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Found 4 results

  1. Hello guys & girls! Hope everyone is staying safe during these times. Let me introduce myself first. My name is Jack and I am 22 years old. I have come here today Representing Tarkov Tactical Division, a newly formed group looking to play in a relaxed but still serious way. We aim to be your place to chill after school/work. We have a Discord server where you can join in order to do raids, scav runs, share knowledge about the game and last, but not least, do quests. We usually take things rather slow, but we have moments where we rush in to get kills. Our way of playing tends to adapt to those of the ones around us. We also have a hierarchy system which will see you increase in rank (in order to be a more trusted member) and help you even take over raid leadership. All our members are always there to help and play with each other, so settling in shouldn't be such a big issue. The kind of players we are looking or are: 16+ NA based Microphone and being able to use it Mature Good comms If you think I have convinced you by any chance, leave a comment here with a small introduction and I will send the link to join the discord via PM. Enjoy your day/evening!
  2. First of all – I know that clans are planned and this IS NOT another "pls add clans" thread. I just want to share some ideas on how they could work and be implemented. Also, keep in mind that all the numbers (like prices) are arbitrarily selected by me. I give them as an example of an idea and how I'd do it. It does not mean that these numbers are good, perfect or should be in game. I lack statistics, insight of code, database and other things. Name – I think name "clan" or "clans" is not immersive and not lore-friendly. I suggest that name of player established groups should be called "Divisions" (like divisions of their military company). Cost – Should not be free. Should require substantial money. Let's say 20,000€. So only very wealthy players OR group of players can afford it. After all 20k divided for 5 players is only 4k each. This will also put in favor players that have Skier lvl 3 (they can buy €), so players lvl 20 and higher. Cost of establishing a division can work as a money sink which in the long run will be needed in the game. Size – Should not be infinite. Should be small at start (limit of maybe 5, 10) with possible expansion (that costs more money, let's say 1,000€ per slot). Minimum players – To establish a division, I think there should be minimum of 3 or 4 players including the founder. That should discourage players like me that would create Division only for themselves or maybe for 2-man groups. Establishing Division – in order to get Division, a player must purchase some kind of paper (like map), let's call it "Division Contract". While in-raid and close to other player, a holder of the Contract can on wheel-menu (door-like) select "Ask to sign" option. While signing, both holder and signer are in animation for 10 seconds. When holder of Contract gets signs that are at least the minimum and no more than maximum of initial size, he can turn the Contract "somewhere" and Division is created (he can choose name, logo, description and whatnot). Division Contract is destroyed in the process. If there are free slots, the founder gets that many "Invite Contracts" via Message system Inviting to Division – very similar to signing the Division Contract, but for each slot there is one Invite Contract, that candidate must sign and then a holder of contract (founder or officer) has to turn it in. Roles & Permissions – at this point I see no need for more than 4 roles: Founder / Headmaster – person who is in charge of the Division, has all the rights (and can manage rights) Officer / Manager / Executive – person of power that has some rights like invites and kicks Member – self-explanatory Recruit – someone new, at this point only as a mean to easily differentiate from full members What advantages of being in a Division could be? TAG – 2-5 character tag that's before PMCs' name. Game should not artificially add [ and ] characters. Tag should be separated from the name with a whitespace. In some cases, tags could be shown in parenthesis after the PMC's name. Chat – Division should have at least one chat channel. Possibly ability to add and manage multiple ones. Identity – no player could pose themselves as a division member if they are not one if tags are game-managed. Also, Division's reputation could affect how others see the members (like "I got killed by THAT clan. wow. And I killed two of them. That was fun!"). It would strongly help players to identify with groups and feel connected, proud or whatever, not only through Discord/TS, but also in game. Easy Lobby – Division's members should be at the top of the lobby and in different colour, in orded for easier and faster inviting Immersion – Of course not everyone pay attention to that, but requirement of in-raid signing the papers and being "tagged" can have great positive impact on immersion. There is a lot more of possible Division's advantages, like Division Storage, but that's a topic for a separate thread. Which you can read now, just click here! Thoughts? If you like that idea, give some upvote and share your thoughts in the comments. You might also want to check, comment, and maybe upvote/dislike my other suggestions: [RELATED] Division's Storage: link [HOT] UI for loading mixed ammo: link Random events (with possible loot): link Usage of batteries to power gear: link Making ammo boxes great: link Hiding HUD: link PS. 20,000€ is roughly 2 million roubles. By no means this is "impossible" cost. I'm almost sure, that almost every player could currently afford that. I gave this amount as an idea, but I don't see reason for not increasing to 50,000€ or whatever else. 1,000€ is roughly 100 000 roubles. Even if a Division requires players to pay the "limit increase" fee, this should not be an issue. Also, I think that this fee could increase with size. So at the beginning it's 1,000€ if size <= 10, then 1,500€ if size <= 15, then 2,500€ if size <= 30 etc. You get the idea. And yes, this could be of course more expensive, I just lack the aggregated data from database so I'm throwing random numbers
  3. First of all – I know that clans are planned and this IS NOT another "pls add clans" thread. I just want to share some ideas on how they could work and be implemented. On this thread I expand my general idea presented in this other thread. To fully understand some of points made here, please read the other thread first. A Division would greatly benefit from some common, shared Storage. Like for example Guild Bank in WoW or Corporation Hangars in EVE. How do I see this? Let me explain: Start – Division starts with NO storage at all. Cost – Division can buy up to X storages (let's say 3). Each storage costs money – let's say 10,000€ for 1st one; 25,000€ for 2nd and 50,000€ for 3rd one. Size – Initially each storage is very small. Let's say 6x10, so 6 rows of 10 cells, and 60 cells in total. That's enough to hold 12 standard sized assault rifles (2x5) or 2 Fort Armours and 6 helmets. Not much. Expansion – Each storage could be expanded. That would require both money AND barter items. I don't really have idea for what the barter items should be. But as an example I would say, that first additional row could cost 2,000€ + 10 ES Lamps + 2 Power Cords. Both cost in money, amount and type of barter items should increase with each expansion bought. Default Storing rights – every Division member should be able to store any item in storage. Default Withdraw rights – every Executive or Headmaster should be able to withdraw any item from the storage. Rights management – Headmaster (or person with permission to manage rights) should be able to set Store and Withdraw rights for each role and each storage separately (for example that Member can withdraw from Storage #1, but can't from Storage #2). Roles – at this point, it could be beneficial for Headmaster to be able to establish custom roles in addition to standard 4. Withdraw Limits – along with Withdraw rights, there should be option to set withdraw limits denoted in "max items", where one armor is one item, and one stack of 60 ammo is also one item. Money Storage – Division's money storage should be separate, free at start and only 2x2 in size. Every expansion would add another 2x2. This storage would have also separate settings. There are also some ideas to make things even more interesting: Person with proper rights set could trade with traders by using Division's Storage. In traders screen, that person could freely switch between Storages that this person has rights to trade with. So, for example, player could select Fort Armor from Skier to buy, select Storage 3, select gold chains to trade, then switch to Storage 2 and finish the deal, so Fort lands in Storage 2, but gold chains are taken from Storage 3. Same would work with money from Money Storage. Person with withdraw rights could "gift" item to someone WITHIN the Division, as long as the gifting person did not exceed the limit. Receiving person does not need any rights. So, for example a Headmaster could gift weapons and Forts to a squad that got recently wiped out, without making them use their limits. Gifts would be received by Message System just like insurances. Some current clans I know that are from time to time giving out in giveaways some items. And we all know it can be dangerous to go into a match and give someone 3 M4s, NVG, RSASS, 5 keybars and whatnot. And even if you go 5-man on Factory, there are stories of one F1 wiping all trading parties. Will it encourage people to invite someone to clan to make trades? Maybe. It will as well be a way to scam people. So I think that this system won't entirely destroy current trading practices. Also, it may be implemented relatively late, so I guess Flea Market and Auctions will be in game, which will make in-raid trading more rare. Fun idea of using Storage is that in Division's 5-man squad, there can be one "designated mule", so person with Pilgrim (or maybe Tri-Zip+ICase+WCase, lol) that take all the loot while others fight, kill and cover the mule. After a raid, mule could unload everything to Storage and then some loot distribution could be in place. No idea if anyone will play that, but hey, I saw weirder stuff in WoW and EVE Thoughts? If you like that idea, give some upvote and share your thoughts in the comments. You might also want to check, comment, and maybe upvote/dislike my other suggestions: [RELATED] Division's – few ideas for clans: link [HOT] UI for loading mixed ammo: link Random events (with possible loot): link Usage of batteries to power gear: link Making ammo boxes great: link Hiding HUD: link
  4. textyre

    Опыт других игр

    Надеюсь вы очень сильно проработаете мир, т.к. мир это то, что заставляет вновь заходить в игру. Если вы не видели The Division, то обязательно гляньте, т.к. проработанный NY заставлял вновь заходить в бету, заходить в Dark Zone, искать лут и грабить "корованы". Если взглянуть на DayZ и подобные игры, то они бедны на мир, одни леса, поселки с 3 домами, где искать лут? В The Division город наполнен мусором, предпразднечными гирляндами, вороны охотятся на крыс, жители просят помоши, еды, воды. Там город мертвый, но в то же время он продолжает жить, светиться. Я очень надеюсь, что в вашей игре не будут одни опушки, да поля. А будет интересный Мир, с большой буквы. P.S. обязательно посмотрите на мир Division, Far Cry, GTA, именно в этих играх хочется ходить и смотреть по сторонам, а уже играть и сражаться можно потом.
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