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Found 4 results

  1. Skidvicious182

    Tutorial rapid pentru incepatori

    Salutare! In cazul in care mai sunt si playeri care abia s-au apucat de joc, am facut un tutorial rapid despre joc pe care il gasiti pe canalul meu de youtube. Tot acolo gasesti toate link-urile catre website-urile pe care eu le folosesc si care te vor ajuta mult in acest joc. Sper sa ajute! Cheers! https://youtu.be/F2BzMeneJv8
  2. I was loving the 30kg being the ceiling of unencumbered movement, now once again I can run my normal loadout with 600 rounds of ammo, this severely affects the skill, and cost weighing that the weight system was introducing into the game. Those players who money tank for their lack of ability, can now continue to do so, with little thought. The weight restrictions need to be reverted to the beginning when the brackets were lower. Now players can continue to not truly need to learn the game and just money tank their way into a semblance of victory. I mean I am okay with that, because I get so much loot form these thicc bois, but by increasing the weight limits you are catering to casual players, and moving back such an amazing skill ceiling feature. Please bring back the original iteration of the weight system!!!
  3. skybellrock

    Packaging - A ingame shop idea

    Hello! So we have all been playing this game and then got annoyed because of all the different traders we need to talk to before getting the weapon parts that we need for our new gun. My suggestion is that you make a "packaging" system where you can go to the buyers and add attachments, meds, guns, armor, backpack, and whatever into packs. These packs is just a way of gathering different "loadouts" so that you never again need to search 800 items before finding that modification you need. A different suggestion is to make sorting easier by making it possible to search items by which weapons they fit, or choosing forexample a handguard to search for items that fits on the handguard. This is unpolished ideas, but i would love to have a easier time gearing up. Using 30 mins modding a weapon is just to much of a hassle. Sincerely Skybellrock Ps: Translated version via google translate under Здравствуйте! Таким образом, мы все играли в эту игру, а затем раздражались из-за всех разных трейдеров, с которыми нам нужно поговорить, прежде чем получить части оружия, которые нам нужны для нашего нового оружия. Мое предложение состоит в том, что вы создаете «упаковочную» систему, в которой вы можете обратиться к покупателям и добавлять вложения, медикаменты, оружие, доспехи, рюкзак и все прочее в пакеты. Эти пакеты - это всего лишь способ собрать разные «загрузки», чтобы вам больше не нужно было искать 800 элементов, прежде чем находить нужную вам модификацию. Другое предложение состоит в том, чтобы упростить сортировку, позволяя искать предметы, с помощью которых они подбираются, или, например, выбрать ручной поход для поиска предметов, которые подходят к охраннику. Это неполированные идеи, но мне бы хотелось, чтобы у меня было более легкое время. Использование 30 минут модификации оружия - это просто большая часть стычка. С уважением Skybellrock
  4. DawNoFd3aTh

    Quality of life changes

    To BattleState Games, As a purchaser of standard edition I am very pleased with this product; however, as I get into later game activities and acquire rarer loot my stash size has become a huge issue. The standard stash size is uncomfortably small when using larger items. The most annoying part of this I've found is the loot transfer after a successful scav raid. Coming out with a large amount of loot which I plan to mostly sell or use on my PMC in a particularly risky raid is a nightmare. As is, you have to transfer all items you wish to keep from your scav into the stash, even if I just want to sell it. This means that while I can fill my already small stash to capacity with some key items, I need room to transfer scav loot. I understand needing to have incentive to purchase the expanded editions, but the best part of the game (getting loot) has become a chore. Two easy fixes I've come up with, utilizing even one would make a great bit of difference. Either make it possible to sell things straight from the item transfer through a separate transition stash, or treat the scav inventory the same as insurance claims or quest rewards and allow players to return to the transfer. To avoid exploitation of the scav inventory, have the scav loot only available for a designated amount of time or force the player to either transfer or discard the scavs inventory before going on another scav raid. While I plan on buying the next tier up after the wipe, this would still help streamline loot management.
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