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Found 3 results

  1. There are a lot of problems regarding the using of bolt action snipers (BAS) due to its inefficacy to kill. First of all, considering that all the BAS are highly punishable when missing a shot, you should be able to kill a person in the thorax depending on the ammo that you are carrying. When I state that BAS are highly punishable I’m referring that when missing a shot you have to wait until taking another shot, in some cases taking the sight away from ADS. This means that if you don’t kill your target you are risking being spotted, the person you are shooting the possibility to hide, being killed, etc. Since a few patches the damage of 7.62x54 rounds have been reduced considerably. On top of that, the price of the Mosin has been increased and its accuracy reduced. This means that if you don’t hit a headshot using both 7.62x51 or 7.62x54 rounds you can’t one-shot anybody. This means that the BAS are unviable both for skilled players and unskilled ones because if you are attempting a long shot and you miscalculated a centimetre you won’t one-shot your target. I’m not stating that BAS should kill in the chest every time, I’m saying that you should have the possibility depending on the ammo you are using. On the current state there is little to no difference on the ammo that you are carrying, especially when using 7.62x54 rounds. Due to the highly punishing disadvantages that present the BAS there must be a way, depending on the ammo that you I understand that there are other weapons, especially in the 7.62x51 rounds, that aren’t bolt action, that is why I think there must be a counterbalance in its price and in the ammo price. For instance, 7N1 should kill anyone using a Tier 4 armour in the chest but also should cost much more. Nowadays you are pushed to choose a DMR over a BAS because, frankly there is little to no advantage in using a BAS. I hope you understand my point of view. I love this game and I don’t want it to rot away like many others, I think this will improve it. Kind Regards, Kur4o
  2. Not sure if this should be under the "Issue" flair but this really needs to be addressed. In the current state of Tarkov, the most-used DMR is the M1A. The M1A is cheap, deadly, and great. The problem starts with other rifles in the same class being a lot less viable early and mid-game due to this. For example, the SR-25 is a nice looking rifle which is used rarely due to terrible stats and an expensive starting price. Not only that, but the M1A also has a BETTER accuracy rating than the SR-25 in-game. IRL, the SR-25 is literally named a PRECISION RIFLE and yet a rifle created in the 1960s is BEATING the SR-25? NOTE: Before I continue, realize that this isn't a post to hate on the SR-25 and whatnot. It just has issues that need to be addressed. Anyhow, let's take a look at the M1A. The M1A as of now is 55K on the flea market The M1A is very commonly used in Tarkov for its punch for a little over 50K roubles. The problem comes when we take a look at the price and stats of another DMR, the SR-25. The SR-25 as of now going for around 115K from trader or 150K from the market. After seeing that the SR-25 is double the price of the M1A with similar stats, would you use it over the M1A regularly? Of course, end game isn't much an issue to run it. People run these guns for the aesthetic. But in every other point in Tarkov, nobody really uses the SR-25. In fact, I have never seen it once being used in my couple hundreds of hours in the game. Personally, they need to lower the price on the SR-25. It's too expensive, and anyone buying a gun in the price range of the SR-25 tend to opt for the another gun instead. The RSASS. It's sadly just a lot better than the SR-25. Let's take a look at it. The RSASS as of now is going for about 100K on the flea market Let's see what the RSASS is better at than the SR-25. Much better accuracy rating, better horizontal and vertical recoil, better muzzle velocity, better ergonomics--. It's simply just better in every statistical way. I would like to know why it has more ergonomics than the SR-25 and even the M1A. It weighs, even without a magazine, about half a kilogram more than the other DMRs. Yet, it has better ergonomics than both of the other DMRs. Plus, with all of the better stats you'd think it'd be more expensive than the SR-25. For some reason, it's cheaper. Let's take one last look at the SR-25. A line implying the SR-25 has good ergonomics when it, in fact, doesn't. (I know it means its easier for left handed users but still this should count) From this line in the description of the gun, shouldn't we see a higher ergo stat on the gun? This would help with not only realism but give incentive to my fellow snipers in the world of Tarkov to choose this gun over an M1A and RSASS. Right now, there is little reason to use the gun. Sure, I hear some people do use them but it's mostly because of its looks and aesthetic since they have lots of money to blow right now. The SR-25, in my opinion, should have its stats re-done and have its price fall to at least 700 dollars to become viable in some way. I am in no way hating on the gun, however. I love the look and feel and sound of the SR-25. Why would I use it often though? Its stats are just terrible and in mid-game for an alpha container player like me its not worth spending all this money on a gun that doesn't even perform well. All in all, I hope BSG sees this and gives some response so that guns in Tarkov can be more realistic and balanced.
  3. m110 sass. Its chambered in 7.62x51, i believe knights armament makes it. Now I know the RSASS is the game but the m110 is more if the ar15 style as far as its operation. Maybe a 7.62 chamber could be brought into the game for the ar platform. I think it would fit perfect for the already implemented m4 and for people who want extra stopping power but don't want the RSass. Probably a bad idea but just a thought I guess? LOL great game so far, can't wait for more
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