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Found 10 results

  1. Itz_J_V

    Unlocking Doors

    Why is it that you can aim around when unlocking a door but if someone walks up on you while you're doing so you can not defend yourself by shooting them... This is a very broken mechanic of the game and i believe you should be able to shoot to defend yourself while unlocking doors
  2. Ballzy

    Breach Locked Key Rooms

    This is a suggestion that when you attempt to breach a locked door, that can only be opened by a key that there is a small chance that you will successfully breach/open it. Depending on the value or rarity of the loot behind the door, or the value of the key needed to open said door, the chances of successfully breaching the room can be varied. This means it could take more needed attempts of breaching the door, leading to the player exposing themselves for a longer period of time. This would of course only work on doors that open inwards to the loot just like how regular breaching works.
  3. SuperLimpan

    Door unlock animation cancel

    I think it would be nice to have the abillity to cancel the door unlocking animation, similar to how you can cancel meds. For an example you could add a progress bar to the process of opening the door and make it work so that you are able to left or right click to cancel it whenever you want to. The reason for sugesting this is because I've recently been killed a lot while standing and i just think it would be a nice quality to the game. And of course, it doesn't seem very "realistic" not being able to quickly drag out the key out of the keyhole and put it back in to your container.
  4. Vigilant

    Doors of Tarkov

    How many of you have been killed through the door when for you the door still closed but for the enemy it's open already. Same when your friends opens the door and you have to open it again. I've died fully geared a couple of times because of that stupid error. It's really annoying and I hope it getstays sorted soon. The list of things to get sorted must be getting long.
  5. GregL385


    How many games must everyone die due to buggy doors BSG? How can one door be opened on one person's client but not the other? We are all in the same server are we not? Why is this continuing to be an ongoing issue with no fix in foreseeable future? I am tired of the door bugs, the 3 seconds before my death before I black out, the peekers advantage...etc. etc. Doors are not that hard to figure out. They open and close.
  6. CaptainRiik

    Getting Stuck In Doors

    I don't know if anyone else has experienced this. On my last scav run after looting the area around the gas station exit i opened the door and turned around to close the exit door behind me. (the upstairs door) when i closed it, my character popped into the door and went prone. i couldn't open the door or move out of it in anyway. I force closed the game twice, hoping when it spawned me back in i wouldn't be in the door. each time i was still in the door and as soon as i moved i went prone and couldn't get up again. I did try to open the door without moving on spawning and moving away from the door that way. but it just de-synced me back into the door. Just thought id post to see if anyone else has had the issue. good luck guys.
  7. Black1

    Doors & Scav potential

    I'll get straight to the suggestion. I was thinking it would add some interesting gameplay elements if each door was able to be locked from inside as doors are in real life. As well as instead of just simply having the option to select Unlock or Open, you physically had to turn the handle to check if the door was locked or not giving an audible cue. If the door was locked from inside and a player was inside you could either shot gun the door hinges, or kick it until it opened. Maybe even introduce a sort of battering ram or pry bar just for this job. The idea for Scavs is to have them in various idle phases. Sitting in chairs. Drinking vodka. Talking on guard duty. That way manuevering through the maps would be that much more immersive. Once spotted or alerted to gun shots they could then go into combat or alert status and patrol or search. Anyhow just a few ideas I figured I'd share that came to mind while sniping on Customs.
  8. Valhalla_Gaming

    opening of doors

    we need to be able to open doors from the side, like the scavs do. currently when u open a door, your kinda stuck there in the fatal funnel. giving door campers an easy means to kill. thihs is supposed to be a pretty tactical style of shooter, they way in which you open doors is far from tactical. would love to see something updated on this by the open beta.
  9. WhiskeyDog

    Auto Breach

    Please consider implementing an automatic breach interaction when sprinting into a door. This is a realistic mechanic and very functional. Keep up the good work!
  10. Sniper88

    Glitch to open doors needing keys

    I have found a way to open and even loot without opening locked doors that need keys, I would like to know how to get in contact with the developers so I may work with them to fix said glitch, amongst others I have found and indefinitely will find. Thank you for your time I very much appreciate the work being done. =)
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