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Found 17 results

  1. 한국시간으로 2월 23일 오전 6시 1분 부터 2월 25일 오전 5시 59분 까지 타르코프 게임 전품목 20%할인이 있을 예정입니다.(업그레이드 포함)
  2. MrM3atball

    Isamaa kaitsjate päev!

    Battlestate Games õnnitleb kõiki #EscapefromTarkovi mängijaid Isamaa kaitsja päeva puhul! See puhkus pole mõeldud ainult neile, kes teenivad või on teeninud armees, sellest on saanud julguse, vapruse ja jõu kehastus - omadused, ilma milleta on võimatu mängida #EscapefromTarkov! Selle puhkuse auks kuulutame välja kõigile eeltellimispakettidele soodustused. Hoiame 20% soodustust kahel päeval: 23. veebruarist 2021 kell 00:01 (Moskva aja järgi) kuni 24. veebruarini 2021 kell 23:59 (Moskva aja järgi). 23. veebruari allahindlused ei lähe kokku allahindlustega, kui ostate korraga 2, 3
  3. FlashSmoke

    Promo Codes

    I've been to a few websites now advertising "promotion codes for Escape from Tarkov" after noticing the "promo code" section at checkout and was wondering if there are any legitimate ones that work? are promo codes actually given out or were those just scam websites trying to take advantage of people? or do the codes expire after a certain period of time, is it a similar situation to call of duty with "twitch drops"? what's the situation. Thank You
  4. Queridos compañeros! Para celebrar el 75 aniversario del Día de la Victoria, hemos preparado varios descuentos especiales. Edición estándar - 20% de descuento Edición Left Behind - 20% de descuento Edicion Prepare for Escape - 20% de descuento Edición limitada Edge of Darkness - 25% de descuento Los descuentos comienzan el 08.05.2020 a las 00:01 MSK. (hora de Moscu) Los descuentos terminan: 09.05.2020 a las 23:59 MSK. (hora de Moscu) (podeis comprobar la hora de comienzo y de finalizacion del descuento poniendo en google "hora en moscu vs hora local" )
  5. TPSreality6868

    %20 discount

    I just bought the game.I bought it at a discount, but he got the price without a discount from me.Can you help me with this issue?
  6. 为庆祝祖国保卫者日(前苏联红军节),BATTLESTATE GAMES 有限公司将于2019年2月23日至2月24日为您提供逃离塔科夫预购版各版本20%折扣!折扣仅在这两天内有效:莫斯科时间 2019年2月23日00:00 至 莫斯科时间 2019年2月24日23:59 。注:莫斯科时间比北京时间晚5小时。
  7. Rawvvi-

    Game discount for new players!

    Hello, I bought the standard edition and just started playing because of the twitch drops and really enjoy the game. The problem is that the upgrade from standard to EOD cost way to much for me to afford right now but there was a discount wich lasted until this week. I strongly suggest to keep the discount for one more week for the new players to be able to get the game as there are a lot of new players joining right now because of the twitch drops hype and because the eod edition is a little pay to win right now because of the huge stash and gamma container. I hope you understand a
  8. ¡Este próximo Black Friday, todos las ordenes de pre-compra de Escape from Tarkov tendrán un 30% de descuento! El descuento comenzará el viernes 28 de noviembre a las 23:01 (España) / 18:01 (Argentina). El descuento finalizará el sábado 29 de noviembre a las 22:59 (España) / 17:59 (Argentina).
  9. 嘿呀! 所有版本的Escape from Tarkov游戏预购促销将开始于2019年5月8日 0:00(莫斯科时间),结束于2019年5月10日23:59(莫斯科时间),具体打折信息如下: Standard, Left Behind和Prepare for Escape版本:20%折扣(八折) Edge of Darkness Limited版本:25%折扣(七五折) 升级到任何版本同样享受25%的折扣。 附各主要地区打折时间: 北京时间5月8日5:00至5月11日4:59 美西/美中/美东时间5月7日15:00/16:00/17:00至5月10日14:59/15:59/16:59 欧洲中部标准时间5月7日23:00至5月10日22:59
  10. I can see the discounted price on the order page but it returns to the full price when I try to pay - this is re an upgrade.
  11. 官方制订折扣计划! 8.3号至8.5号期间!开始折扣活动. 全版本折扣,包括四人合购包!但是不包括电子书. 以下是各版本折扣幅度: Standard - 15% Left Behind - 15% Prepare for Escape - 15% Edge of Darkness - 20% 折扣活动将在八月三号莫斯科时间(MSK)00:01 am 开始,在八月五号莫斯科时间晚上11:59 pm 结束. 各位把握住机会!
  12. In celebration of Defender of the Motherland Day, the Battlestate Games company offers 20% discount for all kinds of Escape from Tarkov preorders from February 23 to February 25, 2018! The discount is available within these two days only: from 00:10 MSK of February 23, 2018, till 23:50 MSK of February 25, 2018. TRANSLATIONS Polish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Poland @NuclearMessiah French translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Moderator of forum of France @NoDG Finnish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emi
  13. Feliz Día de los Defensores! ¡Deseamos que todos los jugadores de Escape From Tarkov tengan un feliz día de los defensores de la Patria! Ésta fiesta no es solo para aquellos que hayan servido en el ejército, sino que se ha convertido en el símbolo del coraje, la valentía y la fuerza. Las cualidades personales que son esenciales para la gente que juega a Escape From Tarkov. En celebración de éste día tan importante anunciamos un descuento en todos los tipos de pre-order. Un 20% de descuento que será aplicable durante 2 días de las 00:10 MSK del 23 de Febrero, hasta las 23:50 MSK del 25
  14. Are there any possible date for discounts, like russian holiday or something? EoD for 90€ is a bit much imo...
  15. Nous sommes heureux de vous informer que à partir du 8 mai et jusqu'au 10 mai, toutes pré-commandes de Tarkov obtiennent une réduction de 20%! Si vous prévoyez d'acheter le jeu, mais que vous ne pouvez pas vous le permettre, c'est le meilleur moment pour le faire! La réduction est effective à compter du 8 mai à 00:01 et se termine le 10 mai à 23h55 heure de Moscou.
  16. 很高興地通知大家,由5月8日起至5月10日,Escape From Tarkov所有預購都可享受20%的折扣! 如果你一直在考慮購買這個遊戲但未決定 - 現在是最好的時機! 折扣自莫斯科時間5月8日00:01起開始生效,莫斯科時間5月10日23時55分結束。 原文:
  17. StarFish_AC

    20% discount

    Yesterday, 25th december 2016, i bought the "Standard Edtion" of EFT and paid the regular price for it. Today, the 26th december 2016, there is a 20% discount on that edition. Is there a way to make use of that discount?
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