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Found 22 results

  1. lexafram

    Upxoming wipe problems

    For the coming up wipe i would really suggest removing the christmas/new years package or at least all the bp ammo. It's way too strong to have at day 1 in this amount (900 rounds) and even last wipe, it was very early and everybody was running BP making progression in armour useless. Please also consider locking labs and raiders for a certain time (1/2 weeks) after the wipe. They bring too much good loot and are easy to farm. Thanks for reading
  2. Lordgingervitis

    A fix to Bitcoin economy

    Not sure how many people have posted about this topic but here we go. In Recent news BSG announced a issue with bitcoin. well i have two thoughts that may help. One being you implement A new item that resembles and Antminer, this is what people use to mine the bitcoin. graphic cards just don't have the power for large scale. You can all it a tarkminer. They wouldn't be found in computers however but in servers. Second being a another power source that you can use to run this system, these use a lot of power. this one is not as necessary. But your ant/Tarkminer would only be for your bitcoin farm.
  3. After much consideration I beleive I have figured out the perfect fix to balance the player economy and flea market for all players of all levels. My solution is a simple one. Only Found In Raid items can be bartered on the flea market, including currency. This means only FIR cash can be used to purchase stuff off of the flea market. FIR cash would be any Roubles, Dollars or Euros that a player finds in raid or recieves from a trader as a quest reward. Any cash a player receives for selling an item to a trader does not count as FIR. Any Cash that is exchanged on the Flea Market loses its FIR status once exchanged. Any market tax or fees can be paid with Non FIR cash. This one simple fix would completely change the player economy overnight. No longer would players be able to use the vast hoardes of cash they have saved up to buy vast amounts of gear over the flea market. Players would instead be forced to use that cash and exclusively make purchases from Traders. This would make Traders the main source of gear for all players, with the flea market being for limited and specific purchases. With the vast amount of loot on the flea market currently being purchased for cash atm, players would instead have to rely on the barter system instead, exchanging goods of a similiar value amongst eachother to get the items they want. This would place a greater emphasis on players collecting any and all loot that they find in raid, as any FIR item could now be bartered for something of a similair or greater value. Trader caps would also mean players have to use a wider variety of gear that they now purchase from the various traders instead of purchasing the same gear from various players on the flea market. FIR cash would have a greater value now too, with safes, raiders, scavs and even cash registers now being a players main source of finding cash to purchase with on the flea market, instead of cash they receive from selling stuff to a trader or on the flea market and then using that cash to purchase items off the flea market again. FIR cash only for the Flea Market is the answer we have been looking for when it comes to the player economy, the great equalizer. It limits a players ability to amass wealth quickly, places a greater reliance on traders for purchases, makes looting safes and cash registers a more important means of accuiring cash, and places a greater need for players to use bartering on the flea market instead of listing items for cash. It doesnt neccessarily impact a players progression, it simply requires them to adapt their current playstyle and take advantage of the many sources of FIR cash that are currently available ingame such as the safes, cash registers, quests, and killing scavs/raiders. I understand that to some this may seem like a radical change but it is one i feel in necessary for the health of Tarkov and is one that the playerbase can adapt to most easily. I'd love to hear your feadback.
  4. mister_rice

    Bitcoins as an independent currency.

    I think that it would stabilize the flea market prices if bitcoins are implemented as an independent currency that cannot not be converted to rubles by selling them to traders. The buying power of bitcoins could still be linked to real-world bitcoin value by making trader prices in bitcoin inversely proportional to bitcoin value, where the prices of trader items are fractions of bitcoin similar how bitcoin is used to buy/sell products or services in the real world. The flea market would still be affected by fluctuations in bitcoin value, but demand would be less sensitive to it because there wouldn't be a direct correlation between bitcoin and ruble buying power. Ruble inflation would still take place as the perceived value of trader items decrease with an increase in bitcoin value, but not because bitcoin value translates directly to the number of rubles in circulation on the flea market as it does now. It would also change the meta of gear that PMC's run, as they wouldn't be able to run meta gearsets and lose money in raid without depleting their ruble, euro, and dollar funds, which they would still need to purchase certain trader items and services not purchasable with bitcoins. I think in this system most items from traders should have bitcoin pricing options, but things like insurance, armor and weapon repair, and maybe even ammo shouldn't. I'm sure I'm not the first to think of this idea but I'd love to hear feedback.
  5. Hi, Problem: A lot of common loot items (A pack of screws, Bolts etc.) become useless as you progress because of relatively low value and absence of recurrent usage (some not needed at all while others used only for low-tier barters that are not needed for high-lvl players any more). Possible solution: Add Hideout maintenance feature which can work something like that: a) Each time player completes craft at a workstation, there is a change (for example 10% default chance) that workstation will be malfunctioned and require maintenance. b) Each time workstation malfunctions it gets some penalties associated with using it like: b.1) blueprint which triggered malfunction cannot be crafted until maintenance is complete (all other non-malfunctioned blueprints can still be crafted) b.2) malfunctioned blueprint gets big penalty to duration (+XX% to crafting time) b.3) all crafting at this station get small penalty to duration (+X% to crafting time) c) Malfunctions can stack leading to multiple blueprints locked and/or cumulative crafting time penalties d) Each malfunction can be removed instantly with maintenance that require small amount of common tools: Duct tape, Bolts, Screw nut, A pack of screws, Capacitors, Wires, Spark plugs, etc. e) A skill of PMC may decrease chance of malfunction and/or amount of tools required for maintenance - it can be additional effect of Hideout management or Crafting or a completely new skill added Expected effect: 1) For late game constant demand to low-grade materials is created, making even common loot more valuable for survival. This system will have progressive effect on players: the more Hideout is developed and actively used - the more maintenance materials will be required. This feature will provide additional money sink for late-game and give staring players more options to collect starting capital by scavenging low-tier tools and selling them to high-lvl players on flea market. 2) In future BSG can try altering malfunction chance and maintenance costs as additional economy levers to balance late-game economy especially late after the wipe. Even create global events like "Earthquake", "EMP blast", "Solar flare" - which will temporary increase malfunction change or increase demand for specific maintenance tools globally.
  6. Durhnevir

    Some idea about traders

    I had an idea yesterday, I think it could be a good way to spice up the game. I'm sure i'm not the first to come up with it but I want to share it with you anyway. (First things first i'm not english so if i'm not clear enough tell me) My goal with this idea is to slow the game economy, and to maintain a high level of difficulty, even for high level players. First, traders disappear from the menu. Menu is your hideout and that's it. You can still receive/send messages to the traders for tasks and things that I will explain later. Traders would be accessible only in some places on maps (Exemple : Prapor in one of the closed building in Custom, Peacekeeper near an UNTAR checkpoint) accessible by pressing an intercom button, standing in front of a camera, opening a door. Thoose triggers would act as extracts, when extracted you would have acces to the trader's store. After your poo done, you would re-enter a new raid and have to extract with the loot you just bought. If you want to sell, you have to take your items with you and make it to the trader's location. You could also contact traders before entering a raid, buy an item and go pick it up at a "random" place on a map. This system would dynamize certain maps, maps with traders would be of great interrest for everyone. The fact that locations of pick-up are random would prevent from campers. At the exeption of the real traders location that could be protected by armed forces - like UNTAR faction for peacekeeper - that would open fire on nearby firefights (here I did not think it through). For Fence, the system would be different, he would manage the fleamarket. He would not have a specific location but you would buy/sell something on the flea and he would contact you via message telling you the location of the dropzone/pick-up zone. Your item would be on the flea/sold, only if you make it alive to the dropzone/pick-up zone. I have two other features that are more optionnal because they are very harcore : - Quests objects could be to bring (Ex : bronze watch) /pick-up (Ex : keys) directly to traders location, but that would highly up the difficulty of all thoose quests - For insured items, the same system could be applied, waiting you at a certain location/dropzone Consequences : - Much harder to have high tier stuff. For buy/sell stuff, you have to go through one entire map - Much lower progression because half of runs would be for buy/sell purpose, not a bad thing when we look at the speed of progression for this wipe - Looted stuff becomes much more important, you would re-use a lot more the stuff you looted instead of selling it instantly - High level player are less god mod cause high tier loot would be more difficult to acquire - As said before, dynamizing maps, more interests in certain maps The bad point I can see here is that it may incite some players to camp traders locations. That's it, once again if i'm not clear, feel free to ask me. Thanks for reading me !
  7. Devineus


    Hey, Scav loot box thing is like gambling... you pay for scavs to loot get loot w/e... would be nice to have acess to a Poker game with other players and scavs to gamble. Only live players able to partake. Would be cool to be able to gamble some of those hard earned rouples.
  8. Ikari-Kun

    How to End Hatch-lings for Good

    Most people I've seen in the discussion boards are going about this the wrong way I feel like I should relay my opinion. Every suggestion I've heard regarding this issue has been down right terrible and usually include adding some sort of mechanic that punishes you for only bringing a hatchet to a raid. Thats a terrible idea, you really want to stray away from punishing players for doing actions you didn't intend them to. Instead it is better to reward players for doing the actions that you do want them to do. The main issue here is that the hatchlings themselves aren't the problem, they're only a symptom. I've asked several people including friends who play the game and unknown players I've met on the Escape From Tarkov Unofficial discord. The main reason why people go on hatchet runs is because they are broke and need money for their next raid. I think, and hear me out here, the game should give you currency for completing certain actions in the raid even if you die. This can include complex objectives like participating in events, completing task objectives and simple stuff like killing scavs or pmcs. The amount of money you receive as a reward (at least for killing) should correlate and vary depending of the gear you took out on the raid. So lets say you bring in a makarov and kill one scav and then immediately die, you would receive 500 rubles for that scav you killed with a pistol HOWEVER if you bring in an M4 and kill a scav you will receive 5,000 rubles for that scav(even if you die). You can really play around with this! If you would receive 400 Euros for every PMC you kill with an ASVal I'm pretty sure we'll see a lot more as vals and a lot less hatchets.
  9. For players to buy all of the limited amount of bullets from dealers and sell them on the flea market is an exploitation of the system and makes it so the players who buy first can sell at an extreme mark up price. Please make it so you can only sell found in raid bullets. Thanks
  10. I think it would be good to look into adding some kind of cooldown to the refresh button in the flea market so people cnat sit there and just control it so hard. Its hurting the economie and im sure there's bots sitting there and just refresh buying anything lower then even market value
  11. phatblob

    Flea Market / Gun Preset Issues

    Hello! So there are some issues within the flea market that have essentially crippled my ability to play Tarkov, and I know others who have the same issues. The issue is the "Out of Stock" glitch which has been around for a while. I know you can easily filter through it on the market, however, that's not the main issue with the bug. If one of your listings on the Flea market catch the glitch and become "Out of Stock" then that listing will be taken up and you wont be able to use it to sell items, at least until the timer runs out (which in my case is a week). The issue appears to originate from the Gun Preset feature and only happens on gun parts. I've added & messaged a couple of the people who purchased the final item on my listing and asked if they used the Gun Preset to purchase it, they all said that they did purchase using a preset. Not sure if this is currently on the Dev's radar but I hope this can get fixed soon because I can't sell things what so ever at the moment and it's totally discouraging me from playing at all. Thanks Message when "Out of Stock" runs out.
  12. SergeiVezlov

    The Forge

    "Well, aren't we gifted! All of these fancy guns lying around, from PDW's to ravaging nutcases with LSW's at that damn Mall. But, something has been gnawing at me recently. How did we just get an iconic bolt action that has spilled blood on these lands so recently, I mean. It would make sense these would be the first weapons of war used for these lawless lands. Hmh, think I found the answer, the MYSTERY... If you will. There are rumors floating around about some lads that use to work at some factory district, fenced off, cranking out crude classics for people to kill one another with. Seems even scrap metal can still give the punch it needs in the Motherland. Might want to head over there and give a looksee. Might be a special someone that could get you cheap kits to help ya survive." I introduce you, to a rugged man named The Forge. A metal worker that had a hobby of gunsmithing. With a crew and the right tools first snagged during the whole crazy debacle. Theyve been arming themselves with easily crafted guns of old. From freshly minted TT-33, Mosin rifles to maybe something special along the road like iconic world war 2 smgs and so on. A fun idea none the less with a little role play element to spice the idea up.
  13. trufflesRgood

    Armor: Prices and Abilities

    I personally believe that armor should be made less expensive and more able to stop bullets. A more hierarchical, influential armor system would make for a more interesting economy, because better and less expensive armor would make for its significance. What do you think?
  14. SigMaGiiK

    About the game economy

    I would share some suggestion about the game economy even if them aren't a full solution to the problem. Use scavs as money and stuff kleaner (i have not resist to the joke): now like now wealth is created without a real system to make money and staff to be removed from it. I enter the raid take stuffs and exit, continuing to bring stuff in the game out of nothing creating a lot of inflation. So, even if it seem to me to have read this in some of yours answers, use scavs to loot dead players and bring the stuff out from the game. (can be hard to code, and basically it's a way to reduce the power of the insurance, thus bring me to the second idea, that many other players had) remove the insurance : maybe a roll back, yes, but it's surely a way to reduce inflation. (a lot of other threads talks about this so i leave the explanation out of there). The runner problems: now like now i think the main problems for economy are the raid runners, that continue to enter the map in order to exit without risk any gear, thus exasperating the problem I talked about the point 1, so maybe something can be done for this. I don't think no gear run has to be removed from the game, some time i do them myself ( when I have no much time to play or i can focus properly or to make some tedious missions), but they should not be the standard.... So i was thinking about something like the DOTA2 low-priority system but for haclings. Essentially if a player do many raids with no gears he will be puts in a special mode where it can enter raid with players with the same special mode, end to punish this behavior those raids have a low items spawn rate than basic ones. This solution it's surely hard to code and tuning, but could bring a better game mood. This is probably not the best way to implement it, for the game nature it's better a system where you are placed in a game based on your average raid gear value or something like that. (I men it' soo much unrealistic that someone would run in a warfare without nothing, if he has a army arsenal at home....) A system that make harder to find stuff as much money you have, even if it is a little boring and not fun...... from me it's all if someone have other suggestions let me the devs know!
  15. Note: This post started on reddit, but I am fairly certain that a forum format will fit it better. Forward: Currently in EFT, there are three root causes of the hatchling plague. Lack of a cohesive, early game strategy. Players starting off will get cut down due to a large variety factors, and getting cut down is a powerful motivators, breeding complacency among new players: Use your case, you can trust it. Funky early game economics. Common mechanics among basically all shooters, that allow players to exploit the inherent nature of netcode, that make it so running around with a melee weapon isn't as risky as it should be. (Namely, that sprinting is very fluid, which makes it easy to exploit netcode to reach melee range safely.) Complacency is the end result of the causes of the hatchet syndrome. If we cannot fix this complacency, we are always going to have a few too many hatchet runners. What I have seen out in tarkov is pretty simple: New player buying the cheapest guns will end up disappointed. They are limited to ammunition that struggles with class 2 armor, and not able to obtain a full set of armor. Can you think of a self respecting geared player who consistently runs without class 2 armor? Maybe they read a guide, and heard that the two starter 7.62 by 39mm guns are very good. They are, but these guides will still betray new players if they fight a lightly armored opponent, as the new players available rounds for 7.62 by 39mm are in the form of hollow points, which don't jive with armor. So they take aim at an armored player, they shoot. They die. Perhaps they shot a scav and attracted a dozen hungry players to their position. Perhaps they simply looted their spawn. It doesn't matter. Their knowledge betrayed them, their gun betrayed them, and the guides betrayed them. One thing didn't: Their secure case. This is how hatchlings are born. Players who make a habit of using suppressed firearms without hiding and waiting for the other PMC's to leave the map are going to end up losing the will to gear up, and becoming complacent in the fact that only two items will never leave them. Their hatchet, and their case. Until they finish whatever grind they lay out for themselves before they can say they are a real player, or quit the game, these will be their tools. Now, to talk about how I would actually solve this issue of complacency, of helplessness, and not knowing where to go. The First Step: Give new players consistent, repeatable goals. There are the two things we need to do to break players out of the hatchet mindset: To teach them that escaping with a backpack is worthwhile, and to motivate them to fight scavs. Guns are nice. They are fun to use. They are why we play the game. Yet for a new player, they can be a deathtrap if they don't learn when it is unwise to use them (Especially with the lack of armor piercing ammo.) Its the use of backpacks that precludes everything else in destroying the hatcheters mindset, since its what makes all other gear worth it. The other step is to motivate players to become stronger then a scav, and to make it so there is some sort of consistent reward to rummaging a scavs pockets. It doesn't matter if its in the form of some consistent barter good, a set of daily repeatable task, or whatever. Reward players for facing the scav menace, even if someone else happens to shoot them and take the richest loot. I wrote a post covering this previously in the form of having the picture ID's of these former civilians be a barter good which can be exchanged for duffle bags that might contain basic things, like Saiga-9's, Toratov pistols, 3M armor, car medkits, and other things that might make a player reconsider their life as a hatchet runner. (With more consistent, precise rewards being offered as trades for larger quantities of ID's.) Thus, photo ID's of dead men would fill both requirements to breaking through the first major causes of hatchling complacency. It would kill the gear fear for backpacks (The ever so vital first step,) and it would motivate them to fight and kill AI units. Granting them extra goodies would be a secondary motivational effect. Lastly one of the early game maps, be it sububs, the streets of tarkov, or perhaps the several few first maps should have a lower number of PMC spawns per square kilometer, but a higher scavanger population. Why? Having high PvE in the early game would give players some chance to learn, stock up on a variety of basic weapons, and experiment with the game in a healthy fashion. The Second Step: More realistic running. Another part of the hatchet problem is that running in tarkov is very fluid, and your turning radius is just as good as it is when you are walking. This is often fine in other shooters, which is why such fluid sprinting mechanics are common. After all, in other shooters, it is common for all players to have standard issue shooty shoots. But in tarkov, this has made it so sprinting forward in silly patterns to bug out the netcode with a high damage melee weapon has made a shockingly lasting mark on the games metagame. After all, its free. Its silent. It doesn't betray you. Simply put, make it so your turning radius while you are sprinting is smaller, and make it so sustained sharp turns eat up speed and stamina equally well. Suddenly, zig-zagging squirrels no longer need a high capacity magazine to counter them, as their movement will be much less erratic. The third step: Adjusting the markets. I am going to divide the weapons into tiers here, for the sake of ease of explanation. Tier 0: Melee weapons (Rock bottom.) Tier 0.5: Obsolete weapons (Weapons that should be better then melee, if just barely, the TOZ and the like. It takes a good deal of skill for this to be preferable to a melee weapon.) Tier 1: Civilian and law enforcment weapons of the Non-AP variety (Good for PVE, bad for PVP.) Tier 2: Hunting weaponry (Slower firing weapons with the ability to beat armor with the right ammo.) Tier 2.5: Specialized Military grade weapons (BASR, and the like.) Tier 3: Assault rifles and Semi-Auto DMR's (Essentially, the best anti-armor weapons.) Of these tiers, Tier 2 (Vepr->OP SKS,) and Tier 0.5(Makarov-TOZ) are both reasonably priced. The Tier 1 fits the range of weapons from (The Saiga-9/MR-133->AKS-74U,) and aside from just the AKS-74U, these weapons are grossly overpriced (Basically most other weapons in this weight class should cost less then the AKSU variants, barring a few obviously very high class weapon variants like the MPX.) These weapons are the weapons which I would think would be the bare minimum for busting a player out of the complacency of not trusting guns, so their availability should be increased. This shouldn't be too controversial of a change: After all, its not like a Saiga-9's going to pierce a FAST-MT and cost you a full set of gear. Tier 2.5 is rarer then it should be, and I hope the game can be tuned so more of the Tier 3 weapon playerbase would be interested in using them. The 3rd tier of firearms may be more common then it should be, since their firepower is completely overwhelming, and almost completely out of reach of the players we need to motivate to "get gud," it may be wise to make it more difficult to make their use be profitable. After all, being faced with a completely overwhelming forces is part of the pie that causes new players to become complacent. Yet this step isn't mandatory. Solving the hatchling plague isn't best done through punishing the strongest players, or the newest players, its making the next few rungs on the ladder up from hatchling a bit more intuitive to reach.
  16. SigMaGiiK

    Game economy

    Reading about the game economy complaints, I started wondering which are the game goals in this direction. In a more directed question this game it's going for an end-game economy (you expect everyone at the end become kinda rich and can enter all raids full equipped) or a balanced system (where the economy try to make hard to become rich and should be high risk exit with full gear)? I know this isn't a complete as well as easy question, so tke your time and reply when you are sure. I link here another thread where i provide some of my ideas as suggestions... suggestion thread.
  17. Would be interesting to have an ingame system of "investment" and deposit of money, which allows depositing sums of money to obtain a (more or less) small interest income. You could decide to invest a certain amount of cash to obtain a profit in terms of interest (for example a 1% weekly or monthly, higher percentages for higher deposits) A further service could be cloudmining: investing cash to obtain a counter-value in bitcoins over time, a sort of time-delayed conversion of Rubles/USD/EUR on BTC. or even building your own rig with Graphics cards an pc part to mine BTC yourself! In many countries on the brink of ruin citizens flee from normal banking institutions or replace them in their absence (i.e. Venezuela) by shifting part of their savings on cryptocurrencies other services that I think less feasible could be the possibility of transferring cash on "offshore accounts" to save part of the savings during Wipes or the possibility of transferring fiat or BTC from player to player without the need to go in-ride for a physical exchange (obviously this would need to open a transaction account with related costs, credit card and pin to remember). Sorry the maccheroni english, i hope i have wrote something interesting.
  18. Cardboard231

    Wipe coming?

    I'm very confused. I left for 3 day came back and all the traders are max level even though I'm level 27 and dirt cheap. I suspect everything is cheaper now to buy and sell and they are just adjusting the prices. Though because of someone like me that has millions of roubles it breaks the economy. Everything is cheaper equity as it is harder to get though I already have million of roubles so I can use them. The reason I'm suggesting a possible wipe is because why would they completely destroy the economy any other time except just before a wipe? They have made everything cheaper in the past just before wipes. Anyway I may have misinterpreted this as like I mentioned I've been away but what do you guys think?
  19. Klaus_Quarter

    Suggestion About Game Design

    In its actual game design the game really punish death (you lost almost everything). If you are not in a good day you can die and loose many gears in a row. For the survival games enthusiast it's mostly likely a good design, but it's really harsh for most of the players base. So to compensated the devs made the insurence system and adjusted the loot table and the economy in matter of weapons. For me it's not even enought. Right now because they established a commercial strategy with influencers, they sale a good amount of copies. But I think many buyers who bought the game, tried it and found out they don't like it in its actual state because of various reasons like bugs or netcode issues in general, but for the most part because the game isn't user friendly at all, with a harsh learning curve, overwhelming with many things to understand in many departements which are not obvious or explaned. For example too many type of ammo which are not really relevant. For me HP, FMJ and subsonic ammunition for each type of calibers is all what the game need. Maybe tracers and thats all. I think when the devs made the preproduction for this game, the survival games were trendy, many of them where very popular. Then the trend goes down. There are many reasons for that: most of them were and are still trashy in technical matter, most are based on a kill on sight meta (no reputation system or game design to compensated malicious behaviors), and finally they have a short boring game loop which is not satifaying. The survival game trend is replaced by the battle royal trend for a simple reason: it's a refinement of the survival games, they tried to compensate the flaws in the game design to make this more interesting in the long term. The game loop is more rewarding. For example PUBG is such great succes in commercial term because of those simple things: - Quick game and quick action. - The dead is not apprehended because dying is not punitive. - The tension, the adrenaline rush is induced by design: the player is permanently unsafe, not because he is affraid to loose his gears. EFT bear a original sin in my opinion: the lack of compensation for a really punitive death. It induce a major flaw in term of game design: the newbies are not helped against the vets who have a easier life because they have access to better medical items, armors and weapons. In this type of game of course vets with better gears have to crush noobs most of the time, they have better gears and all. Having a better life spans is part of the game and it's a rewarding progression system. So nothing bad with that but to make it good for newbies I think the devs need to establish a design to compensated the punitive death no matter what happen. Even if they die a lot, they can reach the vets stage by playing the game. That's why I have proposed the trader's fidelity discount system: Fidelity discount Right now to be good and fill his stash a player need to grind a lot, and i mean a lot. Actually the meta is the hatchling run on the Factory map, to loot green crate. The farming is to important right now. You do hatchling run on factory and sale expensive items to traders, to buy them again and so on to level up their inventories, that loop is silly.... And when you reach the level max of all traders, you do time to time the same hatchling run to gain quick money and weapons. Then build custom M4s or AKs to go in a other raid fully geared. It's a boring game loop for me. Some like it but I personnally think it's boring.
  20. RogueRAZR

    US Weapons and Item costs

    I just wanted to make a suggestion on weapon and item pricing. Specifically relating to prices for civilian purchase currently in the US. As well as a suggestion to add the civilian spec, semi-auto versions of weapons in the game. First off, I find many of the weapons and items in the game to be much cheaper than the IRL items they represent. Perhaps this is done for balance, however I also know you guys wanted items to be priced as close to IRL as possible. I am only going to comment on the USD prices for now as im from the US and not Russia and have no idea what pricing is like on that side of the world. The AR-15 and the Military M4. Currently the in-game price of the M4 in game is $750usd. I find this to be inline with some of the most common civilian AR-15s and I believe it would be great to add a civilian semi-auto variant at this price point. However in the US the fully-automatic military version of the M4 is several thousand USD. Most AR15 and AK civilian rifles in the US are priced between $600-$1800 depending on the model and builder. The fully automatic versions are generally closer to $6000 or more. I feel like this is fair in game as fully automatic weapons have very distinct advantages vs their civilian counter parts. I'd also like to comment on some of the optics. At my local gun range. The EoTech XPS Holo sights are generally between 450 and 600$ depending on the model. Burris fastfire is about $125, Trijicon ACOG scopes start at around $1200usd and you can even get PVS-14 nightvision, however they are around $3500. It seems the cost of most of these items in game are about half of their IRL cost.
  21. Deepockent

    Trader Liquidity

    Since the final beta wave was given admission to the game, it hasn't been at all uncommon to see the Peacekeeper out of USD. That's not all that surprising, as he's the only trader function with dollars and there are thousands of people trying to level him up through selling him things (as it's not like you're going to find thousands of USD in a safe!). However, over the past week or so I've been seeing (in the NA servers, at least) that Prapor is out of money more frequently than not. We're talking his, what, 20m RU diminished down to 7000₽ and lower. Has the trader economy become completely destabilized with the admission of the beta waves? Or are we seeing people exploiting duplication bugs to make more money with the traders? In any case, the sooner we get a hotfix for it the better. The current inability to sell to anyone but fence (ha ha) reliably is having a deleterious effect on the overall game play experience. While I realize that the inclusion of a player auction system and so on might go a long way to alleviating some of the stress that we're currently seeing on vendors, it seems likely that those are going to be features seen in the open beta or full release of the game. In closing, I'd like to ask what the teams current plans are to give traders cash accessibility, and further what the timetable looks like for having those changes pushed? Best, Deep
  22. JuliusCaesar

    Pre-game betting

    Here is what I think. Alot of us can't get into matches, and that is a little upsetting, so sitting at our computers, what will we do with our time? I say we introduce a spectator mode where before the game starts you can bet roubles on which team will win. This will ease those who can't get into filled lobbies, while circulating money more in the game, helping out the economy. If 4/8 spectators bet that USEC will win, and USEC wins, obviously the pot is distributed evenly, and vice versa. You can leave it like that or you can go further and bet on things like: Who will have the highest K:D, who will survive and be extracted, etc. This would mean obviously that spectators cannot communicate through chat or voice to the players, only in their seperate channel. Just an idea, gambling is fun in all games but it should always relate to the main game its self. also, just if you wanted another idea, to distrubute lobbies more evenly, instead of using the system of playing one game and then the server kicking you for the next batch of players, you could have 8-10- however many players in game, and an equal amount of spectators, so that when the game ends and all the bets are won and lost, the players become spectators and bet on the same things. I am no game developer so I don't know how hard queue systems are to make, but it would be an enjoyable and balanced system that stimulates the players and the economy.
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