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Found 1 result

  1. pimba224

    health system rework

    so lets see the problems with the health and dmg system before and during the beta the beta limb meta . because the fort armor people just aim for the legs instead of shooting the unbreakable armor, other thing the helps the leg meta is that that the chest and stomach have MORE hp than the limbs (80 for the chest, and 70 for the stomach, idk why the stomach is more letal than the chest , leg has 65 hp and arm 60 ) ''but it is harder to aim for the limbs'' yes, it is but it should be awarded with not being able to run (when your leg breaks) and not having much faster ttk , principally with armor. my suggestions . 1 lets start with a chemotherapy and eliminating the cancer : remove fort armor. this may seen to gamechanging, but if we want a balanced and realistic health and dmg system before the new plate carrier system arrives, we need to remove the fort armor. many can say: ''but now we will die very fast'' to those i say: ''without the limb dmg the paca is very resistent'' (it doesnt make any sense a soft armor taking multiple ak AP rounds, but okay) and it will feel more consistent because you wont be 1 hitkilled with armor and a helmet. 2 limb instakill and hp : the hp of the limbs IMO should be increased to 70-75 ( i am okay with the leg having 5 more hp than the arms , but it shouldn't have less than 70 ) and the instakill from limbs shouldn't be a thing . instead of being dead after getting shot on a dead limb, what about a bleeding? for example your leg is at 0 hp and you are bleeding 4 hp per second , you get shoot in the leg by an AK and instead of dying ,the bleeding increases and you are now losing 7 hp per second and it stacks (mutiple shoots mean worse bleeding). this will result in limbs with more health and that wont instakill you , but shooting at these will still be useful because it will slow you down and you cant fix a broken limb. what do you guys think about this system? 3 chest and stomach health points: chest should be always more letal than the stomach area ( because the chest has the lungs and the heart) . what about 65 health for the chest? with this health it will be easier to kill someone aiming to the chest than the stomach (i fell that the stomach at 70 hp is in a good spot). with 65 hp most guns will be 2 shoots to kill to the chest , but with much more consistency . last thing that i would like to add is that according to the EFT wiki Ammunition - Escape from Tarkov Wiki the 5.56x45mm m193 ball (type of ammunition) does 65 dmg , if this is true it may need some nerfs ( reduce the dmg , increase the price ....) but idk how trustworthy this site is. i dont want reputation, i dont want that the devs take only my suggestion , i want that they read all the Civilized discussion in the comments and that we reach to a mutual agreement and make EFT better Ammunition - Escape from Tarkov Wiki this the link of the wiki
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