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Found 7 results

  1. Guten Tag alle zusammen, fast täglich ließt man hier ein frustbeitrag über Dsyncs (verstehe das hab ja selbst probleme damit ohne ende) Doch das hilft den meist wenig. Den Lösungswege gehen unter und es wird unübersichtlich. In diesem Post bitte ich nun darum keine "ich habe dsync probleme ..." Posts sondern nur Lösungswege was Dir dabei geholfen hat die probleme erfolgreich zu lösen. Damit möglichst viele auch die Probleme in den griff bekommen! In dem Video gehe ich schon auf ein paar Lösungswege ein und was ich bereits getestet habe.
  2. EVERY (literally) raid, theres always teleporting players and teleporting AI. My ping is 50-70 to the sydney server (im in QLD Australia) yet every game, no matter the map, its impossible to kill anyone or anything. Id either shoot someone a hundred times in the face, give up, run away, then die all of a sudden when theres no one near me. Even trying to aim down on an AI is impossible cause of the constant teleport. It's unplayable unless I wanna play a finding item simulator. Cause of this Ive given up going in geared and just decided to do everything with a gamma container and a hatchet, cause no matter what i bring in, Ill lose it to some bullshit dsync way. Support wasnt much help but they did try to give as much advice as they could, Im wondering if anyone else has any kind of fix or has this problem? No firewall or anti virus programs.
  3. Herpedyderp

    Intense Dsync

    I emptied an entire 60 round ak mag using PP 5.45x39 into a naked PMC and he soaked all the rounds and then killed me with his axe, all the rounds were chest/arms. Likely Dsync as none of the shots registered as hits. He was moving the whole time, not frozen in place.
  4. CaptiveHat


    Well ive spent the better part of 4 hours looting with scavs and hatchet runs. made quite a bit of money. then figured id take out my MPX. unloaded 30+ rounds into the back of a BEAR. realizing it didnt do anything. i flanked around and just dropped dead. no one around me. i can only assume, during the dsync he was able to turn and shoot me. then once the server caught up we both probably died.. this stuff seems to happen in long waves. which is really discouraging and is the main reason i only do hatchet runs while solo. or scav to just build up a huge stash. i dont see it as fun when this issue has been pretty prominent since just before beta launching. maybe a fix will come soon with the release of the rest of shoreline.
  5. Shleft


    Will there be a desync fix in the next patch? I just ask because the 1 minute delays are really poo. We have lost a DV-10 full modded aks and all the things in the raids today because of the desync. That pisses me off. The servers have been so poo for a few days. Also spmetimes i dont get out of the raid cause i get no menu to leave.
  6. IConquestI

    Dsync(or not) on Factory

    Hello everyone, As you all know the hotfix has been release for less than a day right now, I've been playing before the hotfix and was playing for couple of hours after the hotfix. My location is New Jersey, and I ran into some problems on Factory while I was playing this Morning. I ran 2 solo raid on factory, everything seems normal at the beginning, you know, the casual stuff, killing scavs, fight with PMCs. But After I got some loot and was about to get out, I went into the extraction zone in factory, and my character wasn't extracting at all. Now, I know some of you might say it's Dsync, but hear me out. As I was wondering what's going on, I checked my inventory and the chest rig I got from a scav is unsearched, so I go ahead and searched it, as you all know that when you are searching something during Dsync, the item will keep blinking, or the menu will not showing up untill the spike goes away. But that wasn't my case. I dragged some loot between my bag and gamma they moved fine, without delay at all. Here comes the strang part, as I was sorting out everything, another player went inside the extraction room and he saw me and started to shoot at me, but I wasn't taking damage at all and neither was him. As he finally gave up and walked next to me, then he got out and I was still there. Then I tried to Alt + F4 then Reconnect, my character was still there, standing still, but won't extract. All of above was the first 2 attempt I made this morning while doing solo. I played a scav game right after on Custom, I extracted just fine. This afternoon, I started to play again, I found a team to play as 5 on factory hoping to see this problem won't happen to me again, but same thing happened. all of my team got out except for me. The purpose of this post is looking for anyone else that had this problem after the hotfix, I've reported this incident at 'report bug' section.
  7. IConquestI

    Let's talk about Dsync

    Are you a victim of Dsync? Have you try to kill a guy that he just won't go down? Are you tired of dying to hatchets when Dsync is on their side? Have you experienced when one Aussie join the game and everyone else got Dsync? Fear not, motherfuckers! Welcome to Tarkov.
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