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Found 16 results

  1. Σήμερα είμαστε στην ευχάριστη θέση να γιορτάσουμε την Πέμπτη επέτειο του Emissary προγράμματος. Οι Emissaries είναι εθελοντές από όλο τον κόσμο που έχουν υποστηρίξει τα Battlestate Games από την αρχή της ανάπτυξης του Escape from Tarkov διασφαλίζοντας ότι κάθε φωνή στην κοινότητα EFT μπορεί να ακουστεί και επίσης ότι τα μηνύματά μας μπορούν να γίνουν κατανοητά σε οποιοδήποτε μέρος του κόσμου. Αυτοί οι άνθρωποι είναι εθελοντές, αλλά παρόλα αυτά εργάζονται ακούραστα, γι 'αυτό θέλουμε να εκμεταλλευτούμε αυτή την ευκαιρία για να τους εκφράσουμε την ευγνωμοσύνη μας. Ευχαριστούμε όλους τους Emissaries, και χρόνια μας πολλά! Emissaries για την Ελλάδα: @Jmeker & @PixiOsReformed
  2. Cheers everybody, brief introduction who I am. My real name is Ken, currently 23 from Switzerland my gamertag is JustKilo/Alpha01 since I made this account as one of the first guys. In real life I instruct people in defence shooting/cqb and beginners how to use guns in my own shooting-school. Therefore I bring alot of experience in terms of; manage all kinds of people and understand their needs and problems, on top of that comes the knowlede of weapons and movement which comes in handy when I do my job as a sherpa in Tarkov. Therefore I can relate and discuss many topics with ingame and, life experience and since I own a company myself also from this point of view. My work will therefore focus on optimize the relationship between community and game in various ways. You will find me sweeping through forums, the official discords and Twitch itself where I make alot of guides for the new players here. Since I speak german and english you can contact me in both languages. Soon I will start working on some plans which will help the community and BSG in few ways and should enhance the ralationship to solve some problems. To sum it up I feel honored to be the first Swiss Shepa-Emissary and will fullfill that task with honor, motivation and with heart. Keep your heads down Kilo is now in the town.
  3. Hi Everyone! I'm excited to make this my first post as the New Australian Emissary! I'm TrentAU, I'm a Full Time Systems Administrator/Full Time Tarkov Streamer on Twitch Recently I was also asked to join Sigma's Evasion Team working on all matters regarding the OCE Region as Talent Acquisition and PR. So I think in all Tarkov is currently filling at least 60 hours per week of my time 😂 We have a pretty unique community of players in OCE, with only few servers to select we often find ourselves running into the same players often and forming some great friendships and sometimes intense rivalries. I look forward to working with you all and representing the Australian player base to the best of my abilities. Please feel free to reach out with any concerns or suggestions you may have about Tarkov or the community
  4. ¡El Programa de Emisarios de Escape from Tarkov cumple 4 años hoy! Hace 4 años el programa inició con la idea de conectar a Battlestate Games con la comunidad de Escape from Tarkov. Desde entonces muchos jugadores de todo el mundo se ha unido al programa y ayudado a conectar el juego con muchos lugares alrededor del mundo. Hoy celebramos los 4 años de este programa y les agradecemos a todos los emisarios actuales así como los que nos han acompañado previamente por su trabajo duro para acercarles este maravilloso juego a diferentes regiones del mundo. ¿Quieres saber más al respecto?
  5. VonGron

    New Emissary for Italy

    Hello! My name is David. I Know 5 language (Rus, Ita, Fr, Eng, Latin) Have studied in university of Milan for Finance and Marketing. In free time i drive my bike or practice softair and range shooting. 1 year ago i have bought EFT but have watched it since 2017. EFT is a unique FPS game, because it's realistic, that why is my favorite game. I have started to help new players about 10 month ago, have helped for sure to more than 200 players))) Started from Russian community and finished in Italian one. I have too many ideas to do with Italian community. My main task is to help grow up EFT community. In additional i have skills in game developments (unity), professional translations, video and photo making, weapon knowing on expert level (have friends in guns manufacturing)
  6. Madiakz

    Emissary for the UK

    Hello fellow Escapers! I am very excited to be appointed as one of the Emissaries for the UK today, I have been following the project for quite some time and recently assisting new players in the role of a Sherpa, so hello 👋 to any of those that already know of me from that. I have a lot of ideas/plans that I will be looking to set in motion as soon as possible, one thing I am passionate about is getting stuck in an talking to the community, gathering constructive feedback from you and ensuring that you have the correct, most recent and up to date information, after all I am here to serve YOU guys. I know there are a lot of communities out there for EFT and I am already a member of a lot of the Discord servers, so I am sure you will see me chatting away over the next few days or so, I will also be putting my ideas to @swats73 who is another Emissary for the UK, between us I am sure we will serve you well!
  7. Well as the title: Can you still become an Emissary for EFT?? or the application already closed??
  8. Hallo Escaper! Wir haben Verstärkung bekommen, es gibt zwei neue Emissäre, Cyver und PIK ! Beide sind im Forum sehr aktiv und stehen euch ab sofort offiziell mit Rat und Tat beiseite! @PIK , @Cyver Ich freue mich wirklich dass ihr beiden mit an Board seid und sag mal auf gute Zusammenarbeit! Am Besten ihr stellt euch hier nochmal für die Community einzeln vor.
  9. ernestolrc

    Comunidad Sur-America

    Muchachones, abro este hilo para actualizar la base de jugadores sur americanos. comenten cualquier inquietud o duda referente a cualquier tema del juego EFT, estare pendiente en ayudarlos, suerte en el escape!
  10. Siamo fieri di informarvi che presto verrà inserita una novità speciale in escape from tarkov: I pacchetti di dotazione speciale per emissari e sherpa ! Essi saranno destinati ad aiutare i novizi e gli altri giocatori, coloro che per qualche ragione o un’altra siano rimasti senza equipaggiamento. Emissary e Sherpa riceveranno un certo numero di packetti ( più o meno a secondo dalle necessità ) da distribuire secondo le proprie esigenze. Per esempio uno sherpa che ha reclutato un gruppo di novizi può rifornirli allo scopo di ripulire un raid, e gli emissari potrebbero ricompensare o aiutare coloro che ritengono degni. Puoi dare un’occhiata ai contenuti della prima generazione di pacchetti Sherpa e Emissary sugli screenshot qui sotto. E, come sempre, ci aspettiamo i tuoi commenti – vorremmo che tutte le nostre idee fossero commentate dall’opinione della comunity di tarkov prima di apparire nel gioco!
  11. Hazel


    大家好!我叫Hazel,來自香港。 我是新加入代表中文社區的大使。 主要負責在中文地區宣傳Escape from Tarkov 翻譯官方公告及最新消息。 很高興認識大家! 如果大家有任何關於這個遊戲的提議還有擬問,歡迎告訴我 我會很樂意解答大家的問題! ***另外請注意目前中文官方人員只有一個,請不要相信其他自稱自己是官方人員的玩家!
  12. Finally, we now have a Korean section opened up on our official forum with a new emissary raising from the community. Please welcome our new Korean emissary @Pindleton from South Korea. Here is our new Korean section as well: http://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/forum/94-korean/ We are looking forward to seeing this part of the community to grow and enjoy their escapes in Tarkov!
  13. In these couple of weeks, we had several applicants from enthusiastic community members for forum moderation as well as for our emissary program. And after being filtered from best out of the best, I present to you, our new Forum Moderators and Emissaries. New Forum Moderators: They have been busy this couple of days cleaning up the forum and getting the hang of things. English Section: @ArmaSwiss @CC.Craft @ImERdaddy @LoudHawk @Mike_trx @necuja German Section: @frag1e @pnee French Section: @PatrickLaTrick Polish Section: @KarolusP Dutch Section: @iFunkyNL Scandanavia Section: @LoudHawk (Also English Section Moderator and Scandanavia Emissary) New Emissaries: Dutch Emissary - @iFunkyNL Scandanavia Emissary - @LoudHawk Oceanic Emissary - @Minions_Gambit Polish Emissary - @matizek92 Czech Emissary - @PugMonk Thank you, everyone and I wish you all a great time and success! ''With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!''
  14. Hello guys! I'm glad to announce little contest: i would like you to make some projects where you will include two main subjects: EFT and upcoming Christmass. The way how you will do it is up to you, it could be: picture, video, animation, song (in polish or english language), narrative (also in polish or english language), or whatever you figure out. Now best part, awards! I will choose two best projects and give to authors access to apha test! Rules: Paste your projects here, in this topic, Contest ends: 27.11.2016 23:59, 1 project per person, Have a fun! Good luck! I'm waiting for your projects! ------------------------------------------------------------------ Dzień dobry! Mam przyjemność ogłosić mały konkurs: chciałbym abyście przygotowali prace, w których głównymi motywami będą: EFT oraz nadchodzące święta. Sposób wykonania prac pozostawiam Wam, to może być: obrazek, film, animacja, piosenka (w języku polskim bądź angielskim), opowiadanie (również w języku polskim bądź angielskim), albo cokolwiek innego, co wymyślicie. Teraz najlepsza część, nagrody! Wybiorę dwie najlepsze prace, których autorzy uzyskają dostęp do testów alfa! Zasady konkursu: Prace wklejacie w tym wątku, Macie czas do 27.11.2016 23:59, 1 projekt na osobę, Dobrze się bawić! Powodzenia! Czekam na Wasze prace! ------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------ I'm sorry it took so long, i would like to introduce you the winners! @NuclearMessiah @poko8998 Congrats guys and expect PM's fromme soon! Big thank you to all who participated in this contest! ------------------------------------------------------------------ Przepraszam, że tyle to trwało, ale chciałbym Wam przedstawić zwycięzców! @NuclearMessiah @poko8998 Gratuluję Wam Panowie, spodziewajcie się wiadomości ode mnie wkrótce. Dziękuję wszystkim uczestnikom za udział w konkursie!
  15. Drakkaar

    Emissary from Canada

    Greetings fellow Escapers! I started looking into this game around the beginning of the year in January, joined the forums and shortly after purchased the game near the end of the month. I was a moderator for a short while, decided to step down due to personal reasons, but I am glad to be able to help this game develop in another way. I'm from Canada, Ontario, and 25 years of age. I previously worked as a computer technician at a local computer store; fixed, built, and diagnosed problems. I ended up going to college for a computer related course, covered a wide variety of things. Haven't decided if I'm sticking with an actual career in computers as I more enjoy fixing them on the side. I've made a recent job change and now work in a factory, going well so far Most of my interests include playing video games, watching movies, going to concerts from time to time. As an emissary I hope to be able to help the game develop in another way, I hope to have meaningful discussions about various topics in-game. Do not hesitate to send me or any other Emissary a private message here on the forums. (Always check the FAQ first) Thanks, Drakakar
  16. Hello, My name is Karol. I will start my support as soon as it will be possible. I will try to collect all suggestions from polish community and share it here.
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