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  1. Fullspray

    Mitspielersuche APRIL 2021

    Hallo meine Lieben ich hoffe dieser Beitrag wird gesehen und hilft mir bei der Suche nach Menschen aus Österreich/Deutschland die sich mir in meinen Raids anschliessen möchten. Ich bitte darum entweder Discord Name oder Steam Name oder EFT Name Anzugeben zum rückverfolgen der Interesse da man aus Erfahrung weiss das man sehr selten hier im Forum reinschaut und dies gerne untergeht. (ich wage es zu behaupten das ich kein absoluter beginner mehr bin habe einige Wipes schon hinter mir aber leider auch nur bis lvl 20 höchstens - also neuankömmlinge und fortgeschritttene sind gerne gesehen)
  2. Hallo deutschsprachiges Tarkovforum, hier eine aktuelle Version des Escape from Tarkov FPS Guides Der Guide wurde unter Windows 10 Professional unter Verwendung einer Nvidia Grafikkarte und einer Intel CPU erstellt. Möglicherweise sind einige der unten aufgeführten Tweaks in anderen Windows Versionen anders zu finden oder nicht verfügbar. Achtung, wie für alle anderen Guides hier im Forum, gilt auch hier: Für eventuell auftretende Schäden an Hard u. Software, sowie Datenverlust kann keinerlei Haftung übernommen werden. Einige der hier aufgelisteten Tweaks benötigen die Ve
  3. Забацал трейлер для игры. Основано на реальных событиях. При съемке этого видео пострадало очень много человек.
  4. DilligsonHD

    Fleamarket selling

    It would be nice if the game would ask you ,if you really want to sell the ITEM with this amount. Because I had this many times that I sold the wrong item for the wrong amount and to prevent that I would suggest that.
  5. Il seguente topic sarà utilizzato per approvare le richieste dei nuovi membri che vogliono entrare nel Discord ufficiale Italiano di Escape from Tarkov. Per prima cosa è necessario un invito, usando questo link: https://discord.gg/pT4XkKX Trovate anche il forum qui: https://tarkovitalia.forumfree.it/ E mi raccomando leggete bene il regolamento! Scrivete pure qua sotto il vostro nome su Discord (+#numero) e in gioco; lo staff della comunità provvederà a contattarvi, se siete online, e vi darà i permessi necessari per i canali vocali e testuali per poter comunic
  6. dcp2142

    Full Control Gaming 18+ Discord

    Check out our Full Control Official graphics: https://youtu.be/LEmzCrLYP_E Discord: https://discord.gg/wupe7vs Welcome to Full Control. Our founding principle is that the player comes first. We take a flatland approach to our community. Every voice matters. And we don't use outdated hierarchies so you're not getting yelled at by a 13-year-kid as a grown-ass adult. We are a mid-sized, active community. What does that mean for you? It means that you'll always have a game to play with a squad, but your voice won't get lost in the noise. It's the sweet
  7. Доброго времени суток! Хотел бы поднять тему Аукциона! У меня есть предложение, как мне кажется отличное и весьма интересное! И так... Как нам всем известно Аукцион еще не добавлен в игру,а возможно и не будет...😁У меня появилась идея связанная выполнениям квестов, уменьшением торговли внутри игрового имущества (всеми нами не любимых Читеров) да и не только ими. Данное предложение касается Аукциона Квестов. Например : Квест прапора где нужно найти военный акум и 5 ОФЗ,у ЧВК играющего мало(2-3 часа в 2 дня) или которому не нравится бегать искать или выполнять квесты,он размещает данны
  8. ¿Quiénes somos? HustlinHitmans fue fundado en agosto del 2017 justo a un mes del lanzamiento oficial de Albion Online, hoy en día es el gremio más longevo de la comunidad de habla hispana, desde el comienzo de nuestra aventura nuestro fundamento característico fue la amistad, la cual nos llevo a prolongar nuestra estadía hasta la fecha y tener un proyecto con ambición de continuar cinco o diez años más, hoy en día estamos yendo hacia nuestro cuarto aniversario en Albion Online como comunidad y deseamos expandirnos a más juegos donde sea importante el trabajo en equipo y la comunicación, en est
  9. TM_-Basilisk-

    The Musketeers rekrutiert!

    Auf der Suche nach was Festem? Wir sind einer der ältesten, deutschsprachigen Escape from Tarkov Clans mit schon 2 Jahren laufzeit und suchen aktuell wieder Verstärkung für unser Team. Wenn du gerne in angenehmer Atmosphäre killst und lootest, nicht gleich ausflipst wenn du mal stirbst und auch gerne taktisch spielst, melde dich bei uns auf dem TS: eftclan.voiceserver.me Wir freuen uns schon auf erfolgreiche Raids mit dir! The Musketeers
  10. Samurai_Mac

    Characters with DRY EYES

    Just a humble suggestions from a player of the game. Please make the characters. PMC/Scav blink in the menu and the loading screen. I could careless about in game, because you generally aren't in a position to see your own eyes. Go figure 🤣 Keep in mind that if a character dies he shouldn't blink. I'd be creeped out to see corpses blinking while I loot them. 😂
  11. Tried opening EFT this morning and my launcher gives the following: "Error Receiving Game session Data :205 205 - Bad Account ID. " Is anyone else having this issue? Is there a fix?
  12. DaddyMarcock

    Please bring email change back

    Email change is one of the most important features in an account please bring it back its very important or atleast provide us with a reason or a date of when it will be back.
  13. Hey guys, This shouldn't be just a simple question I asked in the title. Like... Of course the ergo itself isn't something near in realism (I suppose). The stuff I rather wanted to ask because I found nothing in the internet about it is, how exactly realstic is the duration of you holding a gun in game at low ergo compared to a soldier aiming with a gun while standing. Take a gun that is 5-6kg as example. Any ideas how long a normal soldier would be able to hold that god damn thing in their arms while standing and aiming?
  14. Hey guys it's just been a few days since I started to Eft. I cant figure that out how should ı set my graphic options. I'm playing with rx590 8gb, amd ryzen 2600, 16 gb ram. My average fps is 60 when ı deployed. But then its getting down and down every minute till its hit the 40- 42 fps. I think ı have a overall type of gpu. But its looking like a garbage when ım playing. Shortly what can ı do about that problem ? Is there any solition about that ? And lastly ıs there anyone playing with rx 590 to ? Additionally you can see my options ın attach.
  15. If you are 18+ and want to play, new or advanced, Join my Discord Server: https://discord.gg/sn9rhGKvsY
  16. Davidhowell1

    Looking for some help on EFT

    Ok I just bought Escape from Tarkov EOD edition. Im trying to find someone that would be willing to help me learn the game. Don't want to waste my gear trying to go in blind and alone
  17. Все участники Тарковского "OPG" являются опытными бойцами, способными в одиночку ликвидировать организованные группы противника. Многие бойцы "OPG" являются выходцами различных групп Таркова, но все имеют хорошую подготовку по ведению различного вида боев в различных условиях жизни в Таркове. В "OPG" преобладает дружеское отношение участников к своим коллегам по занятости, по этому при вступлении кроме навыков ведения боя, оценивается сам человек в первую очередь. В "OPG" нет места "звездам" военного дела, какими бы крутыми они не были в бою, если по отношении к своим соратникам они ведут себя
  18. Приветствую Вас. ____________________________________________________________________________________ ● Голосовой сервер Дискорда : https://discord.gg/E4kgTVq ● Критерии для вступления: 18+ Адекватность Уравновешенность Обязательно (discord) Клан БЕРКУТ - клан созданный для участия в проекте Escape from Tarkov,основная цель которой группировка участников,для дальнейших рейдов и попытке сбежать из Норвинской области. Как устроить Вашу жизнь в "Норвинской" области решать Вам. Вступая в наши ряды,Вы получаете возможность найти себе,напарника или даже цел
  19. Phooncx

    LFG still new doing tasks

    still new to the game looking for a group (NA) to do tasks and my discord is Phooncx#7594
  20. Hey guys, Yesterday I wanted to go in like crazy so I thought about going in with a M4A1 fully modded. The M4 had a recoil of 61 at first, then after some changes it had 56 and then after another change with barrel size or handguard it only made 53. Now the werid thing, the M4 really kicked hard and if I say it kicked hard then I really mean it played like not 53 recoil but 65 or even 70. Sadly I don't have footage for that or a screenshot Also I have no money anymore xd But is there maybe like a thing that gives you a better actual recoil? Like other stocks even though they show
  21. Hello. Yesterday I was able to jump into the Early-Test-Servers. I tested some things, looked if I would get any bugs etc etc. But today I got online and my launcher said something like: "Are you sure you want to uninstall the ETS version?". I didn't click yes because I wondered why it would ask me something like that. Well... I have no chance to join in there again. I did nothing wrong. Didn't post anything, no screenshots, no discord streams etc etc. I went completely with the Terms of Service and what to do and not what to do. Read everything. Anyone has a clue why that? I hope
  22. Cheers everybody, brief introduction who I am. My real name is Ken, currently 23 from Switzerland my gamertag is JustKilo/Alpha01 since I made this account as one of the first guys. In real life I instruct people in defence shooting/cqb and beginners how to use guns in my own shooting-school. Therefore I bring alot of experience in terms of; manage all kinds of people and understand their needs and problems, on top of that comes the knowlede of weapons and movement which comes in handy when I do my job as a sherpa in Tarkov. Therefore I can relate and discuss many topics with ingame and, life
  23. My old laptop was a GTX1060, I dont recall the exact cpu but it was an i5 i think, 16 gigs ram. game was on ssd. My new specs are RTX 2070 Super, Ryzen 7 3700x 8 core, 16 gigs dimm ram, also on an ssd with lots of extra storage. The main reason I bought this beast was to play tarkov, but i'm stumped. I get higher fps when on max graphics then lower sometimes, other times the game just shits itself and goes 20 fps out of nowhere and stays like that cough cough resort and labs. Anyone got any ideas?
  24. AdmiralAtago

    Any of you watch anime?

    I watch quite a few, haven’t been watching as much lately as I should be. I’m not entirely a fan of this Moe era, I kinda missed stuff like ghost in the shell and all those. But hell, I know I still watch some of these Moe shows and all that like Yuru Yuri. The gf has been keeping me occupied and away from games and all that kinda stuff with her Netflix and always wanting to go somewhere or do something. Not that I mind though..
  25. murad_abutaa

    your way to an arabic tarkov

    EFT-AR --Come and join the largest Arabic EFT Community!-- Ahlan wa Sahlan! Welcome to the Escape from Tarkov Arabic Community Discord. Follow up on game news, updates, find teammates, and chat about all things Tarkov in Arabic! Experience the game with both new and experienced players of the many Arabic speaking countries. Learn in depth knowledge of the game. Discover fresh new Arabic EFT memes. You do not have to be alone. We are your resource for all things EFT in Arabic. Looking to learn the game? We have Sherpas Need tasks? We have Experts Need money? We have Rats Need to PvP? We have Ch
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