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Found 10 results

  1. Choppah

    New dogtag stats

    I would like to suggest two new attributes when examining a dogtag, firstly the range at which you killed the player and the cause of death of the player, eg. " head, eyes ".
  2. Hello guys, What happened to Dogtags in the flea market? They cannot be bought or sold. We used to be able to do it. Thank you
  3. Hey everybody, with patch 0.8 the dog tags have been introduced as barter items. In my opinion trading the amount of dog tags (with specific levels) could be improved by trading them with specific value. There are some problems with the current implementation: 1st: You need lots of dog tags to collect to match the amount and the required levels. Especially for guys without the EOD this takes plenty of space in the stash, makes it really hard to gain just a single item for dog tags. 2nd: In order to match the required level you have to collect dozens of dog tags just to gain one single item, like the camouflage helmet 6B47, which requires 7 dog tags of level >= 10. This is too much grinding and collecting for just a simple helmet. That's why these items are rarely used right now which is kind of sad because they are nice items. But they are not worth the effort right now. So my suggestion to imprive this is by trading them not by the amount of dog tags (7 dog tags >= 10) but the value of them. So you need for instance 45K roubles in value of dog tags, so you can select any dog tag (100 pieces of 1 - 5 or just one of level 60) to meet the requirements. You just drag them into the trade window, the value is added to a total and when you meet the required sum you can buy it. This would be more transparent in terms of value (45k in dog tags is clear to see what value it has) and does not force you to collect dozens of dog tags with specific levels just to barter them. What do you guys think? Greetings, Ynnus
  4. Blackworm


    Hello Im a friendly player, most of time play with random "hatchlings" or players gear up, then finish the raid together. its a random "nameless" guy , i just meet him in raid. So my suggestion is, we need second dogtag or something , which I can throw away. With my names, maybe next time i can inv him or send friend request etc. ofc, this "namecard" valueless, just a paperthing with my name. Atm i dont know who is my random buddy :P MY english not perfect but i hope u know what i mean guys :) Psi: if we can throw out this dogtag its fine for me too :) ( but looks like a glitch , if u have high lvl friend )
  5. machplatt

    add gear level to dogtag

    Currently the money you get for a dogtag depends only on the level of the player the dogtag is from. I think it would be better if the price is also dependend on the level of armor and weapons the player had, so that you get a higher price if you catch a dogtag from a high gear player. This could make it less interessting for a high gear player to kill hatched or pistole only runners, which is currently happening very often and is quite anoying for players with low gear .
  6. When you die during the raid, let the price of your lost dog tag be deducted from the amount of money you have. That way your death would always incur a loss, so you would have a better incentive to take at least a gun into a raid, and possibly some armor and meds to increase your chances of survival.
  7. That old "Kill 25 Bears in 3 hours" Task made me do things I cannot speak of...it turned my slow careful play-style into a....abomination... I don't think I will ever play the same again... Those level 1-9s are not coming back...ohh god
  8. airelek

    Dogtag prices

    How are the prices calculated for Dogtags, i just found a Dog tag worth 40k R while some are worth 1k. What gives ?
  9. Иногда ну Оооочень интересно кого ты убил или "что за неопознанный труп" Предлогаю как реализовать DogTag в игре : DogTag занимает отдельный специальный слот на персонаже. На DogTag nickname ЧВК + принадлежность к клану, если конечно ЧВК имеет принадлежность к клану. При смерти ЧВК DogTag не пропадает из инвентаря персонажа , то есть так же как с холодным оружием оно остаётся при вас. При смерти ЧВК DogTag можно снять с убитого единожды в рейде , то есть DogTag с nickname'ом достается тому кто его снял. Лично мне было бы интересно хранить DogTag'и врагов или бойцов другого клана ( ну так для коллекции ) С уважением ЧВК "DOLG" hegra
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