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Found 13 results

  1. Flamax

    Escape From Tarkov Nederland

    Beste PMC's, Recent heb ik Escape From Tarkov Nederland opgezet om Nederlandse spelers samen te brengen. Ben jij dus een Nederlands sprekende speler en wil je met andere Nederlands sprekende spelers spelen ? Ben jij het beu elke keer gekilled te worden als solo speler ? Ben je het beu om met je hatchet runs te moeten doen omdat je je gear niet kwijt wilt ? Join dan Discord en speel samen met andere Nederlandse spelers en verhoog je overlevingskansen ! https://discord.gg/42u3T8N
  2. It is always great to see new emissaries stepping up from their community to help their language speaking community get the latest news fast and precise with their own languages. Please, welcome our new emissaries: @VinceVega for Greece and @tim641 for Dutch Community Congrats and welcome to the team for the both of you. Have a great time! P.S: You both will receive a message from our emissaries coordinator @Colonel Twerkins for what is next. Thanks!
  3. DeadlyPistol

    Dutch Players wanna team up?

    any dutch players wanna team up??
  4. _Insanity_1

    foto's van de nieuwe items

    foto's van de nieuwe items
  5. Rockabyte

    Looking for players

    i am looking for players that want to play with me. i know the maps but not where all the loot is and i am learning the game aswell. i am from NL (dutch) and i can speak enlish aswell
  6. _Insanity_1

    Nederlandse community leider

    is er all een soort van community leider. voor de nederlanders
  7. soldierfront1ab

    (Dutch) clan/group

    Hey Guys, Im pretty sick of getting killed while playing solo. I would really like to form a group and play a bit more tactical. Im online most days and evenings. Time to group up!
  8. _Insanity_1

    nl eft discord

    ik heb een nederlandse eft discord gemaakt. https://discord.gg/c8ZZ4ft
  9. Ravib

    Tabula Rosa

    I am Dutch and speak english and i am looking for people to join my group are you lonely and wanna play with team members join us https://www.twitch.tv/patronplaysgames https://discord.gg/KhbBDE minimum off 20 hours in the game
  10. kylian185

    Dutch EFT Community

    Dutch EFT Community hoi allmaal ook opzoek naar Nederlandse speller join de Dutch EFT Community en game samen en join de Discord Server Gr kylian185
  11. maxiEEE

    EFT players Benelux

    To all Benelux EFT players Made a Discord server where everyone can meet up, set up raid groups and chit chat to your liking. Invite link: https://discord.gg/h2mQPfm Hope to meet you all there!
  12. sandermvandijk

    Dutch Group

    Hey Guys, I want to start a dutch group for new players. I'm online most evenings for at least and hour (just to relax and blow of some steam and some heads). Let me know if you want to group up.
  13. We only Expand and grow! We would like to welcome you all to the opening of our new two multilingual sub-forum: Dutch and Scandinavia. In addition to this, we have added a new ''Off-Topic (Off-Themen)'' subsection for German section as the community expands. on top of that, our ''Brazil'' section has been renamed to ''Portuguese'' by the request of the community to involve more of the language speakers to discuss and share Tarkov together. Happy Hunting everyone!
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