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Found 5 results

  1. flanneryfrost

    Dog Tags changed or bugged?

    Just finished my first raid after the most recent patch, got three dog tags, wanted to sell them, only worth 1095 roubles each to Therapist. Inspected the dog tags, all of them are level 20+, so is this changed OR is it bugged? Couldn't find anything on the patch notes.
  2. Title, thoughts or other ideas?
  3. Hello Community:) I bought the standard edition two days ago and got the 25% discount. Very happy for that and would recommend anyone to use that. Thank you developers!:) Not knowing much of the game, I ran straight in, with the wisdom from an elementary student. I understood from the info, not to use good gear in PvP, so I went with only a knife and my alpha container. My first raid was in factory at day and what a raid it was! With only a knife, I sneaked around the factory, listening to footsteps and slowly progressing towards upper floor, where I found safe and office loot. Not knowing the extraction points, I put what I thought to be the most valuable in the container: Gold chain, valuta and a silencer. Soon after, I got shot from player, who most likely heard me opening containers. Just by doing this first run, I felt something I have not felt for a looooong time: The feeling of realism in a game. The sound of people walking, looting, talking and shooting, in a mix of an absolute stunningly audio and visual effects. What really made me go completely bananas, was how insane the modding are. Full visual, rotating gun and even zoom in to see what crosshair your mod has. How is that for awesome!!?? As a hoarder, I also find this game to be very interesting. The way to organize, sell and distribute the loot is both fun and at time frustrating. You want to know what to keep and sell, not to mention how to min/max storage. I love that you can inspect everything and learn something from that. Also, the sound when you make a sale to traders, so addictive!!:) After my factory run, I started to get hooked on doing fast, but intensely rewarding runs, while at the same time trying to get some kills. I found out dogtags could be sold for good money and that was cool. After two days of fast and safe rounds, I am starting to know map more and where to find good loot. Sometime this week, I will slowly start bringing out some of my better gear and try to go on the trader quests. I like the risk/reward and confident my practice from fast runs will come in handy. Thank you to the developers for developing this pure gem of a game and I wish you all the very best in finalizing the product. Stay safe in Tarkov! - Malakh
  4. FosterFox

    Stacking Dog Tags

    So I noticed whenever I gather a ton of dog tags, they take up a surprisingly large amount of room. I mean yeah I get the fact that they aren't exactly small, but I feel like they should be able to be stacked. If anything, at least make stacks of 3 or more so you don't take up 3 slots worth of a shotgun from 3 tiny dog tags. It just doesn't make sense to me how that would work, so I really hope you guys consider adding a stacking option for dog tags. It's such a simple thing, and it would make the experience much more enjoyable and the dog tag hunting more desirable.
  5. I know that people will say that this is unrealistic, and that the game is the way it is for a reason, however, I just tried on a bunch of my buddies dog tags. I fit 8 of them around my neck, and that is only because I had 8 people around me. Dog tags (in my opinion) should be able to be stacked.. maybe limit it to 3.. who knows. I just know that I can fit more than 1 dog tag in my pocket/around my neck. I would like to be able to keep track of the PMC's that I kill for each mission. The way it is now, I will have my entire inventory will be filled. This is assuming that I want to collect pmc kill information, and not just sell the dog tags for cash. I dont know.. What do you guys all think?
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