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Found 8 results

  1. Is it still possible to get Kappa having sold epsilon? I had no indication that there would ever be a quest that requires the epsilon container so I sold it. I saw that "the Choice" is required for kappa so am I just screwed or is there an alternate quest you can complete?
  2. I am a player from Hong Kong, sadly, Asia server ikr. The cheating problem is no big news to us when we are the closest to the biggest cheater producing country. You can't do much about it. Like Facebook, even though they block themselves in, some of them can reach the wall and use it anyway. So I guess I was born in a non-gaming-friendly place lol. You know there's are a lot of hackers while you start seeing a pattern on them. This might sound sad, but even if you can hear them coming, there's nothing you can do about it. They will always do the fatal shot on your eye if you are facing them. I and my friend went to Lab at a different time solo. And get killed by the same guy that is using some sort of speed+aimbot+wall hacks, like this guy is live in the Lab, 1 tapping for life. It is really frustrating to say, I think this game is almost done, like pubg and CS:GO, hundred of other games. Ruined by the same problem. The developers are doing a good job, so this is not a complaint on them. You can only put faith in a higher power to solve these kind of moral problems. Let pray to god for lighting these criminals JK. But still, pray for this great game. Hopefully, time can address it.
  3. Gravemind1

    10/10 extrations

    Someone care to explain why everytime I see the extraction list it never tells me the ACTUAL bloody extraction? I could go to all but one on the list and nothing happens and nearly every god damn time, it costs me a raid. I can't tell you how many times I've been screwed by this and I gotta say, its gettin' REAL old. I pull up a map, go to the extraction, and oh hey, NOTHING is happening! So I quickly beeline for another one on the list. Nothing. So I go to another, nothing. So I got to another one. N o t h i n g. Then of course, theres no time left and the last extraction is on the other side of the damn map, with only 2 minutes left. What in christs name is the point of the exfil list, and its question marks, if nearly all but one don't bloody work? Hell, I've had a couple runs where NONE of them worked!
  4. ransomhades

    IRL Mercenary looking to help

    Hey all, I am ex New Zealand Army and a current PMC. I love Tarkov and would love to share, with those who are interested, real life tactics and drills to use in game that may help. Or just up to help anyone who needs it or share some good yarns OB1
  5. !!! In advance I am not calling out anyone or try to cover my mistakes to call someone else a hacker. It´s just kind of suspicious how often it happened in such a short period of time!!! So i´ve played this game intensively over the last couple weeks and i´ve noticed that i´ve died multiple times due to completely silent shot over what seems large distances (no sounds, tracers, visible muzzle flash). and it´s always right after I spawn in and always non EOD accounts. Last time something like that happened was over 1 or 2 years ago when the old Anti-cheat was still in use(I´m playing since late 2017) . So i am just curious if that´s only my and my squads experience or if anyone else deals with the same.Maybe it´s also just a bug cause it´s beta. So i hope to get your thoughts or information on that topic.Thanks in advance and happy escaping!
  6. Honestly I usually just avoid reddit or forums about issues in games because they usually are just minor inconveniences every now and then or just little stuff that I know will get fixed. But my god this game makes me have to voice my opinion. This game is one of the most poorly optimized games I've ever played, and it's mainly because of the garbage engine they're on to be fair, but at this point they should have realized that the Unity engine can't handle the poo they're trying to do with this game. Don't give me the early access or beta crap, because I know we've all played countless games in betas or early access with much better and stable engines. Let's just start from the beginning. Before you even play the game, just launching it is a ducking issue, I and I have friends also who have to launch the game a couple times every now and then because it just decides to not work. Then once you're in the game, even on the main menu this game is such a crazy resource hog I'd love to see the shotty code work going on at BSG. The fact that this game takes around 4 gibs of memory (on my computer) to just run the main menu is gross and honestly just shows how shitty their coders must be. Let alone the 12 gibs of memory it can take when actually in game, it's insane, this is not a game that should be using that much memory, don't fanboy me and tell me it should. Then lets talk about that damn combat lag, what a great thing to have in a hardcore looter shooter. Combat lag. I have a very good computer, and no other games cause me issues except this one. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I've died because I start lagging as soon as combat starts. I even had one really bad one a couple days ago on Reserves (which is arguably the most poorly optimized map, I dont lag on any map nearly as hard as I do on Reserves) where I was walking along and a PMC with a melee weapon runs across me, I leave him alone because I dont care to fight melee pmcs, its a waste of bullets and time. But then he runs at me so I say okay, I guess you have to die then. But then my game lags like I've never seen it lag before when he starts swinging at me and by the time the game stops lagging like 20 seconds later, he ducking killed me. Me a fully geared player and him a pmc with nothing on but a red rebel pick because I lagged until he stabbed me enough to die. That is ducking insane and bullshit, and should never be a thing. BSG needs to fix their shitty ass engine coding or just switch to a new damn one with all this money that has come in from the twitch craze. I understand why they pick Unity at first, but now with all their new money they should easily be able to afford a better one or at the very least upgrade to the newest Unity one already and stop bullshitting us and telling us they will like they have for months. Open to discussion on whether you agree with this or not, Just please don't fanboy and praise this game like its godtier. I love this game also, but I can recognize it's flaws, it's just a bunch of minor issues that stack up to become a big one. /end rant
  7. *Warning: This is my personal opinion and suggestion* Hello! After playing this game for hours, I have noticed just how difficult it is for new players to get a grasp on the game. To even understand the concept of it and how to play correctly I had to watch some beginners guides on YouTube. After learning the "bare-bone" basics of the game, I started to notice just how ridiculously hard this game is for people that aren't experienced with it. I have played many games similar to the play style of this game (AAPG, Insurgency, Arma 3, etc.) though this one is the most difficult by far. Now, I do believe that difficulty in games make them "heart-pounding" and interesting, and this game nails that feeling. Though, if the game intends to reach a bigger audience of players the current difficulty of starting the game will have to be changed. Maybe a beginning tutorial, practice range, private games, (really anything that can help new players learn the mechanics and overall gameplay of this game). Overall, I do believe that this game is amazing and worth putting time into learning and mastering, though I do think that if the game wants to keep a steady income of players, starting the game should be more straight foward and easy. Let me know your thoughts on this. ~proxy
  8. 能不能开发一个手机端的APP!可以买卖物资、回收保险的装备、改武器、整理仓库啥的!!
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