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Found 11 results

  1. Moin, Mein Name ist Jan und ich bin 21 Jahre alt. Ich spiel das spiel seit 3 Seasons und verstehe somit ein bissel von dem Game, deswegen suche ich auch einen der etwas erfahrener ist etwas sehr wichtiges über mich, bin übelst der Tryhard aber nicht mit brüllen beim tot. Was gibt's zu sagen wäre super wenn DU das spiel auch zumindest eine Season gespielt hast weißt auch wo sich quests und keys befinden . Alter ist mir egal eigentlich. Mein Ziel in dem Game im Tarkov leaderboard zu stehen xD. Bei Interesse einfach Discord anschreiben [#6072 Dupstups] ps. noch etwas arbeite Schicht also bin nicht immer mittags online sondern auch mal nur morgens oder nachts
  2. ciutarobert

    [EU] Looking for duo

    European, playing on/off since .11, currently on a daily basis. I'm a couple of quests away from kappa this wipe, only need the guide and some night PMC kills. I have decent enough ping to play on east coast occasionally (beauharnois, seattle around 100-110) I obviously play this game for PvP, and I do not enjoy playing in big groups or hardcore ratting. RobertC#1089
  3. Hello, I'm 31 and I'm gaming for fun so I'm looking for like-minded people to play with. I JUST started so I'm either looking for someone to learn with me or someone advance with enough patience for a newbie like me:) I have a mic, I speak english and I'm rather good with shooters.
  4. Shin-obi

    Looking For Duo UK

    Hi There Looking for a duo to team up with that speaks good English, I'm not the best player but I'm not the worst either, I'm level 20 AND know all of the maps (apart from labs). Just looking for someone chill to learn and play with regularly and just in general become mates. Hmu on skype username: minibagdaddy
  5. Antisect275

    I want a teammate (HC ONLY) ; ) DUO

    I am 22 years old, I live in Denmark. I'd prefer it if you weren't danish ; ). either way I prefer to speak english. I also speak a bit of German. I play the game as some what call a hardcore? I simply do not use the flea market, nor do I buy anything from fence. and I haven't from lvl 1.( I want you to also be a HC. ) or I am simply not allowed to play with you.. nor do I want too. breaks the purpose. also (NO scavs, ONLY pmc). I am lvl 23 currently. I am certainly fairly experienced. I have played a few previous wipes on and off. a very good shot. I lack knowledge of Reserve.. only ever played it once, I seem to be to scared to learn it. My traits: * Great game knowledge. * I can play different playstyles, given different situations. * Reliable teammate, .. / the opposite of greedy. * Patient. More: I prefer playing Woods, Customs and Shoreline. ( in no particular order ) I normally play the raid fairly patiently, slow yet meticulous. (solo) I normally always try and complete my missions as they are given, immidietly. Disadvantages: * I am usually a bit slow post game, as I am still on the level 1 stash size, and need to repack and sort, etc. * Unfamiliar with "correct" callouts of certain places. ( I spend most of my time playing alone. ) MORE: I certainly tryhard most of the time, it's how I enjoy the game best, thus why I play this.. call it, hardcore mode. But with that, I am socially built and enjoy having a good time. Let's try playing together. and see how it works out. I am also - open for many new things, playstyles etc. etc. Sincerely Scott - Discord :: Antisect275#1226 Thanks.
  6. EST Time Zone Level 36 Would like some ppl to squad with , HMU InGame - NoobyTea Discord- NoobyTea #0419
  7. TripleMMM

    Looking for someone to Play with

    Hey guys I’m 38 and play Tarkov daily, looking for guys to play with! I’m level 33 and know most of the maps well. I play all the time so keen to find someone as keen as me!
  8. Crystal15

    Looking for labs/duo/trio

    I want to have some fun on labs looking for 1 or 2 more players that know there way around labs at least mostly and willing to play. I am a lvl 56 and very experienced on labs.
  9. JustLee

    Looking for EU/UK duo

    New player looking for duo UK EU /w discord
  10. madigen

    LF Duo Buddy

    New to the game. I like all the maps. Hit lvl 20 LF someone to play with and to bs with. I don't have gar fear, still getting gear. I am just looking for someone to play with. ' 18+ (language) Also have kids so you might hear them in the background.
  11. SoundPulserino

    Team Queue Customs / US East

    Looking for players to duo/squad play with, must be from US-East And have a mic, Post a reply if youd like to join! I have a Discord setup aswell as Twitch.
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