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Found 2 results

  1. Сделал себе пропуск на работу, можете использовать кто хочет https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ztFnb8XJp1QgeFVzxvYIsM4PIdU39J1w ссылка на файлы с макетом и готовыми .png изображениями, жаль что разработчики такое не предоставляют
  2. BonesMallony

    Less conventional combat ideas

    Im a bit of a DIY inthusiest and have thought of a few ideas and items such as craftable weaponry, armor as well as a few changes to the melee system. Giving hatchetlings a slight edge. 1. The ability to throw your melee weapon: I think as a last ditch effort or a way from hatchetlings to have somewhat of a close range damage option. Items like the camping axe, antique axe, Katt axe and maybe the knives could be thrown a short distance to do a notable amount of damage. Maybe inflicting a momentary heavy flinch from the impact or contusion like effect if bounced off someones helmet. Helmets like the Riot or firefighter Tier 2 helmets could even have an added resitance to these Yeetable items considering there more built to stop bludgeons and not bullets. 2. Unarmed attacks: This goes alone with being able to throw your melee weapon. If you where to be running just a hatchet or knife then your player or scav should have the option to pull out his fisticuffs and start throwing hands after having thrown his melee weapon of choice👊. I wouldn't think it to do much damage but it would stop you from being completely defenseless after chucking your scabbard item. 3 . Some grenade style ideas: I'm sure some of these have been talked about already so I'll just rattle some off. Flares/chemlights that would produce an abscureing and possibly blinding players using night vision while providing light to those not using NVGs. CS gas grenades that would act like smoke bombs but cause players to cough, there eyes to well up ,inhibit there abllity to fight effectively and maybe drain stamina/aim meter. Things like face masks or the respirator, gas mask and goggles could mitigate these effects. Molotov Cocktails... Pretty self explanatory, leaves a lingering AOE maybe similar a burned effect that is like pain but makes you hemrage hydration similar to burns in real life. Thermite grenade, also pretty self explanatory. Sticky grenades that stick to surfaces before detonating. 4. Self made weapons: Making firearms out of simple hardware and tools is not very difficult or uncommon. Things like break action shotguns, single shot rifles and even robust semi auto weapons. It could provide newer players a budget options and a way to use items found in raid to jury rig a cheap option to clap fools with. The weapons would have a high skill arch and would be difficult and challenging to use but provide a cheap lead slinging option. Long reload Times, low magazine capacity, poor iron sight among other things would be what makes these weapons difficult to use but there low cost and ability to be crafted easily would be what makes them viable. Plus ammo is more important than the weapon firing it. Some of the simpler designs should be able to be made at lvl 1 work bench and it would give weapon parts more of a use. Scavs could also periodicaly spawn with these weapons. I'm not talking fallout 4 pipe rifles and craziness like that but things people have made before irl. 5. Self made armor: Right now in tarkov you can make that 3M tier 2 armor in your hideout but no one's rushing to spend there armids and ripstops to craft a bright white armor that's more of less just some insurance from stray scav rounds. You can get pretty creative with making armor. Implementing ceramic tiles, steel plates and even resin to bond kevlar and fiberglass fibers together. ZNA productions on youtube makes a great video of how to create rather bullet resistant plates for a plate carrier out of a fiberglass tarp and some resin. Very cheap and simple. There's a lot more in the world of home made armor that is just one example. -Thats most of what I got for ideas, nothing super fleshed out. I don't claim to be a game dev or anything like that. I'm curious to hear others thoughts. Thanks guys
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