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Found 13 results

  1. ghettobhooty

    Updating EFT edition

    Do you have to wipe when you upgrade from standard edition? I don't want to lose my progress so far since this recent wipe.
  2. AlCapone344

    Metodo de pago Xsolla

    Buenas. Resulta que compre la version Egde Of Darkness Edition y fue realmente un papelon,primero problemas con "Unfortunately we can not process your payment at this time",espere un dia a ver si era problema del sistema,al otro dia intento de nuevo y me sale con una verificacion de Xsolla diciendome que me inviaron un codigo de 4 digitos y que me hacian una ligera carga a mi tarjeta de credito,pero el problema es que el codigo tardaba entre 20 minutos y 60 minutos en llegar,por lo que yo sin darme cuenta cerraba la ventana de confirmacion asi que cuando el codigo se dignaba a llegar,no era el que yo necesitaba porque para volver a ingresar los 4 digitos tenia que tratar de comprar de nuevo,y se generaba otro codigo mas,asi todo el dia. Resulta que en uno de esos intentos,al parecer me cobraron,pero mi copia nunca llego,necesito ayuda lo mas rapido posible porque no quiero que esto se quede asi y me hayan cobrado 75 dolares por nada,la cereza sobre el pastel esta en que yo compre la edicion durante las horas de descuento,pero sin importar esto me cobraron 75 Usd. PD:Yo poseo la version standar hace ya tiempo,lo que estoy tratando de hacer es upgradear mi version actual.
  3. Hey Tarkov Forum! Wanted to upgrade from the Standard Edition to the Prepare for Escape Edition. Will my standing with the traders also be upped through the upgrade? If yes, how much will it be? 0.2?
  4. For those who may not be aware, it sounds like EOD owners will start the new patch with the Hideout square footage already expanded to its max. As an EOD owner myself, part of me would really like to get the "full" 0.12 experience by starting at square one with the normal size hideout and then expanding from there. Also, back when I was on Standard Edition, I actually enjoyed the extra layer of having to deal with Trader Reputations. This got me thinking... Why not allow users to choose which perks of their edition they would like to start with? Maybe some want the additional stash/hideout size? Maybe others want the starting gear? Maybe others want the Trader Rep boosts? Maybe others want the larger Secure Container? Some mix and match of the above? Allowing players to pick and choose the perks they want would help them "level down" their edition if they so desire. Thoughts? Improvements?
  5. Hab am 24.2.19 EFT von der Standard auf die Edge of Darkness geupdatet, habe damals dann Ingame auch meine zusätzlichen Sachen erhalten, nur mein Name war noch normal in Weiß nicht Gold mit Krone. Hab mir gedacht nach dem Wipe wird der Name schon richtig kommen bzw wenn ich mein Profil zusätzlich nochmal zurücksetze. Falsch gedacht... Jetzt nach dem Wipe habe ich nur die Gegenstände die ich in der Standard Version habe und nicht die mir zustehenden Sachen der edge of darkness Version & im Launcher steht auch nur Standard Version (weiß nicht was vor dem Wipe für eine Versin im Launcher stand) Auf der Website steht Vorbestellt "Standard" Meine Transaktionen "Edge of darkness" vom 24.2.19 Was kann ich tun ? Habe bereits getan : Mein Spielprofil zurückgesetzt, mich Aus- Eingeloggt
  6. With 11.7 patch just around the corner it is time for a giveaway, this will run from now until the moment the servers go down to install patch 11.7, when a winner will be picked. Prize x1 Standard Edition Key (Full game, not trial) How to enter What is the first thing you would like to do in Tarkov? Tell us your story and you could be in with a chance to start your adventure with the upcoming patch! Some things you may wish to consider: What map are you most looking forward to playing? How will you dominate your enemies, up close and personal in CQB or pick off your targets at range as a sniper? Will you be friendly to less geared players? Or not hesitate to drop them as you pull the trigger? Do you have friends to team up with? Or will you be a force to reckon with as a lone wolf? This is your story, how will you Escape from Tarkov? Rules One entry/post per person, you can edit it as long as the function is still available. We are looking for originality and details in your replies. The winner will be picked and announced as the servers go down for the installation of patch 11.7. Sherpa Squad (Optional) To ensure the winner gets off to the best start possible, the Sherpa's will team up with them to watch their six, assist with learning the basics of EFT and make sure they reach the exfil safely. Our goal is simple, your survival. Good luck, may the best operator win!
  7. jediritta

    Edition Upgrade

    Hey, i just uograded to the Edge of darkness edition while its on Sale and i got the Bigger Stash inclusive Items Gamma Container... Do i still need to reset, well i already have everything i think, but my m8 dosnt get it that fast so ist it a Bug that i got it that fast? Or should he just wait?
  8. SyphisL

    Game/Profile help

    when i check to see what game edition i have it says that i dont have the game purchased but it says i have the game it just doesnt say it under my profile tab.
  9. GeirOve

    Upgrade edition

    Hello, I really want to upgrade from my standard edition. And im actually thinking of getting the most expensive edition. But, does anyone know if I will loose my christmas present, container and gun if I do the upgrade. And can I upgrade to a higher tier edition, and later eventually upgrade to the most expensive one?
  10. Auer

    Upgrading edition

    Hello, what happens when I upgrade standard to eod edition. Will it wipe my progress?
  11. Grüß euch! Hab seit paar Wochen die eod Version und ein Kumpel möchte sich das Game jetzt auch gerne zulegen. Nur ist noch nicht ganz klar welche Version es werden soll, deshalb meine Frage an euch, wie genau unterscheiden sich die 4 versionen?! Die Beschreibung auf der Website ist leider nicht so detailreich wie erhofft... vl könnte uns da jemand weiter helfen?! Vielen Dank im Voraus und Lg aus Österreich
  12. StarFish_AC

    20% discount

    Yesterday, 25th december 2016, i bought the "Standard Edtion" of EFT and paid the regular price for it. Today, the 26th december 2016, there is a 20% discount on that edition. Is there a way to make use of that discount?
  13. henni9x9

    Upgrade Standart Edition

    Hello, Please forgive me if I missed it in an FAQ or somewhere else. My Question is, if its possible to upgrade the game after the release. (From standart Edition to something bigger)
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