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    Looking for a duo or trio

    Looking for a consistent duo/trio as I’ll be on everyday. I have played for one wipe and wanting to get back into it after taking a break. Add discord if interested BIG HONKY#0017 from Canada but can work with any time zone
  2. liamkb113

    looking for consistent duo partner!

    hi im lvl 34! looking for a experienced duo partner to play with! i know customs woods and shoreline! from the uk! discord is liam1#3505 hmu if you wanna try!
  3. DarkFoin

    Cherche joueur pour DUO

    Yo ! Je reprend tout doux EFT et j'aimerai quelqu'un pour DUO à l'occase. J'ai 30ans, dispo soir / week-end principalement (vacances encore pour cette semaine 🙌) , je suis actuellement LVL 22 - 75% SR (stats pour les intéressé, à supposer que ça signifie quelque chose sur ce jeu : https://imgshare.io/images/2021/08/25/EFT.jpg ) J'adore jouer aux bolts-action sur shoreline ! Sinon je suis à l'aise sur toutes maps hormis peut-être reserve. Discord : VithiA#7349
  4. Szukam kogoś do gry , ponieważ chce wkręcić sie w EFT . Grę kupiłem dzisiaj , ale moje doświadczenie jest bardzo małe, tylko tyle co obejrzałem na streamach innych graczy. Przegrałem kilka godzin offline , póki co uczę się map. Jeżeli ktoś ma cierpliwość i chce pograć ze świeżakiem , który szybko się uczy , dajcie znac !! Wiek : 29 lat.
  5. Foxyprox

    Looking for duo [EU West]

    Hi! Sometimes a chad, often a rat. 35yo and looking to get back into this game. No hours played yet this since last wipe. I'm looking for a teammate to play as a duo. When I get into a game, I like to play it a lot. Preferably have a teammate that is on a lot too. Not a novice myself as I've sunk plenty of hours into this game. That said I don't mind if you are as long as you're up for teamplay. Country: NL (you don't have to be Dutch, I'm fluent in English) Timezone: CEST Playtimes: late afternoon until late at night, sometimes during the day
  6. arvamircea

    Looking for someone to play with

    Hey just come back to the game after a few months break. I am not that good at the game but I am looking for someone to play with. Lvl 5 BEAR and my english good. I mostly play on Customs map because that's the map I know best. Anyone wants to play with me constantly (2-5 games a day)? EST time
  7. Shin-obi

    Looking For Duo UK

    Hi There Looking for a duo to team up with that speaks good English, I'm not the best player but I'm not the worst either, I'm level 20 AND know all of the maps (apart from labs). Just looking for someone chill to learn and play with regularly and just in general become mates. Hmu on skype username: minibagdaddy
  8. AshenElder

    [NA] [EST] LF Duo

    Just looking for someone to team up with that will play semi consistently. I play most weeknights and more on the weekends. I’m currently level 34. Hovering around a 36% Survival rate. Hideout is almost maxed out, sitting on around 3.5m and a decent stash. I don’t rage and I’m cool with new players. Sometimes I chad sometimes I rat. Just be nice to have a partner. I have kids so they may be in the background sometimes and I get busy on occasion, but I enjoy this game a lot and put a lot of time into it.
  9. Antisect275

    I want a teammate (HC ONLY) ; ) DUO

    I am 22 years old, I live in Denmark. I'd prefer it if you weren't danish ; ). either way I prefer to speak english. I also speak a bit of German. I play the game as some what call a hardcore? I simply do not use the flea market, nor do I buy anything from fence. and I haven't from lvl 1.( I want you to also be a HC. ) or I am simply not allowed to play with you.. nor do I want too. breaks the purpose. also (NO scavs, ONLY pmc). I am lvl 23 currently. I am certainly fairly experienced. I have played a few previous wipes on and off. a very good shot. I lack knowledge of Reserve.. only ever played it once, I seem to be to scared to learn it. My traits: * Great game knowledge. * I can play different playstyles, given different situations. * Reliable teammate, .. / the opposite of greedy. * Patient. More: I prefer playing Woods, Customs and Shoreline. ( in no particular order ) I normally play the raid fairly patiently, slow yet meticulous. (solo) I normally always try and complete my missions as they are given, immidietly. Disadvantages: * I am usually a bit slow post game, as I am still on the level 1 stash size, and need to repack and sort, etc. * Unfamiliar with "correct" callouts of certain places. ( I spend most of my time playing alone. ) MORE: I certainly tryhard most of the time, it's how I enjoy the game best, thus why I play this.. call it, hardcore mode. But with that, I am socially built and enjoy having a good time. Let's try playing together. and see how it works out. I am also - open for many new things, playstyles etc. etc. Sincerely Scott - Discord :: Antisect275#1226 Thanks.

    Newish Player Looking For Group or Duo

    I've had Tarkov for like 2 years now, but never played it much. Now I've recently fallen in love with the game and want a chill group to play with. I'm 21 from Eastern Canada and normally play from 2300-0400 ADT. However most days I'm also available in the afternoon as well. I don't care much for the knowledge or skill of my teammates, since those things can become better with time and experience anyways. I'm still learning the maps, but I know Customs pretty well.
  11. Mr_Daemon_

    UK Player Looking For Group / Duo

    Hi everyone, I am a UK based player I have played loads of FPS shooters in the past but this is my first venture into Tarkov and to be honest I am loving it that's why I forked out for the Edge of Darkness bundle! I am looking for people to run with or a solid duos partner i play mainly from about 8-8:30pm GMT until 12:00-02:00 most weekdays but definitely Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday. I am 32 and play mostly for fun but I am a bit of a completion fiend too :-) find me on Discord @Tinker_Gaming#3477
  12. Billy333

    Looking for A Duo/Trio (NA)

    Hi, Im looking for someone to duo/trio with. I started playing since the start of last wipe but wasn't really committed. On a scale of 1-10 of my experience, it would be around a 4-5. For my playtime, im usually on and off but can play between 1:00PM (EST) to 9:00 (EST). And lastly, I would prefer to play around my age being 18. If you're interested, add me on Discord: ANice#9567 p.s. Im not a SERIOUS nor talkative player so don't have any high expectations. I tend to just play for fun
  13. KrYpTiCmast3r

    LEV 37

    Hey, sup. Looking for people that are at least lev 30 just so I know you have some skill. Always on, just looking for some new bros to chill with and have some fun. Map that I'm good at best to worst: Reserve, customs, labs, shoreline, factory, and interchange.
  14. Newstory36

    Looking for duo partner [EU]

    Looking for someone I can play with on regular bases, have fun and learn the game with. Not looking for anyone sweaty, who just wants to make money as fast as possible, watching streams/youtube videos and only gunning for the most profitable maps/runs only to then go full gear to smash other players. Find it more fun learning the game with someone rather than solo and enjoying it in the process. Just chill runs, either doing quests, some rat/scav raids for money or using that money to have some fun with better gear. Learning the game at our own pace. I don't care about levels (I'm lvl 25, first wipe), though probably looking for someone 20yo or older. Feel free to send a friend request in-game to Newstory or add me in Discord (Newstory#1476)
  15. I haven't played EFT since end of 2018. Looking to get back into it with someone who's trying to learn as well! I've had EFT since 2016 so not completely useless lol NA west based
  16. JonnyJade

    Looking for a duo

    lvl 11 so still pretty new, looking for one other relaxed individual around the same lvl Discord is Jonny Jade#9416
  17. Mr_Jankos

    Suche duo Partner

    Hallo Zusammen, ich suche einen duo Partner um ein bisschen Tarkov zu spielen. Ich bin noch Anfänger und würde gerne zusammen questen und looten. LG, Mr_Janko
  18. ggcookie

    Lvl 17 looking for duo runs

    Won't play with anyone under 18, looking for someone whose still learning like me, I'm getting better map knowledge and getting better at situational decision making and gunfights etc now. I refuse to play in a group because I find that its easier for solo players to pick you off one by one, and with the realism involved it's difficult to keep track,. That one second you need to second question if that is your team mate in front of you is the second you die So copy pasta my discord if you want to do duo runs: < 𝓖𝓬 >#2413 I am EU West.
  19. AlpeSO

    Looking for a bomb squad

    I doesn't matter how many people join or how few just need a teamate with a good amount of experience and is willing to play with me in most maps the more the merrier oh just saying im lvl 10 but im pretty good
  20. EliteForcegi


    looking for a duo to consistently play with!!! kinda newish but get the idea Discord: EliteForce#5312 Duo only!!!!
  21. EliteForcegi


    looking for one person to duo with! kinda new but get the idea! Discord: EliteForce#5312
  22. TooTallLenny

    New player looking for pal...

    So I'm SUPER new, only two raids and one kill. Open to other new players too so we can learn together or maybe an experienced person who doesn't mind showing me the ropes. A buddy would be best as I get super anxious by myself and don't probably too slowly. I will never be great at this but would like to invest some time into it to become decent. I am NA EST and play mostly late night or early morning before work. Lastly, I just want to have a good time and chill. I am far from overly serious, don't mind dying (surviving preferable of course) to learn. Mistakes will be made
  23. Zantetzulken

    Looking for somone to play EFT with (EU)

    34 ish guy looking for somone to play with eather guy or girl dosent matter or even a clan maybe let me know iam swedish no1 hasent reply me eahter on discord or so or pm me so guess its hard to find somone to play with:/ my discord Zantetzulken#0574

    Looking for English person to play with

    Hi I’m looking for someone English to play with. I’m a bit of a new comer to Tarkov so could use any help available plus playing in a duo is more fun than on my own hit me up if your down I’ve got my own discord too
  25. vTaught

    Looking for teamates

    Currently i got no one to play with, i like to do geared runs, so i suggest u do the same. I play like to play shorline, interchange, Customs sometimes factory. I dont really like playing woods. I am level 35, please be a high level and be willing to bring out good gear. im 13 btw if that matters
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