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Found 2 results

  1. DanExert

    Reduce 'Place Task Item' Timer

    I'm sure this has been mentioned before, though after searching the forums I could not find a suitable topic to bump up! One major issue I see with the majority of tasks which require the player to place items in certain places, is that it takes way too long to perform quite simple actions. For example, placing 2 balaclavas and 2 pairs of sunglasses on Woods pier causes the player to be exposed for a minimum of 80 seconds to 2 minutes (unsure whether they are 20 or 30-second timers though they are indeed long) - same goes for placing gold chains and lighters in microwaves, under mattresses, in bunkhouses etc. This is a fast action in real life, especially so if there is danger around you; I'm sure we would all stuff those chains into the gap within 5 seconds flat in our PMCs shoes. Tasks such as setting up Wi-Fi cameras, however, make more sense to take longer to complete, as you are actively setting up a piece of equipment and need to make sure it's set up correctly as to not anger the task-giver (animations when )! Of course this is not game-breaking, but it would definitely be a happier time in Tarkov if we didn't have to spend precious minutes with no cover whilst performing simple actions. Thank you for reading, and I hope my suggestion makes sense!
  2. Cravez

    Closed Alpha Duration

    Hi Has there been any news on how long the duration of the closed alpha will be? Is it to be a few days, a week, few weeks? Also will the EOD and other selected players be brought on in waves? e.g 1000 people for wave 1, 1000 people for wave 2 etc. So if people are in Wave 1 they won't be able to play in Wave 2? Also how long will each wave be if it's the case? Thanks, Cravez
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