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Found 2 results

  1. I don't mind how the energy and hydration mechanic works in EFT, but I think it would be nice to add a little bit more to it, so It's not only a "keep above 0 and you will be fine" type thing. I have a little suggestion that I think make sens from both a gameplay and immersion point of view: During a raid, when the player eat or drink something that regain his energy at 100%, he will actually gain a minor buff to his strengh and stamnia skills for something like 4 minutes. For a balance purpose, you could make it so the player can not gain this buff more than 1 time per raid, so people don't try to cheese it and keep this buff all the time. In practice, I can see this buff being usefull before the player wants to extract. Let's say I do my raid, I spend 40 minutes fighting and looting and before going to the extraction I want to take a break, eat something to regain some strengh and be ready to extract. The stenght/endurance buff will make my way to extraction a little bit smoother.
  2. MdScientist

    Stamina/Fatigue - Weapon Carry

    Suggestion is to have stamina reduced/affected over time when carrying weapons in a high ready position (aimed in forward direction without using sights) as realistically, your arms would get tired from constantly carrying a weapon up and ready. Resting positions/Low ready position aimed down as an option instead of high ready all the time or something to this effect. The significance of this would be an impact on stamina over a relative duration and having to actually maneuver(handle) the weapon as you would in real situations, causing you to rest. I have yet to see any FPS that does anything in relation to this. *Possibly Stamina for arms, reducing reaction/aiming time. It is impossible to carry a weapon aiming forward all the time.
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