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Found 9 results


    So I went to shoreline and went to the dorms to use my key that I got from my last raid, and I heard gunfire so hid in a small room in the dorms. When I thought it was safe to leave I went to open the door and I got STUCK IN THE DOOR! I was so angry because I got some really good loot off the NPCs and all my other friends I was playing with escaped and got their EXP for escaping, but I was forced to get an MIA because I was stuck in a door and couldn't get out, I tried closing the door which I couldn't do because the menu didn't come up, I tried jumping, crouching, going prone and all to no avail. This game has a lot of potential and I really enjoy playing, but it feels unpolished and really broken. Another example of someone being stuck in the map's geometry is when I was playing with my friend who got stuck only a couple of units underneath the map and was stuck riding the fence (he was moving but wouldn't move away from the fence and when he reached the end of it he slid across the road to the nearest fence) until he got an MIA and got far less EXP than he should have. Now I know this game is early access and I can expect bugs and things like that, but it appears like it's incredibly common to get stuck in the geometry of the map and be powerless to escape and retain all the spoils of your hard work. I don't hate this game but I hate the way it screws you over randomly by making you powerless to other players who haven't been unfortunate enough to get stuck in the level. I hope you'll take note of this post and go back and try and fix all these bugs that completely ruin the game. Sincerely - A dissatisfied player
  2. Bash doors while running

    I was thinking, in cases were you know someone is aiming at you, and you wanna extract/take cover/hide in a room. Maybe you even take damage on one arm from bashing the door, this would punish hatchlings for trying to use it for their greedy med-less tactics.
  3. Door Delay

    I've only been playing this game for a few weeks now, and since I've started playing and collecting keys on Shoreline the game has been plagued with one major issue: doors will delay their opening for a bystander when someone else opens it. I was just killed due to this issue and have been killed before as a direct result of it. If not for my teammate, I would have lost a decked out M4 in this particular case. When the bug occurs, one is usually shot to death before the door opens and the player enters. One will usually see the player phase through the door. This bug needs to be fixed ASAP.
  4. walking through closed door bug?

    I just found a strange bug that should be on the top of the next patch notes. I was looting grenade box in checkpoint and i closed the door behind me. I hear someone running outside and this USEC just runs through the door and guns me down. I had no chance.
  5. Breaching

    Is there any plans to have any type reaction to being on the other side of a breach, like on this video?
  6. HI, do you know if the developers will add something to the patch to unbug the door in Tarkov, as currently the scav's and other characters on maps open door without making any sound or animaion of opening it, one second the door is closed and the other it's open and they shoot in your face where if there was an indication of the door being open you could avoid being killed by them. Thanks
  7. How do i open doors instead of breach

    i can only breach doors and cannot open them regularly. i try my mouse scroll wheel and i still cant use the other options
  8. Door broke my legs

    I was one the shoreline map when I entered a barn, I decided to close the door but apparently I was too far out and the door closed on me pushing me back in and breaking my legs. Sadly I didn't have the replay feature in Geforce Experience activated so I couldn't capture it. BTW I'm new and have 5 hours in, I'm positive I didn't hear a gunshot so it's impossible for a scav to have shot me. I'm not that stupid. I posted this on reddit and it's seems it's a rare occurrence which makes me confused. Is this normal ? Did this happen to you? Devs please fix.
  9. My Suggestions for breaching: Breaching doors is already a part of the game, but I’d like to see it become so much more, so here are some of my favorite breaching tools and how they could be implemented into the game. Explosive Breaching Charges: From a strip charge to a water impulse charge, when you’re breaching a door going explosive is no doubt a thrill. Now I could see this being a bit over powered if done wrong, but think about it, your enemy runs into a room shutting the door behind them. Now instead of slowly opening it and having them fill you full holes you can instead quickly place a charge and blow the door open, hopefully killing or stunning the other player in the process. Prevent OP: I know this could take out the need for keys (which would make it OP AF), but if you make these explosives scarce enough people might hesitate to use them until in dire need. Halligan tool: This is by far my favorite (non-explosive) breaching tool, battering rams and sledge hammers are fun, but the crowbar on steroids/halligan tool is a must have. It has a pick for breaking windows and hitting in bolts, and two types of pry bars for deadbolts and more. Combat Engineers, fire fighters, and tactical police units use this tool all the time and it does the job right. Prevent OP: To make this less OP as it can practically open any deadbolt door, metal or wood, a large time delay could be added in. Now players would have to risk making noise and looting time in order to use it. I’d suggest watching some videos on YouTube showing it in action, some bad ass stuff. Shotguns/Ballistic breaching: Shotguns are another great way to get through a doorway, if the hinges are exposed you can attack those, with two rounds each, or go for the deadbolt, that normally needs 2-3 rounds unless you really try to kick it in after. Prevent OP: Make it so they need 3-5 shots per door or force them to use a mussel break on the shotgun otherwise you risk breaking the shotgun. Besides that the other tools of the trade aren’t the best for a video game like this, such as mechanical using chainsaws and so on, don’t get me wrong I’m sure a few of you would love to run around with a chainsaw, but come in, not that stealthy… Although I’d love to watch a player try to cold start a well-used chainsaw in game.