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Found 8 results

  1. Hey Guys my name is OnlyReed and I have a small Idea in my head what I want to share it with you. I am sorry for my bad English, I try my best to explain it as good I can. I don't play Tarkov for a long time, this it's my 3rd Wipe, but I was thinking about maybe a New Trader what's only work with Dog Tags. The Trader is something like a bounty hunter, and you can only trade Dog Tags to him, for let's say weapons, cases etc...(Here we can put all our ideas in). As well maybe only "Bear Tags" for a bunch of spacial Items in a combination with LVL`s (the same for USEC Tags of course) for more "high LVL`s Dog Tags" you can get more high value stuff etc... I hope you guys understand, in which kind of direction my ideas are going. This chance didn't affect many players of us in Tarkov in a negative kind of way, it's more for the PVP Players first to give them more reward out of their fights for focusing PVP. (BSG can put as well maybe super special trades for Dog Tags from EFT Streamers in, to give them a direct bounty... <- of course only, if then don't change their names every week.). Why I think a Bounty Hunter Trader would be good for the game? Just because PVP is more useful for people they're really focusing in. And makes Dog Tags more us full for all of us. Okay, that's all guys... I hope all of you understand what I mean and ye, let me know what do you think. Have a good new year and stay safe. "Head/eyes for the win" OnlyReed <3
  2. Hello guys, What happened to Dogtags in the flea market? They cannot be bought or sold. We used to be able to do it. Thank you
  3. twixsvk

    Dogtag Duels

    When you kill someone and loot their dogtag you could challenge them to a duel on any map of choice where one can extract only after the other one is dead. No loot, no scavs. Just a good ol one on one.
  4. ThotKrusher

    New idea for dogtag value

    So ever since dogtags lost value i've pondered what they could be used for apart from collecting dust or low level trades. How about a system that adds value to the dogtags depending on how well the player has been playing since their last death. so for example, if a player gets like 20 scav kills and 6 PMC kills and has extracted from like 4 different raids in a row their dogtag is worth way more than a hatchling that has just died repetitively An easy way to do this would to use all the EXP gained from the previous raids before death. and maybe that can even be a sub-statistic accompanying the most survived in a row stat. and if you want to go even more out there an ability to see your current dogtag and what it's appearance is (like if it gets more scratched and badass the longer you've been alive and the more exp you've gotten in that one life) anyway thats just my two cents.
  5. Nkd_K3v

    Trade for Dog Tags?

    The patch notes say something about a new trade barter for dog tags. Does anyone know what this entails? Do different levels of tags get you better stuff? Obviously after the wipe about 70% of the players are hatchlings trying to grab quest items and whatnot, which means I have quite a collection of < level 10 tags just sitting in my inventory. I don't know what the use is just yet, I just know that they're used for "something to trade". Anyone have any insight?
  6. DaLexi

    Osprey 9/Dogtags

    Bei Peacekeeper Stufe III bekommt man für 4 Dogtags größer/gleich Lvl 20 einen Osprey 9 Silencer. Habe 4 Dogtags mit 20/20/27/28 Keinen davon nimmt er. Hat sonst noch wer das Problem, bzw was mache ich falsch?

    Keybar/ Wallet for Dog tags

    After having followed and played this game for a good while I believe that one of the things that would make another welcome addition to the "shrinking" container items to be found in Tarkov would be a key ring of some sort to put our dog tags on ( you guys could probably come up with a better idea than a key ring but the overall idea stands). It feels awesome when you are looting shoreline etc. and get all of the gold chains your heart could desire, physical money in your wallet, and being able to unlock the loot rooms with your keys on your key ring, allowing you to still save some space for all of those physical bitcoins and what have you. But with the advent of dog tags giving a decent amount of currency you have to choose what you want in your gamma as they all take one slot per tag, and unless you only kill 1 or 2 players there is no way all of that stuff can fit safely in a gamma let alone an alpha container. In essence dog tags are rubles for hard earned kills, and we already have items that shrink everything we need to get rubles through loot (keybar to open doors, wallet etc. to hold the money we find in them) and keep them safe in our gamma while leaving space for those rare gold chains etc. so i think that is why being able to grind for a dog tag ring would be an awesome addition to the end game fights.
  8. Right now, collecting dogtags has no real purpose except knowing who you've killed. This is nice and all, but how about granting a bonus multiplier, for example 1.5 times, to the kill you've made if you collect it's dogtags. So for example, you kill a player and you gain 500 experience for the kill. Collecting that specific player's dogtags grants you a 1.5 multiplier on that kill, granting you 750 experience instead. This would only count for that kill specifically. Unrelated experience points earned are unaffected. I'd reckon this would be interesting with collecting the dogtags of well geared or smart players you've killed, as you can tell from their gear/actions that they're higher leveled and thus could gain you a higher experience sum if you collect their tags as well. Obviously, you'd have to extract with the tags to gain this extra experience. You're not going to get any extra kill experience from collecting the tags and then dying and losing them again.
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