.6 clan tag ) på discord så kan vi finde ud af det der fra Vores Squad hedder Devils Recon forkortet DR (ikke at forveksle med et større dansk publikservice kanal ) Man kan også skrive i denne tråd så finder vi ud af at finde hinanden på andre måder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AThV_JxwFB8&t
  19. Ranger Station Charlie is recruiting new and experienced players. We are a community of active and involved individuals. While Tarkov is our main focus we do branch out into other games. This is a new community that aims to training new players and getting involved into some high octane action while patrolling the streets of Tarkov. While we are a community of people ranging from the ages of 20-30 we do take in younger players. (squicker friendly). Ranger Station Charlie is composed up of Troopers, Rangers, and Veteran Rangers. Our community is ran by the community. There is no one leader who we follow. Everyone has a say in everything we do. With a positive attitude we lead each other to be successful. If you are interested in joining the Rangers, join our discord Ranger Station Charlie https://discord.gg/eVGTg76
  20. ODoyle040

    Discord Overlay

    So my discord overlay was working great, but no more. has anyone else figured out how to fix this problem? all ears here.
  21. (DISCORD LINK) <------ JOIN THE DISCORD About us! We are a growing escape from tarkov community! We like to invite you to join us on discord and find others for you to play with and trade with or just even to ask for help! All players are welcome even then ones with no experience we'll help you out! What do you benefit from us? - On the discord we have many help options. Under [eft-map] on discord you have quick access to all the maps there extraction locations, the spawns for pmc and scavs. (also all the loot spawns and key spawns!) - on the discord there is always someone that is willing to help you run your task so you aren't alone or even the higher levels will give you what you need for task items! - on discord we will have the updates from eft straight to the announcement section on the discord. (such as bullet updates trader up dates) - We have a trade section on our discord! You can trade reliable players in the community and you will not get scammed! if you need a item just post in trade section! (scamming = ban) - We have many help options and information that we hand over to our community players that is at your hands. We are here to help each other out! What do we benefit from you? - The community is growing in a good way from just you joining and play with the community players! - Having more knowledge if you are a new player with all information given on the discord and the veteran players or guides. - Always having someone to squad with or teaming with! (just join looking for group channel) What do we need from you? - Envy has a set of in game rules and discord rules that should be followed at all times! resulting in breaking the rules will be banned from the server. We are here to have fun and help not troll. - Keep the text channels to there correct category - Have fun and happy hunting! What we are looking for! - creative people or people who use photoshop - We need guides(which is staff that help players in the discord with the game) - To grow and progress with players and information while escape from tarkov progresses - feed back!
  22. WHO WE ARE Fate Gaming is a casual gaming community open to all who have a laid back attitude and who are here to have fun. There are no guild applications, minimum playtime requirements, prerequisites or officer hierarchy. We're run by the players, for the players. We play a variety of games but have a focus on PUBG, Escape from Tarkov and Hunt:Showdown. WHO ARE WE LOOKING TO RECRUIT Our community is currently looking for laid back, mature individuals who are 20 years of age or older. We are a mainly comprised of players from the US who all speak English and tend to to play in the evenings. We do accept players from all parts of the globe. We are not looking for players who desire hardcore game play, who are angered easily when they die, or who are looking to boss others around. Instead we value positive, upbeat, team orientated individuals. If you are looking for a hardcore group of players, who are all level 40+, this is not the organization for you. HOW TO JOIN US Does Fate Gaming sound like a community you are interested in joining? If so check our our website at FateGaming.com and hop into our Discord server!
  23. this server is only for hebrew talking ppl that want to group up דיקורד לדוברי עברית בלבד שרוצים למצוא קבוצה לשחק איתה https://discord.gg/XNMPdUG if you need help add me עם אתם צריכים עזרה תוסיפו אותי Suicide#0808
  24. Salut a tous ! Je vous présente mon discord Escape from Tarkov. Ce discord sert également de serveur trade pour la communauté francophone. Alors si vous êtes intéressés, voici le lien ! https://discord.gg/Zfkadxj Bonne chance, et bons raids !
  25. UKxSharpshooter

    Tier One Warfare

    About us What We Require Discord Link https://discord.gg/7CBJRn9