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Found 16 results

  1. Uppon hitting Lvl 40 you automatically enter the league Flea market gets restricted: you can only sell freely but need to earn tickets to buy something. ( don't rage yet, pls keep reading) Tickets can be earned by completing weekly / daily quests. Two types of quests: Quests you need to complete in open matches, mainly delivery / extraction quests. Quests you need to complete in league matches, mainly PMC and Boss kill quests. Game modes: Open: "matching" like it is now, ! but if you kill an lower lvl ( below lvl 30 or so) that has an quest active on the map you play and you kill him, he naturally fails to complete the task. The traders don't like that and therefore your trader rep with that trader gets reduced. So if you are a noob slaughtering pussy trader levels will get locked. League / Ranked: bosses are always enabled, some scavs get replaced by raiders. --- You only get matched with player that are lvl 40+ ( or lvl 30+ if bosses are not always on) Your trader rep gets increased if you kill boss or his guards or complete quests in this mode. League ranking: At the end of the week the scores of the completed quests gets added to the monthly score. At the end of the month the top scoring players get prices. Yes I no life this game, yes I chad, meta and so on. Just putting some ideas out there to make the end game more interesting. Yes I know that at the current time theres enough to do for the devs.
  2. shmee51

    3 options for Tarkov Endgame

    Here is an idea I have for three different Tarkov endgame options and what I think they'll accomplish. Let me know what you think! 1. Escaping - prestige system Give BEAR and USEC each a sequence of maps to "escape from Tarkov." It would require a special quest (like turn in a bunch of money to buy your way to the exit path) and then you'd exfil *with no secure container*. You would then have one AND ONLY ONE opportunity to make the trek across the escape map sequence you chose. If you die or successfully escape, you are taken to an account prestige screen. It would have options like "increased starting trader rep", "start with stash lvl X unlocked", "increase all PMC experience gain by X%" type options. *Nothing* that gives a combat advantage, but just quality of life boosts for prestiging. Paying the money to initiate the quest would guarantee you the first set amount of account prestige experience, and if you successfully escape you get the cash value of your inventory as additional account experience. Then after you die/escape, and after you spend any account prestige points, your PMC* is reset. 2. Hideout development - Tarkov seasons If you don't want to escape, you could develop your hideout. After completing Fence's collector quest you get another questline from Fence that eventually leads to you replacing the shooting range in your hideout with a miniature nuclear reactor. This could be... say, 10 quests, and each quest would function like Delivery From the Past with additional steps (die = restart the quest). When you finish the quest, you get or can purchase from fence the next item to build the next step of the reactor. Each step could take a week to construct in the hideout, and thus with 10 quest steps this would mean the minimum duration for a wipe would be Kappa + 10 weeks, or about 3 months. When the first player finishes the reactor, it melts down, explodes, and wipes the entire server. 3. Join the cultists - casual Tarkov (and battling RMT) Give players the option to join the cultists easily. Joining the cultists would a) cause all 8 NPC traders to be hostile to you and refuse to trade with you and b) lock you out of the flea market. Joining the cult would cut a player off from the Tarkov economy completely, but would give them access to a special cultist trader. This trader would have moderate and good gear, but none of the best weapons/armor/ammo. The cultist trader would purchase any barter item but for virtually the same amount (eg. apple juice sells for 20 "blood coins" and a graphics card sells for 50). The cultist trader would then have all basic items to effectively turn your PMC into a player raider scav. I think this will greatly help to combat RMT because I think most people who use RMT sites simply don't have the time for the tarkov grind and would join the cult instead of using RMT to enjoy EFT. And if a player didn't want to be a cultist anymore, they could have an easy quest where they go to the house in Shoreline and kill themselves, giving some (but less) prestige experience like the Escape option above, and taking the player to the account prestige page. Okay that was a shitload of text. My bad for the wall as I tried to be concise as possible. Thoughts? *edited "account" to "PMC"... prestige stuff would stick around until there was a full server wipe
  3. _Primetheus_

    Suggestions from a fellow developer

    Hi BSG Devs. First of all, you guys have created an amazing game here. You inspire me, I hope you are all keeping safe during this pandemic. I have a suggestion that, if you think about it could possibly have several benefits to EFT, with hardly any drawbacks. Please know that I'm not being critical of what we have , I die a lot and I love this game so very much still. My thoughts are principally based on the mentality of the players that cheat... they don't want to screw people over, they just want the nice guns and gear. Right now getting that would mean having to be a better player, which is perfectly fair, but cheaters don't think that learning the game and increasing skills is worth the pain and suffering. I think the other type of cheater is the people doing RMT and trying to profit IRL. They lose their ability to profit if players with real world money have other options besides paying for RMT to get ahead or facing certain death due to playing time constraints etc. Your idea about tracking the found in raid items is great, and seems to be making a difference. 1) My principal suggestion is that you allow each player account to have multiple PMC's --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.1) Starting with 2 PMC slots for a standard account, adding potentially more for people that have EOD for example. 1.2) When you create your PMC you must choose... a) Hardcore PVP PMC (Current PMC) b) Permadeath PVP PMC (like the name says, only a choice for the mentally ill - hell I don't think anyone would choose this... but you never know.) c) Hardcore PVE PMC (Same as current PMC, except no VS multiplayer, only co-op) d) Permadeath PVE PMC (As above, except with permadeath) 1.3) Fleamarket abuse is a concern so there is no flea market in the PVE modes! 1.4) PVE PMC's need to follow the quests and unlock access to higher tier items the usual way. 1.5) You cannot transfer anything between your PMC's ever! 1.6) PVP then becomes the endgame META for the game, and if that's boring for the pro-streamers ... there's always perma-death mode. 1.7) The idea of this is to increase the numbers of people who first of all buy the game which is good for the dev team, but it also eases the matching process, by having more players online. 1.8) Scav runs are ALWAYS multiplayer, however you choose which of your PMC characters you want to give your items to, not a mix of characters, one only. pick... 2) Add a player tiering system. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.1) When players reach max level, they get offered a promotion quest, on completion of the promotion quest the PMC Tier is increased +1, This applies to PVE and PVP PMC characters. 2.2) Game matching is based on player tier or match players based on level | 1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30 and so on... 2.3) New tiers can give something of cosmetic value, I'm sure you can some up with a plan here on how to reward higher tier players. 2.4) Add minimum gear point requirement for higher tier matches, cannot enter with cheap / lower lvl guns ie: moisins etc. this prevents endgame players from being punished. (may not work) Notes: - PVE should still run "online" via BSG servers, not offline whatsoever, as we want to avoid decompilation of netcode etc. - Allowing players more options or gameplay modes will put everyone in their box, and should reduce the number of people cheating. - Cheaters suck at the game, so forcing them to play against better opponents encourages their cheating behaviour... now if they want to cheat, they only cheat themselves and are less able to ruing the game for other people. - These new modes will give that element of the player base other options, so they don't feel justified doing it. 3) Implementation costs and issues --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.1) It will drastically reduce cheaters, but not eliminate them completely. 3.2) It will probably mean more costs in terms of servers, but hopefully the increased player numbers will drive profits at the same time. 3.3) I know micro-transactions are not ideal, but there could be specific tier rewards for multiplayer. 3.4) This would not effect the core gameplay of tarkov, other than AI driven PMC's for offline mode, and scav runs and selecting PMC for transfer and selecting PMC screen will need more that 2 options. Will need naming PMC's obviously. 3.5) This also allows EOD players to replay and enjoy low level play with a new PMC. Just some ideas guys, again I hope this helps in some small way I love the game, if my ideas are dogsh_t, then thats cool also just know they're posted with the best intentions. Peace.
  4. Mruuu

    Overall game suggestions

    This will be long thing so i will split it into topics. If you are non-dev just go for suggestion part I will be more than happy to see any thoughts about my idea and i hope devs will manage to reach this post. Also sorry for bad englando. THANK YOU! Dear devs and whole BSG team. You are doing great job. I can see HUMONGOUS amount of progress in-game. I got this game like a half a year and already i can see: performance boost, less lags, no connection errors every weekend(yeah, dark times), no speedhackers, quest improvment and so on. I want to say you are just doing outstanding work and please keep it going! Who am I? With my ideas I will represent more hardcore part of community with a little better aim, and doing kappa is matter of 3-4 weeks casual playing. Right now i am at 2.7 KD/a with players only (8.67 with scavs). 1000 hours in-game with only 2 wipes. I am programmer also so i know how hard development is Attachments & Gunsmith Right now accessing absurd weapon which shoots almost like laser (I am talking mostly about HK/M4) with 75ergonomics is really easy. Mechanic L4, Skier L4, Peacekeeper L4 and BAM 300 000 rubels for best weapon. In early wipe it's still nothing because of flee market. I think the best way to make it harder is to lower amount of available attachments in traders BUT increase amount of attachment drops from weapon boxes. It's funny when you see HUGE weapon box 6x6 and inside you see one attachment. Also it would be great to be able to mod your whole weapon in raid (with proper tool ofc). I can't see anything better than weapon you crafted by yourself in raid finding attachments in KIBA for example There is second problem, it's about best in slot attachments which are not really that hard to get. As far as i know wave QC is best silencer overall, same goes for handguards and ergo pistol grip. They are just best and available in traders. There is also Tactical grip which almost every time will be RK-2 OR maybe if you want go for FULL ergo you will choose something different. I would love to see some stat changes to make more attachments available. And please don't use "In real life" argument because i call it bullshit that you can tank 22 bullets in stomach in this game Also please add attachments to weapons which almost doesn't have any (ASH, DT MDR ;-;) Last thing is about whole gunsmithing part to be more "personal" i would love to see inker for your weapon and write something on it "I love mom" or maybe spray for logos/graffiti(black/grey/brown not CS:GO light blue poo). Hideout I love how hideout have more and more crafts, keep it going! How about adding more level for shooting range? I miss more range shooting like 100m, moving targets or MAYBE even killing house? I would poo myself if i could see i can invite my friend to my hideout and we can train together in arena or killing house. How about adding to rest space more meaning? For example after every raid you did you will get some amount of "Rest experience" which you can spend while in stash/offline for ONE Skill of your choice. I think a little bit of gambling will be okey in tarkov Create mission-like bets where you pay for example 50000 RU and you have 1 raid/1hour to find 2 duct tapes. I think this way we can rid of situation where there is PLENTY OF ITEMS in mid/late wipe stage which are completly useless. Also a little of dopamine is great right? Scav & AI bullshit I think AI need serious improvment. First one: Why the hell when you are looking at scav they can see you in 1 second after? You are in dark corner they are not looking at you, you aim at head and they will just turn around and start "Anu davai" in your face. I call it bullshit when i see scav doing moonwalk backwards and destroying both my hands with 2 hunter shots. I think moving and shooting should be kinda nerfed for scav. It's not big deal it's just annoying because you just have to patch yourself up. Scav bosses... can we make a talk why Rasha is more stupid than regular scav but shturman will destroy you in 2 seconds? Or killa will power slide into your ass with rpk destroying you faster than you can aim? Fighting with bosses is nothing different like "Aim fast or shoot in arm when they are behind wall". I am not sure what exactly you can change here but i would like to feel bosses more smart than deadly if you know what i mean. (Shturman running on sawmill like a possessed is not the top of your coding, I'm sure :D) Endgame Right now we got wipe every couple of months right? It's ok but i am pretty sure it's not enough for hardcore/better/more patient/(put any adjective to describe good eft player) player. After one month people tend to get a little bit bored. Loot is nothing for you anymore and most of us just try new builds/try to be better/start hardcore account or other things. I think this is a problem which should be resolved in order to keep player base stable in future. Make tarkov more social. Tarkov is missing guilds and players communication with each other. You just go in, take your gear and you are stressed out for 35mins and scared of every sound near you. I mean it's great, I love it but almost everyone after some time will lose this "thrill" and there will be "just another raid to get some more poo to my overloaded asf stash".(I will get into Guilds later) Second thing is (maybe for dlc) more PvE and PvP game. Ofc with PvP I mean arena. 5vs5, 3vs3, 2v2, 1vs1 with bets, trophies, prizes, ranking system and poo. That will increase skill for people and more skillable players will have huge moral boost to loot more cash for "My next arena fight" :D. PvE would be like dungeons with quest in-game. For example: you can go in as 4 teammates and you go to Custom "Dungeon" raid. There are no other players other than your teammates but you can create a story-driven quest. "You spawned in customs near crossroad driving straight into reserve to catch up delta squad but your car is out of gas and you guys have to find fuel in gas station, after you beat all scavs along a road you get into gas station, where you can see Rashala with guards doing stuff with terragroup merceneries" You can choose to avoid it and go for old gas station or fight for your damn fuel. In forest you might get into untar group that stationed there or maybe Shturman with tourists I think PvE would be greate for content-creators and de-stress from the normal game. Also simple but i think good idea would be daily-quests. "Kill 15 scavs in customs for This cool modded M4A1". Another thing might be that: after Collector quest you can choose anytime to "leave tarkov" which reset everything in your account except your skills and in exchange you will get for example 1000 exp points for every skill (I don't mean skill points) or something like "Prestige". I personally love progress in game and right now "Finished" game for me is All keys/keycards in-game + kappa but with this "reset" i can feel like i can still progress even further because i achived something. Guild/Clans So this is part in this game i am dreaming about but i am almost certain that it might not suit well with your vision of game guys. Guids in this game would have their own hideout where people can train with eachother, chillin. You can build guild buildings only with FiR items + cash ofc. Guild have stash which can be attacked by other guilds. Raid can be activated on guild from other guild in 24hours (both guild has to know). If attacker guild win they can take as much from stashes as they want otherwise every dead player in battlefield can be looted by defending guild afterward. Also guild can "buy" Raiders to create additional hideout defence. Guild can build up more build to buff their members (faster leveling or weapon reloading skill, something basic but impactfull). Also have MUCH BIGGER craft table. For example 30 scav vest for 20 fleece in one hour. Guild member have different ranks and different access to stashes and other guild things. It's just small idea but I am sure you guys want to implement that you will have MUCH BETTER overall ideas. Optimization & Lags LoL just do as you doing guys. It's getting better and better Off-Top While playing late-time raid i just notice how this game could be easly transfered into horror game. I beg you, change cultist to zombie model on halloween with creepy sound. I will poo myself but this will be worth I hope nikita will open only-fans account with him showing of his BIG ASS weapons from streams. 10/10 will donate. You are doing great job mate, keep your team together in BGS
  5. CuriousTheNoob

    Random task generator?

    When people complete all their tasks I think a random task generator would help with the replayibility of "endgame." Even if its just simple kill x amount of scavs with a certain weapon or just find in raid type items, it gives a reason to go to every map and use different weapons.
  6. Firstly sorry for my bad english it's not my first language. I've been watching a lot of podcasts talking about the state of the game recently and a topic that seems to be brought up a lot (particulary by Veritas) is: what is the point of playing EFT after completing the quests and upgrading the hideout ? I started playing EFT when 0.12 launched (keep in mind that I have a lof of free time and played the game a lot): starting playing this game is amazing. It's immersive, scary, exciting, hard, punishing, rewarding. There is a ton of emotions going on while playing EFT as a beginner and even doing stupid things like the pocket watch quest feels like an impossible mission. At this point people are feeling like they have so much to learn about EFT that they will never get bored of it. But eventually after a few months and lot time invested into the game you get every quests done, you upgrade your hide-out to the max level, you buy the best gear, the best guns, the best ammos. And it's at that point that the game become boring: when I got to the point where going into a raid, the only thing I'm looking for is PVP. What am I even doing in Tarkov exactly at that point ? Am I supposed to kill every USEC or BEAR on sight for no reason ? At some point in EFT, every player just turns into a tarkov slayer. Now, what if the very end goal of this game was actually to Escape from Tarkov ? What if you could actually put an end to your journey in Tarkov, be done with this place and escape from it ? Here is an pretty random example of how it could be integrated into the game: you have to repair an damaged helicopter. In order to repair the helicopter you have to get 4 pieces gated behind some of the existing game progression systems: Completing every quests in EFT gives you 1 piece Maxing out the hideout allow you to craft 1 piece, but the craft requiers you to find in raid extremely rare items in raid (something ridiculously low, like a 0.5% drop rate). You can buy 1 from a maxed trader for a very expencive high price, something like 200M roubles In order to use the helicopter, you need a pilot. The pilot have a very rare chance to spawn on every raid. When he actually spawned at a random location on the raid, there is a flare next to his location (he crashed, makes sens I guess), once you find him, you need to escort this guy to the extraction. Once you did all of this, you can actually repair the helicopter and the pilot will help you escaping from tarkov. Then, you are basically done with the game. You can still go back on your PMC and launch raids as an escaped PMC like we know them today (maybe include cool bonuses/reward for escapes PMC), but you actually completed the game and can move on. Again, this is just a random idea and it might actually be too easy tbh, but it should be something that you are looking for on the very long run, it should take you a lot of time and probably only 5% of the playerbase will actually stick to the very end and do all of this. Lots of game theses days are trying to keep the players hooked forever and pretty much every one of them failed to do that. Yet, players seems to keep wanting/believing that every new upcoming game will be the one keeping them interested endlessly. Why ? What was so wrong about playing games, having a great experience and finishing them at some point and moving on. I feel like this is what BSG want with their game. Yes they are very passionate about making this game and I have much respect for that, but they also want to be done and move to another project at some point. I feel like as a player, I want the same thing. Play the game (a lot) and officialy reach a point in the game where I can say: that's it, I've escaped after 1000 hours of struggle: I had an amazing experience playing this game and I am hapilly done with it.
  7. Fr3isturz

    New end game quests or gamemods

    It would be awesome to have a new quests or bigger missions to end game, something different than just going to hunt PVP from all map's with meme guns what I've done few months almost to boredom. I would like corporation war based big battles about taking control of the all maps (except factory) during event, bigger amount of players 20vs20 or even more on map. High level players only allowed from (40+ lvl) corporation war event lasts one week and refresh at beginning of week. Winner is the corporation which controls most of maps with wins
  8. So I was watching Sacriel just now and as always he gives good game advice and some good discussions about what could possibly be changed within the world of Tarkov. I give all credit of this idea to Sacriel himself and I feel compelled to share it here for the devs to see and consider doing. The idea is quite simple in principal. Make high tier items like the best ammo, thermals etc only obtainable inside raids and non-tradeable. This would make the end game content feel much more rewarding and in my opinion give relief to a few issues within the game, like being 1 tapped 90% of the time with max class armour and helmets (i know this is realistic but it seems a little unbalanced for a game to be honest). TLDR; Make high tier items like the best ammo, thermals and the likes only obtainable inside raids and non-tradeable. atleast between players. I beg, Developers, consider this idea worthy of much consideration!
  9. Hi, Would like to bring up thing that is in my opinion, extremely important for the future of the game. Endgame Or in other words, game replayability. Around level 40 - 45 I am usually hitting the spot when my interest in the game slowly decreases. I guess this happens with everything in life, you are fired up and than loose interest over time and search for something else. I know there are people who are able to stay with the game even longer till they hit 60+ level, but not a lot. Problem is the endgame. For me its when I hit level 40, max my traders, max my Hideout, and complete most of the quests that arent pain in the ass, and are doable with considerable amount of time and effort. After that, I am slowly losing the interest, since rest of the quests are slow, expensive and require you to adjust your playstyle for longer periods of time. I would like to discuss here, and ask for your input and opinions as well. How to extend the endagame, how to make it interesting longer, how to implement some other activity, or change something so we are incentivized to stay with game longer and have some "other" objective to to other than kappa or killing 100 times Killa. Here are few of my ideas: 1. Adjust current quests - 100m headshot 3x instead of 3x go for 1x and add reserve, 100x killa quest wat, like 5x, less grenade kills, Point is not to make game easier, rather make quests come and go faster so you are not stuck on one quest. (one side thing, I would remove the kappa, I dont consider it beneficial for the game at all, its OP item and not supporting the endgame at all) 2. Rework the current leveling system so the requirement for the level is always the same, example 50K, to add consistency, I know this is more of a psychological effect, but it would help on higher levels. You level up same speed, and you can see what is the XP difference when you see someones dogtag. 3. Hideout, Make the hideout - same like skills, deteriorate over time. So you constantly have to bring something to your hideout to maintain it, repair it, keep it going. 4. Daily, Weekly, Monthly missions. For example monthly mission where you get something you can get doing that mission only. Like new cool set of clothes, unique character look, face etc. 5. Ranks - this can be huge if done correctly, for example combination of survival rate, starting equipment price, K/D ratio and whatever else. You would get rank on every map and final rank would be calculated on importance or difficulty of the map. 6. Economics - this one will be probably the hardest, you have steady income of money from the game, hence you have to have something were you spend the money so everything is in check and inflation is not running away like crazy. Something like algorithm that takes into consideration overall amount of items and their overall price and adjust insurance, prices on traders and repair prices. As you can see I didnt think everything through, so I am open to critics, ideas and improvements. My Point is to make EFT more competetive against other games in the long run, to give you something to work towards after you max traders, max hideout and finish most of "doable" quests. I dont want to come back to tarkov just to see the new map and content, I would like to come to tarkov to work towards something that motivates me to play tarkov actively till next wipe. I know some people dont feel like that and are motivated even after lvl 45, but If you feel the same, please add your two cents to the discussion. Sorry for mistakes and this long story, but I wanted to share this for a long time.
  10. Bug1372

    New mode/PvE Content

    I had a thought as I was raiding the other day about reserve and the train mechanic extract, That was about some PvE content that you can play with your friends or with randoms. It is based around the train and your hideout. Let's go through a scenario with how this would work. You que up as your pmc and you choose your starting location, let's say you start in customs, you inv friends if you want or que in with randoms or by yourself if you want. You arrive via train on the tracks next to big red. You have a set load out you must use with objectives you must complete within a set amount of time. Just an interesting idea that could be really fun and diverse everytime you play. Playing tarkov normally is already unique raid to raid, this just adds another way for people to play together. Let me know what you guys think!
  11. TalRasha

    Tarkov needs Endgame

    At this moment, the endgame is pretty much level 40 or in other words maxing out your trader loyalty level to get access to all the items for sale. But what is the purpose of maxing up your traders if you have a Flea Market where you can buy almost everything, maybe little bit overpriced. Another thing to mention is that with the flea market you get easier access to quest items - leveling faster. I am not against flea market, since I like the idea of trading between players, but endgame got hit even harder. Thats why we need to figure out new endgame content, new mechanics, new rules, something new to make people interested in the game after reaching level 40. I have couple of ideas, and I would like to hear your ideas as well: I would suggest Implementing daily / weekly / monthly quests with unique rewards, which are not tradeable on the market ofc. Something like pmc skins, special gear, visor cleaners, unique guns, or + 1 level strength point after monthly quest, special bigger keybar, opportunity to pick the spawns for X amount of raids, Immunity where scavs dont attack you for X raids, or something like that. I think you get the point. Another idea is to implement some kind of upgrading your future hideout, not by items tradeable on the market, but only via items looted in the raid. Another one - make player level experience requirements for next level the same on every other level after 40. So lets say you need 100 000xp to get to level 40, to get to level 41, 42 or from 99 to 100 its still going to be same ammount of XP. That way its more motivating to level up. Its pychological but I think its more exciting to see that number change more often. You can also give something special to players for reaching 100 or X level, skin, or remove his dogtag, special name color in lobby, or name font, etc. etc. Feel free to come up with something to do after hitting level 40, besides hunting for players without any special incentive.
  12. Hello everyone, how you can see on my topic, I would like to know how this game will be in about 3 years or longer. I can't see a true future for this game. In the end, only the good one will stay and the not that good people will leave. So why should there be a game with only about one thousend player or so. Right now, it is even pretty empty in some lobbys ingame. What will this game make a "boom" on sale? To get new player. What will keep people on playing? The account reset? I never say that this game is bad. I am bad in this game. But nothing keeps me on it. So... what does other people keep on playing? And in the future? Thank you for every good answer
  13. GhostSpartan117

    PVE Endgame?

    We need some kind of endgame for those who like killing scavs and avoiding players, Tarkov is more or less an MMO and the most important part of most MMOs is what you do once you have hit max level. Tarkov is really lacking any endgame past level 40 and I have come up with a decent solution. First off I think most locations should be locked by level. For example you can't do Labs until level 40 or you can't do interchange until level 25 or something just so that you have more to look forward to while leveling in Tarkov. I also think that there should be unique end game raids that are strictly PvE similar to other MMOs such as World of Warcraft where you go in with a minimum of 5 PMCs or something and you go through a linear location killing scavs and a few scav bosses which drop unique loot that you can't get anywhere else in the game. These locations would be locked behind a cool-down of a day or maybe a week so after you have finished killing all the bosses you have to wait a period of time before you can go through that location again. I really hope there is some more adjustments in the near future to how level affects your character and some improvements on how the game is played once you have gone through the whole leveling process.
  14. andresto

    Prestige ranks ideas

    I'm lvl 38 right now, grinding fot that lvl 40 to get that satisfaction on unlocking the last traders. I've been following the game since a long time but I have only one wipe in my records. Here are my suggestions about what happens when you reach the higher levels. Prestige, let the grind continue Prestige can be adquired once you reach lvl 50 so experience gained from quests is not going to be enough, so you'll have something to grind for. Once you reach lvl 50 some things would change: You'll be back to lvl 1 but prestige rank 1. Your ingame name would change to a different color along with an icon that indicates your prestige level, it would also be displayed on the forums. You won't lose anything from your stash, but you will be asked if you want to wipe it (with a "are you really really sure" popup). You'll receive a package with some gear (starter if you wiped your stash) and a unique cosmetic item that is wearable but unlooteable for others. (it can be a mask/helmet so prestige players would be more vulnerable to headshots but hey, it would look so cool!). Play as a Scav Boss: You'll have a Scav Boss (with random good gear) to play with. It would have a 24hs reset timer and you won't keep anything the boss has when escaping, it's just to have some fun playing and giving the opportunity to others to loot the treasures you have. Game will ask you if you want to become a Sherpa, just an opt-in to promote the program and give you something new to do now that you're a legend around Tarkov. You'll be able to match against prestige players only when going into a Raid or playing in the Arena (soon™). This is how I'd think prestige would work on EFT, as you can see, there's nothing besides some gear that gives a meh advantage, I wanted to be all cosmetic/feature wise as possible. Remember that by the time the game is released and this is implemented it the game would have way more content/maps and modes to play, such as the Arena. What do you guys think? What would you change? What's missing here? Leave a comment!
  15. Spid3rpig


    Hey Guys, i can see a huge problem upcoming. Not a single equip gonna dissapear which leads to a inflation. Case 1: You get it back by the insurance Case 2: An enemy take your weapon and get out in both cases the Weapon stays in the community. this leads after 2-3 Month in a game with only good equiped players and no real panic about losing 1 or 2 m4´s how do you want to stop this trent? my idea is to stop the insurance or higher wear to the weapons and no possibility to repair them
  16. Spid3rpig


    Hallo Community, ich mach mir ein wenig sorgen über die Equipinflation des Spiels und bin mir nicht sicher wie sie das problem lösen werden. Damit ist gemeint das in dem Spiel zu 90% keine "gute" Waffen und Armors verloren gehen, entweder sie werden nicht aufgehoben und man bekommt sie per Versicherung zurück oder ein anderer freut sich über euer Zeug. Das führt relativ schnell dazu das jeder, jede Waffe und Armor hat. Natürlich braucht das 2-3 Monate, jedoch habe ich schon vor das Spiel länger zu spielen Ich bin beinahe der Meinung dem Spiel würde es gut tun die Versicherung komplett abzuschaffen da sonst die langzeitmotivation doch rapite sinkt ala "ich hab ja noch 5 anderer m4´s also scheiß drauf was denkt ihr darüber? mfg Spid3rpig
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