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Found 3 results

  1. LennyPlays

    Spawns and Team Killing

    The spawns should be fixed, so they are random or something else. It is stupid to wait 30 minutes for your Scav to complete and then you spawn in and someone is facing you with a shotgun. This is unfair and a complete waste of time. As a Scav you shouldn't be able to team kill, again they will wait for you at the designated spawns to kill you for crappy loot. This is a huge problem for my friend and I. I think other people would get my point and that this is going to make them want to refund.
  2. I never really found it to be an issue until I had great loot, but I went to an exit and it takes like 3 seconds to get through the door, if there is an ability to cancel that I dont know about please inform me but I lost fort armor and a lot of weapons because of someone camping exit, yes its my fault for clearing it but he only had a pistol, I know for a fact I heard him halfway through the animation, but couldnt move or anything, I know for a fact that I would of killed him because I had superior armor, weapons everything, I just couldnt do anything like a dead fish, please think this through or somehow make it work cause that was really bothering
  3. RTRlaser

    You know what would be cool

    This game as a WWII Stalingrad or Berlin Street to street survival/FPS like it is now. Choose either German or Russian or even as civilians caught in the cross fire in either city. This game is amazing and this style of fighting and sneaking mixed with WWII tech (mauser/nagant/etc with the occasional period correct weapon like the MG42). Finding ammo and Stripper clips... obviously having stripper clips would allow you to reload much faster... choose to entrench in a ditch, sneak behind a Tiger tank, fight door to door in Stalingrad Hatchlings out... Bayonetchargelings in... lol Just a random thought
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