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Found 14 results

  1. Thermocube

    DLC Suggestion - The Purge

    I don't know what type of DLCs are going to be added into the game but if there would be a DLC like The Purge it would be awesome. What I think is basically you spawn with a pistol or something alike and progress through a map like Streets of Tarkov to the extract. Same thing as Tarkov but with less big weapons, resources and it's always night, not to the point that you can't see anything though.
  2. NytytWoda

    DLC "Wasty Desert"

    Область применения : Разное Пояснение предложения : Предлагаю идею DLC или целой игры, в целом это тот же тарков. О игре, хотелось бы увидеть это. Вообщем при запуске будет спрашивать имя, и тип юсек или беар что то подобное после идёт катсцена как вы выпрыгиваете из самолёта командой (под AS/DS Highway to Hell) , после тебя подстреливают и ты отключаешься, начинаешь просыпаться и слышишь как кто то сказал обшмонай его, после тебе дают по голове и ты снова в отключке, окончательно ты просыпаешься с выбитой ногой в этот момент начинается небольшое обучения(я считаю что в таркове зря это упустили), до этого просыпаешься от звука в рации *боец жив?* и тебе начинают рассказывать что это и к чему ведя к выходу. Сейчас речь будет о DLC и его концептах. Все действия происходят в пустыне, Ирак, Сирия с плавным переходом на Турцию. см. фото CONCEPT.png, CONCEPT2.png На фото переход между картами DLC. см. фото CONCEPT2.png, карта DESERT На пустынной карте, на песке будут чёткие следы от ходьбы, но будет ходить небольшая буря которая ускоряет исчезания следа. Раз в 10 минут будет бомбардировка зданий, вас будут оповещать по рации, и говорить примерное местоположение халупы (кста, да на карте DESERT дома разрушаемые, при помощи гранатометов и гранат). Дикие на пустынных картах будут больше похожими на террористов, а ближе к Турции более похожими на одичалых гражданских (Диких). Пустынная карта +-15 кв. килом, на карте будет лимит в 25 игроков. Быстрый концепт предупреждения (https://imgur.com/a/0jW2mdD) Преимущества : Большой приток новых айтемов, дальнейших идей для продвижения проекта "EFT", а также огромное разнообразие карт (причем разные страны). p.s Хотелось бы услышать пару слов по поводу идеи от Буянова 😮 ссылка для фидбека - https://vk.com/damn_p UPD Сори при создании концепта не нашел русский шрифт
  3. dr_cannibalism

    Season Pass

    First off, let me just say that I did a search for this topic and while I did find mention of it in a few topics and a few topics seemingly specifically about it in Russian, which I unfortunately don't understand, I feel it might be worthwhile asking this directly. I couldn't look through all of the pages of results, however, as the results page kept crashing on me when I tried to look deeper at older posts. As such, if this has already been covered somewhere, I apologise. The EoD edition comes with a season pass and I know it has been part of the reason some people have chose to get the game. As much as I'd love to be able to grab that version myself, it's financially not something I can do at this point in time, nor do I expect that will change before the alpha is over. As such, it's looking like I may have to purchase one of the other packs, so I was just curious about season passes specifically and was wondering if it were at all possible to get any more info on them. My questions are; 1) Will non-EoD players be able to purchase a season pass or will we have to buy the DLCs individually? 2) If we can buy season passes, when could we expect to be able to do so? 3) Will they be permanent and encompass all DLCs like the EoD season pass does? 4) Approximately what price in USD could we expect to pay for a season pass? Thank you.

    Future DLC idea

    Yesterday while playing the game I was thinking about what this game may bring in the future after it has been finished in terms of further content, and I thought to myself that would be a great contrast to the game to have a second setting to bring some variety into it. I was thinking that something like the conflict in Syria would make for a great addition. Since Russia is involved in that particular conflict and it would also go great with the idea of private military companies since many PMC's do in fact volunteer to fight in Syria. It could make for awesome maps and gameplay I think. The clustered typical war-torn cities which one often sees, many spots for ambushes or snipers, constantly having to be on the watch, looking into every window and every explosion hole in buildings. Or maybe so rural maps with small villages, farms, scarce woods and desert hills. I think it would really compliment this game having authentic scenarios like this. I know it's far out there, and the core game has to be there and done first, but I just wanted to throw some ideas out there. : )
  5. like the title says, I suddenly have the idea of a DLC or MOD after I saw what happend in Fukushima. It's also an unmaned and largely ruined area. It could create a very different game experience from Tarkov. I'm thinking if a new game mode could be made as a DLC, or a MOD created by player will do so. Anybody any thought?
  6. rifq_001


    Hallo liebe Escapers, da ich das Spiel mit zunehmender Begeisterung spiele und an die 800 Stunden meines Lebens damit "verschwendet" habe, wollte ich mal Fragen ob die Dev's was in Richtung Zombies erzählt haben. Durch den immer ansteigenden Realismus in EFT, wäre ein Zombiemodus indem man sich beispielsweise mit 3-4 Freunden verbarrikadieren muss und soviele Wellen wie möglich überleben muss, extrem aufregend. Dabei lootet man die Untote, damit man Ausrüstung oder sogar Munition findet, die Waffen könnten versteckt auf der Map sein, oder wie üblich in Waffenkisten. Der Zombiemodus ist dabei natürlich komplett abzugrenzen vom eigentlichen Spiel und man könnte ihn als DLC z.B anbieten. Ich finde das EFT sich Ideal für sowas anbietet, grade bei dieser atmosphärischer Dichte die jetzt schon vorhanden ist. Was haltet Ihr von einem Zombiemodus, oder gibt es schon diesbezüglich Info's? MFG RifQ
  7. DeadRusH_


    So people who bought edge of darkness would have access to exclusive content and DLC's So in my oppinion the book-series should be included in that.
  8. BG-Skech

    Honest Suggestions for DLC

    Hello ! First of all sorry for my low English Skills (I hope , who read this can understand me) I want to express what i love in Escape From Tarkov and what i dont (this can be used for suggestion or just info for the devs if they want to know my point of view sure ) The EFT Game is amazing , but can be even better and i want to cover all the points if its possible! This is my list of PROS and CONS and DLC suggestion: PROS: Immersion and gun feel and mechanics are AMAZING, the sound immersion is huge and at high level! Really nice and well maded RAIDS and map design in general! The realism factor is really appreciated and the hard work behind its huge with sure! CONS: Too "gray" visuals , i think needs more colors , specially on grass and trees ! Its really hard to play alone against the 4 player SQUAD (not everyone have the friends and not everyone who have friends have right moment to group with , because of time zone difference or just because you want to play alone! Im in 140+ gaming community, but sometimes i like to play alone for exemple and compleatly understand people who dont have friends to do it, for this i put this in cons until its not Level Capped for exemple to not allow new players or low level players to play with high level players and group it with them randomly... i mean to filter the levels and players in servers 0-20 ...20-40...and so on ! Scav vs Scav kills must be stopped somehow or punished, the role of the Scavs is to stop the PMC , right!? (I dont want to talk about limited gear and weapons , because this is in expansion and many more we gone a see, with sure) SUGGESTION (my view and opinion, dont blame me, but this gone a be my PERFFECT game if any of this is present in the final game): 1- Scav role to be reworked, i mean the player Scavs to have access to Gear Selection at some point, for exemple Level 0 to 10 Scav to be totally randomized , Level 10 to 20 Scav to have choice of some weapons or gear (limited choice), level 20 to 30 to have a bit more types of gear or weapons to start and so on...! Or at least when level of scav increase with the gameplay to have better random gear! 2- A proper PVE mode (can be added with DLC in future, for exemple) ! PVE MOD for 1-4 people with SEPARATE type of gameplay , who use the RAIDS (zones) or the entire full map! Gear Selection based on your PvE Rank (same like Scav idea) When start choice between pistol and shotgun and thats it... leveling up , unlocking new weapons , gear and items....and the AI to be randomized or selected from any difficulty (for example FACTORY PVE easy 3-5 AI, PVE normal 5-10 , PVE hard 10 to 15, PvE extreme 15-20) And the AI`s to be not Only Scavs also to have a PMC AI´s with better gear) All this if its maded separate you dont need to have LOOT to extract , you need to kill them ALL and exit , otherwise you not get any experiance , something like Death Match but against AI´s and in solo or coop! (This gone a bring many more players , not everyone is interessed ONLY in PVP and the game success and sales gone a be much more than only PvP player base counts! If this comes to the game i gone a bring more than 100 people to buy the game and the DLC who give us the PvE mode) the lack of PvE foccus makes more than 90% of my 140+ player comunity not to buy the game and this is sad , because this game can be amazing in PvP and in PvE if its maded well and everyone gone a be happy ... customers...all type of it can be interresed, devs ... because the game sales lots more... and so on...Also the proper PvE Mod can be used to Train your Group and meet new players for groups and jump in PvP later with them to try the real game focuss... and everyone gone a be happy! This game have HUGE potential , PLEASE dont focuss it only in PvP ... the PvP can be boring with the time... and if the people have choice to take a break and play some PvE can enjoy it too... Im sure the PvP gone a be amazing and the Devs gone a give us a really enjoyble game, but the half of the potential gone a be wasted if only its planned for PvP players!!!! PS: (Today some of my friends in the community who play with , tolds me "Man i gone a be so sad , when they remove the offline mode...i aways do some games before enter in Online" ... and many others start talking about , few of them also blames ME because i told him about the game and they buy it because of me and they only play few hours offline , because they love the gunplay and feel , not interessed in loot at all! For this i want to share my Suggesstions and what i want and many more to see in the future in EFT !) I have trust in the game ... i belive the Devs gone a surprise us for good... the game is amazing ... the immersion and all the good stuff seen inside , makes me Love it! I play it EVERY day and honestly not aways i want to enter in PvP ... some times i just pick up my pistol and try to kill all scavs on the map! And is AMAZING ... dont remove the offline at all... just makes it a proper SEPARATE mode... DLC i gone a pay you for it 50 more euros ! Just do it ! (Thank you if , you read it all! I know is a pain for your eyes! Have a good day and Happy X-Mas and New Year !
  9. Seasons pass DLC , what will it be and from the Map show and " freeroam " what will be include in the launch version of tarkov ? Will Streets of tarkov , Suburbs , Interchange , Customs , Factory , Woods , Town , Light house , shoreline and terminal will all be part of the FInal game without the DLC seasons pass ? Will the season pass will be contents figuring on this map or will it be new location added on top of these ? Personally i dislike the season pass type of thing ... It might split the playerbase , and might not be such a good ideas ... i would kinda prefer cosmetics items to be for sales instead of having seasons pass ... Cosmetics micro transaction for me are by far less armfull for a game playerbase than season pass who divided the playerbase in a bad way ... anyones know anything about this ? ,
  10. I bought the cheapest version of tarkov just to test it out. I really like it and considering upgrading to the edge of darknes, but will i also get all the dlc's for free. A friend i mine said that this wasnt the case. Thanks you for your time
  11. Добрый день! Созрел следующий вопрос: Какой именно контент будет на релизе, и что планируется вводить в игру с помощью платных DLC?? Конкретнее: как было заявлено в игре будет более 10 сюжетных локаций (если не точную цифру написал, просьба не метать ка...хи ибо не помню точно). Может быть что на релизе, к примеру, будет всего 5, а остальные придется покупать через платные DLC?
  12. В этой теме предлагаю обсуждать режим свободной игры (Free roam) в MMO FPS/TPS с элементами RPG "Escape from Tarkov", а также расширения (DLC) для этого режима.
  13. OLEGatoRUS23


    Сколько DLC планируется? Будут ли они в сумме стоить больше 3400руб? Просто хочется поиграть во все дополнения, но если все они стоят дешевле 3400р, то смысла покупать издание за 5к я не вижу лично для себя (увеличенный схрон и доп.снаряжение не считаю приоритетными вещами)
  14. KauH

    Season Pass и DLC

    Здравствуйте. Расскажите, пожалуйста, подробнее о ДЛЦ к которым даст доступ сизон пасс в максимальной версии предзаказа. Судя по разнице в цене по сравнению с другими версиями, сезонка по стоимости сопоставима с самой игрой и хотелось бы узнать о ней по-больше. 1. Что планируется включать в состав ДЛЦ? Только косметические элементы, не влияющие на геймплэй? Или же игровой контент, новое оружие, новые карты и прочее? Или всё сразу? 2. В одном из интервью было сказано, что ДЛЦ планируются раз в год и будут стоить не дорого. Насколько большими они планируются? 3. Будет ли в дальнейшем сезонка продаваться отдельно? 4. Если в состав ДЛС войдёт новый игровой контент, можно ли будет получить к нему доступ игровыми способами, хоть бы сняв с трупа другого игрока? Или без оплаты ДЛЦ использовать снаряжение будет нельзя? 5. В ФАКе указано, что сезонка даст доступ ко всем ДЛЦ без ограничения по времени, а сколько их планируется всего? Есть определенная цифра в планах или они будут выходить пока проект будет актуален? Просто хотелось бы понять есть ли смысл платить максимальную стоимость ради сизон пасса. Заранее спасибо.
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