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Found 2 results

  1. Hello BSG! In case you all are not 100% satisfied with the results you're getting with Steam Audio, Microsoft's Project Acoustics may be an alternative to consider. It's main selling point is that it's very friendly to existing projects and allows "wave form" sound propagation with low resource overhead. Supposedly it calculates the sound "map" straight from the geometry without requiring any zones/planes to be added in by the map maker. Instead, the map maker "tags" parts of the map with a certain material type and then everything else is handled from there. From what I can tell, the map is analyzed in the Azure Cloud and then sent back to the developer to package with the asset. Meaning the turn-around times can be very fast. It seems to do all the things that Steam Audio can do (and maybe even a bit more?) Obstruction Portaling Occlusion Reverberance Decay Time It says it is compatible with Unity3d. Here are some demonstration videos I found that may be of use: A brief intro to the sound technology (time-stamped @ 1:33) GDC Conference Presentation Demo 1 by MDA Digital Demo 2 by MDA Digital And here's the github link: https://github.com/microsoft/ProjectAcoustics Thank you all for your hard work, all the best!
  2. priestizzle

    Compilation of my suggestions

    These are some of the suggestions I have come up with. I will add more to this thread as I think of them or see something that can be improved upon through gameplay. Dynamic Loot Spawn: Right now, many people know of the location of good crates and loot through the maps. I propose a a more dynamic loot spawn system, where crates, guns, attachments, and other goodies, can all spawn dynamically through out the map and the loot experience is rarely the same. Other loot and fight games already use dynamic loot spawns (ex. DayZ, the BR games, and various other survival games). I don't think that static loot spawns should be entirely removed, I just think that maybe there should be fewer of them possibly. The static spawns give players a good guaranteed chance to loot something of use, relying less on RNG, while the dynamic spawns would encourage exploration and lead to more fights in less obvious areas. This might also spread the population out through the maps rather than having everyone congregate to singular points which would increase the tension when walking through virtually every square foot of a map. Right now with only static spawns, there are sections of the raids where I have virtually no fear of any fight because there's virtually nothing of use on those parts of the map, lets add some more possibilities. Level Restricted Matchmaking: This is something I DON'T think should be implemented during the betas until right near release only to test out bugs in implementing the matchmaking system (most likely a week or two needed to test this is all). A matchmaking system that restricts you based on a level range I think will be a great QOL change to the game upon release that will ease the barrier for entry to new players, create a more balanced game play in raids, and help overall player retention in my opinion. Have it so that players can only be in a raid with other players within a given level range. These ranged don't have to be set in stone either and can change with balance patches and metrics collected by the dev team. My example for these ranges I've thought of would be lvl 1-25, 26-35, 36-50, and so on and so on. At some point (and I'm not sure when), you can remove the restrictions from a certain level and on because those players will be here to stay anyway, and any queue time increase at implementing restrictions at that point would do little more than to frustrate higher level players. I think this restriction will serve to allow players around similar levels to have more fair and balanced fights and not constantly feel like it's impossible to progress. It will also allow the devs to scale down which scavs can spawn in certain level restriction brackets so certain loot becomes unobtainable in the early levels. By keeping the ranges rather large early on, it also doesn't reduce the chance for a level 1 player to come across someone fairly well geared so the danger element still exists, also the opportunity for a well played kill rewarding a new player with some good stuff as well. This would obviously take some time after implementation in the game to iron out the level brackets and which ranges work best. With adding new guns, balance would have to be looked at which is why i propose that these brackets be dynamic and easy to change by the devs on the fly based on metrics collected by the devs. You wouldn't even have to tell the playerbase what the brackets are or when they change, it would simply be there in the back end keeping our play experience at an optimal level. Vaulting and Weapon Resting: These are features I assume are already planned and i assume have already been discussed, so I won't go into detail, I will simply state what they are, and they are pretty self explanatory. UI QOL Changes: This is a pretty broad category and can constantly be changing as development continues but I will give one example of something I feel needs to be addressed. I can not think of a single good reason why we can't simply click, and hit a purchase button on something we want to buy from a trader instead of using the fill command. I understand that money is a physical item in the game, and you need to tell the game that you want to use some of a physical stack of money to make a purchase, but I feel like on the server side, this can be easily condensed into a single button. Outside of the actual game play, I think less tedium should exist in the UI prior to joining a raid. Keep the more realistic touches to game play, where time equals risk, but limit it when no player interaction is possible. These are my suggestions thus far. I'm sure I will think of more as time goes on and I will update this thread as needed. Feel free to comment on, or add to any of my points.
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