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Found 6 results

  1. Frappy

    Any tips for a beginner?

    Right, so I'm decent at FPS games. Back in the day when I played CS:GO, I used to carry my team almost every time. I've got good aim and stuff but I'm pretty poo at EFT. I've been wanting to play a game like this for YEARS but I keep losing motivation because I'm just really trash. When I have some shitty stuff laying around in my stash, I take them, hop into a game and get killed the first 1-2 Min in. Then I spend 500K on good gear and either encounter a 5 man PMC group or get 1 tapped out of nowhere. I used to be better but I'm just getting worse and worse. I keep losing money, and had a total of 2.5K roubles at some point. I was at 1.7M roubles a few days ago because I got extremely lucky in reserve and killed 2 sweaty bois. It was a combination of the guys teammate being stupid, allowing me to 1 tap him, and that the guy was using a terribly modded M4 which he was not able to hit me with, so there wasn't really any skill involved. I played away about 500K of that in a few hours. I'm lvl 17, over 120 hours into the game, but man I've been playing less and less because I'm simply very frustrated and I feel like I can only beat AI. When it comes to PMCs, I always feel like the other players are going to win, no matter what. I'd even say I'm starting to be scared of them. If anyone could give me any tips on how to get better at this game, I'd appreciate it a lot. I kind of know the maps. I can play customs without a map, still learning reserve but know where everything is and where to go. Best Regards Frappy
  2. knotiice

    Couple Suggestions

    I have yet to read the books so bare with me here, a few ideas I have floating around 1. I would like to know what gun I get killed by honestly very annoyed can't tell if it is a cheater or what cause can't tell if its a strong enough weapon to shoot me through gen 4 Armour even though said died by thorax... 2. would like to know if a scav I died by or killed was AI controlled or by a real person. 3. would like to see more WW2 era weapons I know we have the Mosin Nagant. but like I said I haven't read the books yet but Russia was facing Germany in ww2 so seeing a Mauser kar98k would be awesome all of it ties to location or German and Russian and united states military occupying neighbour countries during the ww2 period but I have a list ill show it here 4. Introduce the 45. Caliber 1. PSSH-41 Russian machine gun the mag is already implemented in the game for the Pmm Makarov 2. Kar98k 3. Mp40 4. Gewehr 43 << please 5. P08 Luger 6. M1911 7. DP28 8. SVT-40 9. M1 Grand << Please 10. Sten. Now onto modern weapons, have yet to see a revolver added into the game I'm supposing maybe due to much damage needed per round cause of fire rate? 1. 38 police special, 44. , 357. 2. Vector ( Not Enough Smgs ) 3. Tar-21 4. Famas 5. Scar-H or Scar-L 6. Ump-45 or 9mm (Not Enough Smgs ) 7. AUG 8. G36C 9. More Shotguns AA-12, Spas 15, KSG, Mosberg, 10. more snipers L118A, Intervention. Thanks For Reading !!!!!!
  3. triko

    Citing or Netcode?

    While playing I found out this strange guy. what do you think? Netcode? I watch again and again, it seems to be lag but I die in 1 sec with no audio and he didnt even see me! I dont know Funny thing, he is a streamer I probably will go to ask in his chat when he will be online!!! With this post I dont want to accuse nobody, just ask to the community what are their thoughts
  4. keyciraptor

    skill progression lost when dying

    Hello Guys I want to ask if there is a thing like loosing skill progression when you die. Hatchlings, and i have to say i like to play couple rounds hatchlings aswell, would be nerfed in this case. Cause right now there is just no problem and even no reason not to run factory some couple of hatchling rounds. Someone who goes full mounted has always to fear to lose something, why has the hatchlings nothing to lose? A little bit of progression lost in skills would be maybe a reason for some guys not to run hatchlings nonstop. maybe the progression would be always bigger more you dont success a raid. lets say, you lose 5xp when you die first time, if you dont end the next raid you will lose 25, if you dont end the next again you will lose 50 and so go on. in this case people would MAYBE not run only hatchling rounds. i know this game is in beta, i play it for a long time and i can clearly see improvments in all ways (stamina lose by hitting with axe is a good start!) and i know the game will change further and further. Just asking if there is something like this already or planned. thanks guys
  5. AndrewBruno

    Operation Escape From Tarkov - Slayers

    Good Morning everyone, Our post has been recreated, cleaned up, edited and made more helpful to read. The EFT Slayers Discord was created, setup, and helped out by a lot of very experienced other clan and community leaders, not just from EFT, from all other games as well. There is very skilled people that help 24/7 with moderation, keeping everything neat and organized, and as well keeping the discord a drama and toxic free place. We are technically a "clan/group/community/etc" however you can treat it and use this discord for any and all needs you have with EFT and other things like growing your content (twitch, youtube, etc) and goes as far out to help promote other discords and communities out there that are non toxic and drama free as well. This is the only sole EFT server that was designed to literally help anyone out with (EFT, IRL, PVP, ETC) AS WELL AS just jumping on in and playing right off the bat and has literally the longest typed out guides for EFT players to help them with frustrations and understand that in this game, the way you think, will get you killed more than trying to 1v1 with someone in the middle of the woods because obviously the more skilled shot will win. But why not learn how to kill everything on the map and with barely any taking any shots back? We can help with that with as well by showing you one discord category A lot of the times we are constantly hard at work to make new post on the forums here to help out every one playing eft but the more detailed and super comprehensive tips (and very very very long ) ones were just posted in there to save some headaches and backlash that comes from posting super long threads on game forums (hope you understand) The tips and tricks, tactics, best ways of communicating while in raid (This list can go on forever...) was a collaborative effort from every different type of player you can imagine or have ever experienced while playing any video game or have actually been through it in real life and have the actual training which is just awesome. Everything related to EFT gets funneled directly into this discord (most helpful forum threads, the most badass content in eft, etc..) This discord was setup with a compellation of all the great and super awesome things hand pick by our members to share with and try to literally build the best Sole EFT Help New2EFT players out there. (The Unofficial EFT Discord will always be the best discord for everything EFT and he deserves a server join no matter what if you play EFT the amount of work it took (and takes to manage) in my opinion and having eft forum moderators and the some of the devs on there answering questions and helping out everyone the best they can is outstanding on their part.) This server has grown rapidly and is thoroughly enjoyed by every member that is there that appreciates the people spending so much time and energy that almost everyone that helps out because some of us only play EFT to help others. This server is not trying to compete with any other discord and is down to help any one from any other discord and take their advice as well to help making gaming and playing together the most enjoyable experience for everyone. There are hardcore solo lobby wiping, multiple 5 man destroyers players that can put down targets from across the map without being seen or heard the whole raid to people that literally just bought or was gifted the game within the last 24 hours in here and everything in between. If you want to come and copy/ paste anything to help your server or content grow you are more then welcome to as use us for that as seeing that I'm more than enough mature and obviously not a jealous type of person. Just a helpful average joe that like cheeseburgers and pickle backs :). If your cool dude and or dudet and any of this sounds good (I suck at writing lmao) then left click the instant discord invite here to get started slaying! > https://discord.gg/7psNfWr Godspeed everyone, The Slayers.
  6. When you die during the raid, let the price of your lost dog tag be deducted from the amount of money you have. That way your death would always incur a loss, so you would have a better incentive to take at least a gun into a raid, and possibly some armor and meds to increase your chances of survival.
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