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Found 41 results

  1. I'm having the same issue I get Unable to load the file ''Client.'' and download checksum does not match. Any fixes!? I can't download the game
  2. Hey folks So i updated to 0.12.8. today. Once the download was complete I was told my data was corrupt and I have to repair it. I then proceeded to repair it - a couple times, since each time I told me it was corrupt again. Alright that didnt work, I then uninstalled Tarkov and the BSG launcher, deleted temp files and reg data.. restarted, tried again and still got the same error. Ok then, I then backed my stuff up and reinstalled Windows, proceeded to run BSG again after setting up my engine and try to install tarkov but sure enough, I got the same error ( as seen right here: ) I sent in a ticket to BSG with no reaction yet, which is fine its been a couple hours only, but maybe someone knows what to do here. Take care guys and thanks
  3. calin1996

    1 mbs download cap?

    Hello all! For some reason, game is capped at 1mbs download. Ipv6 is disabled, tried with cable/wifi. Nothing works. Any tips?
  4. BuckOFF33

    Bad State Error

    Hello, I recently purchased the game and have been attempting to download it. It reads bad state error every time, and will not complete the download. The full error reads: Game Update Installation Error/ Bad State (Incomplete dynamic bit lengths tree) I have cleared my computer of Battlestate as well as any files of EFT to redownload them as a course of action, which nothing has worked. Not entirely sure what to do at this point. Any one have a similar issue?
  5. DrPinkman

    Download issues

    Dear Tarkov Community, I have Issue to download the Game i set up the Launcher I choose where the game will be safed. But after it is started downloading there no progress it just says "downloading files (Calculating Time)" As well as it shows that its paused allthough i tried to click both buttons, i also tried to uninstall the launcher and set it up again, didnt worked out. Maybe one of you has a solution. Thank you in advance
  6. J3nk1nsTheP00ch

    Game can't download

    Earlier, my game was stuck saying "checking game" when trying to play it. So I reinstalled the game and now when I hit install, it is stuck at 0/0mb at 0mb/s and doesn't do anything. I need help please.
  7. OGorila

    Problema com o download do jogo

    Olá, Estou com um problema recente, o launcher baixa o jogo, e na hora de verificar dá erro! Daí eu vou verificar a pasta onde foi baixado e não tem nada! Já desinstalei e instalei novamente o launcher, mas nada.
  8. As Title suggests, I have done everything I can think of, including clearing registry, uninstalling everything, restarting pc, disabling any kind of anti-virus/anti-'x' nothing works, I have re-downloaded the game 5 times now each time it gets to 100% downloaded and shows the title as an error message (image attached) I have spent the entire day trying to fix this issue, I have seen people on the forums have had this issue for years and have said that support gives them no support (I recieved none either) how is this not fixed yet? no other game has this issue, 45 euros is a lot for a game that's not even out yet and the fact I can't even run it is kind of frustrating. any help appreciated, thanks.
  9. PrinzScheisser

    Cannot download game

    whenever i try to to download the game, i get an error saying that "Unable to load the file "Client." Unable to read data from the transport connection: The connection was closed" it causes my download to pause, and i get it every 10-20 mins or so. i just need a fix or i need a way to get a refund. anything you know that might help, please share.
  10. Moin Leute, beim versuch das Spiel runterzuladen werden mir 2 Fehlermeldungen angezeigt. Die screenshots werde ich anhängen. Hab fast alles ausprobiert und hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen...
  11. Hallo Leute. Habe schon von anderen gelesen hier das wir das Spiel nicht mehr Downloaden können. Die D.Rate ist extrem niedrig bis garnicht vorhanden!!?? Was da los?? Wir können das Spiel nicht mehr Downloaden!!!!
  12. Downloading the game is unbearably slow, i am living in israel and the download speed of the game is capped to 200kb/s i tried using vpn/making exceptions to my firewall even disabling it, without no avail, what really sucks is there is a server here in Tel-Aviv and yet the download is so slow it feels like im downloading the game from another continent in the other side of the earth is there any way to get a direct link to the download server, so i could at least download it using a high speed proxy, or even a torrent file will suffice. Thanks for coming to my TED talk ..
  13. shaunylimx

    Download HELP!!

    Hi all, Ever since the patch yesterday, I'm having problems running the game. First, I tried running the game this morning, but the launcher was stuck on "Checking the Game" screen for hours, i eventually gave up and decided to reinstall the launcher and the game.. After i reinstalled the launcher, it was running fine, but the reinstallation of the game is taking forever. (Stuck on 1 kb/s - 2kb/s and doesnt go higher) It is definitely not an internet issue since i can run other games just fine. Have checked my Firewall, Administrative Settings, Restarting my computer, clearing my temp folder and whatever i can think of but to no avail.. Wondering if anyone is facing / had faced this issue before and can lend me a helping hand? Would really appreciate the help!!
  14. ohmstory012

    Failed install

    that shown up like this , what should i do ?
  15. kjwo0679

    what is this

    i need help plz
  16. itsmarra

    Download Speed issues

    Hi everyone, i am re-installing the game on my new M.2 Samsung , but my average download speed for some reason, it's 50 KB/s. Usually, i use to download file at least at 10 MB/s or more, because i have a Gigabit. Also i tried reading on the Forum for some fix, for exampe deactivating the IPV6, or using a VPN, but nothing of these seems work for me... Please someone can give me some infos ? Thanks
  17. Godsunedon

    Very low download speed

    Basically the title, I do have good internet connecion, up to 120mb/s but game is loading <100 kb/s. What can I do?
  18. I bought the game today. I've tried multiple servers, reinstalled the launcher and restarted my PC but nothing has worked. My friend was able to download it fine.
  19. Matze84-AW-

    fehler beim laden

    Mir wird beim laden immer angezeigt das die Daten nicht geladen werden können und dann Bestätige ich und es Läd weiter , bin jetzt mit einer guten Leitung und genügen speicher seid drei tagen am laden und weis nicht wo es dran liegen würde kann mir jemand sagen woran es liegt
  20. Deepseteyes

    User Action Required

    I have pre-purchased the game and have been trying to download for 3 days. I keep getting the following: " Unable to load the file "Client." Unable to read data from transport connection: the connection was closed." Can anyone provide advice or help?
  21. Conrad24_Auge

    Client Download Probleme

    Hi Leute habe ein Problem der neuste Client will bei mir irgendwie nicht downloaden gibt eine Fehlermeldung das die verbindung zur Client zip Datei nicht aufrecht erhalten konnte und ich habe auch schon alles gelöscht und auch den Launcher neu gedownloadet aber funktioniert irgendwie nicht. Was kann man da machen ?
  22. I bought the game last night and started the download then went to bed hoping for it to finish while im at work today. came home to an error message saying this : User action required Unable to load the file "client." Not enough space to save the file C:\Battlestate\Games\BsgLauncher\Temp\ (live)EftClientDistr. I know i have the space to download it.....where am I going wrong? when trying to download it I try to just set the location as just my "C:" or "D:" but it tells me that it cant do that.....pls help.
  23. JockelHD

    EFT Installation

    Wenn ich versucht den Download zu starten, lädt der launcher nichts Herunter oder, wenn er etwas herunter lädt dann mit 250mb/s obwohl ich nurt maximal 6.4mb/ haben kann und sagt am ende von download, dass die dateien nicht geladen werden konnten. Der Ordner des spieles ist auch leer.
  24. nickenich2

    Slow Downloadspeed

    Hello Guys, am i the only one with slow download speed? Yesterday i got 120 KB/sec after many restarts and tests with vpn it wouldnt get better so i thought "try it tomorrow". Now i got 450 KB/sec which would take a long time too. Do you guys have any tricks for full downloadspeed? Yesterday i saw people downloading with 9MB/sec rate. Some others got the problem too and switches to their notebook and were able to download with full speed.. Maybe you guys can help me
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