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Found 15 results

  1. TooTallLenny

    New player looking for pal...

    So I'm SUPER new, only two raids and one kill. Open to other new players too so we can learn together or maybe an experienced person who doesn't mind showing me the ropes. A buddy would be best as I get super anxious by myself and don't probably too slowly. I will never be great at this but would like to invest some time into it to become decent. I am NA EST and play mostly late night or early morning before work. Lastly, I just want to have a good time and chill. I am far from overly serious, don't mind dying (surviving preferable of course) to learn. Mistakes will be made
  2. Zantetzulken

    Looking for somone to play EFT with (EU)

    34 ish guy looking for somone to play with eather guy or girl dosent matter or even a clan maybe let me know iam swedish no1 hasent reply me eahter on discord or so or pm me so guess its hard to find somone to play with:/ my discord Zantetzulken#0574

    Looking for English person to play with

    Hi I’m looking for someone English to play with. I’m a bit of a new comer to Tarkov so could use any help available plus playing in a duo is more fun than on my own hit me up if your down I’ve got my own discord too
  4. vTaught

    Looking for teamates

    Currently i got no one to play with, i like to do geared runs, so i suggest u do the same. I play like to play shorline, interchange, Customs sometimes factory. I dont really like playing woods. I am level 35, please be a high level and be willing to bring out good gear. im 13 btw if that matters
  5. Flyisgod

    Looking for Duo/Squad Buddies. [EU pref.]

    Heya there ! I'm Patrick, 23yo and I'm looking for some people that know the basics and gathered some experience. (I don't consider myself a pro / excellent player in any way.) I have played 2 wipes with okayish success and just started on this wipe. Languagewise I am fluent in English & German. (I pref. English tho.) - I mostly play on European servers. Would love to find some tactical players, that are willing to play some sneaky rounds, but also aggressive rounds when we feel like it ! I am online pretty much all day atm, but I do also play other games & shoutcast sometimes, so I might not always be available Feel free to reply here or on Discord: FlyFall#4700 I also do have a teamspeak server, if you prefer to use that Cheers, Fly !
  6. just got back into the game last time I played was when they added shoreline. anyones welcome just trying to get better at the game. My name on discord is chrisoslin2#4118
  7. relyksedaem

    Looking for duo-trio (lvl 29 full gear)

    I am looking for a skilled duo/trio to run mostly full gear raids with.
  8. Rickle-Pick

    Looking for a Duo/Group to play with

    Hi guys, I'm not going to beat around the bush, I am new to EFT and in search of a partner/group. Any replies are appreciated and as deadly would say 'keep slurpin' - Rickle Pick
  9. cavemanoftech

    Looking to play with people from AUS/NZ

    Hey everyone, I bought this game recently and am looking to play with people. I am level 8 and ready to start really playing now I have a decent grasp of the maps and other things. I play most nights and weekends New Zealand time,(hence AUS/NZ)
  10. cloudtheory

    looking for people to play with

    hey i'm new to this game and i'm getting used to this but i would like people to team up with to help me out
  11. ThePloof

    Looking for some no lives

    I'm looking for some peeps to play with. I'm always on for the grind. However, grinding with some friendlies would be a lot more fun. (i'm not joining communities, i will not be joining team speak channels) https://discord.gg/WgbW5HK
  12. xJuliusCaesar13

    Looking For Group

    Looking for a group/clan to run Duo,Trio,+ with i play daily usually just get bored of playing solo so much... Leave your comments mature players please..
  13. Creez

    Need a duo/squad

    Need someone / people to run some raids with and level. join my dis https://discord.gg/DrfPcZ
  14. lokosa

    Looking for Squad or Duo

    Hey Im looking for a mate or a squad to play withs im in the canada so if you wanna play add me i would like a someone withs a mic so add me Lokosa in game name,
  15. BlackSwordsman

    New Players

    Hello, I am looking to start a somewhat small group of Escapers that can play together sometimes or just whenever. I've been playing for a day or two, but I'd say I'm learning fast. Looking for other starters. Timezone:EST, The group won't have required playtime since I'm in college and I won't expect others to be ready to play whenever. I don't care how old you are as long as you aren't annoying. Just pm me and I shall message you the discord Link
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