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Found 2 results

  1. Suggested changes

    Ok, I'm new to the beta, I've enjoyed gameplay, couple of things here and there that you would expect from any beta. But there's a suggestion I would like to make about weapons and insurance. I believe that if this game is going to go far as in a pubg (player unknown battlegrounds) or a csgo type publicity. You'll need to add a feature where you can save at least one item. Possible that it could be added into the insurance feature. It'll cost more but you can "save" a weapon indefinitely. Ive been searching for an m4 or ar15, and I've considered the possibility of turning the game off if I got one and lost it. I might have a melt down, or in respect, make guns a little more accessible from loot stations. Maybe put armory style locations, a police station with an armory type thing, gun closets in houses, etc. i like the thought of the game and I want it to take off and be popular, so we can have some bomb fire fights, Squad fights, clan fights, etc. but currently in the beta there isn't much appeal to stick around compared to other games. Pubg grabs you by the ears and sucks you in, in having a hard time finding the thing that makes me want to continue to raid over and over again. Maybe im misinformed on some level of the research I've done on the game but as I've stated, just suggestions, maybe others will have something to add. also, no admin has to reply to this and tell me why I'm wrong, just suggestions. Take them or naw, either way it's ok.
  2. FPS Problem not Fixed...

    As most of you know their is people reporting a bad memory leak, I too have experienced the leak to the point where my game is unplayable. It started 2 days ago, I'd join any match other then factory and would have frame drops to 1fps every 4 seconds ish. Then yesterday I played all day with 0 problems... now I get back on earlier today and still have no problems, then I get on just in the past hour and it's unplayable again.