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Found 5 results

  1. Stuck in Empty servers

    I'm currently stationed in Qatar atm, enjoying this game. Since this last patch, I been stuck in empty servers. Where as, before, I was joining rooms in EU and US servers full of PMC's. Is there any solutions apart from using VPN's to play with everyone? Loot means nothing if I can't fight with other PMC's...
  2. This has been an ongoing problem since the day I purchased EFT for the Beta. I cannot proceed past the login screen, regardless of correct username/ password. Since patch 0.6.861, I can proceed past the language selection screen, to which I arrive at a screen telling me to get a "Reserved Nickname" followed by another screen displaying "Backend empty response. Status: HTTP/1.1 200 OK". These two screens are then followed by the login screen, at which clicking the Accept button does not work, only displaying "already logged" in red text under the password space. I have yet to receive an answer or even proper help for this problem from developers/ support. Please help me solve this error. The game will not allow me to screen capture the game itself, only the the desktop outside of the program, and no error log can be found.
  3. Where are the people?

    I recently started playing, been fooling around the maps for a while trying to learn them in offline. Then heading over for some online action it seems so empty. especially in the Woods map. After 4 runs I have only found two real players in woods and those werent speed runs, even with the AI's I feel alone. Costums seems empty too, maybe not at empty as Woods but I've only encountered 3 people there too. Then there is Factory which is another story, but that map isnt fun at all. It's small, tight, boring and it lacks the openworld feel to it. I know the game is going to unlock all the map together making it one giant open map. Anyway, did alot of players quit already?
  4. EFT Backend empty response

    Updated my game, tried to login this evening, getting "Backend empty response". Any idea what's going on? It's ran perfectly the past few weeks, and I'm running everything as administrator. Thanks in advance!
  5. Empty cartridges lying on the ground

    Hello i wanted to suggest one cool thing im thinking about. I think it would be cool to add an ingame function - to let empty ammo/cartridges lay on the ground. I don't mean laying on the ground for 2-3 seconds before despawning (like in Half Life 2) but for like a 30 minutes before despawning. One of mods that is showing this thing working: - It's FO4 mod which will make your cartridges/ammo lay on ground up to 30 minutes with not affecting your FPS much. I think this would be a great feature that would make a game feel a lot better, you could for example: -Have a "creepy" feeling of how certain shootouts happened -Seeing how many ammo you wasted -Using it as "noise traps" (if they would be interactive, you could push them as you walk towards and if they would fall down from stairs for example, it would alert everyone). -Using it to locate places where conflict have happened -Using it to locate enemies/snipers (if sniper will fire from a high spot and cartridge will fall near you, you will have a suspicion of being close to enemy) -Enjoying nice sound of empty ammo clinging against walls and concrete ground -!!!Maybe being able to use it to craft new ammo later!!! -To go prone and turn 360° in 3 seconds making cartridges fly away at light's speed -To shoot from pistol while your buddy will try to catch a cartridge into his mouth -To play sort of soccer with one brass on open places -To create a brass chain and stuff. -To do anything you want cuz i've ran out of ideas. Thanks for reading and hope you like this idea! See you!