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Found 13 results

  1. residentony

    Drop fps significativo durante la mira

    Ciao a tutti ragazzi scrivo sul forum perchè sono esasperato. Non ho un pc fisso esagerato ma i suoi 80 fps medi (mappe grande) mi fanno comodo. Il problema è quando MIRO. Quando clicco il tasto destro il gioco va male: cali fps , sluttering, quando muovo il cursore a destra o sinistra la riposta non è immediata e a volte si frezza per quel millesimo di secondo che costa la vita del raider. Non so cosa fare. Ho già messo la spunta in "esegui override bla bla bla" che danno come aiuto per questi casi... ma nulla, non riesco più a giocare decentemente. Per scrivere qui sul forum significa che per me è diventato insopportabile e ingestibile... non 2 3 fps in meno che non fanno nulla . Se qualcuno mi sapesse dare una mano ne sarei grato perchè amo questo gioco. Buona giornata a tutti.
  2. So today a buddy and I had 3 rounds in a row with our Saiga's dropping mags after every reload even when doing it in a test server. We would be super careful and still it would drop every reload so I am convinced there is a bug or it could have been some type of Desync or lag but doesn't really make sense. I am working on getting it uploaded to Youtube so I can share that video for the Dev's but hoping that it can be acknowledged and looked into if possible! Thank you
  3. Hello, My problem is that i have randomly fps drop for about 2min then it returns to normal about (50-60) fps with cap on 60. I have thoes drops since i remember. I have strong enough laptop that should handle Tarkov... My laptop specs are in attached files. (graphic card is 6GB memory) Also my ingame setting are in attached files. I was changing all setting trying to fix it but it doesn't help. Also with high setting my game runs with 50-60fps but still fps drops for a while. I'am using script to run all my cores to run tarkov. @ECHO OFF START "" "E:\BsgLauncher\BsgLauncher.exe" :LOOP TASKLIST | FIND /I "EscapeFromTarkov.exe" IF ERRORLEVEL 1 ( TIMEOUT /T 5 GOTO LOOP ) TIMEOUT /T 30 PowerShell "$Process = Get-Process EscapeFromTarkov; $Process.ProcessorAffinity=1365; $Process.PriorityClass=[System.Diagnostics.ProcessPriorityClass]::AboveNormal;" With and without this game still drops fps... My laptop is plugged to energy source all the time, i set up max performance on my laptop. I nottice that tarkov heat up my cores up to 80 degree of Celcius. I haven't change new post processing setting yet, I'will try thoes and give feedback if it helps. Also i have internet connection with high speed fiber if it matters. Game is installed on SSD disk with a lot of free space. My system disk is clean. I tried to reinstall game many times, i delete all file even from reg. I also changed Compatibility setting -> Change high DPI settings to aplication ... Also didint work. Yes i was instaling game on HDD disk and SSD disk the same situation. Fps from even to 8-15fps so its really hard to play with it... My nvidia drivers are updated
  4. DavidArmstrong1

    Can we stop DROP Event?

    Hey girls and boys, I have one question. Can we finally stop this drop event on twitch? Because the servers are lagging and everything loads very long. I mean all of the players should have enough loot already. So instead of letting this event run, it would be nice to stop it and be able to play it without lags again. What do you think about it? Greetings David
  5. NeroNSvK

    Bullet drop SFX

    Hello, I have been playing this game on and off since it pretty much was possible to play with EOD edition... My question is simple, back in the days of early alpha when I shot any gun and the empty bullet casing would interact/hit surfaces I would hear a realistic sound effect. It was very nice and immersive, I remember even shooting aside windows you could hear empty casings ricochee off the glass making a realistic sound. But playing the game recently I tested firing multiple guns and It looks like this feature has been removed. Can't hear any casing drops anymore... So what happened? Did it got removed because of performance issues and will it appear again in the game? I very enjoyed hearing empty casings dropping when rapid firing lol :)
  6. PardTheTroll

    Bullet drop physics in Tarkov

    Greetings BSG Devs and fellow players! I recently got into a discussion with a mate of mine concerning accuracy and bullet drop mechanics in Tarkov compared to real life. While having very good understanding of physics, I am no pro, when it comes to ballistics. Anything wrong I say, you may correct without even a second thought. So, the discussion started with a short story of my mate of his time in military service, after we were tarkoved and got salty. He told me, that they had shooting practice with a rifle chambered with 5.56 x 45 mm. Only with an iron sight. 300 meters away from the target. At first, I didn't think much, besides that it must be quite hard to aim, as the target should appear quite small at this distance. But I have been proven otherwise. Not only was it not really hard nor time consuming to get an aim on the target, it was also "easy" to hit the target after a quick adjustment after the first shot. Sure, it does not compare to an actual combat situation where time and pressure work against you, but still. What amazed me even more, is that he didn't even had to adjust that much. Yes, considering the force behind the shot and the maximum velocity of this caliber of 1100 m/s, it should't be much of a surprise. But now let me come to my actual question: On what kind of physic are the ballistics in Tarkov based on? Everyone must have noticed, that the bullet drop is pretty strong in this game. If comparing the adjustment through/with an iron sight that is. Also, today I discovered a pretty interesting video covering the lethality of 9 mm bullets (cartridges?). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wXFf34bB34 After this one, I want to expand my question to: Why it is the way it is? Is it because the maps are not big enough? Is it because it adds a higher skill requirement to land shots on targets located further away? In the end I do not mind, even while this game tries to be as realistic as possible, that we have "unrealistic" bullet drops. I don't specifically dislike zeroing, when trying to one tap an unaware pray. It kinda makes my inner voice tingle. While having done no test to compare the different ammunition types we have, I´d like to them to have consistent and proportional bullet drop. Be it realistic or not. Just consistent! I´d also like to know, what fellow Tarkoviens think about this. So don't hold back to share your opinion! Cheers!
  7. Please stop the bleeding of character skill progress while offline.. I Work long hours and cant game Mondays to Thursdays, when i jump back in on Fridays, I loose a pretty hefty chunk from every skill.. I literally go from work straight to bed. It just counters my lust for playing the game knowing that if dont play for a week then I loose allot of progress.. And to repair the damage Im gonna have to grind the whole weekend to just get it back... It really makes me rethink playing the game. Investing time into character improvement is one of the things i love doing. But not if im gonna loose that progress while im at work anyways and not get to enjoy the benefits..
  8. gNecrOz

    Lag On Contact

    So this is mostly just a question for the Devs and For anyone else who might be experiencing a similar thing. When I have a PMC or Player SCAV within my FOV, I get horrible Frame Drops... Like down to 2 FPS. I am not sure if anyone else has a similar issue. I have only had this happen since the new 0.6.x.x updates and hot fixes. I hope this can help shed light on issues that may not be known, and if it is a known and I could not find in while Topic Searching. Mods please lock the thread so no one can spread a Toxicity. Cheers, Necro
  9. Heyho, ich renne jetzt schon mehrere tage, stunden durch Customs, Factory und loote jeden einzelnen cabinet... meine mates ebenso auf anderen Raids... sind mittlerweile über level 30 und bekommen absolut keinen Marked key... sogar den Factory Key und den Gdesk key finden wir des öfteren.. hat jemand die selben erfahrungen oder weis wo der am besten spawnt?
  10. Am i the only one to go on Customs, Woods or Shoreline and play few minutes and then suddenly big frame drops appear and the game becomes unplayable? I kinda solved the Customs and Woods just to be more rare but on Shoreline i can't play even 5 minutes and it freezes, and before you ask me about my pc, i have a gtx 970, i5 7500 8gb ram, i don't think anything else really matters much to list here. I tried contacting the support but they aren't really helping me, maybe they'll find a fix (hope so) but until then maybe you guys had a problem like this and can help a comrade too plox
  11. Brogaard123

    How to find Salewa kits!

    Hi! Since i've been using the forum alot to get help from others i thought it wouldnt be a bad idea to give something back to the community! U probable had the quest Shortage that you get from Therapist for a long time, trying to find the Salewa's can be a hard job. But with this quick guide you might have alot of them in a short time! Step 1: Go in to Customs and go the the extraction point by the fuelstation! Step 2: Behind the fuelstation you will find this little hole. inside the hole there is a red bag! Step 3: Inside the bag there is a big chance that the Salewa will drop. Do this over and over again, and soon you will swim in Salewa's LIKE THE POST IF IT HELPED YOU
  12. I've seen early footage of the game that has characters dropping their weapon upon death, and their weapon flying out of their hands. It looks more natural than what we currently have in the Beta. If you're worried about players not finding weapons in grass or dark places, the solution is simple: do it like Skyrim or Fallout, so you can loot the weapon from the corpse even though it's on the floor.
  13. TheColdVein

    How Do Bullets Work In Video Games?

    Title is the title of the video. I thought this was interesting, and I wonder what systems are planned as to realism in shooting in this game.
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